Roll of Honour


In the spring of 1918 a German offensive saw all the hard won gains of 1917 overrun. New Zealand troops rushed to hold the line around Mailly-Maillet, repelling a series of German attacks.

1st 16/1226 W.O.1 F. HOLMES

1st 59925 PTE. W. LUSBY

1st 62074 RFM. G.W.C. KARALUS

2nd 19883 PTE. J.J. SAVAGE

3rd 8/1506 CAPT. R.J. HILL MC

3rd 9/3832/LT. D. McLEAN MM

3rd 9/1958 PTE. A.J. RODERIQUE

3rd 61433 PTE. D.H. THOMSON

4th 45108 PTE. D. McDOUGALL

5th 630512 PTE. T.G. HELYER

5th 35271 GNR. T.K. HUNTER

6th 12/3499 PTE. A.E. WALLER

8th 11042 L/CPL. C.H. HOCKEY

8th 6/166 L/SGT. R.B. TURNER

9th 23457 RFM. W.B. WADE

9th 32672 PTE. W.T. WILLIAMS

10th 16/1536 PTE. R. PAKI

11th 10/3233 PTE. G. CUTTEN

12th 47838 PTE. E.B. HUBBARD

13th 37643 SPR. T.J. ECCLESTON

13th 59060 PTE. J.E. SENIOR

13th 20735 PTE. M. TOHERIRI

14th 28087 PTE. C.H. COOK

14th 49355 SPR. T.W. DRYDEN

14th 43439 GNR. M.A. McKINNON

15th 47497 RFM. H. BOLLINGER

15th 33301 RFM. J. CHARLESTON

15th 5/584 DVR. T. FORD

15th 24/1050 RFM. G. GADD

15th 51716 PTE. G.P. GINDERS

15th 11041 RFM. E.A. HAWKE

15th 10/3432 PTE. P. WILLIAMSON

16th 28429 PTE. H.C. CLAPHAM

16th 11957 PTE. J. SHEEHAN

16th 16/1504 PTE. H. TANGAERE

17th 57013 RFM. C. BENNETT

17th 25/396 RFM. G.C. LANCASTER

17th 14654 SGT. R. MATHER

18th 19680 PTE. J. HARMON

18th 11279 PTE. W. HEALEY

18th 50489 GNR. W.O. PARKER

18th 65821 RFM. R.G. STRICKETT

18th 401722/LT. S.J. WYATT

19th 2/2016 GNR. C. COOPER

19th 2/2191 GNR. S. MARTIN

19th 13/724 A/BDR. C.T. PEACOCKE

19th 2/22502/LT. B.L. RIGG

19th 2/1667 CPL. A. ROCARD

20th 13589 DVR. F.E. TULLEY

20th 23/2529 DVR. C. WALSH

21st 23/7852/LT. V.P. HOPKINS

21st 3308192/LT. J.W.H. MARSHALL

21st 25/30 LIEUT. B. MOLLISON MC

22nd 26741 CPL. A. GRAY

22nd 14/81 CPL. C. HAYES


23rd 27948 PTE. W.T. ELMES


23rd 57069 PTE. J. GUERIN

23rd 2/LT. W.G. MITCHELL

23rd 15876 CPL. H.G. O'BRIEN

23rd 11/1208 CPL. H.C. PATTISON

23rd 23879 PTE. A.A. ROSSITER MM

23rd 1/185 CAPT. K.J. TAIT MC

24th 52935 PTE. T.C. BENEFIELD

24th 54848 PTE. S.B. DAVISON

24th 3/3046 PTE. G.S. HOOPER

24th 20026 PTE. M. HUTA

24th 2/LT. L.D.E.H. HUTTON


25th 9/366 L/CPL. J.S. CLARK

25th 13932 L/CPL. W.R. KEDZLIE

25th 10/3662 CPL. E.G. MACKAY

25th 16/657 PTE. T. MANUEL

26th 42731 PTE. N.WL. ABSOLUM

26th 14547 PTE. J. ANDERSON

26th 15093 PTE. L.J. BAGNALL

26th 56530 PTE. W.S. BAIRD

26th 12/2639 SGT. R.N. BATER

26th 56234 PTE. J.R. BENTLEY

26th 47110 RFM. J. BERRY

26th 52034 PTE. S. BOUSTEAD

26th 14378 PTE. S. BRENNAN

26th 46518 RFM. J. CAMERON

26th 41273 PTE. W.G. CAPSTICK

26th 28579 CPL. S.G. CHAPMAN

26th 30346 RFM. C.A. CLOTHIER

26th 47862 PTE. C. COX

26th 31974 PTE. A.C. DAVY

26th 12/2995 SGT. F. DE LUEN MM

26th 51698 PTE. G.H.J. DEED

26th 51356 RFM. J. DOWD

26th 41969 PTE. H.J. EDWARDS

26th 38368 PTE. J. ELLISON

26th 42316 PTE. H. FRANCE

26th 46332 PTE. B.R. GEORGE

26th 31628 L/CPL. G.P. GRAY

26th 52415 PTE. S.T.J. GROVES

26th 26/1549 LIEUT. H.G. HAIR

26th 52201 PTE. A.F. HAMILTON

26th 31125 PTE. I.R. HANSEN

26th 40316 PTE. T.M. HILL

26th 42125 RFM. E. KINAHAN

26th 31418 RFM. A.F. LAND

26th 38840 CPL. M.J. LARNACH

26th 14285 L/CPL. J.S. MACKENZIE

26th 27337 PTE. J.W. MARTIN

26th 6/4634 CPL. H. McCARTHY

26th 26653 PTE. J. McCOID

26th 56334 PTE. H. McLAREN

26th 23/1108 CPL. W.A. McQUEEN

26th 32532 PTE. W.G. MENZIES

26th 45712 RFM. E. MOHAN

26th 13/3185 CPL. K. MOHR

26th 34403 PTE. T. MURPHY

26th 25295 PTE. J.A. OBERG

26th 21316 PTE. C.J. ORCHARD

26th 24/1167 CPL. V.W. PEARCE MM

26th 13800 PTE. C.S. PILCHER

26th 44775 PTE. C.E. PRATT

26th 23314 L/CPL. G.A. QUINLAN

26th 40638 PTE. J.J. ROBINSON

26th 34432 PTE. A. ROSS

26th 325422/LT. N.R. RUSSELL

26th 12/243 CPL. A.T. SCOTT

26th 12/3818 PTE. W.C. SHARP

26th 54989 PTE. J. SINTON

26th 44876 PTE. C. SMITH

26th 47606 PTE. A.L. STANTON

26th 12/4279 SGT. A. STEWART

26th 31742 L/CPL. A.R. SUTHERLAND

26th 33192 SGT. D.G. SWAN

26th 48584 PTE. T.N. TATTERSALL

26th 34456 PTE. S.T. TAYLOR

26th NZ1216 STO. A. THOMPSON

26th 26013 CPL. R.W. THOMPSON

26th 49754 PTE. B.H.B. THOMSON

26th 28837 PTE. H.J. WARREN

26th 28259 L/CPL. H.L. WILSON

27th 6/14462/LT. J. ALLAN

27th 12/3240 PTE. W.J. APPLEYARD

27th 48614 PTE. J.R. BARLOW

27th 49503 PTE. G.H.S. BARNETT

27th 49138 PTE. S.A. BARTLETT

27th 48896 RFM. J.J. BAYNE

27th 47844 PTE. P.E. BEATTIE

27th 229092/LT. A.J. BEEHAN

27th 38646 PTE. R. BELL

27th 31942 PTE. C. BLUETT

27th 48160 PTE. F. BODY

27th 26780 PTE. W.A. BRACEWELL

27th 61035 PTE. F.A. BROWN

27th 11810 PTE. G.S. BURN

27th 9/584 PTE. J.A. BURNES

27th 38655 PTE. J.C.T. BUTLER

27th 52148 PTE. W.J. CARPENTER

27th 36406 L/CPL. E.M. CARR

27th 53653 PTE. M. CHRISTIE

27th 52152 PTE. W. CLANACHAN

27th 6/2107 L/CPL. W.F. CLARKSON

27th 53737 RFM. J. COCHRANE

27th 6/2984 L/CPL. H. CONNELL

27th 11837 L/CPL. A.G. COOPER

27th 25/1238 RFM. W.H. CORIN

27th 41180 LIEUT. W.J. COX

27th 29229 PTE. M.W. DAVIES

27th 49074 PTE. J. DAWES

27th 43076 GNR. G.B. DENT

27th 25209 PTE. A. DEXTER

27th 42058 PTE. F.G. DRAKE

27th 52972 PTE. T. DRISCOLL

27th 59883 PTE. M.J. FAUL

27th 55462 PTE. W.H. FEATHER

27th 52400 PTE. J.G. FENTON

27th 60098 PTE. E.A. FORREST

27th 38681 PTE. F.J. FOTHERGILL

27th 12/4529 CPL. H.H. FUNKE

27th 31988 PTE. H. GADD

27th 56589 PTE. H.G. GARMONSWAY

27th 41188 RFM. H.C.D. GAYLOR

27th 22009 L/CPL. E.J. GEORGE

27th 28460 PTE. J. GLENDINNING

27th 31838 PTE. A.E. GRANT

27th 15527 PTE. E.A. GRAY

27th 21820 RFM. W. GUILFORD

27th 6/3723 PTE. L. GUTHRIE

27th 12/2313 SGT. H.F. HAINES

27th 27280 PTE. J. HALLIDAY

27th 25996 PTE. W.A.C. GUY

27th 39527 PTE. N. HAMILTON

27th 10/3900 PTE. G. HASLETT

27th 8/4347 RFM. W.J. HAYES

27th 14261 PTE. A. HINCHCO MM

27th 62313 PTE. H.M. HOGBEN

27th 30948 PTE. T. HOGG

27th 12/4536 PTE. R. HOOPER

27th 449352/LT. L.M. HUGHES

27th 27903 PTE. C. JENSEN

27th 27908 PTE. W.H.P. JUNO

27th 9/1695 SGT. S.A. KAY MM

27th 40577 PTE. F.A. KELL

27th 44740 PTE. S.H. KELLY

27th 13693 PTE. J. KITSON

27th 25890 L/CPL. C.A. KLINK

27th 356422/LT. A.F. LAIDLAW

27th 40338 PTE. W. LANG

27th 15925 L/CPL. H.J. LEES

27th 45876 PTE. H.A. MACDONALD

27th 31691 L/CPL. N. MACKAY

27th 10/4481 CPL. C. MACLEAN

27th 51286 PTE. A. MACRAE

27th 23/1434 RFM. A.B. MARCHANT

27th 25558 PTE. A.C. MASON

27th 24029 PTE. T.H. MAXWELL

27th 46374 PTE. S.C. McANALLY

27th 51859 RFM. J.E. McFADDEN

27th 58572 PTE. P. McGOUGH

27th 29177 PTE. J.O. McGUINNESS

27th 25/779 RFM. D. MENZIES

27th 33920 PTE. J. MONAGHAN

27th 31680 PTE. K.S. MOORE MM

27th 38419 SGT. J.P. MOTHERWELL

27th 54926 PTE. H.J. MUNRO

27th 52099 PTE. T. NEWNHAM

27th 56831 RFM. T.S.D. OLDRIDGE

27th 41106 RFM. W. PACEY

27th 19172 PTE. J.D. PALMER

27th 30635 PTE. A.M. PATERSON

27th 13/3299 PTE. F.C. PETERSON

27th 55621 RFM. R. PINKERTON

27th 36790 L/CPL. T. PORTEOUS

27th 23431 PTE. S. REID

27th 37054 LIEUT. D.L. ROBERTSON

27th 6/3449 CPL. M.W. ROWE

27th 35382 TPR. A.E.L. SCOTT

27th 28806 PTE. A.R. SCOTT

27th 57156 PTE. F. SCULLIN

27th 12/2836 CPL. G.J. SEED

27th 61810 PTE. W.R. SHEED

27th 46532 L/CPL. R.F. SHEPHERD

27th 31440 PTE. V.A. SHEPHERD

27th 367612/LT. J. SINCLAIR

27th 55553 PTE. A.A. SMITH

27th 13534 L/CPL. G.F. SMITH

27th 44165 RFM. R. SMITH

27th 41419 PTE. F.J. SNOW

27th 34746 PTE. W.J.M. STYLES

27th 15797 CPL. A. SYMONS

27th 33971 L/CPL. G.C. THOMPSON

27th 49030 RFM. L.W. TOBECK

27th 25/1150 CPL. C.E. TOWN MM

27th 21754 CPL. H.W. WANDEN

27th 10/3771 L/CPL. A. WATTERS

27th 51935 RFM. H. WEIR

27th 35445 PTE. W. WHITTLE

27th 325552/LT. A.D. WILLIAMS

27th 45583 RFM. R.H. WILLIAMS

27th 6/1431 SGT. G. WINSKILL

27th 51585 PTE. D.L. YOUNG

27th 51812 PTE. R.J. YOUNGMAN

28th 27197 PTE. G. ASHTON

28th 6/1454 PTE. A.H. AUSTIN

28th 38484 RFM. R.S. BAIKIE

28th 36303 PTE. J.L. BARKER

28th 31768 SGT. G.A. BARRETT

28th 53121 L/CPL. A.U. BIRCHALL

28th 4/600 SGT. W.A. BIRKETT MM,CoK

28th 43911 RFM. J.S. BOYCE

28th 44826 PTE. H.G. BURNARD

28th 4/1898 SPR. H.E. BUTLER

28th 35093 SPR. R.J. CHRISTIE

28th 29148 L/CPL. D. COLL

28th 38353 L/CPL. H.R. CORK

28th 4/1728 SPR. A.J. CULLINGHAM

28th 20974 L/CPL. W.F. DERBYSHIRE

28th 59510 PTE. B.H. DRIVER

28th 4/1041 L/CPL. G.K. DUFF

28th 48629 PTE. T. EDMONDSON

28th 48630 PTE. W.F. FAIRWEATHER

28th 40148 RFM. E.D.H. HEATON

28th 41557 PTE. G.H. HUDSON

28th 47338 CPL. W.F. HUTT

28th 10/395 LIEUT. J.K.E. JACKSON

28th 13040 RFM. W.G. KERR

28th 58545 PTE. A.F. KING

28th 8/3658 PTE. H.F. KITTO

28th 26/113 RFM. J.E. LOCKE

28th 60954 PTE. J.M. LYONS

28th 51285 PTE. N.J. MACKINTOSH

28th 419812/LT. G. MALCOLM

28th 15928 RFM. C. MAXWELL

28th 49638 PTE. W. MAYLEN

28th 35867 TPR. N.C. McINDOE

28th 47568 PTE. W.J. McKINNA

28th 18351 TPR. W.T. MILLIKEN

28th 13/2599 L/CPL. M. MURRAY

28th 22690 LIEUT. A.R. NEILSON

28th 10/1617 L/CPL. W.A. PERRY

28th 49261 RFM. J.A. PRICTOR

28th 23/10 MAJ. R.G. PURDY MC, CdG

28th 13/2242 L/CPL. R.P. RENALL MM

28th 40057 PTE. D.G. REYNOLDS

28th 53413 RFM. G.S. REYNOLDS

28th 56994 PTE. W. ROSS

28th 56365 PTE. E.A. SCOTT

28th 49552 PTE. J. SEXTON

28th 23/283 RFM. L.E. SMALL

28th 44033 PTE. J.M. TERRY

28th 25651 RFM. C.S. THORBURN

28th 49208 TPR. G.W. THROP

28th 62415 PTE. S.J. TILLER

28th 31766 L/CPL. W.A. TILSLEY

28th 56885 RFM. P. WALL

28th 46814 PTE. L.C. WARNER

28th 7/1304 L/CPL. N.A. WATSON

28th 56388 PTE. A.M.G. WHITE

28th 59177 RFM. W.H. WILLIS

29th 46221 PTE. J.W. BAIGENT

29th 56717 RFM. K.M. BARTHOLOMEW

29th 10150 SGT. H.O. BLACK

29th 6/1788 L/CPL. J. BROOK

29th 11404 PTE. J. CAFFERY

29th 48174 PTE. M.J. COOPER

29th 53329 RFM. A.C. DOGGETT

29th 27866 PTE. G.I.M. DRYDEN

29th 56568 RFM. J. DUNCAN

29th 15886 CPL. J. ENGELBRECHT


29th 49079 PTE. S. FULTON

29th 60931 PTE. W.C. GILHAM

29th 26/795 SGT. H.T. GORDON

29th 54499 RFM. E. GREEN

29th 44638 CPL. F. GURR

29th 47331 PTE. T. HILLOCK

29th 24/447 RFM. J.P. HOLLAND

29th 26/819 L/SGT. J.S. IRVINE

29th 31287 RFM. J. JACKSON

29th 44288 RFM. A.D. JONES

29th 45700 RFM. J.C. KEARNEY

29th 44123 CPL. R.D. KIELY

29th 47152 RFM. T. KIELY

29th 55979 RFM. M. KUPLI

29th 15921 RFM. J.T. LAFFEY

29th 21031 L/CPL. N.A. LAWTON

29th 12209 L/CPL. H.L. LEAH

29th 29423 PTE. A.J. LEWIS

29th 26640 SPR. W.J. LOFTUS

29th 48976 RFM. G.M. LYONS

29th 41844 L/CPL. G.G. MACE

29th 62117 RFM. D. MACKAY

29th 12436 RFM. C. MARTEN

29th 25/507 L/SGT. W. MASON

29th 54145 PTE. J. McINTOSH

29th 12443 RFM. S.H. McINTOSH

29th 30624 PTE. D. McLEAN

29th 41096 RFM. A.K. MOORE

29th 23/865 RFM. J. O'MEARA

29th 14853 RFM. W.J. OWEN

29th 58800 RFM. E.E. PATCHETT

29th 32962 L/CPL. F.J. PHILLIS

29th 60986 PTE. W. PLASKETT

29th 44152 RFM. E.J. PRIEST

29th 12/3790 L/CPL. J. RAVLICH

29th 24/6602/LT. W.A.C. REEVE

29th 38748 PTE. H.E.G. REID

29th 60270 RFM. H. ROSA

29th 28805 PTE. F.L. SCHENK

29th 30413 RFM. F.H. SCOTT

29th 19056 RFM. J. SHANKLAND

29th 23300 CPL. G.D. SNELL

29th 44319 RFM. W. STEVENSON

29th 32972 RFM. O.C. THOMPSON

29th 21915 RFM. W.E. VAGUE

29th 56875 RFM. J. VAUGHAN

29th 58948 RFM. R.W. WATKINS

29th 12/3865 PTE. F.B.A. WELLS

29th 37904 PTE. F.G. WICKINS

29th 41692 PTE. A.O. WILLIAMS

29th 39135 RFM. A. WILSON

30th 6/2520 L/CPL. M.I. ADAMSON

30th 16257 TPR. G.S. ALEXANDER

30th 11378 L/CPL. H.R.R. ANDERSON

30th 38643 PTE. H.M. ANSENNE

30th 16262 TPR. C. BAILEY

30th 28648 PTE. W.J. BALLARD

30th 46813 PTE. F.E. BARTON

30th 10/2853 PTE. A. BEATTY

30th 41718 L/CPL. G. BEATTY

30th 28655 PTE. G. BELCHER

30th 7/166 LIEUT. S. BERRYMAN

30th 41713 PTE. J.V. BIDMEAD

30th 10208 CPL. A.R. BLACK

30th 16375 TPR. T.R. BOWMAN

30th 29341 PTE. A. BRUNT

30th 16273 SGT. C.W. CAMPBELL

30th 32129 PTE. M.M. CAMPBELL

30th 7/28 SGT. J.J. CARR

30th 17384 TPR. O. CARR

30th 14227 CPL. F. CARROLL

30th 51556 PTE. S.R. CASSIDY

30th 16275 TPR. C.W. CHADWICK

30th 11/1135 CPL. V. CHOWEN

30th 49292 PTE. P.N. CLARK

30th 13/2027 PTE. M. CORRIGAN

30th 52582 PTE. A.C.C. COSTER

30th 10560 TPR. C.E. COUPER

30th 17388 TPR. J.W.H. CRAIG

30th 1/607 RFM. T. CRONIN


30th 53328 RFM. W.T. DELANEY

30th 45481 PTE. J. DEVITT

30th 12/2991 PTE. H.A. DICKSON

30th 7/2376 L/CPL. D.J.W. DOAK

30th 33525 PTE. J. DUGGAN

30th 24856 TPR. A.G. EDMONDS

30th 7/5122/LT. A. EDRIDGE

30th 25993 CPL. W.D. EGGLESTON

30th 32835 RFM. T.H. EVANS

30th 29381 PTE. G.S. FEEK

30th 53168 RFM. E. FITZGERALD

30th 12375 CPL. A. FRANKE

30th 7/1021 TPR. R.J. GIBB

30th 36056 TPR. W.B. GIBSON

30th 48634 PTE. B. GILL

30th 35711 TPR. A. GILLIES

30th 48493 PTE. J.W. GOULSTONE

30th 12597 L/CPL. H.W. GRAHAM MID

30th 48494 PTE. J.E. GREENWOOD

30th 12/3888 PTE. J.P. HAYHOE

30th 40564 PTE. A.K. HEDLUND

30th 7/1625 L/CPL. F.W. HENSON

30th 12546 PTE. J.M. HILL

30th 18221 CAPT. H.B. HINSON

30th 43152 TPR. W. HOLYOAKE

30th 21017 RFM. J.G. HULLTEN

30th 24016 PTE. D. HUNTER

30th 60132 PTE. C.R. JAMES

30th 26/454 SGT. J.G. JAMIESON

30th 60138 PTE. G.H. KELSALL

30th 16412 TPR. J.J. KENNEDY

30th 35169 RFM. T. KING

30th 33561 PTE. O.J. KITTOW

30th 30817 PTE. C.J. KNAPPING

30th 17422 TPR. F. KNOWLES

30th 32862 CPL. J.D. LAING

30th 47043 RFM. J. LAVERTY

30th 10/2671 CPL. C.P. LAWSON

30th 43736 TPR. P.D. LEE

30th 16310 SGT. C.E. LEVETT

30th 7/1182 SGT. F.J. LEVETT

30th 23401 PTE. A.D. LISSAMAN

30th 11892 L/CPL. G.R. LUCAS

30th 13/3048 TPR. P.R. MANSON

30th 51573 PTE. H.S. MARTIN

30th 48661 PTE. R.F. MARTIN

30th 7/1319 SGT. O. MATHIAS

30th 12/2623 CAPT. A.K. McARTHUR

30th 13352 TPR. C.G. McCONACHIE

30th 46376 PTE. F.E. McCONAUGHY

30th 17427 TPR. D. McCONNELL

30th 42139 PTE. B.P. McDERMOTT

30th 26872 PTE. H.C. McDONALD

30th 49913 PTE. J.A. McGINNIS

30th 16429 TPR. C.C. McINTYRE

30th 37002 RFM. J. McKENZIE

30th 16428 TPR. R.W. McKENZIE

30th 47034 RFM. W. McKENZIE

30th 11/1733 CPL. J.J.G. McMILLAN

30th 46770 TPR. W. McNEILL

30th 40612 PTE. R.C. McPHERSON

30th 10/3342 L/CPL. H. McRAE

30th 13/2608 TPR. M.I. McRAE

30th 45534 PTE. E.L. MEADWAY

30th 35917 TPR. S.W. MILLS

30th 54553 RFM. R. MORGAN

30th 7/1870 L/CPL. J. MORRISON

30th 59534 PTE. M.T. MUIR

30th 56989 PTE. J.T. NORCROSS

30th 388492/LT. E.R. NUTTER

30th 49736 PTE. P. O'KEEFE

30th 48563 PTE. R. PAVITT

30th 26/1099 PTE. W. POTTER

30th 41620 PTE. E.J. POWER

30th 41355 RFM. R.C. RADFORD

30th 26/1689 RFM. R. RAY MM

30th 40161 L/CPL. R.G. ROBINSON

30th 35925 TPR. G. ROGERS

30th 31895 L/CPL. F.T. RUCK

30th 12/3804 L/CPL. W.A. RUTTER

30th 43782 TPR. W. SAMUEL

30th 24064 PTE. R. SANDERSON

30th 14023 LIEUT. D.J. SHAW

30th 49849 PTE. C.C. SIEGEL

30th 13/651 SGT. G. SIMPSON

30th 23/910 RFM. F.L. SMITH

30th 48683 PTE. V.J. SMITH

30th 53434 RFM. J. STEPHENS

30th 13/1065A TPR. R.C. STRATFORD

30th 52702 RFM. O.R. SUTHERLAND

30th 13/2494 CPL. W.J. SUTHERLAND

30th 25647 CPL. E.T. SWEETAPPLE

30th 31369 PTE. F.E. SYMES

30th 28007 PTE. C.B. TAYLOR

30th 38459 PTE. G.K. THORBURN

30th 11/6122/LT. C.F. THORBY

30th 43243 TPR. G.A. TOWNSEND

30th 20462 PTE. J. TUSON

30th 45579 PTE. H. VICKERS

30th 24/1511 L/CPL. L.T. WAKELIN

30th 35870 TPR. D. WALKER

30th 38462 PTE. E.T.L. WALKER

30th 49131 PTE. W. WALKER

30th 17738 PTE. G. WALLACE

30th 54998 PTE. J.E. WALSH

30th 29528 PTE. J.C.R. WATTS

30th 13/867 TPR. F.D. WELSH

30th 17458 TPR. R.L. WILKE

30th 50340 TPR. H. WILLIAMS

30th 12663 TPR. J.C. WILLOCKS

30th 7/1307 L/CPL. C.T. WILSON MM

30th 11/942 L/CPL. G. WOOD

30th 17459 TPR. L.J. WOODHOUSE

30th 23468 PTE. F.X. ZIMMERMAN

31st 37596 SPR. M.C. ABBOTT

31st 13/2252/LT. V.E. ADOLPH MC

31st 13/1004 TPR. W. BARRETT MM

31st 7/15452/LT. H. BENSON

31st 25/91 L/CPL. G.P. BERENDT

31st 45461 PTE. R. BETHELL

31st 16067 TPR. J.M. BRUCE

31st 33514 PTE. J. CAMERON

31st 23/1582 PTE. J.R. CASAR

31st 49694 PTE. V.G. CAVALIER

31st 53475 RFM. J.C. CLARKE

31st 40887 PTE. J.A. CONLEY

31st 13425 L/CPL. F.J. CUNNINGHAM

31st 28688 PTE. S.I. DANRELL

31st 49879 RFM. T.F. DOYLE

31st 30191 L/CPL. E.A.C.J. ERICKSEN

31st 49239 RFM. J. GARRICK


31st 56592 PTE. J.L. HARTLAND

31st 2/273 BDR. C.S. JOHNSON

31st 26629 RFM. G.W. KEANE

31st 50882 GNR. A.M. LAVIN

31st 7/1101 L/CPL. F.G. MACKIE

31st 16314 TPR. R. MAXWELL DCM

31st 54568 PTE. P. McLAY

31st 11903 PTE. V.P. MITCHELL

31st 45891 PTE. J.S. MORGAN

31st 51890 RFM. D. NICOLSON

31st 25121 L/CPL. E.J.H. PERRY

31st 41991 L/CPL. E.K. PREBBLE


31st 7/1142 L/CPL. C. SMART

31st 37949 PTE. J.L. STAINES

31st 36373 L/CPL. A.B. TONKS MSM

31st 56694 PTE. S.H. WAKEFIELD

31st 42858 RFM. L.S. YOUNG




1st 10/2849  PTE. H.V.T. BANKS 
1st 51676 PTE. N.C. BATEMAN 
1st 48442 PTE. A.R. BRUNTON 
1st 12/735  PTE. A.G. FISH 
1st 3/3102  LIEUT. A.A. HAWORTH 
1st 56448 PTE. O. MACKLEY 
1st 58695 PTE. F.H. RUSSELL 
2nd 10287 PTE. F.L. ALLEY 
2nd 57456 PTE. G.L. BARCLAY 
2nd 58759 RFM. J.L. GALLAGHER 
2nd 53050 RFM. J.P. MACINTIRE 
2nd 23/864  RFM. W.J. OLIFF 
2nd 5/564  CAPT. R.M. QUINN 
2nd 56027 RFM. J. ROBINSON 
2nd 56042 RFM. R.J. STUBBINGS 
3rd 24339 SGT. H.W. CAMPBELL 
3rd 45312 LIEUT. A.H. CHARLTON 
3rd 20973 PTE. M. CROSBY 
3rd 23367 RFM. D.M. FISHER 
3rd 39998 L/CPL. M.W. JONES 
3rd 24/814  DVR. A.W. KENNEDY 
3rd 40131 PTE. L.C. RICE 
4th 40913 RFM. P.J. DUGGAN 
4th 11/2116  CPL. S. HOBY 
4th 17304 GNR. T.G. LANE 
4th 24/214  L/CPL. W.F. LESLIE 
4th 11/2152  BDR. W. MAWDSLEY MM
4th 11/1464  SGT. K.A. McGREGOR 
4th 8/3268  GNR. P. MURPHY MM
4th 52473 RFM. J.M.F. SHAW 
4th 10701 GNR. F. WHITTAKER 
5th 53755 L/CPL. W. BAILDON 
5th 40671 RFM. J. FOLEY 
5th 53013 RFM. F.J. HINE 
5th 11790 C.Q.M.S. R.E.K. HODGE 
5th 39426 PTE. C.G. SPARROW 
5th 55101 RFM. V.H.C.M. THURSTON 
5th 54094 RFM. D.D. TOOLEY 
5th 55871 PTE. F. WAGSTAFF 
6th 13411 PTE. G. ARTHUR 
6th 57458 PTE. J.E. BECKETT 
6th 53764 RFM. C.W. DIXON 
6th 38282 PTE. S. HARRIS 
6th 50741 TPR. R.S. KELLY 
6th 60216 PTE. R.A. SINCLAIR 
7th 51035 PTE. F.P. GOLDSMITH 
7th 59939 PTE. C.W. MOORE 
7th 62169 PTE. W.L. STEVENSON 
7th 69433 PTE. L. STYLES 
8th 55906 RFM. J.E. BRYANT 
8th 11832 PTE. R. COLE 
8th 47468 PTE. J. RITCHIE 
8th 2/122  MAJ. V. ROGERS DSO
8th 63225 PTE. H.J.E. SMITH 
8th 19474 PTE. H.W.W. WI 
9th 61174 PTE. J.S. ANDERSON 
9th 55415 PTE. W.H. BRYANT 
9th 58524 PTE. A. HALL 
9th 62072 RFM. R.G. JOHNSTONE 
9th 63002 PTE. W.P. KELLEC 
9th 27335 PTE. R.O. MAISTER 
9th 47465 PTE. W.H. RAYNOR 
9th 61158 PTE. H.C. SYDER 
10th 64414 PTE. L.A. ANDERSON 
10th 48855 PTE. C.C. HALSTEAD 
10th 30630 PTE. W.T. NEWMAN 
10th 55794 PTE. T.G. RENDALL 
10th 15272 CPL. W. WILLIAMSON 
10th 19081 RFM. E.J. WILLIS 
11th 27248 PTE. W. DUVAL 
11th  ENG.S.LT. L.V. GULLY 
11th 5/168  DVR. A. HUBBARD 
11th 44495 PTE. R.L. LANGDON 
11th 64330 PTE. A. NELSON 
11th 8/3388  PTE. W.H. ROBINSON 
11th 15779 PTE. P.A. ROOK 
11th 391 L/CPL. H.T.O. WINEERA 
12th 28466 RFM. D. BEVINS 
12th 59516 PTE. P. GORDON 
12th 52619 PTE. J.J. KENT 
12th 53217 PTE. J. LUMSDEN 
12th 63477 PTE. W. PASKELL 
13th 54726 PTE. E.O. BROWN 
13th 40103 PTE. D.D. CAMERON 
13th 59605 PTE. T.C. CARTER 
13th 63836 PTE. H.B. DICKENS 
13th 59104 SPR. C. FEBEY 
13th 63430 PTE. E. SHAND 
14th 28996 L/CPL. H.H. EVANS 
14th 6/4279  CPL. P.J. JORY 
15th 45373 RFM. W.F. ELFORD 
15th 51838 RFM. J.S. HAWKINS 
15th 50947 DVR. F.D. YORK 
16th 26027 L/CPL. H.W. BRAITHWAITE 
16th 42053 L/CPL. J.H. CULLEN 
16th 8/3615  SGT. G.M. HAMILTON 
16th 56927 L/CPL. R.D. HAMILTON 
16th 8/3665  L/CPL. S. LAURENCE 
16th 47277 PTE. A. MARSHALL 
16th 19250 PTE. K. MATAITI 
16th 25301 SGT. A. PALMER 
16th 8/1610  L/CPL. R. RAE 
16th 49957 RFM. J. YOUNG 
17th 21570 PTE. J. FLETCHER 
17th 13/3039  TPR. S.T. JONES 
17th 48145 RFM. W. LYONS 
17th 24663 CPL. L.I.J. McCARTHY 
18th 58021 PTE. G.H. COOMBE 
18th 331032/LT. R.O. DAVIES 
18th 26/557  SGT. G.S. FRIEND 
18th 63330 PTE. D.A. GILLIES 
18th 45507 RFM. W.J. HARLEY 
18th 58133 PTE. R.W. MAPP 
18th 54916 PTE. P. MEDNIS 
18th 51995 RFM. A. SHIELDS 
18th 49038 RFM. A. WEIR 
18th 26/948  L/CPL. W. WILSON 
18th 47104 RFM. W.G. WOODS 
19th 55916 RFM. J.H. COPP 
19th 13/3019  L/CPL. W.E. DOWDEN MM
19th 6/2414  PTE. T.G. FOSTER 
19th 19745 PTE. S. GRACE 
19th 38531 PTE. J. HICKS 
19th 6/3042  L/CPL. H. HILL 
19th 16/703  PTE. H.M. PERA 
20th 11/683  SGT. C.W. BISHOP 
20th 7/633  TPR. A.E. COTTON 
20th 64468 PTE. L.T. DEAN 
20th 61132 PTE. W.I. GIBBS 
20th 39222 PTE. W.J. GUISE 
20th 6/2152  PTE. C.H.F. HAMILTON 
20th 16405 TPR. R.C. HUBAND 
20th 37863 PTE. T. RITCHIE 
20th 42711 RFM. R.J. ROSS 
20th 13/2487  CPL. G. STEEL 
20th 63790 PTE. R.R. TRELEAVEN 
21st 63272 PTE. D. ANDERSON 
21st 32499 L/CPL. W.J.A. BELL 
21st 8/3124 PTE. E. COOPER 
21st 40786 RFM. D.J. DYNES 
21st 2/1925  GNR. A.E. HUSE 
21st 53244 RFM. A. McCURDY 
21st 45177 PTE. B.A. WIGHTMAN 
22nd 59638 PTE. J. GRIFFIN 
22nd 45114 PTE. M.J.J. McINERNEY 
22nd 62358 PTE. F.R. MOODY 
22nd 53812 RFM. J.A. ROSS 
23rd 63324 PTE. M. FLANNERY 
23rd 25/927  L/CPL. W.W. HUTCHISON 
23rd 64657 PTE. C.A. McCRACKEN 
24th 59922 PTE. H.W. KIRK 
24th 8/2733  PTE. V.M. SPENCER 
24th 45626 RFM. R.A. WHITELOCK 
24th 2/2302  GNR. B.T. WINDT 
25th 63387 PTE. S.W. McKENZIE 
26th 50478 DVR. O.J. BROWN 
26th 26/359  PTE. P.R. McCAW 
26th 31708 PTE. C.R. READ 
27th 49063 PTE. H. BAVERSTOCK 
27th 63415 PTE. W.D. POYNTER 
28th 41740 PTE. A.C. COOPER 
28th 44481 PTE. H.L.E. HAMBLING 
28th 2/1043  GNR. F.S. MARSHALL 


