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It is a hard task to be the mother of soldiers.

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The Brothers Field remembers the families who suffered multiple losses. Thank you to all those families who have alerted us to their losses. We have updated the figures.
Woman holding Casualty list

Brothers in Arms


‘I prayed so hard that you might both come back to me ... but it is a hard task to be a mother of soldiers.’
Mrs Knight

  • 714 families lost more than one child.

  • 53 families lost three sons.
  • 9 families lost four brothers.

  • 23 sets of brothers died on the same day.







The Fields of Remembrance Trust was established in 2012 to honour those who served and died for our nation during World War One.

The Trust is made up of the Passchendaele Society, the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association, New Zealand (RNZRSA) representIng all local RSAs, and the Auckland RSA. It is a registered charity.