1st 59091 RFM. T.A. BERRETT
1st 44689 PTE. A.J. BODEN
1st 23679 SPR. D.B. DANIELS
1st 49925 RFM. C. MULLAN
1st 29294 PTE. J. RASMUSSEN
2nd 22957 PTE. H.E. EARP
2nd 528902AM C.A. HUNTER
2nd 38180 RFM. J. KERAMBRUN
2nd 41818 RFM. T. KILMISTER
2nd 16/621 PTE. T. KINGI
2nd 26/484 RFM. C.R. WATKINS
2nd 38095 PTE. D.L. WILLIAMS
3rd 25802 RFM. T. BODDY
3rd 24984 GNR. G.F.S. DAVIS
3rd 58677 PTE. W.A. DUNCAN
3rd 48711 RFM. A.G.E. FERGUSON
3rd 28135 PTE. W.L. HOLDSTOCK
3rd 24/1707 RFM. W.C. KITSON
3rd 58901 PTE. S.L. MANN
3rd 56860 RFM. J.G.C. SIMPSON
3rd 4/847 SPR. J.H. SNELL
3rd 24/2295 PTE. W.C. TAYLER
3rd 15437 L/CPL. E.V. WALKER
4th 26/384 RFM. G.E. BARSON
4th 24/67 CPL. F.W. BLUNDELL
4th 48936 RFM. V.J. FUSS
4th 13/2792 GNR. W.J. GUNSON
4th 28160 SGT. G.E. LAW
4th 54058 RFM. T. LEAL
4th 33389 L/CPL. R.H. LINES
4th 54565 RFM. J.P. McGOVERN
4th 23/209 RFM. A. MITCHELL
4th 17090 PTE. P.W. MUDIE
4th 24/849 RFM. N.D. MUFF
4th 21085 RFM. A.M. PENNELL
4th 11345 PTE. E. SAINSBURY
5th 34902 PTE. F. McDONALD
5th 46795 TPR. W.A. SIM
6th 14755 RFM. W.J. CARR
6th 20320 RFM. E.L. FOREMAN
6th 18654 RFM. P.J. GRIFFEN
6th 54532 RFM. F.W. KIRKWOOD
6th 11/896 TPR. L.D. MADDISON
6th 52877 RFM. A.V. PARSLOW
7th 45182 RFM. T.H. BATEMAN
7th 47977 RFM. G.A. CARTER
7th 53647 RFM. M. COTTER
7th 51987 RFM. J.F. GUTHERIDGE
7th 40149 L/CPL. C.G. JENKINS
7th 36470 PTE. A. McCONNACH
7th 30398 RFM. A. OWEN
7th 56841 RFM. C.F. PUTT
7th 51905 RFM. G.E. SCOTT
7th 37546 SPR. J.W. SLAUGHTER
7th 39133 RFM. W.H. WILLIAMS
8th 45338 RFM. G. ALEXANDER
8th 45970 PTE. A.D. ARTHUR
8th 53746 RFM. E. ATWOOD
8th 6/26052/LT. H.F. DYER
8th 45097 PTE. D.J. JERROME
8th 26/836 RFM. F. LIVERSEDGE
8th 11065 L/CPL. J.M. MACKAY
8th 47833 PTE. T.S. ROBINSON
8th 44169 RFM. E. TAYLOR
8th 39594 RFM. J. WILSON
9th 23/719 SGT. J.K. CRESSWELL
9th 55450 PTE. A.J. DOBBY
9th 453182/LT. M. FRASER
9th 40747 CPL. C.J. GLOVER
9th 2/2861 GNR. E.H. LEWIN
9th 53383 RFM. A.M. McGAVIN
9th 29653 PTE. J.E. McVEIGH
9th 49651 PTE. P.J. PANTON
9th 30647 PTE. W.G. SCOTT
9th 2/363 GNR. F.G. SINCLAIR
9th 64162 PTE. F. STRACK
10th 43802 GNR. W.R. BALDWIN
10th 2/2103 GNR. H.A. CRAIG
10th 49234 PTE. C.S. DOYLE
10th 7/2031 GNR. W.G. HENDERSON
10th 9/1060 DVR. W.B. JOHNSTON
10th 9/415 CPL. J.A. JONES
10th 2/2466 SGT. J.A. LOFFHAGEN MM
10th 59810 PTE. N.S. MACDOUGALL
10th 9/306 DVR. W. MALONEY
10th 2/2877 GNR. T.B. McAULIFFE
10th 13/2352 DVR. W.H. McCAUL
10th 43602 SDLR. J. McMAHON
10th 18278 GNR. D.C. McNICOL
10th 13/2852 GNR. A. MILLAR
10th 49647 PTE. T. NELSON
10th 18023 GNR. J. NICHOLSON
10th 43898 GNR. C. OSBORN
10th 66142 LIEUT. F. SIMON
10th 64587 PTE. J.E. SIMOTICH
10th 22120 PTE. H. SIMPSON
10th 50170 GNR. D. WATSON
10th 37903 PTE. A.G. WHITELAW
10th 16468 PTE. E. WORTH
11th 43588 GNR. L. A'COURT
11th 56135 PTE. J.J. BRIDGES
11th 56259 PTE. L.C. DELLER
11th 4/212/B2/CPL. E.S.T..G. GORTON
11th 58529 PTE. G.T. HEGARTY
11th 9/1196 TPR. J. McDONALD
11th 56984 PTE. D.C. MITCHELL
11th 4/125/A SPR. J.K. RAMSEY MM
11th 24/291 SGT. E.O. STAYTE
12th 11/1158 GNR. J. HALL
12th 1/037 PTE. G.J. HENNEKER
12th 34697 PTE. H.A. LONG
12th 43377 PTE. K. McKENZIE
12th 46203 PTE. H.G. PHILPOTT
12th 40243 PTE. A.J. PITCHER
12th 70344 PTE. F.E. RYAN
13th 53112 PTE. D. AMOS
13th 12/2569 PTE. A.E. CHITTY
13th 33237 PTE. P.M. CLOSE
13th 45269 CPL. C.H. CRIBB
13th 8/4111 L/CPL. P.J. CRONIN
13th 29228 PTE. J. DALTON
13th 36513 PTE. W.W. GRANTHAM
13th 45694 L/CPL. C. HOOPER
13th 46948 PTE. E.H. HUTCHINGS
13th 55509 PTE. M. KIRBY
13th 44126 RFM. O.D. LEVER
13th 58892 PTE. W. LINDSAY
13th 54147 PTE. J. McKINNON
13th 2/2257 DVR. N.W. SCAMBURY
13th 21903 CPL. G.S. SIMPSON
13th 49488 PTE. W. THOMPSON
13th 4/1392 SPR. G.F. TRENBERTH
13th 16/382 C.Q.M.S. H. WHAKARUA
14th 11/877 TPR. S.W.E. FREEMAN
14th 24/1388 PTE. F.C. HARRIS MM
14th 43789 PTE. W. MARSHALL
14th 2/1061 GNR. A. McNAIR
14th 26207 RFM. S. THOMAS
14th 31380 PTE. E.H. VALENTINE
15th 54316 RFM. O. ANDERSEN
15th 45587 RFM. S.A. BOOKER
15th 57229 PTE. W.H. KESSELL
15th 45231 CPL. L.S. MILBURN
15th 8/1067 PTE. T. WATSON
16th 13719 RFM. W. ALMOND
16th 1233940 SPR. F.H. BATHURST
16th 44102 RFM. W.J. ELLIS
16th 44142 RFM. A.E. NORMAN
16th 42708 RFM. E.B. RAINES
17th 18752 SPR. E.L. BOWDEN
17th 202496 PTE. P.T. HAWORTH
17th 43606 GNR. K.J. SKINNER
18th 26/1056 RFM. H.W.A. BEECHEY
18th 3/2615 PTE. E.C. COOK
18th 3/1190 PTE. E.W. SHARMAN
18th 3/71 CAPT. C.K. WARD
18th 29124 RFM. H.L. WINWOOD
19th 2/2794 GNR. R. CLARK
19th 23/2281 RFM. C.H. SIMPKIN
20th 19460 PTE. W.W. ANDREWS
20th 40504 RFM. W.H. BUSBY
20th 44895 PTE. J. CAUGHLEY
20th 24/463 CPL. G. HANDYSIDE
20th 100692/LT. W.E. JOHNSTON
20th 35372 PTE. F.L. KIMBELL
20th 63180 PTE. D. McLEAN
20th 40049 RFM. J.P. PRIEST
20th 13/2366 PTE. E. SEARLE MM
21st 49504 PTE. J.H. COX
21st 36597 SGT. J. GILKS
21st 49244 PTE. W.D. HEENAN
21st 11/1332 PTE. H.H. HURFORD
21st 58881 PTE. W. JOHNSTON
21st 52352 RFM. S.S. MILNE
21st 27571 PTE. J. NORMAN
21st 8/1598 PTE. J. PERRY
21st 26518 SPR. T. TAYLOR
21st 46214 PTE. V.E. VERRALL
21st 53951 PTE. G.H. WHAIT
22nd 41067 PTE. E.A.B. BARBER
22nd 25/1701 SGT. J.L. COLLINGS
22nd 55455 PTE. A. DUNN
22nd 2/2152 DVR. F.E. HESEBECK
22nd 49437 PTE. A.M. McBRIDE
22nd 45125 PTE. W.J. PAUL
22nd 56950 PTE. J.A.S. PICKENS
22nd 8/4020 PTE. W. SINCLAIR
23rd 4/1990A SPR. J. BARRETT
23rd 15134 PTE. J. CARLIN
23rd 2/1881 DVR. H. CORNWELL
23rd 12/3030 CPL. W. GRANT
23rd 53913 PTE. J. HUDNER
23rd 8/20702/LT. A.R. MACDONALD
23rd 48419 PTE. J. O'BRIEN
24th 6/3989 PTE. S. BELL
24th 8/2601 L/CPL. H.L. GORDGE
24th 20999 L/CPL. R. HAMILTON
24th 48878 PTE. G.G. McKAY
24th 55811 PTE. L.A. TAVENDALE
25th 45055 PTE. M.M. ARBUCKLE
25th 58886 PTE. H. KINLOCK
25th 35118 PTE. C.E.A.V. KNYVETT
25th 52449 PTE. H.D. MATUSCHKA
25th 53884 PTE. H. WILSON
26th 21206 PTE. J.A. CAIRNEY
26th 19087 LIEUT. S.W. McKENZIE
26th 27616 DVR. W.C.A. STAFFORD
26th 26943 L/CPL. W. THOMPSON
27th 10/2209 PTE. F.T. LISTER
28th 52129 PTE. J.A. BENNETT
28th 11223 PTE. N. BIGGS
28th 2/1258A LIEUT. T.D. HARTLEY
28th 52612 PTE. J.A. HUTCHISON
28th 20678 PTE. K. KEMP
29th 10/3307 L/CPL. P.G. JOHNS
29th 10/1612 CPL. C.E. PEARSON
29th 53968 PTE. A. RIDES
29th 14691 PTE. C. STANDEN
30th 37965 PTE. J.P. BROUGH
30th 48193 PTE. O.D. GAVIGAN
30th 34703 PTE. E. MARTIN
30th 23/1763 CPL. G. NEAL
30th 52888 RFM. H.F. ROPER
30th 62151 PTE. H.J. SEXTUS
31st 56221 PTE. W.J. BURROW
31st 30367 PTE. W.T. HARDWICK



 A total of 5,658 lives lost

“We have lost many fine fellows, old mates of peace-time days, and new of Army making. They went in a grand, cheerful way, but we miss them.”
Chronicles of the N.Z.E.F. vol.3 no.34 (January 2, 1918)


The New Zealanders were now in the Polygon Wood sector, just south of Passchendaele. Conditions were appalling and there was another failed attack, this time at Polderhoek.

1st 55722 PTE. D.C. BROWN 
1st 31599 PTE. L.E. COLLINS 
1st 25/180  L/CPL. L.A. GUDGIN 
1st 6/245  PTE. J. HALL 
1st 104418 DVR. J. McLEAN 
1st 38080 PTE. P.D. SPICER 
1st 62840 PTE. J. SWANEY 
1st 23907 PTE. S.H. WHITEHORN 
1st 17949 PTE. T.H. WINYARD 
2nd 354872 PTE. A.C. ALLSOP 
2nd 23/125  L/CPL. H.E. EAST 
2nd 7/958  CPL. W.W. GIBSON 
2nd 10/735  PTE. J. GREY 
2nd 42690 RFM. M. McCORKINDALE 
2nd 48989 RFM. C. McGOWAN 
2nd 41103 RFM. A. McLEOD 
2nd 352104 CPL. F.J. NUGENT 
2nd 13802 CPL. F.E. POOLE 
2nd 4/830  SPR. J.A. REID 
3rd 14043 CPL. M. ABSALOM 
3rd 46161 PTE. J.M. ADAIR 
3rd 12958 PTE. A. ARMSTRONG 
3rd 23945 PTE. S.J. ATTWOOD 
3rd 22916 PTE. J.E. AVISON 
3rd 44991 PTE. A. BAINBRIDGE 
3rd 43587 PTE. J.A. BARCLAY 
3rd 38255 PTE. F.J. BARNETT 
3rd 57020 RFM. G.W. BLAKE 
3rd 345940 L/CPL. E.E. BOYCE 
3rd 46547 PTE. W.E. BRADBURY 
3rd 6/17862/LT. E.G. BRISTED 
3rd 22664 CAPT. C. BRYCE MID
3rd 49594 PTE. W.P. BRYDEN 
3rd 19/31  PTE. A.E. BURSON 
3rd 40185 PTE. E.W. BUTT 
3rd 3/3647  PTE. R.A. CAMPBELL 
3rd 61825 SGT. M.D. CARTER 
3rd 23528 PTE. F.M.A. CARTWRIGHT 
3rd 6/4217  SGT. L.A. CAYGILL 
3rd 8/3208  PTE. L. CHAINEY 
3rd 51337 PTE. A.C. CLARKE 
3rd 57478 PTE. W.C. CLARKSON 
3rd 6/1811  SGT. C.W. CLARRY 
3rd 52156 PTE. G.H. COLLETT 
3rd 47861 PTE. T.F. CORKERY 
3rd 8/2880  PTE. T.J. CORNICK 
3rd 57485 PTE. A.A. COTTON 
3rd 40890 PTE. H.S. CREE 
3rd 8/3227  PTE. J. CROCKETT 
3rd 28306 PTE. A.W. CROSS 
3rd 46559 PTE. R.J. CROSSEN 
3rd 46695 PTE. A. CUZENS 
3rd 4/1113  PTE. J.M. DAWSON 
3rd 47866 PTE. A.E. DEAN 
3rd 49562 PTE. M.P. DELANY 
3rd 15148 PTE. A. DEWAR 
3rd 9/31  L/CPL. S.G. DEWAR 
3rd 57492 PTE. A. DICKSON 
3rd 36854 PTE. W.G.J. DODDS 
3rd 35195 PTE. L.G. DONOHUE 
3rd 32639 PTE. E.W.T. DORWARD 
3rd 31826 RFM. W.A. DURIE 
3rd 57191 PTE. H.F. ELLIOTT 
3rd 11572 LIEUT. W.N. ELLIOTT 
3rd 37793 PTE. W.D. ELWORTHY 
3rd 9/272  L/CPL. J.A. EVANS 
3rd 41519 PTE. J.W. FARRELLEY 
3rd 6/4246 L/CPL. W.J. FINLAY 
3rd 39208 PTE. D.H. FLINT 
3rd 16160 DVR. D. FORBES 
3rd 8/1988  LIEUT. C.D. GABITES 
3rd 11/2318  L/CPL. W.F. GALPIN 
3rd 39982 PTE. W. GAYLARD 
3rd 49887 PTE. J.T. GIBSON 
3rd 39214 PTE. G. GILDER 
3rd 29962 PTE. C. GILLS 
3rd 32516 PTE. D.A.C. GOW 
3rd 11651 PTE. G. GRAY 
3rd 49382 CPL. R. GREENWAY 
3rd 6/2418  SGT. R.W. GUNDERSEN 
3rd 8/213  L/SGT. J.A. GUTHRIE 
3rd 15103 PTE. C.C. HALLIDAY 
3rd 49386 PTE. W.J. HALSEY 
3rd 26609 PTE. C. HAMILTON 
3rd 46714 PTE. J. HARRIS 
3rd 6/2655  SGT. G.J.C. HARRISON 
3rd 47839 PTE. J.D. HAUGH 
3rd 10037 PTE. G.D. HAY 
3rd 56928 PTE. P. HAY 
3rd 58527 PTE. R.E. HAY 
3rd 8/2615  L/CPL. W. HEATHERINGTON 
3rd 53193 PTE. M. HISHON 
3rd 8/875  SGT. H.L. HOFF 
3rd 45170 PTE. T.P. HOGAN 
3rd 12/4013  L/CPL. A. HOGG 
3rd 39239 PTE. D.G. HOGG 
3rd 56147 PTE. E. HOLMES 
3rd 14914 PTE. J. HORGAN 
3rd 32173 PTE. L.G. HUMPHRIES 
3rd 49282 PTE. H. HUNTER 
3rd 9/1057  PTE. J.B. HUNTER 
3rd 44284 RFM. B.M. HUTCHINSON 
3rd 8/2019  SGT. C.W. JACKSON MM
3rd 34078 PTE. J. JAMIESON 
3rd 53982 PTE. J.P. JOHNSTONE 
3rd 36628 PTE. C.S. JONES 
3rd 47528 PTE. J.P.V. KEARNEY 
3rd 40014 PTE. W. KELLY 
3rd 55759 PTE. J.W. KINGAN 
3rd 55062 PTE. F.J. KINNEY 
3rd 11300 PTE. R.W.S. LAURIE 
3rd 44393 PTE. P.W. LINEHAM 
3rd 47905 PTE. E.L. LOW 
3rd 27921 PTE. J.W. LYES 
3rd 58568 PTE. A. MACDONALD 
3rd 11703 PTE. N. MACKAY 
3rd 11699 PTE. T.J. MALONE 
3rd 56938 PTE. A.M. MANSON 
3rd 9/3092/LT. F.M. MARSHALL 
3rd 13950 PTE. W.J. MARTIN 
3rd 36348 PTE. J.C. McALEER 
3rd 47534 PTE. H.P. McERLANE 
3rd 5/171  PTE. S.G. McGEE 
3rd 8/1785  PTE. W. McGUIRE 
3rd 23591 CPL. H.W. McINTOSH 
3rd 8/976A  PTE. J.K. McINTYRE 
3rd 29806 PTE. A.D. McKENZIE 
3rd 26/123  RFM. R.C. MEHRA 
3rd 55768 PTE. J.E. MERCER 
3rd 15566 PTE. A. MIDDLETON 
3rd 20189 PTE. J.B. MIDDLETON 
3rd 8/3154  PTE. S.C. MILLAR 
3rd 6/2709  L/CPL. H.W. MINNIS MM
3rd 39272 PTE. J.H. MOFFAT 
3rd 46758 PTE. R. MOIR 
3rd 22426 PTE. F. MORTIMER 
3rd 10246 PTE. J. MORTON 
3rd 43584 PTE. W.S. NICHOLAS 
3rd 47285 PTE. P.J. O'CONNOR 
3rd 28911 PTE. E.W. PALMER 
3rd 9/1717  L/CPL. W.H. PAY 
3rd 28912 PTE. T.J. PERRY 
3rd 51189 PTE. D.H. PLUMRIDGE 
3rd 3/2058  PTE. N.E. POLLEN 
3rd 53406 PTE. J. POTTINGER 
3rd 14151 L/CPL. W.A. RALPH MM
3rd 26315 L/CPL. A. REEVES 
3rd 17/170  PTE. J. ROLFE 
3rd 6/1706  PTE. V.R. SANDERSON 
3rd 10151 L/CPL. G.A. SEYMOUR 
3rd 39403 CPL. G. SHAW 
3rd 48282 PTE. F.W. SIMMS 
3rd 8/3071  L/CPL. W.C.T. SIMS 
3rd 8/2474  PTE. G.C. SMITH 
3rd 47512 PTE. G.R. SULLIVAN 
3rd 48298 PTE. J.H. THOMSON 
3rd 49486 L/CPL. M.M. THOMSON 
3rd 42597 PTE. A.H. TIDEY 
3rd 15626 PTE. E.C. TUNMER 
3rd 15051 CPL. P. WALSH 
3rd 42603 PTE. D.A. WARDEN 
3rd 26/212/LT. E.J. WATTS 
3rd 15628 L/CPL. H. WITHERS 
3rd 51464 PTE. W. WRIGHT 
4th 6/1772  L/CPL. T. BAKEWELL 
4th 16370 L/CPL. C.H. BARKER 
4th 8/4089  CPL. J. BEATTIE 
4th 47407 PTE. J.J. COOK 
4th 13/2173  L/CPL. W.E.B. COX MM
4th 13739 RFM. R.L. CUNLIFFE 
4th 53380 RFM. A. MACDONALD 
4th 51415 RFM. J. MACKAY 
4th 8/3357  PTE. W.J. MILLAR 
4th 8/2098 PTE. A.P. POOLE 
4th 40130 RFM. A. PRYOR 
4th 23/1187  RFM. R.H. SLOAN 
4th 41659 PTE. A.R. STEVENS 
4th 53279 PTE. A.F.B. SUTHERLAND 
4th 22146 PTE. H. WATSON 
5th 42732 PTE. J.V. ADDIS 
5th 7/814  CPL. T. BEDELPH 
5th 44439 RFM. J.L. BRADDOCK 
5th 6/2489  L/CPL. W.H. BROWNE 
5th 8/3877  SGT. F.F. BURN 
5th 8/2552  PTE. M.J. CAMPBELL 
5th 20/8  CPL. P. CAMPBELL 
5th 12103 GNR. E.J. CRAPPER 
5th 29612 PTE. J.E. FISCHER 
5th 22788 RFM. H.H. FLUTE 
5th 53959 PTE. J. FREW 
5th 11658 L/CPL. B.H.V. HARKESS 
5th 48964 RFM. F. JONES 
5th 6/4291  PTE. S. LEWIS 
5th 13/2873  L/CPL. B. NELSON 
5th 49837 PTE. A. NICOL 
5th 24/878  CPL. J. PASSELL 
5th 6/3432 L/CPL. A. PITTICK 
5th 14330 CPL. W. SANGSTER 
5th 30300 PTE. W.A.W. SMITH 
5th 52899 RFM. W.F. TERRILL 
5th 45024 PTE. A.C. TURNBULL 
5th 31557 PTE. A.R. WALKER 
5th 44886 RFM. H.S. WALKER 
5th 6/2010  PTE. J. WHITEFORD 
5th 40755 PTE. W.J. WILLIAMS 
5th 50789 RFM. W.F.C. WILSON 
5th 12337 LIEUT. S.G. WOODS 
6th 20133 RFM. D.H. FERGUSON 
6th 52595 PTE. R. FITZGERALD 
6th 45685 RFM. H. FLAVELL 
6th 6/1300  PTE. P.J. GRAHAM 
6th 39047 RFM. D.L. HAMPTON 
6th 13022 L/CPL. A. HYLAND 
6th 46776 PTE. P. O'ROURKE 
6th 48069 RFM. H. PARKINSON 
6th 41022 RFM. H. RUDD 
6th 48283 PTE. A.F. SIMPSON 
6th 45260 RFM. O.J. SMITH 
6th 25/1016  RFM. S. STEPHENS 
6th 42230 PTE. G.A. THORNTON 
6th 48748 RFM. G.J. TOMBS 
6th 46212 PTE. W.H. TOMBS 
6th 52668 PTE. F.J. WADDELL 
6th 21917 RFM. J.N. WALLACE 
7th 53626 RFM. H.A.Y. BARNACLE 
7th 14063 RFM. J. CAMPBELL 
7th 22158 RFM. J.M. DAVEY 
7th 53335 RFM. H.E. EPPLETT 
7th 53490 RFM. E.J. GOER 
7th 8/2781  PTE. A.D. GORDON 
7th 19351 PTE. M. HAPUKU 
7th 55774 PTE. A. McBAIN 
7th 47071 RFM. M. NEILSON 
7th 16/198  PTE. H.M. POWER 
7th 35375 SPR. D.W. SMITH 
7th 55633 RFM. J. SMYTH 
7th 21743 PTE. L.T. STAGG 
7th 54650 RFM. G.B.R. TAYLOR 
7th 42434 PTE. J.G. WALKER 
7th 12/478  PTE. W.W. WEBB 
7th 56055 RFM. A. WEBLEY 
7th 23/350  SGT. C.N. WILLIS 
8th 44246 RFM. F.C. BAKER 
8th 8/3475  PTE. L. BALLANTINE 
8th 47410 RFM. P. CURKOVICH 
8th 24157 PTE. A.D. FRASER 
8th 41139 L/CPL. A.L. GARDEN 
8th 7/2036  BDR. H.G. HILL 
8th 44845 RFM. W.G. HINTON 
8th 40956 RFM. C.G. ISITT 
8th 3/3462  PTE. J.G. LIST 
8th 48234 PTE. A. MALLETT 
8th 53376 RFM. D.M. MARSHALL 
8th 59690 PTE. A.H. MILES 
8th 12/14652/LT. H.L. MORGAN 
8th 43604 GNR. D.A. ODEY 
8th 4/8192/CPL. H. PARSONS 
8th 2/2510  CPL. R.F. PIPER 
8th 7/2132  GNR. C.L. RASMUSSEN 
8th 46423 SPR. F.G.R. YOUNG 
9th 11/489  LIEUT. C.H.M. ALLISON MID
9th 13876 PTE. A.G. CLARKE 
9th 2/2600  GNR. W.R. COSTAR MM
9th 16393 TPR. A.W. FLETCHER 
9th 48020 RFM. F. HACKETT 
9th 46521 RFM. T.V. HAMPTON 
9th 26/999  CPL. H.R. HAYES 
9th  M2/203490  PTE. R.P. LOVETT 
9th 24766 RFM. J. McGREGOR 
9th 16/207  L/CPL. T. MIHAERE 
9th 22507 PTE. M. O'REILLY 
9th 51494 RFM. J. OWEN 
9th 56032 RFM. E.E. RUDKIN 
9th 9/1970  DVR. E.F. SMITH 
9th 6/575  C.Q.M.S. G. WOODHEAD MM
10th 45080 PTE. C.C. CALDER 
10th 23/93  L/CPL. J. CARLYON 
10th 53320 RFM. G. COOMBE 
10th 33345 PTE. T.W. FREE 
10th 36226 TPR. E.E. HAINES 
10th 9/1187  L/CPL. J.H. JOHNSTON 
10th 42556 PTE. A.G. McPHEE 
10th CAPT. W.H. PAYNE 
10th 27607 PTE. C.L. SMITH MM
10th 4/209A  L/CPL. J.G. SNODGRASS 
11th 11622 PTE. J.M. CASSIN 
11th 46954 PTE. F.O. CLOUGH 
11th 37917 PTE. D. COSTIN 
11th 37788 PTE. E. DISHER 
11th 46578 PTE. S. GIBSON 
11th 163542/LT. S.J. GOODING
11th 48021 RFM. J. HALLEY 
11th 49895 RFM. L.T. HARPER 
11th 49283 PTE. F.J. JACKSON 
11th 40603 RFM. A.K. McDONALD 
11th 8/602  LIEUT. J.A. McQUEEN MC
11th 10/3741  SGT. B.A. SMITH 
12th 11193 C.Q.M.S. R. ARNOTT 
12th 11207 PTE. R. BIRRELL 
12th 43677 PTE. D. BREW 
12th 49670 PTE. A. COSTIN 
12th 44354 PTE. A.J. CROMBIE 
12th 49357 PTE. P. DUNFORD 
12th 38807 L/CPL. M.H.E. GORRINGE 
12th 47676 PTE. A.M. LE MOTTEE 
12th 42547 PTE. J. MUIRHEAD 
12th 16/1522  PTE. N. PAEROA 
12th 55788 PTE. W.H. PATERSON 
12th 5/150  PTE. P.B. SYMONDS 
13th 25/1196  RFM. F. ALLEY 
13th 42027 PTE. W.L. BOYD 
13th 6/1785  SGT. W.S. BRIEN MM
13th 36251 LIEUT. C.I. BROWN 
13th 49599 PTE. C. CALDWELL 
13th 55423 PTE. E. CHILDS 
13th 27229 PTE. T.J. CRONIN 
13th 6/3306  SGT. C. DUNN 
13th 38950 PTE. A. FREW 
13th 51518 RFM. W. GILLON 
13th 6/4053  SGT. A.J. HAMMOND DCM
13th 32565 PTE. A.E. HEDGES 
13th 47336 PTE. H.C. HULLEN 
13th 6/1614  SGT. A. MANSON 
13th 24104 SGT. E.D. REID 
13th 8/3415  CPL. J.G. SUTHERLAND 
13th 46810 PTE. R. VESEY 
13th 40267 PTE. L.H. WINDLEBORN 
14th 10/3824  PTE. E.D. ALEXANDER 
14th 11190 PTE. A. ANDERSON 
14th 50978 PTE. A. BLYTHING 
14th 42786 PTE. A.T.W. BURROUGH 
14th 3/2698  PTE. R. BUTLER 
14th 15691 PTE. A. CHRISTIE 
14th 6/3653  PTE. J.L. CHURCHILL MM
14th 47989 RFM. G.L. CLOUGH 
14th 49813 PTE. F.L. GREEN 
14th 47425 PTE. A.J. HALLGARTH 
14th 23/1661  CPL. C. HARVEY 
14th 10/3917  PTE. J.R. INGLIS 
14th 15558 PTE. P. KINZETT 
14th 20363 CPL. H.R. KNOWLES 
14th 20368 L/CPL. T.J. LIDDY 
14th 48230 PTE. J. LOONEY 
14th 15739 L/CPL. N.C. LORD 
14th 20372 L/CPL. K.P.H. MACMILLAN 
14th 40457 PTE. R.F. McCLYMONT 
14th 38071 PTE. P.J. RICE 
14th 28215 PTE. J.H. STILL 
14th 23/1843  PTE. D.P. TAYLOR 
14th 10/83  PTE. T.L. TAYLOR 
14th 16/98  PTE. R. TOHERIRI 
14th 49949 PTE. A. WALKER 
14th 46635 PTE. G.C.L. WILSON 
14th 11/18692/CPL. J.A. WILSON MM
15th 33677 PTE. C.M. BARTLETT 
15th 32826 PTE. A. CARSON 
15th 11170 CPL. W.J. COUSINS MM
15th 34638 PTE. R. CRAWFORD 
15th 6/2120  PTE. W. DRYBURGH 
15th 6/2425  CPL. R.C. HASTEDT 
15th 48332 CPL. P.S. HOBBS 
15th 13682 LIEUT. N.H. HOGG 
15th 6/273  SGT. M. JONES 
15th 54140 PTE. W.H. KING 
15th 42518 L/CPL. A.J. LIND 
15th 39580 PTE. R.B. MACLEOD 
15th 45538 PTE. J. MORRIS 
15th 6/3140  S/SGT. E.J. RHIND 
15th 3/2874  CAPT. S.L. SERPELL MC
15th 8/620  SGT. J.H. SIMON MM
15th 9/1240  SGT. L.W. SOUNESS 
15th 6/3170  PTE. D.M. STEWART 
15th 8/4229  CPL. J.R. SUTHERLAND 
15th 55562 PTE. L.A.B. TARRANT 
15th 8/2749  PTE. J. VEINT 
16th 33700 PTE. C.R. DANN 
16th 40789 PTE. A.W. ELLIS 
16th 39207 C.Q.M.S. A. FLEMING 
16th 21836 L/CPL. N.D. HARRISON 
16th 40808 PTE. W. HARRY 
16th 32668 PTE. A. HENDERSON 
16th 29265 PTE. J.F. LANG 
16th 54054 PTE. T. LANGLEY 
16th 50776 PTE. N.A. MACKAY 
16th 55545 PTE. A.G. ROSS 
16th 176987 C.P.O. F. SANDALLS 
16th 6/2345  PTE. J.J. SKILTON 
16th 2/2276  DVR. G.F. THORBURN 
16th 60232 PTE. B.P. TUPPEN 
16th 33662 PTE. A.W. WHITE 
16th 29892 PTE. A. WILSON 
16th 8/2187  PTE. C. WOODS 
17th 55892 RFM. F.P. ANDREW 
17th 26375 L/CPL. W.J. BICKERSTAFF 
17th 11/1127  L/CPL. J.G. BURR 
17th 44440 PTE. R. BURROW 
17th 6/3669  PTE. L. CRACKNELL 
17th 16079 PTE. G. DAVISON 
17th 6/809  PTE. J.A. DICK 
17th 40194 PTE. A.H. DOCKSEY 
17th 10077 CPL. W.H. HEWIN 
17th 19728 PTE. T. McLEAN 
17th 54093 PTE. L.B. THOMPSON 
18th 43296 TPR. F.J.M. BROOKE 
18th 6/1143  C.Q.M.S. A.E. CLEMENTS 
18th 27536 PTE. W.C. MEAGER 
18th 27341 SGT. C.S. MERRETT 
18th 42538 PTE. J. MILLAR 
18th 20743 PTE. J. POUTAWERA 
18th 44815 PTE. A.H. WINDSOR 
19th 45684 RFM. J. FIFE 
19th 9/939  L/CPL. A.E. JOHNSON 
19th 32343 L/SGT. H.A. JOHNSTON 
19th 16894 PTE. A.M. KANE 
20th 34608 PTE. A.J. ATTEWELL 
20th 42013 PTE. C.E. BANNATYNE 
20th 49664 PTE. W.B. BENNETT 
20th 59304 PTE. W.E. BIDDLE 
20th 6/2108  SGT. C.H. COLES 
20th 8/2941  SGT. R.W. HAWKES MM
20th 6/3743  CPL. I.M. HEYWOOD 
20th 52439 L/CPL. D. McGILL 
20th 54942 PTE. D. McRAE 
20th 51179 PTE. W. MOORE 
20th 51187 PTE. B. O'NEILL 
20th 27140 PTE. R. ROSS 
20th 46921 PTE. T.G. SHEARER 
20th 52481 PTE. P.R.W. SOUTAR 
20th 3/819  SGT. L. STEVENSON 
20th 10/1669  PTE. H.M. STROTHER 
20th 23/1861  SGT. W.R. WALKER DCM
20th 53723 PTE. A.C.H. WHITING 
20th 58635 PTE. A.V. WHITLEY 
21st 48761 PTE. E. BROWNE 
21st 12724 PTE. J.W. BURROWS 
21st 34068 L/CPL. R.N. HAWTHORNE 
21st 47826 PTE. J.H. HODGSON 
21st 13349 PTE. J.T. McCAW 
21st 34730 PTE. E.J. RANKIN 
21st 20475 PTE. W.T. WEBB 
21st 17550 TPR. C. WILSON 
22nd 47307 PTE. T.G.J. BOUGHTON 
22nd 40498 PTE. J. BRAIDWOOD 
22nd 47065 PTE. D.W. BROUARD 
22nd 30181 PTE. J.V. COOPER 
22nd 27477 L/CPL. N. EDGAR 
22nd 49408 PTE. M. JAMIESON 
22nd 15225 PTE. M. McKENZIE 
22nd 31319 PTE. J.P. MINIHAN 
22nd 11519 PTE. C.E. OGILVIE 
22nd 18849 PTE. N.F. POLLARD 
22nd 47761 PTE. W.L. RAINS 
22nd 16007 PTE. A. STOKES 
23rd 42913 GNR. A.G. ARROW 
23rd 46912 LIEUT. J.W.H. BANNERMAN 
23rd 594045 RFM. L.D. BELL 
23rd 52831 RFM. F.A. COLE 
23rd 47524 PTE. P. FLYNN 
23rd 3/2384  PTE. G. GILDING 
23rd 16/950  PTE. H. HAUITI 
23rd 57102 PTE. H.H. LARGE 
23rd 55767 PTE. W. MALCOLM 
23rd 19621 PTE. P. MARUNUI 
23rd 38973 PTE. S.C. MILLS 
23rd 41422 PTE. A.B. THOMPSON 
23rd 27630 PTE. W.R. WALLACE 
23rd 20779 CPL. T. WHAREPAPA 
24th 47047 PTE. C. ALLEN 
24th 39628 PTE. J.E. ARMSTRONG 
24th 8/3477  PTE. P.W. BATES 
24th 11229 CPL. F.F. CLARK 
24th 27452 PTE. J.A. CLARK 
24th 42471 PTE. A.J. COCKS 
24th 49802 PTE. W.P. DELANEY 
24th 65969 PTE. S. GERRARD 
24th 36811 PTE. W.E. HENDREY 
24th 41574 RFM. P. KETTLEWELL 
24th 36635 L/CPL. J.M. KNAPP 
24th 33135 SGT. A.E. LAKE 
24th 38968 PTE. G.E. LENNON 
24th 34885 PTE. G.W. MURRAY 
24th 6/2230  L/CPL. M. NACEY 
24th 8/3140  SGT. J.A. NICHOLSON 
24th 35646 GNR. J.O. PORRITT 
24th 46090 PTE. H. SMITH 
24th 53276 PTE. J.W. STEVENS 
24th 22128 L/CPL. A. STEWART 
24th 16/740  L/CPL. H. TAKOKO 
24th 39357 PTE. W.C. THOMSON 
24th 32599 PTE. A.S. WALDRON 
24th 17/331  L/CPL. R.J. WESTERN 
25th 47265 PTE. T.B. BAIRD 
25th 29208 PTE. G.W.F. BARRATT 
25th 39240 PTE. E.V. HUNT 
25th 53024 PTE. H.A. JAMES 
25th 51661 PTE. E. McCONNON 
25th 53511 PTE. A.L. McLEARY 
25th 23/1759  PTE. L.P. McRAE 
25th 29292 L/CPL. L. POWELL 
25th 55564 PTE. A.C. THOMPSON 
26th 36394 PTE. B.B. BEAUMONT 
26th 13591 CPL. B.G.E. CLIMO 
26th 53904 PTE. J.W. CRICHTON 
26th 55436 PTE. J.M. CRONIN 
26th 55457 PTE. C.F. DYSON 
26th 6/1031  C.Q.M.S. J.A. GODFREY DCM, MM
26th 22384 PTE. P. WALSH 
27th 7/571  SGT. J.A. ADAMS 
27th 11/1419  TPR. D.R. CALDWELL 
27th 14758 RFM. T. COLLINS 
27th 32302 PTE. H. CROOK 
27th 57197 PTE. A.E. CROUCH 
27th 6/903  PTE. A.H. HULLS 
27th 47893 PTE. S.G. JAMES 
27th 49413 PTE. A. KAY 
27th 6/4080  PTE. G. KIMBER 
27th 26432 PTE. J.H. McCLENAGHAN 
27th 49438 PTE. D. McDERMID 
27th 57251 PTE. H.A. NEALE 
27th 34927 PTE. J.W. REARDON 
27th 11724 L/CPL. F.T.S. RHODES 
28th 40176 RFM. E. BASSETT 
28th 34012 PTE. A.W. BEE 
28th 48316 PTE. C. BILLETT 
28th 59305 PTE. J.R.S. BIRBECK 
28th 31610 PTE. R.S. DARRACH 
28th 31233 L/CPL. S. DAWSON 
28th 35108 L/CPL. H. DE BAKKER 
28th 25/173  CPL. J. DUNCAN 
28th 48641 PTE. C.R. HILL 
28th 23/2204  PTE. A. HOLMES 
28th 25/881  CPL. J.H. HOLWELL 
28th 55214 PTE. H.B. HOWE 
28th 16407 TPR. S.H. HUNTER 
28th 31662 PTE. C.W. KNIGHT 
28th 12/25562/LT. A. LORIE MID
28th 7/605  CPL. R.G. LOUTTIT 
28th 47233 PTE. R. MACALISTER 
28th 42160 RFM. T. MARTIN 
28th 32212 PTE. J. McKENZIE 
28th 10/3965  L/CPL. M.M. McRAE 
28th 34492 PTE. H. NEVITT 
28th 40620 PTE. N.V.S. NICCOL 
28th 52280 PTE. W.T. RENALS 
28th 34434 PTE. T. RUDD 
28th 39450 PTE. E.T. SCHMIDT 
28th 35225 PTE. W.J. SPARGO 
28th 30882 PTE. H.J. WALL 
28th 29116 PTE. G. WILLAN 
28th 40420 PTE. W.H. WILSON 
28th 32977 PTE. F. WROBLESKE 
29th 16/583  L/CPL. E. ANGEL 
29th 8/2842  L/SGT. W.J. BAXTER 
29th 47049 PTE. J.A. BREMNER 
29th 3/1676  CPL. W.G. CARR 
29th 17194 GNR. G. JOHNSON 
29th 49908 PTE. D.A. KININMONT 
29th 4/288  L/CPL. N.M. MATHESON 
29th 6/1762  CPL. E.P. WILLIAMS 
30th 34316 PTE. H.W. BROOKS 
30th 19786 PTE. P. HOHEPA 
30th 4/1369  L/CPL. F.G. McCLYMONT MM
30th 49740 PTE. E.J. QUINTON 
30th 42422 PTE. B. SUTCLIFFE 
30th 12/3199  L/CPL. J. WILSON 
31st 35009 PTE. R.S. DRUMMOND 
31st 38513 PTE. B. EDMONDS 
31st 20811 PTE. H.T. HAENGA 
31st 20866 PTE. T.R. HUNIA 
31st 54886 PTE. A.J. JOHNSON 
31st 23188 PTE. F. JONES 
31st 66210 PTE. C.L. McROBERT 
31st 20846 L/CPL. R.W. MURRAY 
31st 19740 PTE. N. PATARA 
31st 19755 PTE. H. REWHAREWHA 
31st 19753 PTE. W. TAUKAMO 
31st 16/954  L/CPL. R. TAUPAKI 




Many of these men died of wounds inflicted at Passchendaele.
Others lost their lives in the fighting in the Middle East, in the Battles for Gaza.


1st 45106 PTE. E. MAXTED 
1st 55184 DVR. C.W. O'BRIEN 
1st 2/2953  DVR. W.J. PEEK 
1st 19661 PTE. J.T. WARENA 
1st 20778 PTE. A. WITANA 
2nd 7/1025  TPR. H.C. BROWN 
2nd 8/225  L/CPL. W. HUGHES 
3rd 1311 TPR. H.C.  DRADER 
3rd 38831 RFM. C.J. ENTWISLE 
3rd 22164 L/CPL. A. EXCELL 
3rd 25242 PTE. L. HOLMAN 
3rd 2/2443  GNR. L. HURRELL 
3rd 58629 PTE. D.J. WALKER 
4th 27448 PTE. J.B. GLENNAN 
4th 12680 SPR. T.J. McMAHON 
4th 29194 CPL. J.M. SCANLAN 
5th 7/1209  TPR. M. CLAYTON 
5th 17059 PTE. C.S. DIXON 
5th 26595 RFM. W.R. FRIAR 
5th 7/1473  L/CPL. L.J. GREENSLADE 
5th 7/1475  TPR. D. HASLETT 
5th 13340 TPR. L.A. LAIRD 
5th 36118 TPR. P. MANNIX 
5th 65183 PTE. D. MELVILLE 
5th 30615 PTE. M.F. MULLINS 
5th 54557 RFM. P. MURPHY 
5th 39087 RFM. D. NELSON 
5th 13/268  GNR. J.H. NEWDICK 
5th 7/1126  CPL. F.P. PENWELL 
5th 11/1052  L/CPL. S.B. PERRETT 
5th 24942 TPR. F.H. TWOMEY 
5th 7/1300  TPR. R.S. VINCENT 
6th  LIEUT. G.W. CATO 
6th 12/3667  L/CPL. W. HAMILTON 
6th 12686 TPR. H. HARTMANN 
6th 7/1253  TPR. T.R. KENNEDY 
6th 45872 PTE. E.W.H. LAWRENCE 
6th 16343 SGT. O.F. SANDERS 
6th 46630 PTE. H. WEBLEY 
7th 42639 RFM. J.D. DURRANT 
7th 11/762  L/CPL. H.R. FARMER 
7th 16291 TPR. R.P. FILLEUL 
7th 16394 TPR. J.S. FRIEND 
7th 17583 TPR. D.B. GORRIE 
7th 23717 SPR. K.R. MURRAY 
7th 23/883  C.Q.M.S. F.L. PREBBLE MM
8th 16058 TPR. B.E. ATKINSON 
8th 11/18772/LT. T.S. GRANT 
8th 10343 GNR. O.M. HARVEY 
8th 29695 PTE. J.W.C. MOORE 
8th 13209 GNR. W. MORTON 
8th 7/1511  L/CPL. T. ROSS 
8th 48276 PTE. H.S. RUSSELL 
9th 18607 RFM. T.G. BLOXOM 
9th 21137 CPL. W. DRAKE 
9th 36636 PTE. W.J. KROON 
10th 41306 RFM. J.F. BROWN 
10th 7/326  CPL. H. DOUGLAS 
10th 537 DVR. F.W. FREESTONE 
10th 47146 RFM. J. JAMISON 
10th 26955 PTE. P.D. WOOD 
12th 52939 RFM. E.N. BODDINGTON 
13th 16267 L/CPL. J. BUDGE 
13th 63152 PTE. H. HAYCOCK 
14th 12569 TPR. A. ANDERSON 
14th 226182/LT. I.E. BAIGENT 
14th 11/564  SDLR. E. BALDWIN 
14th 11/857  CPL. W.P. BIRD 
14th 16065 TPR. A. BIRNIE 
14th 50009 PTE. A. BOVETT 
14th 11/1122  SGT. A.E. BROWNLIE 
14th 13/2536  L/CPL. R.A. BRUCE 
14th 13/315  SGT. A.C. CARTER 
14th 9/1806  TPR. J.D. COLLINS 
14th 11/1533  TPR. E. COUTTS 
14th 11/1527  CPL. A.M. CUMBERWORTH 
14th 13/2429  TPR. G. DUNCAN 
14th 12557 TPR. T.B. DYKE 
14th 11/268  TPR. J.M. ELLIS 
14th 11/2314  L/CPL. W.G. FEARN 
14th 13/1027  TPR. F.L. FLAVELL 
14th 9/419  TPR. R. FRASER 
14th 11/804A  L/CPL. J.J. GLENDINNING 
14th 11/1253  TPR. U.A. GREEN 
14th 16/1558  PTE. J. HAKARAIA 
14th 13/2201  TPR. E.J. HARRIS 
14th 13/3161  TPR. H.G. HASWELL 
14th 11/271  CAPT. A.D. HERRICK MC
14th 13/2336  TPR. C. HOLLIS 
14th 35888 TPR. J.W. JONES 
14th 11/1569  SGT. J.A. KAY 
14th 11/1724  TPR. H.J.H. LOCK 
14th 11/635  SGT. R.E. MASON 
14th 35831 TPR. K.M. MATHESON 
14th 11/245  SGT. R. OSBORNE 
14th 13/2235  TPR. F.G. OXENHAM 
14th 16433 TPR. R.S. PATTIE 
14th 13/1171  TPR. C.D. PAYNE 
14th 13/2245  TPR. W.C. ROBERTS 
14th 11/368  SGT. C. ROUSE MM
14th 11/2366  L/CPL. J.B. ROWLAND 
14th 11/1493  TPR. A.W. SMITH 
14th 13/2485  TPR. H. STANBURY 
14th 16/514  LIEUT. J.D. STEWART 
14th 11/557  SGT. W. STRACHAN DCM
14th 51792 PTE. G.E. TAPP 
14th 35342 TPR. J.H. WETHERALL 
15th 13/1047  CPL. H. HOLST 
15th 163072/LT. G.L. KING 
15th 6/4292  PTE. D. LILLEY 
15th 12679 TPR. L.H. LOWE 
15th 43105 TPR. T.E. MAJOR 
15th 26671 RFM. S.E. PENNY 
15th 17575 TPR. L.E. ROLPH 
15th 24071 PTE. R.P. SMITH 
15th 24860 TPR. E.J. TOOLE 
15th 9/662  MAJ. F.M. TWISLETON MC
15th 35866 TPR. G. WALKER 
15th 8/4500  PTE. P.H. WOOD 
16th 25/1669  RFM. J. BALERO 
16th 11/864 TPR. T. CAULFIELD
16th 24762 RFM. S.E. CHANDLER
16th 53161 RFM. W.P. EASTON
16th 11/1267 TPR. S. GRAY
16th 39605 RFM. A.S. GREEN
16th 26/102 L/CPL. H. HINE
16th 12/768 C.Q.M.S. L. JAMIESON
16th 2/LT. M.T. JOHNSON
16th 38552 RFM. H.T. LANGLEY
16th 13/1062 TPR. W.J. LUNNON
16th 27794 PTE. R. PURCELL
16th 15418 L/CPL. A. ROBINSON
16th 34439 PTE. A. SANDERSON
16th 26199 RFM. G.L. STEWART
16th 39119 PTE. J.I. THOMPSON
16th 41121 RFM. J. WILSON
16th 41960 RFM. A. WOOD
16th 41926 RFM. P.W. ZILLWOOD
17th 7/2248 TPR. F. CULVERHOUSE
17th 24/1664 CPL. A. GILBY
17th 53549 CPL. S.F. HOLT
17th 53374 RFM. G.J. LOVE
17th 13/1084 TPR. W.V. PULMAN
17th 10716 LIEUT. J.T. STEVEN
17th 45575 RFM. F.C. TOWNSEND
17th 53645 RFM. R.K. WALKER
18th 26/700 RFM. G. ADAMS
18th 35730 TPR. C. BLACK
18th 54826 PTE. D.L. BRUCE
18th 40957 RFM. J.H.H. JACKSON
18th 21866 CPL. A. MACGREGOR
18th 23473 CPL. G. MOWBRAY
19th 52928 RFM. H. BARLOW
19th 19423 PTE. C. CLARK
19th 41274 RFM. F.W. DOUGLAS
19th 44639 RFM. D. HANNAM
19th 10/2640 PTE. P. HEATH
19th 40614 PTE. C.A. NELSON
19th 45731 RFM. W. PAGE
19th 29068 PTE. F.Q. PARRY
19th 19417 PTE. H.M. SMITH
19th 49031 RFM. W.C. TRAVIS
19th 16/371 PTE. R. WIKITERA
20th 44260 RFM. R.N. DAVIDSON
20th 48467 PTE. H.G. DICKIN
20th 38140 CPL. M.S. EDWARDS
20th 12998 L/CPL. N.W. FARMAR
20th 40636 PTE. M. POYNTON
20th 51443 RFM. C. ROBERTSON
20th 46081 PTE. W.R. RYMAN
20th 23/301 PTE. B. THORN MM
20th 31004 L/CPL. C.E. WOODGATE
20th 48133 RFM. F.W. YORK
21st 44263 RFM. J.J. DORAN
21st 51714 PTE. J. GEMMELL
21st 36596 L/CPL. F.J. GERRY
21st 54744 PTE. S.C. HARLING
21st 39230 RFM. T. HEFFERNAN
21st 23/1407 RFM. M. HENNESEY MM
21st 44652 RFM. E. MONTGOMERY
21st 42825 PTE. R.J. STEWART
21st 14340 CPL. J.W. WARE
22nd 30154 PTE. H.C. AIKEN
22nd 32124 PTE. R. CLULOW
22nd 51692 PTE. J. COUSINS
22nd 42795 PTE. C. EGINTON
22nd 51360 RFM. J.A. ELLIOT
22nd 13/2431 TPR. H.C. ERICKSEN
22nd 46177 PTE. E.S. FAVELL
22nd 42797 PTE. W. FLOWERS
22nd 35881 TPR. W. GILLOTT
22nd 55945 RFM. J. GORHAM
22nd 26/1551 SGT. G. HEARD MM
22nd 30377 PTE. S.H. JULIAN
22nd 56616 PTE. J.F. KING
22nd 41341 RFM. J.S. MAHER
22nd 25923 RFM. L. McLACHLAN
22nd 8/3981 SGT. S. McLEAN
22nd 34124 PTE. W.J. NOBLE
22nd 27353 PTE. W.A. OVEREND
22nd 14677 RFM. W.M. POWELL
22nd 30285 PTE. C.E. PURSER
22nd 38853 PTE. W.E. SATCHELL
22nd 48576 RFM. G.L. SKINNER
22nd 54089 RFM. D.H. SLATTER
22nd 48582 RFM. W. STRUDE
22nd 25/682 L/CPL. W. SUTTON
22nd 26225 RFM. P. WHITE
23rd 25/162 SGT. E. BASSETT MM
23rd 51646 RFM. C. COLLINSON
23rd 13317 TPR. J.G. CORNFOOT
23rd 39180 RFM. W. CROZIER
23rd 52416 PTE. P.P. GUIGNIER
23rd 39543 PTE. F.E. LIVERTON
23rd 41192 RFM. J.P. LOVE
23rd 48731 RFM. I.B. MACDOUGALL
23rd 41597 RFM. T. MALONEY
23rd 54944 PTE. C.E. NELSON
23rd 26/895 RFM. O.H. ROBINSON
23rd 54985 PTE. A.R. STEVENS
24th 15865 L/CPL. W.W. BLAIR
24th 32136 PTE. R.H. CAMPBELL
24th 9/1122 PTE. A.C. CUNNINGHAM
24th 38358 L/CPL. E.H. DEMPSEY
24th 34818 PTE. J. DON
24th 29753 CPL. T. DUNLOP
24th 54026 PTE. M.J. FITZGERALD
24th 34059 PTE. W. GILMORE
24th 49814 PTE. J. HALL
24th 15906 RFM. H.F. HAY
24th 29781 PTE. J. HEWITT
24th 25/549 CPL. D.O. HILL
24th 48512 RFM. J.E. KAYES
24th 25/337 SGT. F. KIDDEY
24th 34097 PTE. J.A. LEE
24th 13604 PTE. A.H. MAXWELL
24th 54071 PTE. G. McLOUGHLIN
24th 8/3957 PTE. A. MORRIS
24th 8/2458 SGT. A.S. OLIVER
24th 3/3406 PTE. R.J. PORTER
24th 40055 PTE. A.E. REES
24th 8/2712 L/CPL. R.R. RIGG
24th 9/1482 PTE. J.S. RITCHIE
24th 29655 L/CPL. W.J. RUSSELL
24th 45137 PTE. W.G. SHEAT
24th 46402 RFM. F. TATE
24th 33476 PTE. R.S. TAUCHER
24th 30015 PTE. G.W. TELFORD
24th 40093 PTE. H. WARD
24th 46107 PTE. D.K. WELLS
24th 45164 PTE. A.S. WHITE
24th 44430 PTE. V.J. WILDBORE
25th 24/647 RFM. C.V. BARNARD
25th 3/983 PTE. E.C. BEALING
25th 24332 CPL. H.D. BRIDGE
25th 56905 PTE. D.D. CLEGHORN
25th 23/9 MAJ. J.R. COWLES MC
25th 13/786 CPL. M.J. CRANSTON
25th 26/308 L/CPL. T.A. HAWTHORNE
25th 16467 TPR. C.H. HILL
25th 13/2210 TPR. T. KENDALL
25th 7/1102 L/CPL. F.L. MILLER
25th 11/1032 TPR. W.R. MITCHELL
25th 4/1830 SPR. H.W. NEASON
25th 11/1596 TPR. J.T. SIMPSON
25th 16446 TPR. G. TAIT
25th 13/2086 TPR. W.W. THOMPSON
25th 17569 TPR. W.C. THORNTON
25th 21129 CPL. C.P. WHITEHOUSE
25th 34301 PTE. G.K.L. WYATT
26th 52057 PTE. C. ANDREW
26th 23/378 L/CPL. A. CAPEL
26th 34663 CPL. J.J. GODWIN
26th 16/583A PTE. J.W. GOVERNOR
26th 42092 PTE. W.T. GRUNDY
26th 33902 L/CPL. C.A. MOFFITT
26th 11923 CPL. T. O'BRIEN MM
26th 7/2122 CPL. A.A. PAWSEY
26th 13638 PTE. G.A. PELVIN
26th 15240 PTE. A.J. RILEY
26th 17110 PTE. W.A. SOMERVILLE
26th 45966 PTE. E. SPENCER
26th 4/8532/CPL. F.J. SULLIVAN
26th 11/2003 CPL. W. WHITE
27th 7/163 CPL. A. BATCHELOR
27th 36565 PTE. A.W. CROMBIE
27th 7/433 FR./SGT. D. DEVON
27th 4/717 L/CPL. R.H. DIMBLE
27th 14095 L/CPL. F. FITZPATRICK
27th 28282 L/CPL. C.E. MANN
27th 11/1934 TPR. C. McARTHUR
27th 36645 PTE. W. MEIKLE
27th 41599 RFM. M. MORIARTY
27th 33607 PTE. F. REYNARD
27th 43118 TPR. J. TUCKER
27th 11/1608 SGT. H.M. WHITE
28th 10/3177 PTE. W.E. BAILEY
28th 21480 L/CPL. W.W. BROOMFIELD
28th 13/2732 GNR. A.L. BUCHANAN
28th 44215 PTE. F.W. DAVIES
28th 3/2750 PTE. W.J. DEMPSEY
28th 49349 PTE. E.F. DICKSON
28th 56590 PTE. L.A. GREEN
28th 27166 PTE. W. HOFFMAN
28th 6/4062 PTE. G. HORNE
28th 177431 GNR. S.A. KING
28th 6/3377 PTE. J.F. LAING MM
28th 7/224 TPR. J.D. LEITCH
28th 27524 PTE. W. LOVEL
28th 11900 PTE. W. MARTIN
28th 51178 PTE. F. MASON
28th 49833 PTE. R. McFARLANE
28th 48553 PTE. W. McNEISH
28th 16328 TPR. R.H. McSKIMMING
28th 26/410 PTE. J. METCALFE
28th 53713 PTE. A.J. ROBERTS
28th 17446 TPR. C.H.T. SANDFORD
29th 10/3180 PTE. J.B. BARLOW
29th 34625 PTE. A.B. CANAVAN
29th 34631 PTE. G. CHANEY
29th 15097 PTE. C.E. CLEMETT MID
29th 32938 PTE. M. CORCORAN
29th 47707 PTE. J.K. CORRIE
29th 10/2563 CPL. A.J. CRANNEY
29th 45829 PTE. E.G. CRESSWELL
29th 53175 PTE. G.A. FROGGATT
29th 20332 PTE. P.S. GRAY
29th 10/2959 SGT. J. HARVEY
29th 32795 PTE. W.M. McLEAN
29th 331982/LT. G.W. MOORE
29th 47543 PTE. M. O'CONNELL
29th 25/66 CAPT. A.S. REID
29th 39316 PTE. J.M. REID
29th 10/919 SGT. W. RYDER
29th 40139 PTE. E. TICHBON
29th 19604 PTE. J. WEBSTER
30th 6/3602 PTE. H.F. ANDREWS
30th 56127 PTE. F. ARCHER
30th 4/1492 SPR. J. BAXTER
30th 47313 PTE. M. COLLINS
30th 33521 PTE. T. CORCORAN
30th 38673 PTE. R.G. DOUGLAS
30th 6/1518 SGT. R. DUFF
30th 12/1952 PTE. E.B. FROGBROOK
30th 16/634 PTE. H. KANAPU
30th 16/394 CPL. W.M. KARENA
30th 15915 L/SGT. T. KEAY
30th 20771 PTE. H. KEREAMA
30th 6/3797 L/CPL. H. McCREE
30th 34402 PTE. J. McGUIRE
30th 15015 PTE. J. NELSON
30th 7/1885 SGT. W.C. PETERSON
30th 45737 RFM. W.B. REID
30th 10/3066 PTE. R.C. REYNISH
30th 6/3862 PTE. J. SCOTT
30th 30649 PTE. L.W. SIEVERS
30th 12080 SPR. A. STEVENSON
30th 38326 PTE. L.B. WEST



4 October - The Battle of Broodseinde
12 October The Battle of Passchendaele 

"I remember Passchendaele! Christ, we were mown down to a man.
Charlie Lawrence

AWNS 19171101 p041 i000 b

1st 28848 PTE. W.D. ASPINALL
1st 39150 PTE. G. BISSET
1st 8/3498 PTE. J. BREEN
1st 23511 PTE. W.J.L. BROWN
1st 44574 PTE. P.D. CAMPBELL
1st 8/3207 PTE. A. CASSIDY
1st 40894 PTE. W. COLLINS
1st 6/4017 PTE. J.J. CROMPTON
1st 41073 RFM. R.J. DALE
1st 42481 PTE. D. DON
1st 29899 PTE. E. GARRETT
1st 42494 PTE. E. GEBBIE
1st 24006 PTE. C.A. GRANGER
1st 5/786A PTE. J.E. HENRY
1st 45095 PTE. J. HOCKING
1st 40964 PTE. J.S. JOHNSTON
1st 9/2084 SGT. J.G. MACKAY
1st 8/3340 PTE. W. MALONEY
1st 8/1788 CPL. J. McLAREN
1st 13/251 GNR. R.H.W. MOORE
1st 6/3114 PTE. N. NEWPORT
1st 44143 PTE. J. O'BOYLE
1st 26672 RFM. W. PETERS
1st 32718 PTE. A.H. PETERSON
1st 44151 PTE. W.H. PILCHER
1st 9/1950 SPR. G. PROCTOR
1st 25758 RFM. H.G. VIPOND
1st 22386 PTE. C. WATERS
2nd 24124 PTE. H.H. ATKINSON
2nd 12/2679 PTE. F.A. CRANSTON
2nd 37784 PTE. B.C. DAVIS
2nd 36828 SGT. J.C. FALCONER
2nd 12/1416 CAPT. L.H. GILLETT
2nd 31504 PTE. I.J. HOWELLS
2nd 24026 PTE. G.F. LEWIS
2nd 97409 DVR. A.J. McDOWALL
2nd 6/1621 PTE. O. MELLON
2nd 38423 PTE. G.E. MIDDLETON
2nd 188992/LT. A. MORPETH
2nd 21420 SPR. H. PARKIN
2nd 25953 RFM. W. SIMMS
2nd 27983 PTE. G. TARBARD
2nd 37491 SPR. J. WESLEY
2nd 34198 PTE. R.A. WILSON
2nd 32489 PTE. S.E. WRIGHT
3rd 25426 L/CPL. H.J. ALLISON
3rd 11153 LIEUT. T. BREWER
3rd 39170 PTE. B.C. COLLINGS
3rd 2/817 W.O.2 J. CROSS
3rd 22316 PTE. J.A. DARRAGH
3rd 12990 PTE. R.G. DAVIS
3rd 27766 PTE. H.F. EGGELING
3rd 1 0/2925 CPL. W.H.M. ELLIOTT
3rd 38679 PTE. N.A. FORDE
3rd 1 0/2611 PTE. T.W. GAIN
3rd 28276 PTE. J.W. GRIGOR
3rd 22211 CPL. A.S. HEWAT
3rd 23837 PTE. F.G. JONES
3rd 37851 PTE. W.H. McHALE
3rd 41594 PTE. J.G. MIDDLETON
3rd 11312 PTE. A. MOFFATT
3rd 28751 PTE. K.I. MUNCE
3rd 18573 PTE. J. PARTRIDGE
3rd 38750 PTE. G.H. ROGERS
3rd 14868 PTE. A.W. ROSS
3rd 38446 PTE. D.A. RUSSELL
3rd 36368 SGT. W. SINCLAIR
3rd 26928 PTE. F. SLADE
3rd 27976 PTE. A. STEVENSON
3rd 39370 PTE. D.A. WATSON
4th 182072/LT. G. ACKHURST
4th 37959 PTE. A.J. ADAMSON
4th 34304 PTE. A.H. AITKEN
4th 30500 PTE. H.J. ALLARDICE
4th 20943 CPL. J.P. ALLEN
4th 42007 PTE. S. ALLEN
4th 10288 L/CPL. W.G. ALLINGTON
4th 28574 CPL. D. ANDERSON
4th 30335 PTE. H.J.L. ANDERSON
4th 14548 PTE. M. ANDERSON
4th 35153 PTE. T.R. ANDERSON
4th 35233 PTE. A. APPELBE
4th 1 0/3828 PTE. A. APTED
4th 23/1288 CAPT. N.H. ARDEN MID
4th 27156 PTE. B. ARMSTRONG
4th 25430 PTE. F.S. ARNOLD
4th 33274 PTE. H.E. ASH
4th 24323 CPL. N. ASHTON
4th 23/1541 PTE. C.C. ATKINSON
4th 34325 PTE. T.D. BAILLIE
4th 34317 PTE. G. BAKER
4th 44692 PTE. W.T. BAKER
4th 24/1589 PTE. L. BALL
4th 45811 PTE. J. BARNES
4th 30161 PTE. E.E. BARNETT
4th 36535 PTE. J. BARRETT
4th 30732 PTE. P.G. BARTON
4th 3/165 PTE. E.J. BATES
4th 10297 PTE. J.E. BEAL
4th 14217 PTE. R. BEATON
4th 34794 PTE. J. BEATTIE
4th 28653 PTE. A.G.R. BEAUMONT
4th 1 0/2855 SGT. M. BECK MM
4th 26773 PTE. P. BELL
4th 29352 PTE. J.R. BERN
4th 44691 PTE. A. BIDGOOD
4th 11619 PTE. B. BIGGS
4th 28960 PTE. C. BISMAN
4th 28612 L/SGT. C.H. BJERMQUIST
4th 1 /528 SGT. J.W. BLACK
4th 32430 PTE. P.L. BLACKETT
4th 1 0/1746 PTE. A.S. BLAKE
4th 24/976 PTE. H.B. BLAKEMORE MM
4th 12/2955 SGT. C.T. BLUCHER
4th 28576 PTE. L.W. BLUNDEN
4th 38653 PTE. J.J. BOLGER
4th 45630 PTE. J.A. BOLSTAD
4th 31010 PTE. P.L.A. BOLTON
4th 44680 PTE. E. BOND
4th 42781 PTE. R. BOYD
4th 1212920 CPL. E.L. BRENAN
4th 25/1008 SGT. J.P. BRETT
4th 1211899 PTE. J.B. BRICKDALE
4th 242113 PTE. A. BRIDGE
4th 23/1571 PTE. J.F. BRITTON
4th 30339 PTE. J.P. BROUGH
4th 26784 PTE. A.N. BROWN
4th 1 0/2083 PTE. D.B. BROWN
4th 23962 PTE. D.H.B. BROWN
4th 38112 PTE. R.E. BROWN
4th 42274 PTE. P.W. BROWNE
4th 41286 Chaplain G.S. BRYAN-BROWN
4th 1 0/2876 CPL. W.W. BULLOCK DCM
4th 21200 PTE. P. BURKE
4th 13418 PTE. H.J. BURNETT
4th 42034 PTE. P.J. BURNETT
4th 14384 PTE. H.E. BURROWS
4th 47620 PTE. J.T. BUTLER
4th 14389 PTE. J. CALDWELL
4th 37972 PTE. E. CALLAGHAN
4th 25671 PTE. A.D. CAMPBELL
4th 36771 SGT. E.G. CAMPBELL
4th 40509 PTE. E.V. CANTELL
4th 30349 L/CPL. S.E. CARLEY
4th 42283 PTE. J. CARMICHAEL
4th 33110 PTE. J. CARMODY
4th 33298 PTE. A.B. CARTER
4th 36316 PTE. P. CASEY
4th 33012 PTE. R. CHAPLIN
4th 33693 PTE. J. CHISNALL
4th 23/1587 L/CPL. S.W. CHOAT
4th 28323 PTE. P.J. CLAFFEY
4th 12/3920 SGT. E.M. CLARK
4th 35006 PTE. W.T. CLARKE
4th 33520 PTE. L.T.J. CLIFFORD
4th 35004 PTE. W.J. COATES
4th 33695 PTE. C.E. COFFEY
4th 21216 CPL. D.C. COLE
4th 25197 PTE. D.P.G. COLE-BAKER MM
4th 2/152 BDR. G.B. COLLINS
4th 29360 PTE. A.H. CONNELL
4th 26/535 PTE. J.S. COOK
4th 10559 GNR. W.G. COOPER
4th 36319 PTE. T.H.L. CORBETT
4th 2/296 CPL. J.S. COSGRAVE
4th 1212253 CPL. J.R. COUPER
4th 11591 SGT. B.S.K. COX
4th 29671 PTE. J. COX
4th 12/1931 PTE. P.W. CRASWELL
4th 30761 PTE. T. CRAWFORD
4th 12974 PTE. M.O. CREANEY
4th 46121 PTE. F. CROUCH
4th 36566 PTE. J.C. CRUTCHLEY
4th 1 0/3870 CPL. W. CURRIE
4th 12147 PTE. J. DANN
4th 34339 L/CPL. L.S. DAVIS
4th 2/LT. H.W. DAWSON
4th 20309 PTE. S.J. DAWSON
4th 276932/LT. A. DEANS
4th 5/579 PTE. W. DEARSLY
4th 28620 PTE. T.D. DEMPSTER
4th 34823 PTE. H.L. DICKSON
4th 20311 L/CPL. W.A. DILLON
4th 12/1613 PTE. J. DINSDALE
4th 27666 PTE. S. DOAK
4th 28109 PTE. P. DODUNSKI
4th 32788 CPL. J. DOIG
4th 33023 CPL. D.J. DONOVAN
4th 42307 PTE. J. DOYLE
4th 29377 PTE. A. DRUITT
4th 42308 PTE. J. DRUMMEY
4th 12/2687 SGT. A.E. DRUMMOND
4th 1 0/626 PTE. G. DUFFILL
4th 24/1032 PTE. A. DUNN
4th 15153 SGT. G. ECKFORD
4th 33859 PTE. C.L. EDMUNDS
4th 44461 PTE. J.K. EIFFE
4th 259922/LT. E.G. ELLIS
4th 42312 PTE. J.F. ELMBRANCH
4th 23993 PTE. A. ERCEG
4th 22567 PTE. W.R.S. ESSELBORN
4th 1 0/2597 PTE. E.F. EVERS-SWINDELL
4th 33531 PTE. R.A. FAIR
4th 35010 PTE. R. FAIRBAIRN
4th 23817 PTE. R.A. FARMER
4th 2/2407 GNR. H.H. FELS
4th 28119 PTE. J.A. FERGUSON
4th 39789 PTE. H.V. FILL
4th 33532 PTE. G.R. FINLAY
4th 28331 PTE. J.L. FINLAYSON
4th 12/3013 PTE. J.A. FITZPATRICK
4th 28703 PTE. W. FLEURY
4th 28332 PTE. H.R. FOUNTAINE
4th 35261 DVR. F.C. FRANCE
4th 31983 PTE. D.E. FRASER
4th 29762 PTE. T. FRASER
4th 47418 PTE. J. FREEMAN
4th 12/2550 SGT. H.E. FULCHER
4th 44470 PTE. C. GAGE
4th 32513 SGT. D. GALLAHER
4th 42318 PTE. F.A. GALLOWAY
4th 29387 L/CPL. W.F. GANDY
4th 32842 PTE. G. GENGE
4th 24425 PTE. F.W. GEORGE
4th 42495 PTE. G.J.W. GIBSON
4th 33872 PTE. W.H. GILES
4th 4/1048 L/CPL. H.J.A. GILLET
4th 25508 PTE. H. GISBORNE
4th 44468 PTE. W. GIVEN
4th 26756 PTE. C.A. GOER
4th 12/1959 CPL. J.R. GOODALL
4th 30785 PTE. E.H. GOODWIN
4th 14416 L/CPL. W. GOODWIN
4th 1 0/3889 PTE. W.E. GOODWIN
4th 38377 PTE. A.D. GOULD
4th 9/1296 L/CPL. A.R. GOULD
4th 33539 PTE. J.E. GOULD
4th 13751 L/CPL. W.A. GOULD
4th 34599 PTE. C. GOW
4th 39730 CAPT. J. GRAHAM
4th 42499 PTE. H. GRAY
4th 12/3031 PTE. L.G. GRIBBLE
4th 18790 CPL. L.J. GRIBBLE
4th 34667 PTE. J.T. GUDSELL
4th 45859 PTE. L. HACKETT
4th 44722 PTE. S. HADFIELD
4th 23/2195 SGT. A.T. HALL
4th 39802 PTE. G. HALL
4th 301112/LT. H.J. HALL
4th 40318 PTE. R. HALL
4th 42323 PTE. E.J. HAMBLIN
4th 1 0/2953 CPL. C.W. HANSEN MM
4th 25862 PTE. W.R. HANSEN
4th 243652/LT. D.A. HARLE
4th 38695 PTE. R.L. HARLEY
4th 33719 PTE. C.D. HARRIS
4th 12/2728 CPL. J.M. HASTIE
4th 12391 L/CPL. H.A. HAWKES
4th 12/1978 CPL. J.H. HAWKINS
4th 14622 PTE. A.G. HEAL
4th 32006 PTE. W.H. HENDERSON
4th 36865 PTE. W. HERMAN
4th 23832 PTE. J.H. HEYS
4th 30224 PTE. A.F. HILL
4th 38699 PTE. L. HILL
4th 9/1863 GNR. H.A.L. HILLMER
4th 19144 PTE. S.H. HODGES
4th 39813 PTE. S.B. HODGSON
4th 12/4014 PTE. J.W. HOLM
4th 30803 PTE. C.A. HORSCROFT
4th 18804 CPL. H.P. HOUGHTON
4th 12/2741 PTE. A. HOURSTON
4th 10351 CPL. H. HOWARD
4th 14347 CAPT. A.C. HUBBARD MC
4th 37817 PTE. R.E. HUBBARD
4th 41800 PTE. D. HURLEY
4th 1 0/2977 PTE. W. HURLEY
4th 33548 PTE. E.J. INGRAM
4th 40328 PTE. W.R. INGRAM
4th 12/21852/LT. H.C. ISAAC
4th 18807 PTE. W.N. JACOBS
4th 30593 L/CPL. E.R. JACOBSON
4th 42112 PTE. E.H.A. JAMIESON
4th 28344 PTE. A.R. JANVIER
4th 8/2956 CPL. R.S.C. JEFFERIS MM
4th 25255 PTE. E.H. JOHANSON
4th 33554 PTE. W.O. JOHANSON
4th 15733 PTE. A.E. JOHNSON MM
4th 42340 PTE. R. JOHNSON
4th 38711 PTE. B.A. JONES
4th 40574 PTE. L.H. JONES
4th 32007 PTE. L.M. JONES
4th 26854 L/CPL. W.R.J. JONES
4th 28151 PTE. J.R. JORDAN
4th 38033 PTE. A. JOYNER
4th 33383 PTE. A.W. JURY
4th 33893 PTE. J. KAY
4th 40336 PTE. W. KEHOE
4th 28157 PTE. J. KELLY
4th 14999 PTE. T.B. KELLY
4th 40335 PTE. L.G. KEMP
4th 43989 PTE. J. KERR
4th 38716 PTE. J.J. KETTLE
4th 41822 PTE. G.E. KEYS
4th 12/3701 PTE. D.A. KILBURN
4th 25/1769 PTE. A.W. KING
4th 39254 PTE. H. KING
4th 276962/LT. L.L. KING
4th 28348 PTE. R.J. KING
4th 33560 PTE. W. KING
4th 1 0/3319 PTE. J. KLENNER
4th 48515 PTE. F.W. KNOWLES
4th 8/4159 L/CPL. J.G. LAIDLAW
4th 29420 PTE. A.J. LAMB
4th 12/3381 C.Q.M.S. W.A. LAMONT
4th 23397 PTE. A. LANG
4th 44492 PTE. R.W. LANGDON
4th 10041 CPL. A.J. LANGFORD
4th 29034 PTE. H. LARGE
4th 32520 PTE. P. LAURENCE
4th 36338 PTE. W. LAW
4th 16042 PTE. H.K. LEAROYD
4th 30822 PTE. G.A. LEATHER
4th 12/2011 PTE. J. LEATT
4th 39833 PTE. A.R. LEHNDORF
4th 11059 PTE. J.Q. LESLIE
4th 30242 SGT. E.L. LIMBRICK
4th 30821 PTE. J.W. LONG
4th 28590 SGT. E.J. LORD
4th 16565 L/CPL. S. LORD
4th 38721 PTE. C. LOVE
4th 29428 PTE. G.H. LYFORD
4th 29053 PTE. G. MACINDOE
4th 29274 PTE. R.M. MacKINTOSH
4th 20927 SGT. K.C. MACLEAN
4th 42151 PTE. C.O.C. MADSEN
4th 140262/LT. O. MAGNUSSON
4th 32777 PTE. J. MAGUIRE
4th 13/2001 MAJ. A.G. MAHAN
4th 36464 PTE. G.R. MAHONEY
4th 35119 SGT. W.F. MAINE
4th 32359 PTE. A. MAITLAND
4th 9/1332 PTE. W.J. MAKER
4th 40825 PTE. E.A.D. MANHIRE
4th 30606 L/CPL. R.C. MARRIS
4th 243872/LT. H.O.F. MARSDEN
4th 185802/LT. J.S. MARSDEN
4th 39850 PTE. C.F. MARTIN
4th 1 0/3646 L/SGT. J.P. MATHEWS
4th 42157 PTE. P.H. MAUNSELL
4th 1 0/3948 PTE. F.C. MAY
4th 1 0/2680 PTE. P.G. McALLISTER
4th 30825 PTE. F.J. McCAMMON
4th 30446 PTE. C.R. McCLYMONT
4th 24034 PTE. R.O. McCOWEN
4th 41246 PTE. W.L. McCREADY
4th 1 0/3668 L/CPL. A.N. McDONALD
4th 39279 PTE. G.M.S. McDONALD
4th 33416 PTE. H.S. McDONALD
4th 10710 PTE. R.F. McDOUGALL
4th 29176 PTE. W. McGEE
4th 32877 PTE. W.R. McIVOR
4th 36473 L/CPL. C.D. McKAY
4th 24455 PTE. J.A. McKAY
4th 29930 PTE. J.G. McKELVY
4th 24/1142 SGT. I. McKENNA
4th 36878 PTE. G.C. McKENZIE
4th 44619 PTE. W.L. McKENZIE
4th 18838 PTE. J.L. McKINSTRY
4th 42552 PTE. P. McKONE
4th 1 0/3966 SGT. F. McLAUGHLAN
4th 39548 PTE. E. McLAUGHLIN
4th 38432 PTE. O.A. McLEAN
4th 13793 PTE. J. McPHERSON
4th 225502/LT. E.O. McROBERTS
4th 21294 PTE. F.D. MEDWELL
4th 14289 PTE. W.G. MIDFORD
4th 38299 PTE. E.D. MILLER
4th 28627 CPL. W.B. MILLINGTON
4th 41838 PTE. G.J. MILLS
4th 45886 PTE. F. MILNE
4th 225252/LT. H.A.E. MILNES
4th 23/2039 PTE. H.W.A. MITCHELL
4th 1 0/3034 SGT. G. MOFFATT
4th 32693 PTE. D.S. MOODY
4th 1 0/3037 L/CPL. H.C. MORGAN
4th 24/1757 PTE. H. MORRIS
4th 41601 PTE. M. MORRISON
4th 20386 PTE. J. MORROW
4th 44981 PTE. J. MUIR
4th 42546 PTE. J.S. MULHOLLAND
4th 30257 CPL. S.D. MURFITT
4th 12/2406 PTE. W. MURLAND
4th 28761 PTE. S. MURPHY
4th 23/1762 SGT. E. NEAL
4th 27184 SGT. W.H. NELSON
4th 41927 PTE. P. NEVILLE
4th 33755 PTE. L.C. NEWLOVE
4th 30629 PTE. W.C. NEWMAN
4th 30631 L/CPL. G.W. NIAS
4th 24/2548 SGT. J.A. NICHOLL
4th 9/1474 PTE. G.A. NICOL
4th 29461 PTE. C.W. NIELD
4th 25573 PTE. J. O'BRIEN
4th 16786 PTE. D. O'DONOGHUE
4th 30396 PTE. T. O'GORMAN
4th 12/3118 L/CPL. H.A. O'NEILL
4th 32051 L/CPL. P.W. OLSEN
4th 42180 PTE. A.A. OLSON
4th 26966 PTE. J.W. ORR
4th 42174 PTE. C.P. OSBORNE
4th 12/2427 PTE. J. OSBORNE
4th 21318 PTE. S.J. OWENS
4th 45903 PTE. P. PADDEN
4th 1 0/3694 PTE. S.F. PAGET
4th 44782 PTE. C.H. PAIGE
4th 9/1476 CPL. H.C. PAPPS
4th 12/832 SGT. H. PARDOE
4th 38740 PTE. W. PARKER
4th 32715 L/CPL. W.J. PARKER
4th 41011 PTE. L. PARLETT
4th 29625 PTE. E.J. PARNHAM
4th 1 0/2730 L/SGT. T.A. PARR
4th 12/2817 PTE. J.A. PATON
4th 28367 PTE. C. PAYTON
4th 1 0/4487 L/CPL. W.B. PENNY
4th 14320 CPL. F. PEPPERELL
4th 31702 PTE. J.H. PERRIN
4th 39638 PTE. W.J. PETERS
4th 2/2700 LIEUT. H.M. PETERSEN
4th 38065 PTE. T.F. PETERSEN
4th 25/231 SGT. W.T. PILCHER
4th 10659 DVR. H.F. POLAND
4th 1 0/3982 PTE. N.A. POLLARD
4th 1 0/3058 CPL. A.W.G. POOLE
4th 28199 L/CPL. R.E. POOLEY
4th 42395 PTE. E.T. POPE
4th 30637 PTE. W.J. PORTEOUS
4th 33603 PTE. T.H. POWELL
4th 1 0/3984 PTE. T.E. POWER
4th 14861 PTE. C.H. POWLEY
4th 29859 PTE. G.H. PROCTOR
4th 24/548 LIEUT. W.R. PROFFITT
4th 46388 PTE. G.T.F. QUINLAN
4th 36487 L/CPL. L.R. RADFORD
4th 24/1787 PTE. C.E. RATCLIFFE
4th 34731 PTE. J.R. RAXWORTHY
4th 41891 PTE. B.E. REDSTONE
4th 44868 PTE. A. REECE
4th 42397 PTE. A. REID
4th 39893 PTE. G. REID
4th 42203 PTE. P. REILLY
4th 11 /2206 GNR. K. RENNER
4th 40365 PTE. W.J. RHODES
4th 23432 L/CPL. J. RICE
4th 38794 PTE. M. RICHARDSON
4th 33951 PTE. F.D. ROBINSON
4th 42402 PTE. N.R. ROBINSON
4th 24/1798 CPL. H. RODGERS
4th 251472/LT. E.J. ROSE
4th 26920 PTE. W.M. ROSE
4th 12/845 L/CPL. T.E. ROWE
4th 45918 PTE. W.C. ROWE
4th 42580 PTE. J. RYAN
4th 1 0/3078 PTE. J. SALLY
4th 24/1804 L/CPL. A.R. SANDERSON
4th 12/3471 PTE. S.J. SANDERSON
4th 24063 PTE. W. SANDERSON
4th 25323 PTE. M. SAUNDERS
4th 32391 PTE. W. SCOLTOCK
4th 10275 LIEUT. V.R.S. SCOTT
4th 40647 PTE. J.F. SEATON
4th 12/4085 PTE. W.H. SEATON
4th 38228 PTE. F. SEYMOUR
4th 31187 PTE. T. SHEEHY
4th 34738 PTE. B.A. SHEPHERD
4th 34447 PTE. A.C. SHERLOCK
4th 33456 PTE. S.H. SHERWOOD
4th 36494 PTE. F.L. SIMPSON
4th 33968 PTE. W. SIMPSON
4th 42223 PTE. G. SLATER
4th 47003 PTE. E.L. SLY
4th 38986 L/CPL. F.W. SMALL
4th 46208 PTE. G. SMITH
4th 34741 PTE. J.A. SMITH
4th 26970 L/CPL. W.S. SMITH
4th 30867 PTE. R.M. SOMERVILLE
4th 36888 PTE. F.L. SOMMERFELD
4th 1 0/523 L/CPL. N. SOUNESS
4th 30655 PTE. A. SPACCESI
4th 24073 PTE. O. STEERS
4th 25124 PTE. J. STIRLING
4th 30658 PTE. T.W. STOCKHAM
4th 36840 CPL. E.A. STONEHAM
4th 1 0/28222/LT. K.J. STRACK
4th 15794 L/CPL. W.J. STRATTON
4th 28227 PTE. A. STUMBLES
4th 41042 PTE. D.H. SUTHERLAND
4th 36841 PTE. E.B. SWINDLEY
4th 13481 PTE. W.A. SYLVESTER
4th 40395 PTE. H.G. TAVINOR
4th 46150 PTE. A.W. TAYLOR
4th 33477 PTE. C.E. TAYLOR
4th 34172 PTE. O.C. TAYLOR
4th 36694 PTE. D. TELFER
4th 38815 PTE. K.W. TENNENT
4th 12/2131 SGT. F. TERRY
4th 44536 PTE. P.E. TERRY
4th 42425 L/CPL. H.R. THAYER
4th 37020 PTE. V. TODD
4th 12514 PTE. W.W. TOSSWILL
4th 34754 PTE. J.C. TULLOCH
4th 24/1557 PTE. W.D. TUNKS
4th 12/4287 PTE. H.B. TUTTY
4th 7/2323 CPL. R.B. TWISLETON
4th 6/2361 CPL. W.A. TYREE
4th 28242 CPL. W.H. URE
4th 11 /833 CPL. O.D.E.W. VAUGHAN
4th 11558 PTE. E.H. VERCOE
4th 12/271 SPR. M. VINCENT
4th 33482 PTE. R.A. WALE
4th 12/2145 PTE. A.L. WALKER
4th 33483 PTE. C.R. WARD
4th 36704 PTE. G.H. WARD
4th 28836 PTE. J.F. WARD
4th 24086 PTE. R.A. WARD
4th 34957 L/CPL. W.W. WARDROP
4th 31752 PTE. G.A. WARIN
4th 45938 PTE. H. WARNER
4th 1 0/2788 SGT. H.F. WARRINGTON
4th 23460 L/CPL. A.S. WASLEY
4th 39920 PTE. T.C. WEBB
4th 32407 PTE. J.G.H. WEIR
4th 24495 PTE. H. WELLS
4th 14893 CPL. H.J. WEST
4th 40404 PTE. E.R. WHITE
4th 1 0/2358 PTE. G.D. WHITE
4th 147262/LT. K.R. WHITE
4th 7/2578 L/CPL. N.C. WHITE
4th 14518 CPL. R. WHITE
4th 12/3506 SGT. I. WHITFIELD
4th 47491 PTE. B. WHITWELL
4th 44541 PTE. W. WHYTE
4th 1 0/3429 PTE. D.H. WILKIE
4th 30415 L/CPL. L.J. WILLS
4th 34766 L/CPL. C.E. WILLSTEED
4th 5/527 SGT. A.W. WILSON
4th 34953 PTE. H. WILSON
4th 36714 PTE. H. WILSON
4th 25763 PTE. H.W. WILSON
4th 40416 PTE. M. WILSON
4th 39570 PTE. P.J. WILSON
4th 3/2196 PTE. O.J. WOOD
4th 16034 PTE. R. WOODS
4th 31758 CPL. G.W. WORNER
5th 32931 PTE. W. ANDERSON
5th 1 0/3175 PTE. H. AUSTIN
5th 34790 PTE. W. BLANCH
5th 11 /1410 BDR. A.G.L. BLISS MM
5th 27061 L/CPL. E.J. BURN
5th 3/388 L/CPL. A.E. BUTLER
5th 14393 PTE. N.M. CLARK
5th 1 0/12952/LT. C.E. COLLINS-MORGAN MC
5th 8/26 PTE. A.E. COOPER
5th 40889 PTE. B.S. COWIE
5th 259882/LT. E.A. CRAIG
5th 39428 PTE. E. CURTIES
5th 36957 PTE. J. DOHERTY
5th 38003 PTE. B. EXELL
5th 36965 PTE. N. FREEMAN
5th 1 0/637 CPL. W.W. HANSFORD
5th 6/2170 CPL. L.L.C. ISRAEL
5th 23/1913 C.Q.M.S. C.P.M. JACKSON
5th 33729 PTE. P.H. JACKSON
5th 12/3063 CPL. R.H. JOHNSTON
5th 32193 PTE. E. LUKER
5th 39843 PTE. H.E. MABERLY
5th 16484 PTE. P.J. MATHEWS
5th 41853 PTE. J.L. McLEOD
5th 40350 PTE. J.F. McMILLAN
5th 39293 PTE. A. McNEIL
5th 24/1765 PTE. A. NICKLIN
5th 46072 PTE. W. PARKMAN
5th 41353 RFM. J.H. PATTERSON
5th 41012 PTE. C.G.P. PRICE
5th 35176 L/CPL. P. RAINE
5th 23/2509 LIEUT. H.D. RICHARDSON
5th 44021 PTE. W. ROUD
5th 18858 PTE. J.C. ROWE
5th 5/1330A PTE. J.L. SCOTT
5th 2/345 FTR. H. SELBY MM
5th 46621 PTE. F.C. SMITH
5th 48581 PTE. A.E. STEWART
5th 32080 PTE. C.H. STOKES
5th 28601 PTE. A. STURGES
5th 35181 PTE. T. SULLIVAN
5th 40083 PTE. R. SYMONDS
5th 12/3843 CAPT. F. THOMAS
5th 15803 CPL. M.W. THOMPSON
5th 42428 PTE. A. TIMS
5th 30325 PTE. J. WALKER
5th 36375 PTE. H.J. WALLACE
5th 12/2881 PTE. W. WELSH
5th 8/310 SGT. W.A. WHITE
5th 1 0/3123 PTE. E.R. WHITELAW
5th 29119 CPL. E.J. WILLS MM
5th 1 0/4220 PTE. I. WYBER
6th 41469 PTE. L.C. BATTEN
6th 33509 PTE. E.J. BOWDEN
6th 34337 PTE. W.J. COOKE
6th 25/377 L/CPL. D. DAVENPORT
6th 34647 PTE. E. DELANEY
6th 12/3299 PTE. F. DONAGHY
6th 38511 PTE. J.C.M. ELLIOTT
6th 31636 PTE. R. HAMLEY
6th 2/1233 GNR. J.W. HARKIN
6th 30061 CPL. W.E.R. HIND
6th 22802 PTE. A.F. HODGSON
6th 19355 L/CPL. J. HUNTER
6th 39822 PTE. T. JARDINE
6th 1 0/4480 PTE. E. McGUIRE
6th 12/2060 SGT. D. McLEAN
6th 15751 PTE. T.A. MORRIS
6th 12/2811 SGT. F.J.W. PAINE
6th 12/2904 CAPT. E.C. PARRY
6th 26914 PTE. R.A. REID
6th 27971 PTE. E.P. SMITH
6th 14338 RFM. V.E. TIMPERLEY
7th 16/1007 PTE. K.L. ADAM
7th 16/1509 PTE. D. EPIHA
7th 12/2695 L/CPL. L. FINLAYSON
7th 30356 PTE. J.P. FLETT
7th 1 0/2960 CPL. R.A. HARVEY MM
7th 12/3042 PTE. L.B. HAYWARD
7th 44755 PTE. E.E. MASON
7th 13061 PTE. D.W. MITCHELL
7th 1 0/24542/LT. W.H. MOORE
7th 3/274 PTE. R.W. NAPIER
7th 14678 PTE. W. PUSSELL
7th 242982/LT. W.P. RICHARDS
7th 24/1794 PTE. M. RILEY
7th 33610 L/CPL. R.W.P. RINTOUL

7th 26/1702 RFM. D.F. SMITH
7th 39499 RFM. F. THOMPSON
7th 62418 PTE. E.E. VINSON
7th 58239 TPR. K.A. WALLIS
7th 2/2934 GNR. A.S. WOOD
7th 34467 PTE. T. YOUNIE
8th 24/1602 L/CPL. F. BROGAN
8th 29358 PTE. A.A. CAPSTICK
8th 34816 PTE. R. COOK
8th 34639 PTE. R.A. CRAWFORD
8th 19459 PTE. J. CURTIS
8th 12164 SGT. E.I. FENTON
8th 15721 PTE. G.T.A. HENDERSON
8th 39431 PTE. W.J. HUMPHRIES
8th 39297 PTE. J. McTAGGART
8th 38738 PTE. H.A. PADDISON
8th 1 0/1991 PTE. W.C. SMITH
8th 38992 PTE. J. TAPP
8th 9/583 GNR. W.B. WALKER
9th G/52914 PTE. F. ALLEN
9th 3765 PTE. W.M. BURKE
9th 68022 BDR. E. COOPER
9th 12/2280 L/CPL. W. ELLIS
9th 38151 PTE. W. GILLIES
9th 10036 PTE. W.C.G. HARVEY
9th 12240 PTE. J. McPHEE MM
9th 15006 PTE. H.T. MITCHELL
9th 44614 PTE. P.P. WHITFIELD
10th 8/2406 PTE. F. BIRD
10th 47704 PTE. R.E.C. CHITTOCK
10th 17178 GNR. G.W. DAVIES
10th 45089 PTE. W.F. FINN
10th 33344 PTE. H.W. FRANKLYN
10th 8/4127 PTE. E.W. FRISBY
10th 12/3025 PTE. J.C. GOODALL
10th 26/1165 RFM. J.C.W. GRAY
10th 26607 RFM. H.H. HALLETT
10th 45602 RFM. J.T. KNOX
10th 45128 PTE. W. ROSS
10th 23/612 PTE. J.S. SUTTON
10th 41909 RFM. N. TEAL
10th 44667 RFM. F. WILLIAMSON
11th 4/520 LIEUT. W.M. ARCUS MID
11th 5/1191A PTE. J.T. BEAMAN
11th 11 /859 GNR. J. BRENNAN
11th 10564 GNR. L. BROWN
11th 35001 PTE. J.A. BURNS
11th 2/2594 BDR. L.E. CAMPBELL
11th 2/402 SGT. J.E. CARMICHAEL
11th 249652/LT. W. CHIRNSIDE
11th 231362/LT. P.J. CLARK MID
11th 2/222A DVR. H.F. COBB MID
11th 2/1423 GNR. J. DRUMMOND
11th 15099 PTE. H.G. FENWICK
11th 18219 PTE. M.J. HAROLD
11th 16/538 MAJ. A.E.M. JONES
11th 25/732/LT. T.R.B. MACKY
11th 48142 MAJ. W.H. MEDDINGS
11th 2/2208 BDR. E.J. MULLANY
11th 2/2234 GNR. A.E. PAYLING
11th 39912 RFM. W.D. SUTHERLAND
11th 22381 PTE. H.G. WALKER
12th 41461 RFM. G. ABBOTT
12th 40098 PTE. F.J. AISHER
12th 38925 PTE. W. ALLAN
12th 12893 GNR. G.R. ALLARD
12th 32494 PTE. E.J. ALLEN
12th 27431 PTE. E.C. ALLISON
12th 27425 L/CPL. J. ALLISON
12th 38254 PTE. C.A. AMOS
12th 27191 PTE. A.C. AMYES
12th 22914 RFM. N. ANDERSEN
12th 11 /1629 RFM. A.R.J. ANDERSON
12th 43936 PTE. J. ANDERSON
12th 24/1331 CPL. W.G. ASTRIDGE
12th 26761 PTE. E.G. ATKINSON
12th 40271 RFM. C. AUTRIDGE
12th 11225 PTE. T.T. BAILES
12th 29206 PTE. S. BAILEY
12th 40862 PTE. D. BAIRD
12th 39144 PTE. J. BAIRD
12th 20080 CPL. E.T. BAKER
12th 24804 RFM. J.R. BAKER
12th 52361 PTE. W.L.V. BAKER
12th 24125 PTE. S. BALLAGH
12th 3/2882 PTE. D.I. BALLANTYNE
12th 39934 L/CPL. W.J. BALSILLIE
12th 6/3965 SGT. S.W.M. BANKS
12th 9/2045 PTE. T. BARBER
12th 39145 PTE. W.W. BARCLAY
12th 44960 RFM. T.E. BARKER
12th 25/309 SGT. C.R. BARRETT
12th 25/1658 RFM. P. BARRON
12th 24126 PTE. G. BARRY
12th 38482 RFM. J.P. BARRY
12th 13587 PTE. C.M. BATES
12th 6/2392 L/CPL. W. BATTY
12th 24127 L/SGT. E.H. BEAUMONT
12th 24/2150 RFM. C.D. BECKETT
12th 10988 RFM. W.C. BECROFT
12th 34011 PTE. E.J. BEDFORD
12th 14559 PTE. T. BEEBY
12th 22930 RFM. E.L. BELTON
12th 38256 PTE. P.J. BENBOW
12th 40867 PTE. F. BENFELL
12th 27834 PTE. A.W. BENNETT
12th 243262/LT. E.B. BENNETT
12th 211422/LT. J.L. BENNETT
12th 6/3990 PTE. E.G. BENNINGTON
12th 23/3622/LT. A.J.F. BERRY
12th 27767 RFM. J.A. BERRY
12th 27205 PTE. P.H. BILLING
12th 44083 RFM. F. BIRD
12th 26/522/LT. A.C. BIRSS
12th 232942/LT. J.J. BISHOP MID
12th 26377 PTE. H.D. BLAKE
12th 12/1556 PTE. C. BLAKER
12th 40871 PTE. H.W. BLAKIE
12th 49326 PTE. E.L. BLAXALL
12th 17877 PTE. S.H. BOLSTAD
12th 27842 PTE. H.W. BOLTON
12th 3/3050 PTE. L.D. BOSWELL
12th 4/1736 SPR. E.W. BOUCHER
12th 7/819 L/CPL. F. BOUCHER
12th 39940 PTE. L.W. BOULTON
12th 45974 PTE. W.S. BOVEY
12th 3/1675 PTE. A.J. BOWDEN
12th 22928 RFM. E.R. BOWDEN
12th 14025 CAPT. D.C. BOWLER MC
12th 24/355 SGT. A.A. BOYD
12th 23/1001 CPL. L.H. BOYD
12th 24331 SGT. J.M. BOYLE MM
12th 8/3188 PTE. H.A. BRADFORD
12th 42622 RFM. C. BRAND
12th 21778 RFM. T.J. BREEN
12th 32808 RFM. J. BRENNAN
12th 31110 RFM. W.H. BRIDGE
12th 30340 RFM. L.F. BROADMORE
12th 11212 PTE. L.D. BROOK
12th 47114 RFM. J.C. BROOKS
12th 45060 PTE. A.W. BROSNAN
12th 35494 PTE. A.W. BROUGHAN
12th 48698 RFM. E.C. BROWN
12th 22184 PTE. W.A. BROWN
12th 43948 PTE. H.J. BRUNT
12th 45341 RFM. T.J. BRYDEN
12th 47310 PTE. B.A. BUCKLEY
12th 10312 PTE. J. BULMAN
12th 32294 RFM. G.B. BURGESS
12th 46168 PTE. I.E. BURKE
12th 27059 RFM. E. BURNS
12th 46550 PTE. L.C. BURT
12th 28426 RFM. R. BUTLER
12th 44251 RFM. T. BUTLER
12th 24/989 SGT. J. CALDER
12th 8/2550 L/CPL. A. CAMERON
12th 8/3517 L/CPL. A. CAMERON
12th 48701 RFM. R.H. CAMERON
12th 23/1947 RFM. A. CAMPBELL
12th 45073 PTE. J. CAMPBELL
12th 8/3204 PTE. W. CAMPBELL
12th 35158 RFM. W. CARMODY
12th 397242/LT. C.C. CARNCROSS
12th 8/738 C.Q.M.S. W.T. CARRUTHERS
12th 10997 RFM. H.S. CARTER
12th 31814 RFM. P. CASSIDY
12th 15135 PTE. D. CATHRO
12th 22207 CPL. D.S. CAVEN
12th 42285 RFM. N. CHADWICK
12th 23973 PTE. A. CHALMERS
12th 12977 RFM. L.H. CHAPMAN
12th 43955 PTE. I.M. CHARLES
12th 8/1427 PTE. H. CHASE
12th 32506 RFM. G.H. CHUCK
12th 27781 RFM. J.S. CHURCH
12th 42041 RFM. E.G. CHURCHES
12th 24138 PTE. I.E. CLARIDGE
12th 8/3214 PTE. C.W. CLARK
12th 45668 RFM. W.W. CLARKE
12th 8/252/LT. A.S.M. COATMAN
12th 25/2622/LT. E. COBBE
12th 29738 PTE. J.A. COCHRANE
12th 25813 RFM. A. COCKBURN
12th 8/2876 CPL. J. COCKERELL
12th 31953 PTE. C. COLEMAN
12th 15140 PTE. G. COLLING
12th 27468 PTE. F.A. COLLINS
12th 3/2835 PTE. W.H. COLLINSON
12th 21982 PTE. B.R. COLYER
12th 6/4223 PTE. A. COOK
12th 39171 PTE. G.S. COOK
12th 48703 RFM. S.G.M. COOK
12th 32820 RFM. J.V. COONEY
12th 27461 PTE. F.P. COSTER
12th 24/1004 RFM. F.W. COTON
12th 3/839 CPL. S.T. COTTER
12th 22309 PTE. B. COULSON
12th 9/1029 PTE. A. COULTER
12th 22314 PTE. A. CRABB
12th 8/3224 PTE. J. CRABBE
12th 8/1958 L/CPL. A.D. CRAIG
12th 40193 PTE. R. CRAWFORD
12th 40891 PTE. J. CREE
12th 32507 RFM. G.H. CRESSWELL
12th 44258 RFM. J.T. CRESSWELL
12th 45075 PTE. H. CRICHTON
12th 6/1502 PTE. J.P. CRIMMINS
12th 14232 RFM. M. CRONIN
12th 46558 PTE. E.C. CROSS
12th 11238 L/CPL. G.G. CROSS
12th 8/1723 CPL. A. CROWE
12th 28859 PTE. W. CROY
12th 31401 RFM. A.H.B. CRULLER
12th 21665 PTE. H.W. CULPITT
12th 23/1961 SGT. A.C. CUMBERLAND
12th 32436 PTE. R.A. CUMING
12th 11422 PTE. W.J. CUNNINGHAM
12th 6/3292 PTE. J. CURNICK
12th 45834 PTE. J.H. CURRY
12th 39183 RFM. G. CURTIS
12th 45343 RFM. J.P. CUTHBERTSON
12th 24/2571 PTE. R.W. DALLEY
12th 44997 PTE. M. DALY
12th 23/113 L/CPL. D. DAVEY
12th 3/663 PTE. L.L. DAVIDSON
12th 45671 RFM. P.S. DAVIES
12th 40907 PTE. A.H. DAVIS
12th 44261 RFM. H.H.W. DAVIS
12th 8/3235 PTE. P.C. DAVIS
12th 8/746 PTE. T. DAVIS
12th 189002/LT. E.B. DAVY
12th 42633 RFM. J.H. DAWSON
12th 27472 PTE. T.P.N. DE SPONG
12th 23502 PTE. G. DEAN
12th 29230 PTE. H.E. DEBENHAM
12th 31403 RFM. G.I. DELANEY
12th 46565 PTE. T. DENNEHY
12th 24/115 RFM. J.A. DENNISTON
12th 14195 CPL. C.D.E.C. DENSHIRE
12th 41507 PTE. J.W. DERBY
12th 3/2723 PTE. T.M. DEVANEY
12th 14956 PTE. J.P. DEVEREUX
12th 33036 PTE. L.H. DEWAR
12th 26067 L/CPL. W. DEWAR
12th 26/262/LT. C.V. DICKEY
12th 32144 PTE. A. DIMES
12th 14404 PTE. C. DINSDALE
12th 47997 RFM. G. DIX
12th 6/3299 L/CPL. T.H. DIXON
12th 44578 PTE. S.W. DOAK
12th 23475 PTE. H.B. DODDS
12th 8/2898 PTE. J.R. DODDS
12th 14079 PTE. A.T. DONEHUE
12th 41315 RFM. W. DORRICOTT
12th 25/612 RFM. W.K. DOUGLAS
12th 32831 RFM. J.W. DOW
12th 36430 RFM. W. DOWNES
12th 20508 RFM. C.H. DOWNS
12th 38136 RFM. J. DOYLE
12th 29234 PTE. W.T.H. DRABBLE
12th 32510 CPL. V.H. DU VALL
12th 45346 RFM. A.J.S. DUDFIELD
12th 39778 L/CPL. D.H. DUMBLETON
12th 41077 RFM. C.W. DUNCAN
12th 24/1033 RFM. C.L. DUPEYRON
12th 26255 PTE. J.M. EAGLESOME
12th 27476 PTE. J.H. EASTWELL
12th 32150 PTE. T. EATON
12th 29754 PTE. J. EDEN
12th 42485 PTE. H. EDMONSTON
12th 17772 L/CPL. S.G. ELLERY
12th 3/891 PTE. W. ELLIOTT
12th 24149 L/CPL. H. ELLIS
12th 27252 PTE. H.H. ELLIS
12th 41078 RFM. P. ELLIS
12th 9/924 PTE. W.C. ESPIE MM
12th 32643 PTE. W.S. EVENDEN
12th 40107 RFM. C.F.L. EVERTON
12th 22610 L/CPL. F.G. EYRES
12th 32836 RFM. J. FAIRWEATHER
12th 45374 RFM. W.P. FARMER
12th 39039 RFM. C.E.G. FAULKNER
12th 24/138 SGT. J. FERGUSON
12th 46573 PTE. W.J. FIFE
12th 32649 PTE. D.M.S. FINCH
12th 40922 RFM. J.A. FINDLAY
12th 26256 PTE. J. FINLAY
12th 27869 PTE. H.J. FINLAYSON
12th 32648 PTE. E.B. FITZGERALD
12th 17/56 PTE. J. FITZGERALD
12th 34049 RFM. J. FLANAGAN
12th 45200 RFM. P. FLANNERY
12th 36829 CPL. M.A. FLEMING
12th 42492 PTE. H.L. FLINT
12th 38516 RFM. T.F. FLOOD
12th 23/10472/LT. W.R. FODEN
12th 6/2027 MAJ. L.J. FORD
12th 30104 LIEUT. H.A. FORREST
12th 39791 RFM. C. FORWARD
12th 6/3320 L/CPL. A.W. FOSTER
12th 45086 PTE. D. FOWLER
12th 9/141 LIEUT. W.A. FRENCH
12th 9/1170 PTE. G.W. FUNNELL
12th 44637 RFM. J.C. GALBRAITH
12th 614248 PTE. W.H. GASON
12th 25696 CPL. A. GAVIN
12th 37805 PTE. G.A. GEANGE
12th 42649 RFM. F. GEARY
12th 6/231 PTE. T.F. GEARY
12th 44970 RFM. A. GEDDES
12th 6/4610 PTE. T. GEORGE
12th 49240 PTE. H.E. GIBBS
12th 29766 PTE. C.H. GIBSON
12th 42496 PTE. J.W. GIBSON
12th 6/635 LIEUT. M. GIBSON
12th 31839 RFM. A.H. GILLETT
12th 31122 RFM. J. GIRVIN
12th 45688 RFM. F.H. GLEESON
12th 47324 PTE. C. GLENNIE
12th 23/1391 CPL. J. GOGGIN
12th 26/561 L/CPL. D. GONLEY
12th 25850 RFM. M.L. GOOD
12th 21818 RFM. R.H. GOODALL
12th 29771 PTE. J. GOODWIN
12th 23/1646 SGT. W.E. GORDON MM
12th 15162 PTE. R. GORMACK
12th 29772 PTE. J.C.B. GOUDIE
12th 29615 PTE. A. GOWER
12th 24/769 L/CPL. A.E. GRAHAM
12th 8/3908 PTE. H. GRANT
12th 44273 RFM. T. GRAY
12th 13905 PTE. W.A. GRAY
12th 6/2392/LT. J.L. GREEN
12th 22966 PTE. J.W. GREEN
12th 45334 RFM. W.J. GREEN
12th 39590 PTE. J. GRIFFIN
12th 18993 RFM. R.J. GRIFFIN
12th 5/1662/LT. A.G. GUINNESS
12th 12385 RFM. L.H. GULLERY
12th 25857 PTE. C.R. GUMBLEY
12th 38280 PTE. A.E. GUNN
12th 45091 PTE. R. GUNN
12th 15364 RFM. T. GURNETT
12th 6/244 W.O.1 A.H. GUY MSM
12th 18656 RFM. S.H. HADDRELL
12th 36832 CPL. E.W. HALFORD
12th 27500 PTE. C. HALL
12th 41084 RFM. H. HALL
12th 24/469 L/CPL. W. HALLEY
12th 28469 L/CPL. W. HALLIGAN
12th 27883 PTE. J.B. HALLY
12th 26/1613 RFM. F. HAM
12th 39803 RFM. J.H. HAMILTON
12th 8/3282 PTE. G.J. HAMPTON
12th 26/106 L/CPL. S.F. HANCOCK
12th 24111 PTE. J.R. HANNA
12th 26611 RFM. W.H. HANNA
12th 24433 PTE. F. HANNAGAN
12th 6/3726 PTE. A.J. HANSBY
12th 46582 PTE. J. HANSEN
12th 8/920 PTE. E. HANSON
12th 6/3338 PTE. A.E. HARDING
12th 26612 RFM. G.F. HARDING
12th 31498 PTE. S.G. HARDING
12th 37813 PTE. A.A. HARDISTY
12th 45863 PTE. H.W. HARE
12th 14808 L/CPL. W.C. HARPER
12th 29012 RFM. H. HARRIS
12th 40211 PTE. J. HARRIS
12th 40210 PTE. J.H. HARRIS
12th 24451 RFM. L.J. HARRIS
12th 41542 PTE. W. HARRIS
12th 38281 PTE. T.A. HARRISON
12th 8/2937 PTE. R.J. HART
12th 8/3618 L/CPL. C. HARTNETT
12th 29779 PTE. J.J. HARTSTONGE
12th 3/939 PTE. D. HARVEY
12th 31126 RFM. W.A. HASKELL
12th 1 0/2177 CPL. F.D. HASTE
12th 24/1999 L/CPL. C.J. HAWKE
12th 49189 PTE. J.M. HAWKE
12th 8/1501 CPL. R.N. HAWKES
12th 11661 PTE. L.R.G. HAYCOCK
12th 26615 RFM. A.R. HAYLOCK
12th 32849 RFM. T.W. HAYNES
12th 24/1071 L/CPL. E.J. HEALD
12th 41948 RFM. W. HEALEY
12th 24/793 RFM. C.J. HENDERSON
12th 38530 RFM. W. HENDERSON
12th 43976 PTE. A.T.C. HENERY
12th 23179 PTE. J. HENNESSY
12th 41801 PTE. E.S.R. HENSON
12th 39233 PTE. A.D. HERBERT
12th 8/2008 PTE. J.J. HICKEY
12th 28478 RFM. M.C. HIGGIE
12th 15901 RFM. C.M. HIGHT
12th 15902 RFM. L.H.D. HIGHT
12th 41331 RFM. D. HILDRETH
12th 14822 RFM. J.G. HILL
12th 14205 SGT. A.L. HILLIER
12th 14104 PTE. T.J. HISTEN
12th 11283 L/SGT. T. HODGSON
12th 8/2012 L/CPL. J.W. HOLLOW
12th 6/4061 PTE. R.B. HOOPER
12th 30225 PTE. J. HOPKINS
12th 3/1774 PTE. L.G. HOPKINS MM
12th 14986 PTE. J.K. HORSFIELD
12th 40951 CPL. D.P.B. HOSIE
12th 11 /2391 PTE. P.E. HOWARD
12th 12183 RFM. T.H. HOWE
12th 46187 PTE. O.E. HUMPHRIES
12th 22984 RFM. A.H. HUNTER
12th 37066 RFM. R.C. HUNTER
12th 40815 PTE. L.G.E. HURSE
12th 45600 RFM. R. HUTCHINSON
12th 24368 SGT. H. INGRAM
12th 25250 L/CPL. R.W. INGRAM
12th 12399 L/CPL. G.A. INWOOD
12th 38837 RFM. V.C. IRVIN
12th 24/805 L/CPL. J. IRVING
12th 46459 RFM. R.G. JACKSON
12th 26/817 L/CPL. W.V. JACOBSON
12th 39614 PTE. E. JAMES
12th 6/4071 L/CPL. J.E. JAY
12th 22989 PTE. C.R. JELLEY
12th 40960 PTE. J.N. JENKINS
12th 27906 PTE. W.F. JENSON
12th 15307 CPL. T. JESS
12th 6/4276 CPL. C.A. JOHNSON
12th 32674 CPL. A.G. JOHNSTON
12th 24/1095 CPL. C.F. JOHNSTON
12th 23186 L/CPL. J. JOHNSTON
12th 19004 RFM. J.E. JOHNSTON
12th 25714 RFM. J.S. JOHNSTON
12th 42113 RFM. M.R. JOHNSTON
12th 24/199 CPL. P.T. JOHNSTON
12th 47149 RFM. H.A. JOLI
12th 13/516 PTE. A. JONES
12th 11677 PTE. D. JONES
12th 23/2016 CPL. F. JONES
12th 24/482 CPL. S.C. JORDAN
12th 44384 PTE. M.D. JULIAN
12th 26113 RFM. F.W. KANE
12th 14279 PTE. C. KAVANAGH
12th 8/1763 PTE. R.A. KEDDELL
12th 8/2023 PTE. A.W. KEELE
12th 39059 RFM. G.C. KEELEY
12th 25/395 L/CPL. R.M. KEMP
12th 32681 PTE. A. KENCH
12th 47023 RFM. J.S. KEOGH
12th 3/3027 PTE. A. KERR
12th 39251 PTE. W. KERR
12th 42123 RFM. G.E. KEYMER
12th 24/206 CPL. J.D. KILGOUR
12th 24801 PTE. M.H. KILKENNY
12th 11 /680 LT.COL. G.A. KING DSO, CdG
12th 36634 PTE. W.N. KININMONT
12th 39255 PTE. G.A. KINLOCH
12th 24/1410 L/CPL. I. KINZETT
12th 13936 PTE. J. KIRWAN
12th 28494 RFM. A. KITCHEN
12th 24181 PTE. J.A. KITCHING
12th 15186 PTE. J.F. KITTO
12th 25/203 SGT. C.M. KIVELL
12th 23145 PTE. K. KJOSS
12th 25/648 RFM. G.F.O. KLOOGH
12th 8/15322/LT. G.B. KNIGHT
12th 6/2683 PTE. C.L. KNOWLES
12th 13937 PTE. C.R. KNUDSON
12th 27657 PTE. H.S. KORTEGAST
12th 49777 PTE. C.M. KROHN
12th 22630 L/CPL. J.H. LALOLI
12th 13940 PTE. R.J. LAMB
12th 13693 CPL. M.L. LAMONT
12th 38966 PTE. T. LANE
12th 42809 PTE. H.S. LASH
12th 24/497 RFM. M.J. LAVERY
12th 45353 RFM. W. LEAN
12th 6/3069 PTE. T.E. LECKNER
12th 46195 PTE. C. LEECE
12th 39582 PTE. C. LEITCH
12th 27533 PTE. J. LESLIE
12th 44645 RFM. J.F. LESLIE
12th 44646 RFM. J.G. LESLIE
12th 38046 PTE. F.E. LETFORD
12th 36749 SGT. E. LEVY
12th 24/1917 RFM. D.M. LEWIS
12th 15194 PTE. J.F. LEYDEN
12th 46958 PTE. C.D. LILLEY
12th 27529 PTE. J. LILLEY
12th 45101 PTE. H.G. LILLO
12th 39835 RFM. A.M. LINDSAY
12th 32686 PTE. J.K. LINTON
12th 11 /592 PTE. P.S. LIVERMORE
12th 11062 PTE. A.T. LLEWELL
12th 34100 PTE. E.G.A. LLOYD
12th 38914 RFM. J. LOFTS
12th 40224 PTE. J.R. LOGAN
12th 14187 RFM. J.L. LONG
12th 6/2194 PTE. W.G. LOOMES
12th 38187 RFM. A.J. LOW
12th 40974 PTE. P. LUNNAN
12th 24/2029 RFM. G.E. LYON
12th 31878 RFM. A. MACDONALD
12th 26/1658 RFM. N. MACDONALD
12th 22194 CPL. D.B. MACGREGOR
12th 26752 RFM. A.N.D. MACKENZIE
12th 48249 PTE. J. MACLEAN
12th 29584 RFM. N. MACLEOD-SMITH
12th 12/1704 PTE. D.T. MAGUIRE
12th 34524 CPL. J.J. MAHONEY
12th 46055 PTE. E.R. MAINMAN
12th 42682 RFM. E. MANN
12th 23/1726 SGT. P. MANNING
12th 45709 RFM. F.J. MANSELL
12th 24/2031 RFM. S.R. MANSON
12th 24202 PTE. J.E.C. MARSH
12th 26288 PTE. A. MARSHALL
12th 34700 PTE. J.B. MARSHALL
12th 49423 PTE. R. MARSON
12th 29905 PTE. P.J. MARTIN
12th 6/1929 PTE. R.W. MARTIN
12th 44132 PTE. A. MATHESON
12th 36874 RFM. J.W. MATHESON
12th 17/119 CPL. J.L. MATHEWSON
12th 24205 PTE. L. MATTSON
12th 40978 PTE. A. MAWHINNEY
12th 26/35 LIEUT. G. MAWLEY
12th 44006 PTE. G. McADAM
12th 40230 PTE. R.D. McARTNEY
12th 9/315 PTE. O. McBRIDE
12th 8/1776 L/SGT. H.W. McCALL
12th 3/602 PTE. W.A. McCAW
12th 12/2050 PTE. J. McCONNELL
12th 29049 CPL. R.J.P. McCONNELL
12th 42689 RFM. A.B. McCORKINDALE
12th 29696 SGT. J. McCORLEY
12th 21058 L/CPL. J. McCRACKEN
12th 27330 PTE. R. McCREA
12th 48737 RFM. D. McCULLOCH
12th 40041 PTE. F.P. McCULLOUGH
12th 32457 PTE. A. McDOUGALL
12th 8/252 CPL. T.N. McFARLAND
12th 27331 PTE. S.N. McFARLANE
12th 12441 CPL. H. McGILLIVRAY
12th 37934 PTE. R.S. McHARDIE
12th 17807 CPL. A.H. McILROY
12th 24311 LIEUT. G.T. McILROY
12th 45776 RFM. M.L. McINNES
12th 27553 PTE. J. McINTOSH
12th 23/511 RFM. J. McINTOSH
12th 38567 PTE. A. McINTYRE
12th 6/684 LIEUT. P. McINTYRE
12th 26660 RFM. J. McKECHNIE
12th 46891 RFM. A.E. McKENNA
12th 7/1498 PTE. G.D. McKENZIE
12th 32880 RFM. J. McKENZIE
12th 6/3805 L/CPL. W. McKENZIE
12th 45225 RFM. W.A. McKENZIE
12th 27098 RFM. W.T.C. McKENZIE
12th 23022 RFM. G.G. McKOY
12th 20931 SGT. C.J.A. McLACHLAN
12th 27566 PTE. A. McLAREN
12th 24/1437 RFM. J.W. McLEAN
12th 23/514 SGT. W.E. McLEAN
12th 8/2681 PTE. H.M. McLEOD
12th 42697 RFM. J.K. McLEOD
12th 11159 CPL. J.W. McLEOD
12th 44591 PTE. J.B. McMANUS
12th 24/2541 CPL. A.W. McMILLAN
12th 14021 PTE. H.N. McMILLAN
12th 20211 RFM. D. McMURRICH
12th 26/193 RFM. J. McNEIL
12th 51223 PTE. A. McNICOL
12th 24/15 CAPT. P.F. McRAE
12th 32883 RFM. W. McWATT
12th 15004 L/CPL. E.W.L. MEAD
12th 42532 PTE. A. MEE
12th 33913 RFM. T.H. METTAM
12th 38422 PTE. J.D. MICHIE
12th 25/782 SGT. C.L. MILBURN
12th 180182/LT. J. MILLAR
12th 39271 RFM. J.S. MILLAR
12th 8/443 SGT. W. MILLAR
12th 14728 PTE. E.J. MILLER
12th 8/3009 PTE. J.A. MILLER
12th 9/1068 PTE. P.W. MILLER
12th 25/207 RFM. D. MILLIGAN
12th 33013 PTE. E.D. MILNE
12th 27540 PTE. A. MINOGUE
12th 37844 PTE. J. MIRK
12th 45105 PTE. A.P. MITCHELL
12th 29832 PTE. J.B. MOIR
12th 32202 PTE. G.H. MOJE
12th 24318 CAPT. C.H. MOLLOY MC
12th 3/2582 PTE. F.L. MONK
12th 24/1124 CPL. A.J. MONKMAN MM
12th 51660 L/CPL. A.C. MOORE
12th 6/1633 PTE. F. MOREY
12th 22348 RFM. J.E. MORGAN
12th 25/446 RFM. S. MORGAN
12th 3/140A CPL. W.A.R. MORGAN
12th 47679 PTE. J. MORIARTY
12th 32692 PTE. J. MORRIS
12th 42542 PTE. J. MORTON
12th 8/1807 PTE. G. MOSTYN
12th 45714 RFM. D. MUIR
12th 29935 RFM. R. MULLEY
12th 44005 RFM. H.E. MUMFORD
12th 38556 RFM. H.R. MUNDY
12th 8/3959 PTE. A. MUNRO
12th 25137 PTE. J.S. MURFITT
12th 23855 PTE. R. MUSTCHIN
12th 23/1744 L/CPL. H. MYER
12th 41001 RFM. S.H. NEAVE
12th 31136 PTE. C.W. NEGUS
12th 15229 L/CPL. J. NEILL
12th 6/3411 CPL. E. NEILSON
12th 18695 RFM. D. NELSON
12th 40234 PTE. E. NEWLOVE
12th 31530 PTE. L.M. NEWLOVE
12th 32459 PTE. R.M. NEWMAN
12th 15/71 SGT. G. NEWTON
12th 23084 PTE. O.A. NICHOLLS
12th 46200 PTE. A. NICOL
12th 8/2373 CAPT. R.H. NICOLSON
12th 26152 RFM. G.M. NIELSEN
12th 38574 RFM. C.M. NIGHTINGALE
12th 24214 PTE. A.W. NORDSTROM
12th 8/2092 PTE. G. NORMAN
12th 41004 RFM. H.W. NORRIS
12th 21073 RFM. A. NORTON
12th 24/872 CPL. W.H. NORTON
12th 25/667 RFM. A.J. O'BRIEN
12th 39300 PTE. J. O'BRIEN
12th 41869 RFM. J.P. O'BRIEN
12th 53259 PTE. W.T. O'BRIEN
12th 24291 CAPT. L.G. O'CALLAGHAN
12th 47176 RFM. D. O'CONNOR
12th 26/1019 RFM. C. O'DRISCOLL MM
12th 24274 PTE. J. O'GORMAN
12th 8/3025 PTE. T. O'HALLORAN
12th 9/1343 PTE. S.W. O'ROURKE
12th 21606 PTE. W.H. OATES
12th 27132 RFM. J.T. OKEY
12th 40715 RFM. F.W. OLDFIELD
12th 46478 RFM. H. OLDS
12th 48258 PTE. R.B. OLSEN
12th 41871 RFM. N.S. OLSON
12th 25298 PTE. L. ORR
12th 24046 PTE. C.R. OSBORNE
12th 29849 PTE. W.F. OXLEY
12th 44146 PTE. J.T. OXNAM
12th 42818 PTE. J.R. PAGE
12th 8/2375 PTE. T.E. PAGET
12th 8/2693 L/CPL. A.K. PAISLEY
12th 8/3931 CPL. R. PAISLEY
12th 22281 PTE. J.W. PALMER
12th 24/877 RFM. R. PALMER
12th 32463 PTE. E.D. PANNELL
12th 24/1158 RFM. L.E. PARKINSON
12th 30072 PTE. H.R. PARSLOW
12th 25/903 RFM. J.A. PARSONS
12th 42568 PTE. W. PATERSON
12th 18698 RFM. A. PATTON
12th 25/1198 RFM. W.C. PATTON
12th 24/1776 CPL. B. PAULSON MM
12th 24/1165 SGT. L.C. PAUWELS
12th 48840 RFM. W. PAYNE
12th 25/349 RFM. J.W. PEARCE
12th 17816 RFM. L.G. PEARCE
12th 8/3035 L/SGT. S.L. PEARCE
12th 5/894 PTE. W. PEARCE
12th 27954 PTE. A.J.T. PELL
12th 32781 PTE. E. PERFECT
12th 13798 PTE. H. PERI
12th 48261 PTE. D. PERRY
12th 29190 PTE. E.W. PERRY
12th 6/4125 PTE. J. PETERSEN
12th 46486 RFM. F.E. PHILIPPS
12th 41616 PTE. E.M. PHILIPS
12th 38307 RFM. G. PICKERING
12th 8/1314 PTE. M. PIPER
12th 19085 CAPT. E.S. PITT
12th 31432 PTE. E.A. PLAISTED
12th 7/2126 CPL. J.T. PLUCK
12th 22088 PTE. J. PLUNKETT
12th 14144 PTE. W. POLASCHEK
12th 25139 SGT. A.L. POLL
12th 11 /2197 DVR. G.H. POLLOCK
12th 22091 PTE. S. POMEROY
12th 24/559 RFM. C. POOL
12th 39308 PTE. E.A. POOLE
12th 29857 PTE. W.N. PORTEOUS
12th 23/562 RFM. A. POSHA
12th 30402 RFM. B. POTROZ
12th 26/1023 RFM. J.W. POTTS
12th 47682 PTE. J. POWELL
12th 30001 PTE. E.M. POWER
12th 15235 PTE. E.G. PRATTLEY
12th 19/221 RFM. E.G. PREEN
12th 32724 PTE. E.W. PULLAR MM
12th 15962 L/CPL. A.R. PURCELL
12th 13983 PTE. T. QUIN
12th 41109 RFM. M.C. QUINN
12th 34143 PTE. P.N. RADCLIFFE
12th 45129 PTE. J. RAMSAY
12th 39311 PTE. J.A. RAMSAY
12th 28407 PTE. W.D. REDDY
12th 41889 RFM. W. RESIDE
12th 39317 PTE. H.H. RICE
12th 26/1690 RFM. C.S. RICHARDSON
12th 21735 CPL. P.C. RICKETTS
12th 22285 PTE. G. RIDDLE
12th 29083 RFM. J.W.L. RIDLEY
12th 8/4485 L/CPL. S.M. RILEY
12th 49846 PTE. J. RIMMER
12th 41885 RFM. G. RIVETT
12th 21737 PTE. W.J. ROBB
12th 18709 RFM. T. ROBERTSON
12th 29301 PTE. R.E. ROBINSON
12th 8/2796 L/CPL. A. RODGER
12th 23440 RFM. G.G. ROGERS
12th 13097 CPL. W.R. ROSE
12th 39447 PTE. C. ROSENBERG
12th 49006 RFM. C. ROSS
12th 20239 RFM. F. ROSS
12th 9/78 SGT. N.G. ROSS
12th 37864 PTE. S.M. ROSS
12th 40717 RFM. W.A. ROSS
12th 41362 RFM. H. ROSSITER
12th 37869 PTE. F. RUDDICK
12th 23256 RFM. G.N. RUDKIN
12th 39722 LIEUT. W.B. RULE
12th 13808 RFM. H.G. RUSCOE
12th 25949 RFM. R.S. RUSSELL
12th 26179 L/CPL. A.E. RYAN
12th 8/16252/LT. E.M. RYBURN
12th 27117 PTE. G.C. SALMOND
12th 6/3454 L/CPL. H. SANDERS
12th 23259 PTE. F. SANDIFORTH
12th 36843 PTE. J.L. SAUNDERS
12th 32472 PTE. G.J. SCHUMACHER
12th 15979 RFM. T.S. SCLATER
12th 20572 RFM. G. SCOTT
12th 14162 RFM. J. SEAL
12th 13611 PTE. P.L. SEIDELIN
12th 3/2496 PTE. A. SHAND
12th 41114 PTE. E. SHAW
12th 4/2135 SPR. J.E. SHEARY
12th 46792 PTE. A. SHEDDAN
12th 8/2129 PTE. F. SHEEHAN
12th 30003 PTE. G. SHELDON
12th 29943 RFM. H.G. SHEPHERD
12th 45145 PTE. T. SHIELDS
12th 39640 PTE. N. SHORE
12th 39713 RFM. J.C. SIMM
12th 40725 RFM. R.J. SIMS
12th 8/2134 SGT. W.G. SINCLAIR MM
12th 22410 PTE. J.P. SLATTERY
12th 25/1813 RFM. W. SMART
12th 22378 RFM. A. SMITH
12th 14716 LIEUT. A.D. SMITH
12th 244122/LT. A.L. SMITH
12th 14156 RFM. C. SMITH
12th 297022/LT. E.S. SMITH
12th 40076 PTE. H.W. SMITH
12th 5/146 LIEUT. K.G. SMITH
12th 41649 PTE. S.G. SMITH
12th 25/1818 SGT. T. SMITH
12th 29097 RFM. W.K. SMITH MM
12th 47367 PTE. F. SMITHIES
12th 40655 RFM. A.G. SNELL
12th 38615 RFM. B. SNOWDEN
12th 11126 RFM. P.A. SOTNIKOFF
12th 39343 RFM. J.R. SPENCE
12th 244132/LT. R. SPENCE
12th 27614 PTE. H. SPRATT
12th 41936 RFM. E.G. SQUIRE
12th 39907 RFM. W.R. STAUB
12th 12/4095 PTE. P.M. STEEDS
12th 42871 RFM. A. STEEL
12th 41116 RFM. J.A. STENNING
12th 10179 PTE. N.R. STENSON
12th 4/480 CPL. E.A. STEPHEN
12th 23631 PTE. A.E. STEPHENS
12th 44318 RFM. J.C. STEVENS
12th 45774 RFM. J. STEVENSON
12th 184292/LT. H. STEWART
12th 37886 PTE. H.S.D. STEWART
12th 41421 PTE. J.R.C. STEWART
12th 44320 RFM. W.H. STEWART
12th 29947 RFM. G. STRACHAN
12th 46497 RFM. W.R. STROUD
12th 3/1552 PTE. J.R. STRUTHERS
12th 32741 PTE. S. STRUTHERS
12th 244152/LT. T.E. STUBBS
12th 18714 RFM. J. SULLIVAN
12th 41118 PTE. C.N. SUTHERLAND
12th 8/2827 PTE. F.N. SUTHERLAND
12th 26331 PTE. R. SUTHERLAND
12th 34166 RFM. W.R. SUTHERLAND
12th 41957 RFM. W. SUTTON
12th 23/2097 CPL. J.C. SWENSON
12th 140372/LT. A. TALBOT
12th 26333 PTE. F. TANSLEY
12th 11354 L/CPL. G.E. TAPP
12th 15042 PTE. A.H.S. TARRANT
12th 17835 RFM. C.R. TARRANT
12th 11978 PTE. H. TARRANT
12th 20262 RFM. A. TATTERSALL
12th 38769 RFM. W.J. TATTERSALL
12th 13136 RFM. D.L. TAYLOR
12th 22134 PTE. E. TAYLOR
12th 49024 RFM. W.H. TEAPE
12th 24/1210 PTE. J. TEMPLE
12th 21117 PTE. G.H. THOMAS
12th 32798 CPL. H. THOMPSON
12th 13131 PTE. J. THOMPSON
12th 39643 PTE. F.J. THOMSON
12th 23/1305 SGT. S.B. THOMSON
12th 42594 PTE. J. THORBURN
12th 8/2161 PTE. A. THORPE
12th 31553 PTE. J.D.B. TOMLINSON
12th 12/24952/LT. N. TOMPSETT
12th 15047 L/CPL. S.H. TOWNSEND
12th 15260 PTE. J.H. TRAILL
12th 37891 PTE. A. TROTT
12th 49489 PTE. R.W. TUBMAN
12th 14886 RFM. E.C. TUCKER
12th 45153 PTE. J.A. TULLOCH
12th 23059 PTE. J. TURNBULL
12th 23469 MAJ. W.W. TURNER MID
12th 42726 RFM. J.O. TWEED
12th 12/1815 RFM. A.M. TYRIE
12th 18508 L/SGT. F.C. URWIN
12th 40090 PTE. W. VALLENDER
12th 13145 RFM. A.C. VARNEY
12th 6/3190 SGT. A.J.F. VARNEY
12th 180212/LT. R.P. VAUGHAN
12th 331062/LT. G.M. VAVASOUR
12th 46500 RFM. S.R. VIALL
12th 26720 RFM. M. VIEIRA
12th 28927 L/CPL. S.V.C. VINCENT
12th 32758 PTE. E. VOGHT
12th 34757 PTE. F.J.W. WAINE
12th 19074 RFM. A.M. WAKEFIELD
12th 32265 PTE. F.J. WALDEN
12th 25769 L/CPL. C. WALKER
12th 8/3108 SGT. G. WALLACE
12th 15315 RFM. K.J. WALLACE
12th 9/1755 L/CPL. E.T.B. WALLIS
12th 9/1619 PTE. D.J. WALSH
12th 33046 PTE. A.H. WARD
12th 10982 L/CPL. W.R. WARD
12th 23/12 CAPT. C.L. WARDROP
12th 39368 PTE. R. WARDS
12th 14725 SGT. A. WARNER MID
12th 8/2170 PTE. R.J. WARR
12th 8/3426 PTE. C. WARREN
12th 39129 L/CPL. J. WARRING
12th 11140 L/CPL. P. WATKINSON
12th 44044 PTE. C.L. WATSON
12th 9/962/LT. N.F. WATSON
12th 51204 PTE. R. WATSON
12th 8/2493 PTE. R.J. WATSON
12th 45158 PTE. T. WATSON
12th 15056 L/SGT. F.J. WATTS
12th 25657 RFM. W.J. WATTS
12th 48119 RFM. P.H. WAY
12th 31914 RFM. G. WEBB
12th 41202 RFM. H.W. WEENINK
12th 11751 PTE. W. WELLINGS
12th 41687 PTE. H.C. WELLS
12th 21923 RFM. J. WELSH
12th 13159 RFM. P. WHEARTY
12th 40734 RFM. C.D. WHEELER
12th 26353 PTE. A.R. WHELHAM
12th 25/1840 RFM. F.S. WHITAKER
12th 53297 PTE. D. WHITE
12th 26726 RFM. W.C. WHITE
12th 14174 PTE. R.H. WHYTE
12th 24259 PTE. H. WILD
12th 8/3114 L/CPL. M. WILDEY
12th 8/1860 L/CPL. J. WILLIAMS
12th 32771 PTE. J.A.B. WILLIAMS
12th 25765 CPL. L.S. WILLIAMS DCM
12th 42441 RFM. W.H. WILLIAMS
12th 23/1876 L/CPL. F. WILLIAMSON
12th 32491 PTE. A.J. WILSON
12th 24/327 RFM. G.C. WILSON
12th 6/4651 PTE. J. WILSON
12th 29893 PTE. J. WILSON
12th 8/2764 PTE. J.A.Y. WILSON
12th 15277 PTE. R.A. WILSON
12th 48312 PTE. W.R. WINGETT
12th 6/2334 CPL. L.G. WINTER
12th 45291 PTE. W. WINTER
12th 27636 L/CPL. J.S. WISHART
12th 12/3516 CPL. E.H. WOOD
12th 23/1248 RFM. F.B. WRIGHT
12th 22150 PTE. D. YOUNG
12th 22151 PTE. J. YOUNG
12th 39385 PTE. R. YOUNG
12th 20593 RFM. W.E. YOUNG
12th 15318 RFM. W.S. YOUNG
13th 4/2038 SGT. H.G. BURT
13th 3/1763 PTE. J. CAUGHLIN
13th 30180 PTE. A. COKER
13th 20136 PTE. S. GARRETT
13th 1013276 PTE. E.F. HADDON
13th 41551 PTE. G.H. HODGSON
13th 224392/LT. M.K. MACLEOD
13th 24389 PTE. E.A. MASON
13th 30248 PTE. F.W. MAWHINEY
13th 3/167A SGT. W.E. McNATTY
13th 12/1098 PTE. J.M. MILGREW
13th 44984 RFM. T.J. O'CONNOR
13th 2/2691 GNR. P.E. OCKENDEN
13th 28200 PTE. F.G. PERKINS
13th 29866 PTE. A.C. ROBERTS
13th 51070 PTE. W.A. ROSE
13th 61109 PTE. O.G. ROWE
13th 11346 L/CPL. R.C. SANG
13th 8/4033 PTE. A. STEANS
13th 26197 RFM. R. STEVENSON
13th 6/1990 CAPT. W.J. STONE
13th 38238 RFM. R. TILZEY
13th 46970 PTE. W. WORNALL
14th 24527 PTE. H.D.B. AFFLECK
14th 43935 PTE. C.R. ANDERSON
14th 12122 RFM. N.P. BROWN
14th 6/2080 PTE. W.S. BRUCE
14th 28099 PTE. F.H. CAMMOCK
14th 26/746 L/CPL. R.M. CLARK
14th 9/689 SGT. J.T.C. CUNNINGHAM MM
14th 6/2597 L/CPL. L.W. DERRET MID
14th 3/3044 PTE. A. FRASER
14th 42646 RFM. J. FRENCH
14th 23/1990 CPL. J. GOLDIE
14th 14615 PTE. F.T. GRAY
14th 23547 CPL. F. HARPER
14th 30214 PTE. C.W. HATTEN
14th 6/3356 L/CPL. R.A. HUME
14th 3/2880 PTE. J. JAMISON
14th 23559 PTE. C. JOHNSTON
14th 6/1892 PTE. W.J. JOYNT
14th 14996 PTE. J.J. KAVANAGH
14th 29172 PTE. A.I.W. KAY
14th 13199 GNR. W. LAUGHTON
14th 44975 RFM. W.D. LEMON
14th 7/984 GNR. O.T. McMANAWAY
14th 13/2607 GNR. J.A. McNAIR
14th 17799 L/CPL. J.R. MORRISON
14th 44004 RFM. A. MUMFORD
14th 23/545 SGT. E.W. OXENBRIDGE
14th 3/507 CPL. W.C. PORTER
14th 31437 RFM. E. SANDERSON
14th 31792 PTE. T.P. SAULBREY
14th 18487 SPR. A. SELLARS
14th 24/1487 SGT. C.R. SMALL
14th 24106 SGT. O. SOTHERAN
14th 30310 PTE. A. STUART
14th 6/2770 PTE. J.R. SWADEL
14th 15255 PTE. R.F.F. TAPLIN
14th 4/1475 SPR. S.G. TREDINNICK
14th 12859 GNR. J.R. WAIT
14th 18516 PTE. E.L. WARREN
14th 26/1760 RFM. D.M. WIGHTON
14th 16141 PTE. W. WINTER
15th 52358 PTE. P.G. ARNABOLDI
15th 10298 PTE. S. BEANLAND
15th 32291 L/CPL. W. BIRMINGHAM
15th 3/2744 PTE. C.B. BLACK
15th 38115 RFM. A. BOLTON
15th 21769 L/CPL. J. BROWN
15th 42279 PTE. G.H. BURNSIDE
15th 24/991 RFM. J. CARSON
15th 33833 PTE. A.G. COWIE
15th 29224 PTE. T. CREAN
15th 46562 PTE. W.D. DARBY
15th 24/2179 RFM. F.E. DEAR
15th 2/2120 DVR. J.A. FERNANDOS
15th 30932 L/CPL. E.C. GARDNER
15th 3/106 L/CPL. T.J. GORTON
15th 20998 PTE. P. HAMILTON
15th 38540 RFM. H.G. JOHNSON
15th 17793 RFM. G.F. LAMBERT
15th 40824 PTE. N.J. MACHU
15th 38200 RFM. F. MACLEAN
15th 14653 PTE. H. MARTIN
15th 6/4100 PTE. P. McALLISTER
15th 301082/LT. J. McLEAN
15th 45107 PTE. J.A. McNIECE
15th 2/426 DVR. R.D. MURDOCH
15th 29059 L/CPL. J. NOBLETT
15th 33941 PTE. J. PARMENTER
15th 21730 PTE. G. PEARCE
15th 16/288 PTE. R. RANAPIRI
15th 45127 PTE. S.C. RODGERS
15th 17008 SPR. W.G. SAGE
15th 46096 PTE. A.J. SALAMONSON
15th 26471 SPR. J.A. SPENCER
15th 20656 PTE. P. TAMATI
15th 51584 PTE. W.K. WHITEHORN
16th 25781 RFM. P.R. ANDREW
16th 46274 PTE. W.J. BLAYMIRES
16th 13406 PTE. F.H. BROWN
16th 33809 CPL. K.R. BROWN
16th 51553 PTE. C.W. BURR
16th 16529 PTE. W. CARNE
16th 23514 L/CPL. J.H. CARSWELL
16th 34646 PTE. W.H. DEAN
16th 22953 L/CPL. P. DORIA
16th 3/2879 PTE. J. FREI
16th 32666 PTE. D. HEALY
16th 34859 PTE. J. HIGGINS
16th 2/2159 GNR. C. HOWARD
16th 23557 PTE. T. JENKINS
16th 40012 PTE. W.W.E. JOHNSTONE
16th 13076 RFM. J. MACDONALD
16th 8/1808 PTE. D. MUIR
16th 29937 L/SGT. J.E. NEWLANDS
16th 27185 SGT. E.N. PLAYER
16th 2/1939 GNR. J.E. POWER
16th 28534 RFM. J. RAFTER
16th 3/1419 PTE. J.H. RICE
16th 46618 PTE. J. SHARMAN
16th 41026 PTE. W.M. SMITH
16th 4/1100 SPR. M.W. TAIT
16th 24/301 PTE. G. TAYLOR
16th 23272 RFM. D. TWEEDIE
16th 51669 PTE. T.J. WALSH
16th 32481 PTE. F.A. WESTENRA
17th 30153 PTE. A.H. AGNEW
17th 29203 PTE. R.B. ALLAN
17th 33503 CPL. H.F. BARNES
17th 20485 RFM. G. BECK
17th 23/2542 PTE. J.S. BELL
17th 36545 PTE. C.R. BOUGHTON
17th 37963 PTE. C.W. BOWERS
17th 42287 PTE. F.W. CHAMBERS
17th 37768 PTE. S.E. CLARK
17th 6/3659 PTE. E.E. CLOUGH
17th 1 0/3864 L/CPL. W. COUTTS
17th 31231 PTE. A.B. CURRY
17th 21993 L/CPL. E. DREDGE
17th 24/417 PTE. W.T. FAULL
17th 36857 PTE. M.J. FLYNN
17th 34054 PTE. A.E. GRADWELL
17th 15163 PTE. P. GRAY
17th 37801 PTE. R.S. GREEKS
17th 13437 PTE. B. HALLETT
17th 29788 PTE. J.W. JONES
17th 45521 PTE. D.F. KELLEHER
17th 29792 PTE. M. LAVELLE
17th 33564 PTE. S.W. LORD
17th 40714 RFM. D. MACKINTOSH
17th 3/175 SGT. G.V. MACKLEY
17th 29807 PTE. D. McLENNAN
17th 3/2625 PTE. F.C. MILLS
17th 29836 PTE. W.M. MORRISON
17th 42545 PTE. M.A. MOYNIHAN
17th 6/316 PTE. T. NINNES
17th 27362 PTE. H.S. RITCHIE
17th 41631 PTE. G.H. SALISBURY
17th 1 0/3387 PTE. G.N. SAYWELL
18th 49587 PTE. J. BEAN
18th 811417 PTE. R. BUCHELE
18th 2/2091 DVR. L.P. CAVE
18th 25817 PTE. A.C. CODD
18th 6/1494 PTE. C.F. COOKSON
18th 2/1510 GNR. C.G. EDWARDS
18th 28141 PTE. W.H. EGERTON
18th 28995 PTE. F.L. EVANS
18th 15893 CPL. S.H. GIBSON
18th 17640 DVR. C. HAIRSINE
18th 8/3622 PTE. R.W. HAYES
18th 28588 SGT. V.A. HOLBECHE
18th 35086 PTE. G.A. HUDSON
18th 25883 L/CPL. A. JACKSON
18th 1 /205 SGT. H.E. JENKINSON
18th 36627 PTE. A.F. JONES
18th 26628 PTE. A.S. JONES
18th 35091 PTE. J. KENNEDY
18th 47194 PTE. W.J. LAWRY
18th 31132 PTE. C.H. MATHESON
18th 33923 PTE. B.A. McCABE
18th 49781 PTE. H.C. McKENZIE
18th 30621 PTE. C.J. McKEOWN
18th 32356 PTE. J. MITCHELL
18th 2/3058 GNR. M. NICHOLSON
18th 29681 PTE. P. O'NEILL
18th 35348 GNR. H.J. OWEN
18th 21090 RFM. T. PROBERT
18th 42396 PTE. W. RADFORD
18th 30857 PTE. P.J. RAWLINSON
18th 46077 PTE. J.S. RIDDLE
18th 9/397 SGT. A.J. SCAIFE
18th 225272/LT. R.H. STABLES
18th 42829 PTE. F. WALKER
18th 44040 PTE. C. WALLIS
19th 24304 LIEUT. J.C. ALLEN
19th 25/932 CPL. T. ARMSTRONG
19th 28851 PTE. D.A. BLACK
19th 17/352 GNR. J. BOLTON
19th 39174 PTE. S. CORRIGALL
19th 33839 PTE. S.L. COSGRAVE
19th 7/1841 DVR. W.H. EADES
19th 35161 PTE. H.H. FOSTER
19th 11463 PTE. C.G. GUINNESS
19th 26/1193 L/SGT. C. HALL
19th 14979 PTE. E.L.G. HARDY
19th 23/1413 PTE. A.H. HATTE
19th 35204 PTE. W.W. HEARLE
19th 11 /65 LIEUT. H.N. JICKELL
19th 1 0/3930 PTE. D. LANGLEY
19th 11330 L/SGT. J.L. MACGREGOR CdG
19th 23593 PTE. E.J. McLAUGHLIN
19th 45908 PTE. H.C. PEARSE
19th 34914 PTE. R. PHAIR
19th 6/1710 PTE. G.I. SHAW
19th 115842/LT. H.P. SOLOMAN
19th 15094 PTE. J. STEWART
19th 40393 PTE. N.E.J. TOOMEY
19th 51295 PTE. W. WALKER
19th 41697 PTE. N. WOOD
20th 51630 PTE. C. ABBOTT
20th 9872 CPL. A.W. ALLEY MM
20th 40502 RFM. F.J. BRINDLE
20th 51005 PTE. M. CLEMENT
20th 46438 RFM. J.Y. CORK
20th 33701 PTE. H.S. DAVIS
20th 3/2631 PTE. L.P. DONOHUE
20th 51020 PTE. F.A. DORAN
20th 41512 PTE. P.E. DOYLE
20th 5/1483A PTE. W.F. FARRELL
20th 51710 PTE. E. FAULKNER
20th 9/1186 PTE. W. JOHNSON
20th 48223 PTE. J. KIRKLAND
20th 26/314 SGT. J. McALLAN
20th 35369 GNR. T. O'REILLY
20th 2/1075 DVR. R.D. PAGE
20th 35090 PTE. R.W. RESTALL
20th 32245 PTE. W. SHIRLEY
20th 23/914 RFM. R.J. SPEER
20th 42218 PTE. C. SYME
20th 23/1216 PTE. H.W. THOMPSON
20th 31382 PTE. T. WALLACE
20th 16/1354 PTE. K. WARENA
20th 3/2828 PTE. A.V. WILKINSON
21st 5/513A PTE. F.G. BAKER
21st 33812 PTE. S.H. BALDWIN
21st 6/2954 CPL. S. BROWN
21st 8/2416 CPL. L.W. COONEY
21st 1012390 CPL. A.S. CROWTHER
21st 25/101 RFM. E.J. DAVID
21st 26815 PTE. F.D. DIPROSE
21st 52402 PTE. C.F. FITZGERALD
21st 30198 PTE. W.A. FUSZARD
21st 28464 PTE. W. GOWLAND
21st 29393 PTE. A.V. GRIFFITHS
21st 1 0/2955 PTE. J. HARRIS
21st 225642/LT. P. HOWDEN
21st 28158 PTE. M. KELLY
21st 28626 PTE. A. MACDONALD
21st 38052 PTE. J.F. MASON
21st 42152 PTE. J.G. MAY
21st 9/1917 GNR. W.C. McDONALD
21st 30834 PTE. W.J. McGOWAN
21st 14871 PTE. J.N. SABIN
21st 42584 PTE. W. SCOTT
21st 6/1713 PTE. S. SHIRLEY
21st 31376 L/CPL. H.P. TODD
22nd 39510 PTE. F.W.D. AITCHISON
22nd 11595 L/CPL. F. ANNAND
22nd 14366 PTE. G.F. ASHBY
22nd 24134 L/CPL. J. BRADLEY
22nd 11844 L/CPL. H.A. DIAMOND
22nd 331002/LT. S.E. DONNE
22nd 42070 PTE. J.T. FINNERTY
22nd 14247 L/CPL. J.F. FLANAGAN
22nd 46179 PTE. F.G. FLOWER
22nd 21669 PTE. L. FOSTER
22nd 10341 L/CPL. F. GOLDSMITH
22nd 47193 PTE. L.L. HAHN
22nd 3/2813 PTE. H. HALL
22nd 26/838 PTE. W.L.A. LYE
22nd 1 0/2685 PTE. C.N. McDOWELL
22nd 11918 PTE. E.W. McKENZIE
22nd 46371 PTE. A.W. MEANEY
22nd 34708 PTE. C. MUNRO
22nd 45892 PTE. J.P. MURPHY
22nd 27139 PTE. W. NANKERVIS MM
22nd 1 0/3355 L/CPL. L.W. NORTHOVER
22nd 42383 PTE. R.B. OSBORNE
22nd 13799 PTE. E.C. PHILPOT
22nd 13820 PTE. D.C. SCOTT
22nd 42228 PTE. S. STANDEN
22nd 12/273 PTE. A. WALDING
22nd 42251 PTE. A. WHITING
22nd 40426 PTE. A.D. WOODALL
22nd 12/2522 SGT. G.C. WOULDES
23rd 3/2609 PTE. H.C. ANDERSON
23rd 22769 PTE. J. CAIRNS
23rd 44702 PTE. W. CLARK
23rd 38803 PTE. W.P. DUNNE
23rd 40565 PTE. F.A. HENDERSON
23rd 1 0/3906 CPL. C.J. HILLIAR
23rd 30100 CAPT. J. KEIR MC
23rd 30607 PTE. A.O. MARQUET
23rd 18246 GNR. E.F. MASON
23rd 49828 PTE. A.E. MAYNARD
23rd 37004 PTE. E. McLAUGHLIN
23rd 38193 RFM. L.W. MONSON
23rd 1 0/22742/LT. S.V. PAUL
23rd 1 0/2500 SGT. A.H. PEARCE
23rd 3666 PTE. B. SANDERSON
23rd 24/1494 RFM. J. TANTRUM
23rd 12/3858 L/CPL. F.D. WALLIS
23rd 41914 RFM. W.H. WARREN
24th 30501 PTE. B.T. ANDERSON
24th 1 0/2064 PTE. D. BARNS
24th 52946 RFM. A.D. BRYANT
24th 21971 PTE. W. BUCHAN
24th 39788 PTE. D. FERGUSON
24th 44582 PTE. G.W. HESLOP
24th 37195 PTE. C.W.J. KING
24th 13215 GNR. N.A. McPHEE
24th 28777 PTE. J.A. O'DEA
24th 28801 L/CPL. E.H. ROBERTSON
24th 12/3798 PTE. A.S. ROGER
24th 1 0/1649 CPL. A. SHAKESHAFT
24th 47610 PTE. F.J. TORR
25th 26/1562 PTE. C.W. AMBROSE
25th 9/114 GNR. F. BAILLIE
25th 51681 PTE. W.E. BOURKE
25th 12756 GNR. L.A.H. DAY
25th 5/685 PTE. E. EVANS
25th 10579 GNR. T.G. FARQUHARSON
25th 35634 PTE. W.R. FOLLETT
25th 30368 RFM. F.C. HARVEY
25th 25010 DVR. C. HUNTER
25th 6/2382 PTE. T.W. KEARSE
25th 39264 RFM. J.A. MARSHALL
25th 2/545 CPL. L. PARKYN
25th 13227 GNR. T.A. PETERKIN
25th 2/2249 GNR. W.O. RICHMOND
25th 13/2910 GNR. T. SEARCHFIELD
26th 4/536 CPL. C.A. BYRNE
26th 51688 PTE. G. CLARK
26th 40192 PTE. J.H. COPPELL
26th 13505 GNR. H.D. FORDE
26th 26115 RFM. L. KING
26th 43430 GNR. R. LEE
26th 27573 PTE. J.W. OMAND
26th 56844 RFM. H.A. PENBERTHY
26th 34153 PTE. A.O.R. SMITH
26th 69152 PTE. G. THOMPSON
27th 35071 GNR. W.J. TIELLE
28th 54109 PTE. A. ALLAN
28th 44967 PTE. T. CLINTON
28th 43039 GNR. H.M. HARRISON
28th 1769 CPL. W.G. HOSIE
28th 29422 PTE. J. LEWIN
28th 7/1555 PTE. F. MARKHAM
28th 48686 PTE. C.O. STOREY
29th 28039 GNR. E. BARNES
29th 38257 PTE. F.A. BIGGS
29th 45982 PTE. H.R. BIRD
29th 12743 DVR. J. CARSON
29th 35497 RFM. A. EYLES
29th 12996 L/SGT. G.E. FLETCHER MM
29th 35671 GNR. W.H. HUSKINSON
29th 19281 CPL. K. NGAIA
29th 40358 PTE. C.F. OVER
29th 43905 GNR. J.M. TAIT
29th 40727 RFM. L.J. TONKIN
30th 2/501A GNR. A. BAIN
30th 30755 PTE. J.P. CLEAVE
30th 17289 GNR. G.J. FITZGERALD
30th 12/3675 L/CPL. W. HENDERSON
30th 2/LT. N.S. HYSLOP
30th 21694 PTE. F. JONES
30th 59146 PTE. J. MURPHY
30th 13/2887 DVR. E.A. PARR MM
30th 1 0/2287 DVR. E.H. RAINEY
30th 14018 L/CPL. R. WOOD
31st 52920 RFM. L.H. ALLERBY
31st 13283 CAPT. S.C. ASHTON
31st 13/2418 TPR. C. BLONG
31st 23/77 RFM. A.B. BOOKER MM
31st 31065 TPR. R.H. BURROW
31st 43170 TPR. F. DENNIS
31st 37191 PTE. S.W. FRANKLIN
31st 11 /1801 TPR. F.C. GATES
31st 17593 TPR. W.H. HAWKINS
31st 13/368 LIEUT. W.H. JOHNS
31st 13/826 DVR. R.F. LANGLEY
31st 12811 GNR. R.R.C. McFARLAND
31st 13/2573 TPR. R.T. MILLER
31st 31794 PTE. C. SWEET
31st 12887 TPR. P.G. WHITE



1st   16/1285 PTE. T.R. MATIA
3rd   59800 PTE. J.P. COLTON
3rd   16/575A CPL. J. DANGER
3rd   36506 PTE. R.H. WHITE
5th   2/577 CPL. R.J. LESLIE
6th   28885 PTE. F.A. HOLLAND
6th  25/510 L/CPL. D.B.S. MACLEAN
6th   27111 RFM. G. SCOTT
7th   21485 L/CPL. C.F. BOOTH
7th   24/125 RFM. P.W. DOIG
9th   38137 RFM. W.J. DE BLOIS
9th   25/1770 RFM. E.S. KILFORD
9th   24/525 SGT. D. McKENZIE
9th   26167 RFM. E.H. PIERCE
10th 136892/LT. M.C. CAMERON
10th  46116 PTE. H. CLARK
10th  23/159 RFM. R. GROVES
10th  58700 PTE. F.V. WALLACE
11th  28425 RFM. W.H. BRYAN
11th  35268 GNR. R.L. GRIBBIN
11th  39101 RFM. G.K. RICHARDSON
11th  39109 RFM. F.P.C. SMITH
11th 25/365 RFM. H.W. THACKWELL
11th  26/329 L/CPL. J.R. WARDEN
12th  37930 PTE. C. MILSON
13th  8/2943 SPR. J. HEALY
13th  43929 PTE. G. SAGAR
13th  26208 RFM. N. THOMSEN
13th  20582 RFM. J.O. TWOMEY
13th  26228 RFM. F.R. WOOD
15th  810760 GNR. H.G. HARDING MM
15th  6/2460 PTE. E.H. PARKER
15th  15040 PTE. J. TAIT
16th  19236 SGT. B. BANABA
16th  55304 SGT. A.E. FOORD
16th  56310 PTE. A.H. LE GRICE
16th  42681 RFM. T. MALEY
16th   23/1906 CAPT. D.G. NAPIER
16th   23/2594 RFM. H. VAUX
17th   44271 RFM. T. GOLLAN
17th   8/3697 PTE. D.B. McPHAIL
17th   8/3023 PTE. J.M. NICOL
17th   81001 PTE. G. SUTHERLAND
17th   8/3790 PTE. H.S. WILLIAMS
18th   42692 RFM. J. McCUTCHEON
18th   41115 RFM. V.P. SHIEL
19th  5/195 PTE. J. MARTIN
20th   4077 SGT. G.K. BOGLE
20th  26156 RFM. L. PHILLIPS
20th  10/3067 PTE. T.H. REYNISH
20th   267056 RFM. J. SAMUEL
20th   5895 PTE. N.F. SKINNER
21st   39120 BDR. W.H. DEACON
22nd  4/1323 SPR. W. AINSLIE
22nd  27170 CPL. W.C. BEDFORD
22nd  21189 PTE. A.J. BLAIKIE
22nd  19929 CPL. R. EDWARDS
23rd   51149 PTE. E. BROWN
23rd   23006 L/CPL. D.G. MAY
24th  55050 PTE. W.S. GILLANDERS
24th  57068 PTE. W.F. GREAVES
24th  36972 RFM. W.E. HARRIS
24th  55753 PTE. J.S. JACKSON
24th  56791 PTE. J. JUDGE
24th  56795 PTE. C.I. KIRTON
24th  55776 PTE. B.A.W. McBRYDE
24th  57122 PTE. R.V. McKENNA
24th  2/LT. R.S. ROSS
24th  56874 PTE. W.J. TRUSSELL
24th  56883 PTE. J. WARDEN
24th  54624 PTE. S.E. WEST
25th  350051 C.Q.M.S. W. BIRCHALL
25th  29988 PTE. W. HEATHER
25th  10/3035 PTE. J.J. MONAHAN
25th  12856 GNR. G.G. VIAL
26th   24805 RFM. D. GEAR
26th   13208 DVR. T.J. MORRIS
26th   29107 RFM. M. TROLAN
27th  19921 PTE. K. AUWHA
27th   2/2962 GNR. E.A. BARNARD
27th   58206 TPR. F.H. GILLON
28th   37767 RFM. J. CHANCE
28th 2/2988 A/BDR. L.T. ESQUILANT
28th  2/428 SGT. T.S. JACKA
28th  26/496 L/CPL. W. MACKAY
28th  23082 L/SGT. A.J. MORGAN
28th  39424 RFM. J.A. ROBERTSON
28th  26/418 RFM. W. SCOTT
28th  21904 RFM. R. SHAW
28th  26/421 SGT. C.H. STILL MM
29th  54821 PTE. W. BRETT
29th  13314 PTE. A.E. CLUTTERBUCK
29th  11/2112 GNR. F.G. HANSEN
29th  13/2339 GNR. E.J. LIBEAU
29th  46960 PTE. J.O. LLOYD
29th   23868 L/CPL. J. O'CONNELL
29th   27350 PTE. J.B. O'NEILL
29th   6/1683 PTE. F.J. PAGE
29th   1/125 GNR. K.D. RUSSELL
30th   30102 LIEUT. F.A. AIREY
30th   32929 L/CPL. H.G. ANDREWS
30th   8/548 PTE. A. BUCHAN
30th   9/1283 PTE. A.A. DRISCOLL
30th   2/1405 SGT. F. FORSYTHE
30th   8/3279 PTE. G. GROVES
30th   20342 PTE. T.W. HATCHER
30th   4/1170 SPR. P.J. HUSBAND
30th  14204 PTE. M.W. JOHNSTONE
30th   8/591 PTE. J. KELLETT
30th   48974 RFM. R.R.J. LLOYD
30th   29040 PTE. F.W. LUNT
30th   13066 RFM. T.D. MOCKFORD
30th   6/2464 PTE. J.L.R. POLLOCK
30th   33772 PTE. N.W. SCARLETT


On July 31, 1917, the Allies launch a renewed assault on German lines in the Flanders region of Belgium.  The attack begins more than three months of brutal fighting, known as the Third Battle of Ypres.


1st 41723 PTE. H.C. BARTON
1st 813216 PTE. P. CLARKEN
1st 8/3225 CPL. J. CRANNITCH
1st 20117 PTE. H. DIMOND
1st 26/1597 CPL. F.D. GILMOUR
1st 18905 2/LT. E.N. GRIMWADE
1st 29400 PTE. C. HARVEY
1st 38703 PTE. E.J. HESKETH
1st 12/4012 CPL. A. HINCHMORE
1st 14629 PTE. H.J.C. HITCHMAN
1st 2/582 MAJ. A.E. HORWOOD MC
1st 42129 PTE. R.W. LEAF
1st 43178 PTE. F. LILEWALL
1st 27689 LIEUT. C.A. LYNCH
1st 11506 L/CPL. E.J. McCONNELL
1st 42836 PTE. G. McELROY
1st 32528 PTE. M. McKINNON
1st 19158 PTE. H. MONAGHAN
1st 12/3774 PTE. T. PAGE
1st 20418 PTE. A.W. RAE
1st 12263 PTE. H.L. ROSS
1st 40725 PTE. R.H. ROXBURGH
1st 10/518 SGT. C. SCIASCIA MM
1st 12512 PTE. J.E. THOMSON
1st 12306 PTE. A.H. WALKER
1st 39568 PTE. J. WALKER
1st 24747 PTE. J. WILLACY
1st 38787 PTE. J.E. WOOD
1st 25629 PTE. T. WRIGHT
2nd 15126 PTE. W.G. BARBER
2nd 13/2296 TPR. W.H. BATES
2nd 21144 PTE. R. BOYD
2nd 37474 SPR. E. DAVIES
2nd 10/2916 PTE. J. DAVIES
2nd 9/694 BDR. W.M. DWYER
2nd 16545 PTE. J. GOUDIE
2nd 8/1495 2/LT. F. HARE
2nd 26/1198 RFM. C. HARROP
2nd 16554 PTE. C.C. HILLS
2nd 31663 PTE. A. KNOX
2nd 25269 PTE. R.G. LOGAN
2nd 13069 PTE. F. MACRAE
2nd 14668 PTE. J.F. McDONALD
2nd 38058 PTE. J.H. McLAREN
2nd 26750 CPL. R.E.L. MITCHELL
2nd 2/2229 GNR. E.F. NOONAN
2nd 31699 PTE. R. PENGELLY
2nd 10/181 CPL. C.H. RICHARDS
2nd 15656 PTE. R.J. RICHARDSON
2nd 23/275 SGT. W. SARRATT
2nd 23/277 SGT. H.Y. SEWART
2nd 32755 PTE. W.S. TURFUS
2nd 33488 PTE. A. WILLIAMS
3rd 21774 RFM. R. BOND
3rd 39163 PTE. W.J. CARTWRIGHT
3rd 26/46 SGT. J. CORADINE
3rd 8/3584 PTE. W.A. FLOCKHART
3rd 13946 PTE. W.T. LACEY MM
3rd 8/3333 PTE. D.I. McKELLAR
3rd 6/3821 PTE. S.K. OSBORNE MM
3rd 8/1644 PTE. W.J. STEPHENS
3rd 13/358 DVR. M. STEVENS
4th 28968 RFM. J. BRADLEY
4th 15138 CPL. A.R. CLARK
4th 16/102/LT. A.P. KAIPARA
4th 16/643 PTE. W. KOPUA
4th 3/421 CPL. J.J. LAWSON
4th 23/1430 RFM. T.S. LORY
4th 16/8092/LT. D.B. McNICOL
4th 33750 PTE. J.P. MURPHY
4th 13219 GNR. V.A. OSBORN
4th 27952 PTE. S.H. PARSONS
4th 16/449 PTE. H. RANGI
4th 39115 RFM. R.C. STRACHEY
4th 19524 PTE. T. TAURERE
4th 16/753 PTE. P.K. TE KURU
4th 16/1390 PTE. N. TE TUHI
4th 12/886 2/LT. A.S. THOMPSON MSM
4th 39383 PTE. E.J. WILSON
4th 39136 RFM. A.C. WINTER
5th 28846 PTE. G.H. AKAST
5th 15282 SGT. E.W. BAILEY
5th 8/3508 PTE. J. BROWN
5th 4/1645 SPR. G.E. DAVIES
5th 38524 RFM. T.C. GILES
5th 27496 PTE. J.A. GODSELL
5th 23/435 CPL. G. GRAHAM
5th 15173 PTE. R.L. HUTTON
5th 25717 RFM. W.R. KEAY
5th 32875 PTE. J. MACDONALD
5th 32687 PTE. H.E. MACMURDO
5th 16/686 PTE. J. NEWTON
5th 56337 PTE. F.C. NORGROVE
5th 17097 PTE. J. O'CONNOR
5th 16/723 PTE. T.S. RICKUS
5th 27585 PTE. D.S. RITCHIE
5th 37889 PTE. S.A.K. SMITH
5th 10548 SPR. T.W. SQUIRRELL
5th 38617 RFM. A.C.V. TORR
5th 9/2237 SGT. D. TURNER
5th 5/289A PTE. A.E. WELLS
5th 42443 PTE. G.M. WILSON
6th 23/1526 RFM. E.L.S. BROWN
6th 25/939 L/CPL. J. BURGESS
6th 32432 PTE. W. CARTER
6th 23/392 L/CPL. G. CRAW
6th 18587 PTE. A.J. DUNN
6th 40308 PTE. C.R. EYRE
6th 38148 RFM. P.W. FRENCH
6th 15528 PTE. B.S. GIBB
6th 39799 PTE. C.P. GREEKS
6th 20769 PTE. W. HARDING
6th 18543 PTE. A. HARRISON
6th 15177 PTE. T. INGRAM
6th 41203 RFM. C.D. JAMES
6th 6/3057 PTE. G. JUDGE
6th 3/3330 PTE. J. JULL
6th 6/3801 L/CPL. V.A. McILROY
6th 39442 PTE. F. McINTYRE
6th 37838 PTE. J.A. MOORE
6th 20625 PTE. D. PADLIE
6th 40841 PTE. J. POLSON
6th 6/337 PTE. S.W. ROBERTS
6th 40252 PTE. A.J. SIMMONS
6th 39483 PTE. H.E. STANNARD
6th 23/936 PTE. W.M.L. TOSH
6th 25/831 L/CPL. C.H. TREADGOLD
6th 34756 PTE. A.E. VINCENT
6th 27050 PTE. T. WARK
6th 34767 PTE. A.B.D. WILSON
7th 19224 RFM. J. ANNETT
7th 15858 RFM. E. ARCHER
7th 39741 PTE. C.L. BEATTIE
7th 9/9082/LT. J.D. CAMERON
7th 14761 RFM. F.P. CUNNINGHAM
7th 40526 PTE. J.L. DODD
7th 24/1212/LT. D.K. DUTHIE
7th 12415 RFM. A. KINZETT
7th 32869 RFM. T.A. MATHESON
7th 21159 RFM. W.H. MELHUISH
7th 26008 CPL. W.H.M. ROBINSON
7th 22215 SGT. J.W. SHIRLEY
7th 25/145 PTE. C. TAYLOR
7th 32917 RFM. A.R. WEBB
7th 25771 RFM. F.E. WEBSTER
8th 23/671 RFM. W. BAIRD
8th 25800 RFM. J.C. BREUER
8th 42028 PTE. C.C. BROWN
8th 25186 PTE. L.A. BUSH
8th 25805 RFM. R. CAMPBELL
8th 57403 PTE. J. CARTWRIGHT
8th 23/715 RFM. A.C. CRAIG
8th 6/2185 PTE. G. LETCHFORD
8th 23/816 RFM. T. LYNCH
8th 28904 PTE. W.R. McVEY
8th 6/318 L/SGT. H.F. OWEN
8th 39472 PTE. H. PHILLIPS
8th 18704 RFM. E.S. RANDAL
8th 15416 PTE. P.A. RIPLEY
8th 23/2080 RFM. A.J. ROBINSON
8th 14872 RFM. H.R. SARGENT
8th 16/869 PTE. H.G.N. SKELTON
8th 25958 RFM. R.E. STEVENSON
8th 40256 PTE. J. STOCKS
9th 40791 PTE. J. ELSTOB
9th 39577 PTE. E.J.P. FITZSIMONS
9th 30197 PTE. R.P. FRANDSEN
9th 25855 RFM. T.W. GLEDHILL
9th 24/203 L/SGT. V.C. KAVANAGH
9th 26/1659 L/CPL. V.J. McNULTY
9th 15069 L/CPL. P. NIELSEN
9th 14718 L/SGT. W.J. PROUTING
9th 23433 RFM. N.C. RICHARDSON
9th 32900 RFM. W. RICHARDSON
9th 13/879 BDR. H.S. RICHMOND
9th 24/1492 CPL. F.C. St. GEORGE MM
9th 24/586 RFM. R.J. STEVENS
9th 44171 RFM. R. THOMAS
9th 21359 PTE. G.B. WATERTON
9th 32980 PTE. J.H. WHITTEM
9th 25/369 RFM. A. WILSON
10th 6/1233 PTE. L.G. ARNOLD
10th 36941 PTE. J.T. BEECH
10th 40782 PTE. J.C. DENNIS
10th 4/1919 SPR. R.D.J. EVANS
10th 39806 PTE. F. HARRISON
10th 50152 GNR. H.G. LUXFORD
10th 15401 RFM. A.N. McCOLLUM
10th 4/1449 L/CPL. G.H. MEDER
10th 28545 PTE. R.M. SCOTT
10th 41044 PTE. M.J. TARLETON
10th 6/3187 CPL. J.V. TWIDLE
10th 42245 RFM. A. WILE
11th 27192 RFM. D.W. ANDERSON
11th 15124 PTE. P.H. AYSON
11th 40766 RFM. H. BOUCHER
11th 35495 L/CPL. R. CHARTERS
11th 301102/LT. A.R. DOUGLAS
11th 6/224 PTE. L.W. EYLES
11th 15890 PTE. M. FARAC
11th 24/147 RFM. S.R. FORD
11th 20140 RFM. J. GRANT
11th 32176 PTE. G.B. HARRIS
11th 33102 CAPT. P.J. KELIGHER
11th 42807 PTE. W.H. KEMP
11th 20844 PTE. P. KIHI
11th 8/2643 PTE. S. LANGSKAILL
11th 28910 PTE. J. O'REILLY
11th 10/1618 PTE. H.A. PHILLIPS
11th 15238 PTE. J.S. RARITY
11th 38612 PTE. A.J. SCOTT
11th 32388 RFM. J.M. SNELLING
11th 32242 PTE. L.H. SOWRY
11th 24/1231 SGT. G. WILCE
12th 11/1891 DVR. E. BROWN
12th 6/4004 PTE. A. BURTON
12th 23/1592 PTE. J.C. CLARKE
12th 34032 PTE. M. COLLINS
12th 2/LT. A.W. GORDON
12th 32321 RFM. J.W. GRANT
12th 31491 PTE. W.R. GROOBY
12th 30370 PTE. T. HARVIE
12th 3/897 PTE. S.H. HOARE
12th 3/1043 PTE. W.G. INNES
12th 2/2180 GNR. J.M. LAWSON
12th 21515 RFM. T. LESLIE
12th 39480 PTE. E. MURPHY
12th 14477 PTE. W.V. PETHERICK
12th 3/1083 PTE. J.H. REEVES
12th 11/2238 TPR. P.J. SHEEHAN
12th 24229 PTE. G.E. SHERIDAN
12th 39110 RFM. G.A. SMITH
12th 39474 PTE. J.J. SMYTH
12th 41167 PTE. F.A. WILSON
13th 45063 PTE. W.J. BRYSON
13th 32939 RFM. C.R. CORKHILL
13th 26/98 SGT. A.E. FULCHER MM
13th 14727 RFM. A.W. HELEM
13th 24/2010 PTE. W.L. ILLINGWORTH
13th 7/2190 PTE. F.A. IVEY
13th 23421 RFM. T. O'HARA
13th 34922 PTE. A. ROBERTSON
13th 6/1416 L/CPL. W.G. TERRIS
13th 44035 PTE. G. THYNE
14th 42455 PTE. W.P. AITKEN
14th 36306 PTE. A. BEGG
14th 23128 CPL. J. BRUCE
14th 7/335 L/CPL. W.D. GOLD
14th 10593 FAR. J.E. GRIFFITHS
14th 16/5 SGT. R.E. HALE
14th 16/620 CAPT. P. KAA
14th 36919 PTE. S.T. KELLY
14th 15924 RFM. F. LEES
14th 26/116 RFM. S.O. LOTHIAN
14th 26/1098 RFM. J.J. NEE
14th 16/1459 PTE. V. RURU
14th 47688 PTE. P.H. SMITH
14th 19398 PTE. J. TE KAURU
14th 16/1462 PTE. P. WINIANA
15th 29665 PTE. H.H. ASTON
15th 6/1258 C.Q.M.S. W. CAVANAGH
15th 18343 TPR. J.T. CLOSE
15th 12/3287 CPL. J.A. COWLEY
15th 44836 RFM. T.J. DEENEY
15th 39973 PTE. J.D. FAULKNOR
15th 4/1358 SPR. R.J. JONES
15th 7/2072 CAPT. M.J. MORRISON MC
15th A/200222 RFM. W. PICKETT
15th 28791 PTE. L.P. POULSEN
15th 41877 RFM. S.W. PUGH
15th 26/1102 L/CPL. A. STAFF
15th 26/4722/LT. W.E. STEVENS
16th 141822/LT. K.S. ABERNETHY
16th 23/1945 L/CPL. W.D. BEAVIS
16th 21770 RFM. A. BRASELL
16th 43951 PTE. A. CAMPBELL
16th 29747 PTE. J. CLARK
16th 15696 PTE. W.E. CODD
16th 230841 L/CPL. J.A.F. CORKER
16th 47412 PTE. T. DAVIS
16th 39964 PTE. C.W. DODDS
16th 15078 PTE. W. FLEMING
16th 40927 RFM. J. FORSYTH
16th 38005 PTE. K.W. FRANK
16th 34664 PTE. F.G. GOODWIN
16th 6/3024 L/SGT. R. GOYEN
16th 32330 RFM. B. HARRISON
16th 22807 RFM. W.A. JARRETT
16th 1/259 PTE. J. McCALLUM
16th 23013 PTE. J. McDOWALL
16th 27717 RFM. A. MILNE
16th 13605 PTE. G. MORRISON
16th 7/2115 L/CPL. A.J. O'NEILL
16th 36882 PTE. P. O'SHAUGHNESSY
16th 22372 PTE. R.H. ROSIE
16th 24/333 PTE. H.M. SAUNDERS
16th 32991 PTE. T.O. SHIRLEY
16th 7/2162 L/CPL. H.L. THATCHER
16th 44039 PTE. S. WALLACE
16th 14890 RFM. A.G. WARD
17th 25663 PTE. P.M. BRAITHWAITE
17th 40503 PTE. H.H. BROOKBANKS
17th 39749 PTE. M. BROWN
17th 10/3509 GNR. A.H. CLARK
17th 28681 PTE. R. COULTHARD
17th 38943 PTE. G.T. DOBBY
17th 28457 RFM. V.A. FROST
17th 31849 RFM. H.C. HANSEN
17th 23/449 RFM. H.J. HARVEY
17th 4/329 SPR. T.D. HUTCHEON
17th 8/2626 PTE. W.H. IRVING
17th 23573 PTE. J. LANGLEY
17th 32700 PTE. J.H. McDONALD
17th 26/1767 PTE. A. McLEOD
17th 41347 RFM. J.A. McLEOD
17th 9/1900 GNR. D.O. MITCHELL
17th 21311 PTE. G.E. NEILSON
17th 28059 PTE. A.E. RUDGE
17th 9/481 LIEUT. H.E. STANDRING
17th 23/607 RFM. E.J. STOKES
18th 24345 SGT. F.J. COYLE
18th 32511 PTE. W.G. FLEMING
18th 8/1487 SGT. R.W. GUY
18th 30106 LIEUT. E.A. MAUDE
18th 11706 PTE. C.J. McCLOY
18th 20235 RFM. J.T. RITCHIE
18th 6/2311 L/CPL. L. WAKELIN
18th 32928 SPR. G. WALTON
19th 52947 CPL. E.J. CAMERON
19th 25/602 L/CPL. E. COCKBURN
19th 25815 RFM. E. COSGRAVE
19th 20115 RFM. A.S.H. DEATH
19th 25/110 RFM. A. GRIGG
19th 40216 PTE. M.J. HUGHES
19th 40819 RFM. G.A. JONES
19th 10/1117 PTE. F.M. KEMSHED
19th 10/3622 PTE. W.G. KILBRIDE
19th 6/1598 PTE. J. KING
19th 17197 GNR. N. KNIGHT
19th 42516 PTE. A.E. LEDINGHAM
19th 26/1633 RFM. R.H. LEGG
19th 19019 RFM. W. MALCOLM
19th 4/368 GNR. D.W. MORRISON
19th 23/1166 RFM. J. ROSS
19th 25/681 RFM. J. STEEL
19th 44986 RFM. J.A. TATE
19th 42723 RFM. A.D. THOMSON
20th 12/2635 PTE. E.H. BALDWIN
20th 32952 RFM. T. HALL
20th 8/2646 L/CPL. I.B. LIVICK
20th 22430 PTE. A. MACINNES
20th 11/1049 SGT. F.R. O'BRIAN
20th 38075 L/CPL. A.M. SCOTT
20th 28235 PTE. J. TERLICK
21st 10/2847 L/SGT. S. BALDWIN
21st 44679 PTE. H.H. BRIER
21st 12/1933 SGT. S.A. CROWHURST MM
21st 10/2228 L/CPL. F.D. MAHONEY DCM
21st 41344 RFM. W.J. McAUGHERN
21st 41253 RFM. A.R. MITCHELL
21st 10/3353 CPL. R.E. MOY
21st 39898 PTE. D. ROGERS
21st 40391 PTE. W.R. TYE
21st 38092 PTE. A. WATERMAN
23rd 11/2105 A/BDR. F.H. ADAMS
23rd 32021 PTE. J.R. LACK
23rd 2/2482 GNR. A. MARSHALL
23rd 38435 PTE. A. NOBLE
23rd 2/2511 GNR. G. PITCHER
23rd 33460 PTE. C.H. SLIGHT
24th 50983 PTE. W.H. BENNETT
24th 28141 PTE. F.E. HAZELL
24th 2/1630 DVR. M.A. HUNT
24th 31684 PTE. J. MORRISON
24th 52249 PTE. S.B. MORRISON
24th 47774 PTE. S.P. SPRATT
25th 10/1743 L/CPL. W.J. BISHOP
25th 17/79 PTE. H.C. HANSEN
25th 12/1781 SPR. H. ROBB
25th 8/4488 PTE. A.H. STEED
26th 2/1138 PTE. C. BIRNIE
26th 56137 PTE. T. CLARK
26th 44130 RFM. W. MANGOS
26th 20203 RFM. J.A. McCULLOUGH
26th 29104 PTE. H. TEPARO
27th 13/2333 GNR. R.E. HILDRETH
28th 11/1655 GNR. C.F. BARTON
29th 58315 DVR. H.J.C. JOHNSEN
29th 24221 PTE. F.J. STUART
31st 8/3303 L/CPL. J.D. KEENAN
31st 27923 PTE. N.J. McFADGEN
31st 25/809 PTE. W.J. RAU
31st 24/565 PTE. S.T.A. RICHARDS
31st 6/1973 PTE. O. ROGERS
31st 20701 LIEUT. T.I. UATUKU



The New Zealanders were involved with an assault on the village of La Basseville, near the Lys River, the village was taken, lost, then retaken on 31 July.

1st 5/36A W.O.2 C.S. BURNAND
1st 13477 PTE. W.C. SMITH
1st 8/3093 CPL. W. THOMPSON
2nd 34471 PTE. W. CARSON
2nd 28991 RFM. E. DASS
2nd 34364 PTE. J.J. HALLIDAY
2nd 11999 C.Q.M.S. G.G. SILVESTER
3rd 17/20 CPL. H.O. BISHOP
3rd 28420 PTE. E. BLAIN
3rd 15853 RFM. E.T. DILLON
3rd 34114 PTE. J.C. McGINLEY
3rd 39669 PTE. G.W. McLEIGH
3rd 8/1386 PTE. T.A. STEPHENS
4th 2/921 DVR. G.A. PARTRIDGE
4th 13/2073 S/SMITH J.W. PETERSEN
4th 29501 PTE. C. SIMSON
4th 15788 GNR. C.J. SOUNESS
5th 33687 PTE. F.W. BROWN
5th 12/3590 PTE. W.J. CLARKE
5th 32243 PTE. J. STEVENSON
6th 5/282 PTE. R. ANDERSON
6th 14071 PTE. J. CAIRNS
6th 6/1822 PTE. L.J. COUMBE
6th 8/195 PTE. H.W.B. EDWARDS
6th 6/3038 PTE. H. HERRING
6th 7/1079 PTE. J.N. HOWARD
6th 39479 PTE. J. McCARTHY
6th 26/601 RFM. H. McLEAN
6th 29186 PTE. F.G. NAISH
7th 10535 GNR. A.C. BARKER
7th 2/1389 GNR. R. BESTALL
7th 9/409 DVR. E.G. BROOKES
7th 25807 RFM. J.M. CHEYNE
7th 31819 RFM. G.J. COOPER
7th 6/2099 2/LT. E.S. CORNFORD
7th 36956 PTE. J.A. DONNE
7th 23114 RFM. G.F. EARNSHAW
7th 26/1181 RFM. W.G. GALBRAITH
7th 29042 PTE. F. MAKEIG
7th 11/1461 CPL. J. McDONNELL
7th 37840 PTE. H. MOULDER
7th 15771 PTE. G.R. PORTER
7th 24268 PTE. L. RILEY
7th 15619 PTE. R. SMART
8th 57292 PTE. W. ANDERSON
8th 16062 PTE. W.H. BENSON
8th 14976 PTE. R.A. HALLIDAY
8th 33579 PTE. D.J. McFARLANE
8th 13703 SGT. A. MINIFIE
8th 23093 PTE. G.W. PEAT
8th 16/431 PTE. C. WOOD
9th 33616 PTE. P.C. SERPELL
10th 4/895 SPR. S.A. DAVIES
10th 25694 PTE. J. GRAY
10th 26416 SPR. R. JOHNSTONE
10th 20197 PTE. H.B. MULDOON
10th 32052 PTE. F.P. PRESNELL
10th 39909 PTE. T. STEWART
10th 12/1810 PTE. J.B. TRIGG
10th 3/2629 TPR. W.R. VAILE
10th 37041 PTE. P.H. WIGHTMAN
10th 8/4057 PTE. A.A. WISHART
11th 10845 PTE. A.P. KAY
11th 36984 PTE. C. KITCHINGHAM
11th 26870 PTE. G.J. MACKAY
11th 10883 PTE. M.A. PANKHURST
11th 35223 PTE. T.A. SCOTT
11th 8300 SGT. W.A. SIMMONS
11th 23735 SPR. L.G. SMITH
11th 38247 L/CPL. J.E. WOODFORD
12th 26/291 L/CPL. R.D. BOON
12th 33061 SGT. T. JONES CdG
12th 7/1874 PTE. P.O. MARSHALL
12th 12704 PTE. J. O'LEARY
12th 12/3153 PTE. W.W. SHELTON
13th 18091 PTE. J. BROWN
13th 24/938 L/CPL. F.C. WOTTEN CdG
14th 25772 PTE. H. BRAMELD
14th 10074 PTE. P.K. BUCHANAN
14th 35214 RFM. T.C. McDONALD CdG
15th 30954 PTE. S.E. KING
15th 36870 PTE. D. KISSANE
15th 6/3133 DVR. W. PROTHEROE
16th 31202 PTE. W. ANDERSON
16th 2/98 SGT. F.K. GALVIN
16th 29037 RFM. P. LEONARD
17th 16740 PTE. V.H. ADAMS
17th 12513 PTE. F.O. TOBIN
18th 32818 PTE. D.S. CLARK
18th 2/130 GNR. L.V. FRY
18th DM2/224297 PTE. P.T. OLDHAM
18th 10/1627 SGT. H. RENWICK
19th 7/1614 TPR. D.J.A. FERGUSON
19th 6/3409 CPL. P. MEEK
19th 2/1103 SGT. G. SYME DCM
19th 18412 SPR. H.M. WILES
20th 24852 TPR. W.G.B. BREMNER
20th 23835 PTE. A. JACK
20th 40009 PTE. G.E. JENKINS
20th 14843 PTE. D.A. McLAREN
20th 10/1592 PTE. J. McMILLAN
20th 38741 PTE. J.G.W. PARSONS
20th 8/2710 2/LT. G. RICHARDSON
20th 8/2164 L/CPL. A.R. TRAFFORD
20th 8/500 SGT. P.L. WHITELOCK
21st 8/3503 SGT. C.H. BROWN
21st 33356 PTE. W.J. HALL
21st 16/1257 PTE. P. HINA
21st 9/1444 PTE. J.P. JOHNSTON
21st 8/3307 PTE. W. KINSELLA
21st 20630 PTE. J. RUHA
21st 36490 PTE. W.Y. STARK
21st 16/846 PTE. T.M. TEUA
22nd 12132 PTE. W.R. BURT
22nd 226702/LT. W.O. CLOSS
22nd 13/991 LIEUT. W.H. COATES
22nd 5/1241A L/CPL. J. GIBBS
22nd 32595 PTE. I.C. JAMIESON
22nd 10623 GNR. L.J. MARTIN
22nd 6/2708 PTE. W.G. MESSENGER MM
22nd 24/1306 2/LT. G.A. ROBBIE
22nd 18121 PTE. W.C. SUTHERLAND
23rd 28284 PTE. W. MORROW
23rd 24/1760 SGT. L.J. MURNANE
23rd 10/3045 PTE. F.C. O'REILLY
23rd 17098 PTE. F.E. OLDMAN
23rd 28631 PTE. E.W. RHODES
23rd 6/2768 PTE. F. SUTTON
23rd 38774 PTE. J.A. WAKERLEY
23rd 7/149 LIEUT. J.L. WILSON
24th 37553 SPR. H.C. DAVIES
24th 2/1632 CPL. R.F. JEWELL
25th 33997 PTE. O.R. ALLERBY
25th 7/2241 TPR. E.V. BROWN
25th 29638 PTE. F.T. JOHNSON
25th 12/2052 PTE. R. McDIVITT MM
25th 12/3430 L/CPL. L.A. MORRIS
25th 39875 PTE. R. OAKLEY
25th 36355 PTE. N.C. OLSEN
26th 31943 PTE. E. BEACH
26th 26100 PTE. A.B. CALCINAI
26th 31958 PTE. E.W. COBELDICK
26th 2/382 GNR. J.T. CUFF
26th 31618 PTE. J.E. EVANS
26th 6/1529 L/CPL. W.A. FERGUSON
26th 12/1627 SGT. J.H. FREW DCM
26th 31993 PTE. F.D. GARAWAY
26th 4/740 CPL. C.H. GREEN MM
26th 15716 PTE. L.W.W. HARDY
26th 6/3015 PTE. C. HORGAN
26th 10/1314 SPR. T.A. PEDDIE
26th 28941 CPL. F.H.C. PRESTON
26th 12/1511 L/CPL. G.F. STEPHENSON
26th 32097 PTE. T.H. TUCKER
27th 40275 PTE. K. ARMER
27th 31222 PTE. J.E. CLEGG
27th 13430 CPL. S.G. DAVIS
27th 10/389 PTE. J.E. HAMBLYN
27th 15724 PTE. P. HILL
27th 7/1627 CPL. G.W. HUNT
27th 12/4198 PTE. H. HUXTABLE
27th 33569 PTE. J.S. MILLER
27th 31324 PTE. T.T. MOTT
27th 11/2348 PTE. E.L.F. NORMAN
27th 10/1603 CPL. T. O'CONNOR
27th 10/4175 CPL. G. PRIEST
27th 10/3721 CPL. H.N. RISING
27th 28220 PTE. N.E. STEFFERT
27th 10/3423 PTE. C.K.K. WARD
28th 50974 PTE. H. ANDERSON
28th 24102 PTE. J. HARDY
28th 38178 RFM. H. KEELEY
28th 10/1399 PTE. H.A. MACE
28th 9/323 CAPT. E.S. McINTYRE
28th 6/2728 L/CPL. L.N. POLLARD
28th 11981 PTE. T.B. WALLACE
28th 34181 PTE. G.E.A. WATSON
29th 33671 PTE. W.T. ANSTISS
29th 12/678 PTE. J. ATKINSON
29th 12/2232 L/CPL. E. CARLTON
29th 31620 PTE. A.V. FISHER
29th 39659 PTE. R. HAYES
29th 5/107A L/CPL. H.W. HELM
29th 23553 PTE. H.R. HURD
29th 36877 PTE. K.J. McKENZIE
29th 16/344 PTE. J.I. MORGAN
29th 38062 PTE. J. ORR
29th 14484 PTE. J. RUSSO
29th 34740 PTE. W.H. SHEPHERD
30th 12/703 2/LT. R.T. BAXTER
30th 25220 PTE. S.G. EDWARDS
30th 4/1832 SPR. D. OLVER
30th 23724 SPR. C.W. PAYNE
30th 9/77 2/LT. J. RODGERS MC, MM
31st 13/2410 L/CPL. W.P. ARNOTT
31st 17744 PTE. L.W. BAILEY
31st 10277 PTE. F.A.J. BARTON
31st 1/10 CAPT. W.H.D. BELL
31st 12712 GNR. W.N. BELL
31st 14562 L/CPL. H.S. BENINGTON
31st 10/1740 PTE. E.N. BENTLEY
31st 21143 SGT. W.J.V. BERRY
31st 14374 PTE. J.G. BEST
31st 31940 PTE. A. BOSSE
31st 12/517 PTE. H.A. BRODERICK
31st 32625 PTE. G. CAMPBELL
31st 8/2868 L/CPL. W.B. CAMPBELL
31st 15686 PTE. C.B. CARRINGTON
31st 15687 PTE. H. CARTER
31st 14757 PTE. S. CLEARY
31st 39172 PTE. W. COOPER
31st 28091 CPL. J. CUTHBERT
31st 243532/LT. W.T. DOUGHTY
31st 31239 PTE. H.A. DOWTHWAITE
31st 33863 PTE. C.B. FAITHFULL
31st 11/1314 PTE. F.W. FRANCIS
31st 18904 CPL. A.N. GRANT
31st 22428 PTE. R. GRANT
31st 43972 PTE. R. HANNAH
31st 23767 PTE. C.J. HANSON
31st 20339 PTE. A.B. HARRISON
31st 10/3898 PTE. W.H. HARROLD
31st 12198 PTE. H.P. HAWKE
31st 18444 PTE. M. HERBERT
31st 14627 PTE. T.R. HIRST
31st 22249 PTE. H. HODGE
31st 31278 PTE. H.V. HOLMES
31st 10/3605 L/SGT. H. IBBOTSON
31st 38713 PTE. C.H. JOYNT
31st 25542 PTE. T.C. KENNEDY
31st 117742/LT. J.G. KINVIG
31st 11885 PTE. H.L. LACEY
31st 16/807 PTE. P. LUKE
31st 40339 PTE. P.W. LYNSKEY
31st 20374 PTE. A.M. MAJOR
31st 18825 PTE. E.J. MARSHALL
31st 31519 PTE. J.M. MATHIESON
31st 23931 CPL. R.A. McKINNON
31st 6/2224 CPL. P. McLACHLAN
31st 23594 PTE. R.M. McLEAN
31st 24030 L/CPL. J.A. MONSTEDT
31st 12/3925 PTE. H. MONTGOMERY
31st 12224 PTE. W. MOORE
31st 24763 L/CPL. W.J. MORTLAND
31st 24/2046 PTE. J. MURPHY
31st 33413 PTE. W.D. MURRAY
31st 21312 PTE. B. NELSON
31st 33427 PTE. T.J.J. NESS
31st 23238 PTE. A.R. PACKARD
31st 20408 PTE. C.S. PARKES
31st 15772 L/CPL. H.H. PRESHAW
31st 22367 PTE. R.W. RHODES
31st 25317 PTE. G. RILEY
31st 22106 PTE. D.J.C. RINGROSE
31st 8/2113 PTE. G.F. ROBBS
31st 12/3795W.O.2. S. ROBINSON DCM
31st 28799 PTE. J.M. ROMEO
31st 10/3728 PTE. H.S. RUTHERFURD
31st 18860 PTE. J.H. SADLER
31st 21163 PTE. S.A.A. SAINT
31st 8/2312 PTE. S.A. SHARPE
31st 38077 PTE. S.M. SHRIMPTON
31st 39903 PTE. J. SIMPSON
31st 15791 PTE. A.E. SMITH
31st 39609 PTE. F.A. SMITH
31st 14358 CPL. J. SMITH
31st 20441 PTE. W.M. SORRENSON
31st 39561 PTE. J.L. STEVENS
31st 28229 PTE. J. SYKES
31st 15801 PTE. H.E. TAYLOR
31st 28233 PTE. R. TAYLOR
31st 6/2787 SGT. P.J. UPSTON
31st 28243 PTE. C. USTALLO
31st 13266 GNR. J.W. WARDELL
31st 41683 PTE. E.J. WAY
31st 13841 PTE. W. WHELAN
31st 28567 L/CPL. T.E. WHITE
31st 15059 PTE. G. WHITEMAN
31st 38780 PTE. K.E. WIGHT
31st 18901 PTE. W.R. WILLIAMS


The Battle of Messines began on the 7th June 1917
Auckland Weekly News photos of casualties.


1st 25778 RFM. L.J. AHERN
1st 28411 RFM. R. AMNER
1st 10/765 PTE. A. CHRISTIE
1st 41501 PTE. A.P. CROWE
1st 12/3223 CPL. N. DURHAM
1st 21947 PTE. W. MURPHY
1st 6/1688 CPL. W. PEAKE MID
1st 23610 PTE. W.T. RICE
1st 15/65A DVR. J. SHAW
1st 8/3758 CPL. W.E. SINNOTT
2nd 2/615 LIEUT. H.A. CHRISTIE
2nd 32658 PTE. E. FRIEL
2nd 16/680 PTE. H. MOREHU
2nd 26350 PTE. S.D. WEASTELL
3rd 17262 GNR. D. ATHFIELD
3rd 21176 PTE. R. BARKER
3rd 12/2655 PTE. C.H. BRIGHAM
3rd 10613 GNR. W.L. CLOVER/KING
3rd 29752 PTE. S.G. DUKE
3rd 15352 RFM. H. ELLIOTT
3rd 12/758 PTE. R.H. HAYWARD
3rd 8/2053 L/CPL. W.H. MEDLEY
3rd 13974 PTE. J. NOCTON
3rd 28529 RFM. E.W.J. PATCHING
3rd 24/2555 PTE. T. QUEALY
3rd 22540 2/LT. E.C. SMITH
3rd 16/760 PTE. T. TE RORE
3rd 2/3110 GNR. E.M. TURNER
3rd 20665 PTE. F. WIKI
4th 9/1815 GNR. W.R. CRUICKSHANK
4th 14405 PTE. E.J. DONAHOE
4th 119788 GNR. E.F. FEAR
4th 31990 PTE. J.P.H. GLESSING
4th 28722 PTE. T.S. HERK
4th 27673 PTE. L. LEWIS
4th 32040 PTE. A.B. McKEE
4th 28173 PTE. H.G. MOWAT
4th 14659 PTE. W. MURRAY
4th 9/388 GNR. T.M. PARK
4th 12/1769 PTE. J.V. PORTER
4th 10052 L/CPL. A. REDDITT
4th 26691 PTE. V. ROWLANDS
4th 26009 PTE. O. SCOTT
5th 14714 CAPT. S.A. ATKINSON
5th 14080 PTE. T. DONNAN
5th 2/1954 GNR. T. DOUGLAS
5th 17067 PTE. S.W. GILBERT
5th 26835 PTE. M. HEALEY
5th 27656 PTE. W.J. IRVING
5th 9/444 PTE. C.E. JAMES
5th 26302 PTE. C. McGOWAN
5th 26130 PTE. J.A. MOLLONEY
5th 14/58 PTE. W.R. PEARSON
5th 11955 PTE. R.L. SHANNON
5th 10064 PTE. R.L. THOMSON
6th 15460 PTE. E. AMOS
6th 6/10 SGT. W.W. BAILEY
6th 2/2049 A/BDR. R.E. BEAN
6th 17853A RFM. C.H. ENSOR
6th 21244 PTE. R. FLAXMAN
6th 22797 RFM. A.J. HERTZ
6th 6/3744 PTE. C.W. HIGGINS
6th 14120 RFM. A.R. LUSK
6th 26/602 PTE. D.L. MACLACHLAN
6th 25/891 SGT. C.W.T. MARSACK
6th 22505 PTE. E. MARTIN
6th 14846 RFM. R. McARTHUR
6th 22353 PTE. J. McGIMPSEY
6th 25729 PTE. D.R. MOIR
6th 15934 RFM. P. MORLAND
6th 13114 PTE. E.C. SCULLY
6th 13/2481 GNR. R.B. SHEPHERD
6th 28221 PTE. E. SIMMONS
6th 26/280 PTE. A.A. SPERRING
6th 6/3483 PTE. A.P. STOWELL
6th 13/1103 TPR. J.F. TURNWALD
7th 19100 RFM. R.B. ADAMS
7th 16520 PTE. D.L. ADDIS
7th 22745 PTE. R. AITCHISON
7th 23940 L/CPL. C.F. ALISON
7th 26/382 L/CPL. J. ALLAN
7th 4/672 SPR. J.M. ALLAN
7th 27426 PTE. L. ALLEN
7th 31798 RFM. R.W. ALLEN
7th 22915 RFM. C.A. ALQUIST
7th 11592 PTE. A.E. AMES
7th 31571 PTE. D.F. AMEY
7th 16/1392 PTE. A.P. ANARU
7th 15445 LIEUT. F.A. ANDERSON
7th 12/3238 PTE. J. ANDERSON
7th 25/155 C.Q.M.S. H.W. ANGELL
7th 21638 PTE. J.F. ARCHIBALD
7th 11597 PTE. C.L. ARDLEY
7th 8/3470 L/CPL. J.A. ASKEY
7th 26530 RFM. J.T. ATKINSON
7th 32283 RFM. J.J. AUSTIN
7th 32426 PTE. E.W. BACHELOR
7th 21172 PTE. A.W. BAILEY
7th 26371 PTE. W. BAILEY
7th 31577 PTE. R.D. BAIN
7th 29720 PTE. J.A.S. BAIRD
7th 11580 SGT. A.S. BAKER
7th 11383 PTE. K.C. BAKER
7th 10114 PTE. N.B. BALFOUR
7th 9/1648 DVR. W.H. BANFIELD
7th 22182 CPL. A.J. BARNETT
7th 15470 PTE. G. BARTLEY
7th 23/1548 PTE. C. BARTON
7th 21642 PTE. H.W. BATCHELOR
7th 29138 PTE. O.J. BAXTER
7th 6/1778 PTE. G.K. BAZETT
7th 12968 RFM. C.W. BEAN
7th 29726 PTE. O.W.M. BECKETT
7th 27203 PTE. S.F. BELL
7th 18948 RFM. T.H. BENBOW
7th 18750 PTE. C.H. BENNETT
7th 3/7 CPL. A. BENTON
7th 31933 PTE. L.L. BERESFORD
7th 25/49 RFM. G.E. BISSET
7th 31214 PTE. H.R. BLACK
7th 12/2215 RFM. J.S. BLACK
7th 32934 RFM. W.E. BLACKMORE
7th 12346 RFM. R.E. BLAIR
7th 12/2219 PTE. S.E. BLOXHAM
7th 21192 L/CPL. C. BOARD
7th 4/1893 SPR. T. BOOTH
7th 10/3195 PTE. J.R. BORTHWICK
7th 14053 PTE. W. BORTHWICK
7th 6/2071 CPL. P.R. BOULTON
7th 18954 RFM. G.H. BOURKE
7th 12/4521 PTE. P.M. BOWLES
7th 24/695 L/CPL. A.A.J. BOYCE
7th 14379 PTE. H.A. BREWER
7th 13688 RFM. G.I. BRIDGE
7th 25/82 L/CPL. A.C. BRIDGEMAN
7th 12/998 L/CPL. P.S. BRIDSON MID
7th 28664 PTE. J. BRODIE
7th 27441 PTE. A. BROOKES
7th 27209 L/CPL. G.A. BROWN
7th 27846 PTE. H.A. BROWN
7th 24484 PTE. H.V. BROWN
7th 21559 L/CPL. J. BROWN
7th 29202 PTE. J.C.P. BROWN
7th 32122 PTE. G.W. BROWNHILL
7th 28424 RFM. W.B. BRUCE
7th 24/982 RFM. G.R. BULL
7th 25361 RFM. W.J. BURGESS
7th 25/84 L/CPL. H.H.H. BURNAND
7th 27066 RFM. J. BURNS
7th 32415 PTE. W.S. BUSSELL
7th 11812 PTE. M.F. BUTLER
7th 12/1574 SGT. J.S. BYERS
7th 10773 PTE. R.J. CAIRNS
7th 13727 PTE. W.A. CALDWELL
7th 28671 PTE. C.A. CAMMICK
7th 32140 PTE. M. CAMPBELL
7th 24/1611 CPL. W.A. CAMPBELL
7th 15699 PTE. W. CARGILL
7th 26791 PTE. A.H. CARLETON
7th 27668 PTE. E.J. CARTER
7th 26556 RFM. V.C. CARTHY
7th 8/3525 SGT. O.E. CEDERMAN
7th 6/1804 PTE. R.C. CHAMBERS
7th 32134 PTE. R.W. CHAPPELL
7th 28321 PTE. E.C. CHARLES
7th 6/1483 PTE. L. CHEESMAN
7th 25/925 RFM. D.J.M. CHERMSIDE
7th 24280 PTE. G.L. CHEVALIER
7th 10998 RFM. J. CHITTY
7th 21210 PTE. H.G.S. CHURCHILL
7th 3/1129 PTE. H. CLARKE
7th 14944 PTE. B. CLARKSON
7th 12/59 LIEUT. R.E.O. COATES
7th 10/35 LIEUT. J.W. COBB
7th 11171 PTE. O. COCKROFT
7th 28093 PTE. H.H. CODD
7th 32941 RFM. H. COLGAN
7th 8/862 C.Q.M.S. A.E. COLLIE
7th 10/1106 L/CPL. H.G. COOK
7th 32303 RFM. J. COOK
7th 6/2581 PTE. L. COOK
7th 12/321 LIEUT. A.C. COOPER MC
7th 25/1161 L/SGT. W.A. COOPER
7th 8/2882 PTE. J.W. COULSON
7th 25/740 RFM. R.J. COX
7th 29222 PTE. W.W. COZENS
7th 20972 PTE. W.J. CRAHART
7th 10/2564 PTE. T.B. CRANSWICK
7th 27076 RFM. D. CRAWFORD
7th 8/4110 PTE. H.E. CRIPPS
7th 10/3158 CPL. F.W. CROMBIE
7th 25819 RFM. A.S. CROSS
7th 15489 PTE. G.H. CROSS
7th 10/3526 PTE. A.F.J. CURRIE
7th 26805 PTE. W. CURRY
7th 27238 PTE. J.T. DALLEY
7th 21225 PTE. C.K. DAVIDSON
7th 29152 PTE. M.F. DAVIDSON
7th 10221 PTE. J. DAVIES
7th 12/3973 PTE. C.E. DAVIS
7th 27470 PTE. F.E. DAVIS
7th 24/733 CPL. G.H. DAVIS
7th 8/561 PTE. J. DAVIS
7th 9/2063 PTE. C. DAWES
7th 11005 PTE. F. DAY
7th 26/32 SGT. S.W. DEMPSEY
7th 27475 PTE. W. DEMPSEY
7th 15349 RFM. L.C. DENIZE
7th 23988 PTE. W. DIGGLE
7th 32148 PTE. M.M. DIGNAN
7th 13/3018 PTE. F.A. DINGLEY
7th 22321 PTE. W. DOAK
7th 6/3300 PTE. P.F. DOBBIE
7th 10329 PTE. T.N. DODDS
7th 23812 PTE. A.T. DOHERTY
7th 15882 RFM. E. DONN
7th 26/665 RFM. K.J. DOUGLAS
7th 26577 PTE. R.J. DOWSING
7th 8/562 L/CPL. J.R. DRAKE
7th 26580 RFM. F.T. DRUMMOND
7th 6/3303 CPL. H.W. DUCKMANTON
7th 10795 PTE. A.L.M. DUFF
7th 12362 RFM. G. DUFFY
7th 31616 PTE. J. DUIGNAN
7th 12018 SPR. C. DUNN
7th 26583 RFM. E.J. DUNN
7th 12/2688 CPL. A. DUNTON
7th 15843 CPL. A.V. EADE
7th 23/2308 RFM. J.P. EDE
7th 24/1650 PTE. E.G. EDMETT
7th 31832 RFM. R.L. EDWARDS
7th 26/169 L/CPL. W.A.E. EDWARDS
7th 8/998 L/CPL. J.P. EGAN DCM
7th 23991 PTE. W.N. ELDER
7th 23/1979 RFM. A.R. ELLISON
7th 26076 RFM. T.H.L. ENGLERT
7th 16/580A PTE. W. ERUERA
7th 20316 RFM. F. EVANS
7th 13389 PTE. C.L. FAIL
7th 10/2816 LIEUT. G.H. FELL
7th 29918 RFM. J.A. FERGUSON
7th 29239 PTE. A. FIELD
7th 8/1976 PTE. R.D. FILTNESS
7th 15512 PTE. R. FINDLAY
7th 24/139 PTE. P. FINLAYSON
7th 32154 PTE. F.S. FISHER
7th 10/2935 CPL. C. FLAVELL
7th 26083 RFM. A. FLEMING
7th 25/7 LIEUT. R.L.G. FLEMING
7th 18783 PTE. G.H. FLETCHER
7th 55740 PTE. D. FLETT
7th 18980 RFM. W. FLETT
7th 21503 RFM. H.R. FLOWER
7th 18644 RFM. H. FORD
7th 18983 RFM. R.E. FORD
7th 6/3319 LIEUT. N.L. FORSYTH
7th 15456 PTE. T.D. FOSTER
7th 10/2139 L/SGT. W.A. FRANCIS MM
7th 21573 PTE. C.R. FRANKISH
7th 20984 PTE. S. FRANSHAM
7th 23/1984 RFM. S. FREEMAN
7th 8/2596 PTE. D.H. FREW
7th 31486 PTE. W.G. FROST
7th 28458 RFM. J.O. GALBALLY
7th 22239 PTE. A.D. GALT
7th 18986 RFM. A.H. GARBETT
7th 23/430 CPL. E.W. GASSON
7th 26/793 SGT. A.G. GEARD
7th 18786 PTE. H.A. GEBBIE
7th 26/790 SGT. C.V. GEMMELL
7th 25/631 RFM. E. GEORGE
7th 6/3711 PTE. M.J. GIBBS
7th 22012 PTE. J. GIFFEN
7th 30795 PTE. A.W.T. GILL
7th 6/2630 CPL. D.T. GILLESPIE
7th 12/3023 CPL. N.W. GILROY
7th 11020 RFM. M. GLAVAS
7th 12/3332 PTE. H.G. GODDARD
7th 25852 RFM. F.A. GODFREY
7th 12/3026 PTE. H. GODFREY
7th 1/279 PTE. A.W. GODSELL
7th 26091 RFM. R.J. GORDON
7th 11024 PTE. C.H. GRANGE
7th 28465 RFM. A.F. GREEN
7th 25/321 RFM. W.J. GREEN
7th 25231 PTE. T.A. GREENLEES
7th 24/2209 CPL. H.F. GRIFFIN
7th 4/901 SGT. J. GRIFFIN
7th 20992 RFM. A.G. GRIFFITH
7th 22451 RFM. S.J. GUDSELL
7th 18919 L/CPL. W.A. GUILD
7th 6/4049 PTE. E. GUMMOW
7th 6/466 L/CPL. D.J. GYNES
7th 12/4000 CPL. G.S. HALL
7th 27281 PTE. J. HAMILTON
7th 32178 PTE. T.C. HAMILTON
7th 22458 PTE. H. HAMMERELL
7th 27130 RFM. R.J. HANRAHAN
7th 25869 RFM. C.S. HANSEN
7th 27885 PTE. K.S. HARDIE
7th 18797 PTE. W.A. HARDWICK
7th 22662 PTE. W.E. HAROLD
7th 25/74 SGT. A.B. HARPER
7th 14981 PTE. G. HARPER
7th 15368 RFM. A.J.S. HARRIS
7th 24/167 RFM. H.E. HARRIS
7th 21260 PTE. A. HARRISON
7th 27887 PTE. R.J. HARROD
7th 32448 PTE. E. HARTLEY
7th 32001 PTE. T. HARVEY
7th 8/2940 PTE. J. HAUGH
7th 13011 RFM. F.G. HAVILL
7th 13019 RFM. F.V. HAY
7th 10/900 PTE. H.H. HEATHCOTE
7th 11/1440 TPR. W.A. HEBBERD
7th 29922 RFM. L. HEYDON
7th 27012 PTE. G.G. HIBELL
7th 4/1128 SGT. A.G. HICKSON
7th 21834 RFM. G. HILL
7th 20875 PTE. H. HILL
7th 28342 PTE. W. HILL
7th 26/1607 RFM. C. HILLSON
7th 8/2619 PTE. W.F.H. HINBEST
7th 12/2738 PTE. V.J. HODDER
7th 28144 PTE. T.E. HODGINS
7th 26845 PTE. G.H. HOOD
7th 20351 PTE. S.S. HUME
7th 8/4145 PTE. J.A. HUMPHRIES
7th 21824 PTE. L.L. HUNT
7th 4/1796 L/CPL. A.J. HUNTER
7th 23/176 RFM. R.T. HUNTER
7th 25246 PTE. G.H. HUTSON
7th 23388 RFM. A. IRVING
7th 8/1755 CPL. T.H. JACK
7th 15180 PTE. C.J. JACKMAN
7th 14990 PTE. W. JACKSON
7th 19096 PTE. D. JAMES
7th 6/1887 SGT. A.C. JENNINGS
7th 13028 PTE. N.W. JENNINGS
7th 8/831 PTE. E. JOHNSON
7th 25712 RFM. J. JOHNSON
7th 4/120 2/LT. C.G. JOHNSTON
7th 15374 RFM. E. JONES
7th 25165 PTE. H.E. JONES
7th 6/4618 PTE. L.J. JONES
7th 20166 RFM. N.K. JONES
7th 14993 PTE. W.E. JONES
7th 24275 PTE. J. JOSSETT
7th 29902 PTE. S.J. KEAM
7th 25888 PTE. W. KEARNEY
7th 15559 PTE. J. KEARNS
7th 32998 PTE. H. KEELING
7th 27650 PTE. J. KELLEHER
7th 18811 PTE. H.C. KELLY
7th 20168 L/CPL. C.R. KEMBLE
7th 32859 RFM. C. KEMP
7th 31657 PTE. H.S. KENDON
7th 20169 RFM. J.M. KENNEDY
7th 9/2079 PTE. A. KERR
7th 12/1103 W.O.2 J.H. KEVEN
7th 26858 PTE. R. KNILANDS
7th 26/1630 L/CPL. A. KNOX
7th 20364 PTE. J.S. LAIDLAW
7th 16464 L/CPL. W. LAISON
7th 7/863 CPL. M.M. LANE
7th 28497 RFM. H.M. LANGRIDGE
7th 22344 PTE. O.S. LAUDER
7th 24/1415 RFM. D.M. LAWSON
7th 26/353 CPL. C.E. LELIEVRE
7th 15737 PTE. P. LIMPUS
7th 10099 PTE. N. LINNEY
7th 23/488 PTE. B.G. LOCK
7th 21702 PTE. R.J. LOCKER
7th 25719 RFM. S.J. LONG
7th 12421 PTE. D.P. LOUGHMAN
7th 15927 RFM. G.G. LYALL
7th 33001 PTE. J.W. LYONS
7th 29693 RFM. D. MACDONALD
7th 12435 RFM. S.A. MACKAY
7th 30036 PTE. S. MADDOCK
7th 15389 RFM. J. MAISEY
7th 27715 RFM. P.J. MALLINSON
7th 6/868 2/LT. W.H. MANSFIELD
7th 21857 RFM. G.R. MARSHALL
7th 12/4053 PTE. E.H. MARX
7th 26/1652 RFM. W.A. MASON
7th 14035 PTE. G.G. MATHESON
7th 8/2655 PTE. J. MATTHEWS
7th 18685 RFM. H. MAXWELL
7th 19163 PTE. J.A. McARTHUR
7th 17/223 PTE. C. McAULAY
7th 26137 RFM. D.J. McBRIDE
7th 29802 PTE. M. McBRIDE
7th 29804 PTE. A. McCARTHY
7th 25279 PTE. E.F. McCARTHY
7th 22065 PTE. M.S. McCLYMONT
7th 12/4305 LIEUT. W.R. McCORMICK
7th 14132 PTE. G.A. McDONALD
7th 16224 PTE. D. McDOWELL
7th 8/2673 CPL. P. McEVOY
7th 19167 PTE. S.H. McEWEN
7th 4/1827 SPR. A. McFARLANE
7th 24/1140 RFM. J. McHUGH
7th 26873 PTE. A. McISAAC
7th 24/1143 PTE. M. McKAY
7th 23225 PTE. R.P. McKAY
7th 23/2247 RFM. T. McKEE
7th 23/847 PTE. H. McKEGNEY
7th 26145 RFM. A.E.C. McKENZIE
7th 24/526 SGT. M. McKENZIE
7th 22075 PTE. C.M. McLAREN
7th 10/3675 L/CPL. J.J. McLAUGHLIN
7th 18839 PTE. D. McLEAN
7th 29454 PTE. I.M. McLEAY
7th 19032 RFM. A.G. McLEOD
7th 8/2680 PTE. C. McLEOD
7th 9/624 SGT. C. McMENAMIN
7th 26148 RFM. J.D. McMILLAN
7th 14137 PTE. J.S. McMILLAN
7th 32037 PTE. A. McMULLEN
7th 26661 RFM. C. McONIE
7th 24041 PTE. J. McPHEE
7th 27328 PTE. A. McQUILKEN
7th  25/1002 SGT. A.P. McRAE

7th 15575 PTE. H.S. MEAD
7th 26/586 RFM. G. MEFFIN
7th 6/104 SGT. W.H.R. MEIN
7th 28897 PTE. H. MELLON
7th 20187 RFM. P. MELLOR
7th 31679 PTE. H. MITCHELL
7th 28177 PTE. T. MOFFETT
7th 23406 RFM. F.W. MONDS
7th 18830 PTE. P.O.P. MORAN
7th 25/997 SGT. A. MORGAN
7th 22634 RFM. L.C. MORGAN
7th 31323 PTE. T. MORGAN
7th 8/3956 PTE. H. MORLEY
7th 11503 PTE. R.T. MORRISON
7th 26892 PTE. J.L. MULVIHILL
7th 7/754 SGT. R.J. MURDOCH MM
7th 32205 PTE. J.J. MURRAY
7th 27940 PTE. T.J. MURRAY
7th 10/2713 L/CPL. C.T. MUTTON
7th 15109 PTE. A.W. NAPPER
7th 15067 RFM. A.A. NEAME
7th 13/3061 L/CPL. H.P. NELSON
7th 21601 PTE. H.W. NEWCOMBE
7th 21877 RFM. C. NEWLOVE
7th 29058 RFM. L. NICHOLAS
7th 25168 PTE. F.C. NICKOLLS
7th 6/3118 PTE. H.A. NORDSTROM
7th 18438 PTE. A.H. NORMAN
7th 18842 PTE. W.H. NORTH
7th 10/1937 PTE. M. O'BRIEN
7th 14313 PTE. E.R. O'BUGLIEN
7th 24/1154 PTE. M.J. O'CONNOR
7th 20560 RFM. C.R. OLD
7th 10/3968 PTE. E. OLD
7th 14314 RFM. E. ORR
7th 26/967 RFM. T.A. PAGE
7th 5/118A LIEUT. P.J. PALMER
7th 2/920 SGT. A.E. PARKER
7th 15597 PTE. N.S. PARKER
7th 12/3778 PTE. A.W. PEMBERTON
7th 26/200 SGT. J.W. PENROSE
7th 20224 RFM. T. PERRY
7th 25934 RFM. J. PETERSON
7th 12465 RFM. E.M. PHELAN MM
7th 24/2073 PTE. D.W. PIERCE
7th 24221 PTE. H.R.G.S. PIFFARD
7th 8/1601 LIEUT. E.G. PILLING
7th 25586 RFM. G. PORTER
7th 32462 PTE. A.B. POSTGATE
7th 12/3447 CPL. H.J.D. POULTON
7th 26169 RFM. J.C. POWLEY
7th 23/2264 RFM. E. PRATT
7th 17820 PTE. A. PRESTON
7th 10/910 LIEUT. A.H. PRESTON MC
7th 4/432 CPL. F.J. PRESTON
7th 29477 PTE. J. PRESTON
7th 15236 PTE. E.W. RADFORD
7th 14209 RFM. J.H. RAMSAY
7th 31534 PTE. H.L. RAPLEY
7th 31535 PTE. J. RAYNER
7th 26/137 RFM. M.J. REA
7th 27959 PTE. J.B. READ
7th 25310 PTE. W.P. READ
7th 29295 PTE. F.D.M. READER
7th 9/2109 GNR. R.G. READY
7th 21094 RFM. W.E. REDSHAW
7th 21095 RFM. W.C.L. REEVE
7th 31350 PTE. J. REID
7th 22214 PTE. H.M. RESTIEAUX
7th 10108 PTE. J.C. RICHDALE
7th 14723 L/SGT. C. RICHMOND
7th 24/2558 RFM. J.T. RIDDLE
7th 25739 RFM. G.A. RIGDEN
7th 32901 RFM. J.P. ROBERTS
7th 16231 PTE. A.M. ROBERTSON
7th 23934 PTE. D.A. ROBERTSON
7th 8/3053 PTE. J.C. ROBERTSON
7th 8/281 PTE. L. ROBERTSON
7th 6/2533 PTE. A.G. ROBINSON
7th 32066 PTE. F.J.C. ROBINSON
7th 19/234 PTE. R.T. ROBINSON
7th 23/584 RFM. T.A. ROBINSON
7th 26/624 RFM. W.F. ROBJOHN
7th 10109 PTE. A.H. ROE
7th 6/3146 CPL. L.H. ROSE
7th 21612 PTE. A. ROSS
7th 6/2469 PTE. W.J. ROSS
7th 12/2559 SGT. H.J. ROWE
7th 29492 PTE. J. RYAN
7th 12477 PTE. P.D. RYAN
7th 14491 PTE. S.J. SADLER
7th 12/468 SGT. A.L. SALMON
7th 26185 RFM. S.S. SARGENT
7th 6/3860 PTE. A.E.B. SAUNDERS
7th 22427 PTE. M.J. SCANNELL
7th 21614 PTE. W. SCOTT
7th 10/1647 PTE. A. SEAGRAVE
7th 26923 PTE. G.M.V. SELLARS
7th  6/2266 PTE. T. SHARPE
7th 19180 PTE. J.E.T. SHAW
7th 25598 PTE. O. SHEPHERD
7th 27720 PTE. T.H. SHERIDAN
7th 11/2226 PTE. D.J. SHEWRY
7th 11 124 PTE. B.F. SHORTT
7th 8/2727 L/SGT. D. SIBBALD
7th 14334 PTE. W.H.R. SIMMONDS
7th 30875 PTE. H.A. SLADE
7th 11548 PTE. N. SMEED
7th 19063 RFM. A.H. SMITH
7th 15624 SGT. C.C.J. SMITH
7th  31546 PTE. E.R. SMITH
7th 29096 RFM. H. SMITH
7th 12/943 PTE. J. SMITH
7th 18865 PTE. J.J.F. SMITH
7th 31729 PTE. R. SMITH
7th 27601 PTE. W.J. SMITH
7th 6/3474 PTE. J.E. SOMERVILLE
7th 25957 RFM. J. SOUTHGATE
7th 32475 PTE. J. STAPLETON
7th 23054 PTE. J. STEEL
7th 20443 PTE. J.H. STEPHENSON
7th 10/2772 PTE. C. STEVENSON
7th 10/998 SGT. H.K. STEVENSON
7th 23/1204 L/CPL. J.T. STRACHAN
7th 15984 RFM. J.S. STREET
7th 26/1719 RFM. W. STUART
7th 29101 RFM. F.S. SYKES
7th 26332 PTE. C. TAHOURDIN
7th 21749 PTE. G. TAIAROA
7th 27047 PTE. N.F.H. TAVENDER
7th 21750 PTE. B.W. TAYLOR
7th 12/3166 L/CPL. F.C. TAYLOR
7th 14542 L/CPL. N.O. TAYLOR
7th 6/2774 PTE. J.D. TEAGUE
7th 23/933 RFM. J. THOM
7th 21911 RFM. G. THOMAS
7th 12/3493 PTE. V.C. THOMAS
7th 15256 PTE. G.G. THOMPSON
7th 23900 PTE. V.A. THOMPSON
7th 15468 LIEUT. W.P. THOMPSON
7th 26/284 L/SGT. J.E. THOMSON
7th 24084 PTE. P. THORNTON
7th 8/2521 2/LT. A.J. TIDDY
7th 16/303 PTE. J. TIMUIHA
7th 24/1841 PTE. R.J. TOD
7th 15046 PTE. J. TODD
7th 27394 PTE. J.L. TOMLINSON
7th 25752 RFM. W.H. TRAIL
7th 8/1881 CPL. J. TREWHEELA
7th 20616 PTE. M. TUKI
7th 4/584 SGT. J.M. TURNER
7th 8/2746 PTE. J.R. TYE
7th 10118 PTE. R.G.F. VICARS
7th 32260 PTE. E.W. VOWLES
7th 12517 PTE. B. WABY
7th 23283 RFM. J. WAKEFORD
7th 26721 RFM. E.H. WALKER
7th 20469 PTE. N. WALLACE
7th 19196 PTE. J. WALSH
7th 28565 RFM. W.A. WARD
7th 24446 PTE. C. WARNER
7th 6/381 SGT. H.D. WARNOCK
7th 12/2149 PTE. A.W. WARREN
7th 26/936 L/CPL. L.A. WARREN
7th 30883 PTE. F.T. WATKINS
7th 32760 PTE. A. WATSON
7th 12/1020 2/LT. F.W. WATSON DCM
7th 21360 PTE. W.J. WATT
7th 21125 PTE. H.H. WATTAM
7th 18122 PTE. C. WAUGH
7th 8/2758 PTE. J. WELLS
7th 18198 CPL. J.E. WELLS
7th 52684 L/CPL. W.A. WEST
7th 32764 PTE. D. WHEELER
7th 32766 PTE. E.D. WHITE
7th 7/1816 L/CPL. J.C. WHITE
7th 21628 PTE. J. WHITESIDE
7th 6/4376 PTE. A.E. WHITTEKER
7th 12/3510 PTE. G. WIEDENBOHM
7th 8/2181 2/LT. C.F. WILKIE MID
7th 26354 PTE. N.W.H. WILKINSON
7th 16021 PTE. A.J. WILKS
7th 21927 RFM. H.L. WILLIAMS
7th 15271 PTE. J.R. WILLIAMS
7th 24090 PTE. L.G. WILLIAMS
7th 30416 RFM. R. WILLIAMS
7th 8/3793 PTE. A.M. WILLICOMBE
7th 32975 RFM. F.S. WILLIS
7th 6/2812 CPL. S. WILLOUGHBY
7th 22297 PTE. A.T. WILSON
7th 32266 PTE. D. WILSON
7th 23/1880 PTE. H.F. WILSON
7th 24447 PTE. H.H. WILSON
7th 16023 PTE. R. WILSON
7th 10/3128 PTE. W. WILSON
7th  21134 RFM. W. WILSON
7th 28387 PTE. W.H. WINSTONE
7th 21136 PTE. G.H. WOOD
7th 23/34 SGT. P.J. WOOTTON
7th 12/3519 L/CPL. J.C. WRIGHT
7th 32267 PTE. N.A. WRIGHT
7th 17849 PTE. H.M. YORK
8th 18741 PTE. H.S. AKERSTEN
8th 10/2842 PTE. L.C. ANDREWES
8th 23/2148 RFM. F.H. AUSTIN
8th 6/3252 PTE. B. BLACKIE
8th 10/3196 PTE. J.A. BOUTTELL
8th 30746 PTE. J.E. BRETT
8th 11808 PTE. J.M. BROPHY
8th 39651 PTE. H.M. BUTT
8th 31220 PTE. W.B. CALDER
8th 14225 PTE. C.V. CAMERON
8th 14061 RFM. G.H. CAMPBELL
8th 21562 PTE. J.B. CAMPBELL
8th 30748 PTE. W.F. CARSON
8th 10/3217 PTE. W.A. CLAGUE
8th 22776 RFM. W. CLARK
8th 26560 RFM. J.R. CLARKE
8th 20500 RFM. J. COLEMAN
8th 27458 PTE. G.B. COLLINS
8th 10/2893 PTE. R.W. COLLINSON
8th 7/1709 PTE. C.H. COOKE
8th 20971 PTE. J.L. COWAN
8th 10/3445 PTE. R.H. CREAMER
8th 21663 PTE. T.R. CREED
8th 23/1023 L/CPL. W.J. CROOKS
8th 6/2588 PTE. H.H. CROSS
8th 11236 PTE. J.A. CURRIE
8th 24/11 CAPT. G.K. DEE MID
8th 23/1375 PTE. L.J. DORIA
8th 25489 PTE. A.E. DOYLE
8th 10/236 PTE. R. DUNBAR
8th 22490 PTE. N.L. ELLIOTT
8th 21235 PTE. T. ERNEST
8th 20131 PTE. J.J. FALCONER
8th 29383 PTE. A.C. FINLAY
8th 593651 RFM. D. FOAY
8th 12/2601 CAPT. F.R. FOSTER
8th 10/2137 PTE. G.D. FOX
8th 31251 PTE. D. FRASER
8th 32163 PTE. G.W.T. GIBBINS
8th 26597 L/CPL. C.P. GIDDENS
8th 11459 PTE. F.E. GOUGH
8th 15361 RFM. T. GRAY
8th 12129 PTE. E.G. GREENSLADE
8th 27081 RFM. R. GRIEVE
8th 31263 PTE. E.A.R. HALIDAY
8th 31259 PTE. T.B. HALL
8th 13438 PTE. J.T. HALLETT
8th 25517 PTE. T.D. HAMBLYN
8th 25516 PTE. W.C. HAMBLYN
8th 25868 PTE. V. HANSEN
8th 15366 RFM. L.J. HARDWICK
8th 29401 PTE. F.J. HARNETT
8th 31268 PTE. G.E. HARRIS
8th 24618 PTE. W.H. HARRIS
8th 13761 PTE. H.R. HARWOOD
8th 14260 PTE. E. HAYLOCK
8th 23/455 RFM. R.W. HEBENTON
8th 27655 PTE. P.B. HENDE
8th 24/2004 RFM. F.L. HIGHSTED
8th 12/3236 SGT. S.R. HOE
8th 1/384 2/LT. F. HOWARD
8th 12191 CPL. W.A.A. HUGHES
8th 6/3755 CPL. F.C. INGRAM
8th 9/1059 FAR. J. JACK
8th 22992 RFM. J.F. JAMES
8th 24174 PTE. N.W. JELLYMAN
8th 25/119 SGT. W.G. JOHANSON MID
8th 10/1865 SGT. W.L. JOHANSON MM
8th 14995 PTE. H.M. JOHNSTON
8th 31511 PTE. G. JORDAN
8th 10355 PTE. J. KEAN
8th 17927 PTE. H.M. KILMINSTER
8th 6/3374 PTE. D.C. KINGSLEY
8th 6/3065 PTE. J.A. KIRDY
8th 11688 PTE. B. LEWIS
8th 20369 PTE. C.H. LILLY
8th 32196 PTE. W. LOBLEY
8th 14200 SGT. J. MAHONEY
8th 20373 PTE. S.R. MAIN
8th 29438 PTE. D. MAXWELL
8th 25283 L/CPL. W. McEWAN
8th 10/895 PTE. C. McGONAGLE
8th 24671 PTE. M.D.C. McKEY
8th 14730 SGT. D. McLEAN
8th 10/2451 L/CPL. L.A. McMILLAN
8th 29456 PTE. C.J. McNAMARA
8th 23/1119 RFM. A.M. MITCHELL
8th 14837 PTE. J. MOLONEY
8th 11076 PTE. J.W. MOORE
8th 23584 PTE. J. MORRIN
8th 24791 RFM. R.E. MORRISON
8th 32884 RFM. J.A. NEIL
8th 31333 PTE. T. NELSON
8th 12/609 L/CPL. G.H. NICHOLLS
8th 25572 PTE. J.H.M. NORRIS
8th 29462 PTE. M.F. O'CONNOR
8th 2/1456 GNR. W.E. O'DONNELL
8th 10/3822 L/CPL. H.A. OLD
8th 11925 PTE. R.A. OLIVER
8th 23/1143 L/CPL. H.W. ORR
8th 10/3699 PTE. W.H. PATERSON
8th 23760 L/CPL. J.C. PAUL
8th 24/1539 RFM. A.G. PECK
8th 20426 PTE. B.H. ROSS
8th 29971 PTE. C.H. SHEARER
8th 10/3872 PTE. J. SHEFFORD
8th 20434 PTE. R.C. SHIELD
8th 20436 PTE. E.A.F. SMITH
8th 15039 PTE. R. SMITH
8th 10/947 CPL. A. STRUTHERS
8th 28556 RFM. J.A. STUART
8th 29508 PTE. E.J. STURCH
8th 22504 PTE. F. STYLES
8th 25123 PTE. J.F. SUTHERLAND
8th 10/2777 L/CPL. E. SUTTON
8th 25125 PTE. J.A. TAIT
8th 11969 PTE. G.R. THOMPSON
8th 11971 PTE. E. THRUPP
8th 20457 PTE. E.W. THRUSH
8th 20941 PTE. B.K. TOTTON
8th 20471 PTE. R.O. WARD
8th 16/369 PTE. K. WARU
8th 22179 PTE. J.R. WATSON
8th 14892 RFM. H. WEEKES
8th 31008 PTE. F. WELLS
8th 12/3193 PTE. C.H. WHITEHOUSE MM
8th 10/2473 PTE. B.V. WILLIAMS
8th 23/649 2/LT. K.G. WILLIAMS
8th 23/2304 PTE. W.H. WILLIAMS
8th 8/4243 PTE. D.M. WILSON
8th 25/154 RFM. H.W. WRIGHT
8th 20704 PTE. J. WYNYARD
8th 16035 PTE. A.C. YOUNG
8th 8/2192 RFM. M. YOUNG
9th 22222 PTE. S.J. ANDREWS
9th 11/2022 L/CPL. E.D. ASTBURY
9th 7/1439 PTE. J.C. BAILEY
9th 23/2154 RFM. J. BEATON
9th 6/3999 PTE. G.F. BRYANT
9th 12/3953 CPL. I.H. BURROWS
9th 15685 PTE. P.R. CARR
9th 23/1584 PTE. W.J. CHAPMAN
9th 15500 PTE. B.S. CLARIDGE
9th 23109 2/LT. W.E. COLLINS
9th 15143 PTE. J.W.L. COOMBS
9th 22944 PTE. T. COYLE
9th 24/1008 SGT. E. CURRIE
9th 25150 SGT. L.P. DIGHTON
9th 13744 PTE. W.J. DOOLE
9th 20986 RFM. W.G. FRENCH
9th 24008 PTE. C.N. GREEN
9th 6/1549 PTE. A.T. GUSSY
9th 12/3343 2/LT. H.F. HALL
9th 10/1839 PTE. R.M. HARNEY
9th 26/1552 SGT. S.L.B. HIRST
9th 29413 PTE. R.W. JONES
9th 20360 PTE. F.S.R. KARALUS
9th 29790 PTE. W. KAYE
9th 17079 PTE. A. KNIGHT
9th 12/3392 PTE. J. LOWTHER
9th 15012 PTE. W. McCOLGAN MM
9th 6/2213 PTE. P. McCOOL
9th 26658 RFM. A. McINTOSH
9th 6/1215 Chaplain J.J. McMENAMIN
9th 29442 PTE. D. MILNE
9th 12/3736 PTE. J.W. MOORE
9th 39670 PTE. W. NICOLAI
9th 18841 PTE. E. NORTH
9th 10/2270 SGT. W.H. PARKINSON
9th 35125 PTE. G.C.V. PETRIE
9th 16577 PTE. C.T. PHILLIPS
9th 12330 L/CPL. W.J. REDMOND
9th 8/1611 PTE. T.G. REID
9th 10/2482 CAPT. R.F.C. SCOTT MID 
9th 15245 PTE. J.E.L. SIMPSON
9th 4/1062 2/CPL. J.L. SINCLAIR
9th 9/1137 PTE. F.J. SMALL
9th 27169 PTE. F.F. SMEE
9th 6/358 PTE. G. STANBRIDGE
9th 25611 PTE. J.T. STOTT
9th 12941 PTE. H.S. VICKERY
9th 26347 PTE. H. WALKER
9th  22144 PTE. H. WARD
9th 29114 RFM. H.E. WHEELER
9th 28844 PTE. J.E. WILLIAMS
9th 11586 CPL. J.J. WILLIAMS
10th 11/1405 PTE. H.E. BARNETT
10th 10/1024 2/LT. G.W. BOLLINGER
10th 39158 PTE. W.J. BURGESS
10th 39166 PTE. H.J. CLARK
10th 12358 PTE. C. D'ATH
10th 23929 2/LT. A.V. DONNAN
10th 34651 PTE. L. DORREEN
10th 10/3258 PTE. A.M. FOSTER
10th 13434 PTE. T.L. GABBATIS
10th 29390 PTE. R. GORDON
10th 4/1928 SPR. A. GREENLEES
10th 29617 PTE. B.A. HESLOP
10th 9/2080 PTE. J. KIDD
10th 26280 PTE. W.G. KOHLIES
10th 4/2097 SPR. C.L. LEWIS
10th 26122 PTE. J.R. LITTLE
10th 23205 RFM. J. MAIN
10th 12445 L/CPL. J.W. McKAY
10th 12681 SPR. R.A. McKAY
10th 34718 PTE. P.S. NELSON
10th 6/3123 C.Q.M.S. W.E. PAGE
10th 12254 RFM. J. PYKE
10th 4/1837 SPR. C.H. RAX WORTHY MM
10th 19049 RFM. J.J. ROWETT
10th 24299 2/LT. F.J. SHAW
10th 27701 PTE. J.H. SHEA
10th 32259 PTE. A.L. VINCENT
10th 2/802 A/BDR. L.H. WILLIAMS
10th 12687 SPR. F.W. WILTSHIRE
10th 24964 GNR. T.R. WYATT
11th 24/2513 L/SGT. J. ANDREWS
11th 10296 PTE. C.H. BARWICK
11th 18950 RFM. H.T. BENJAMIN

11th 13/2723 BDR. E.H. BOYD
11th 10/3157 PTE. J.T. BURBOROUGH
11th 32811 PTE. G. CALDWELL
11th 17594 2/LT. H.F. COTTER
11th 17788 RFM. A. HISLOP
11th 30814 PTE. P.H. JACKSON
11th 2/2495 GNR. J. McCLUNG
11th 14139 PTE. J. McGRATH
11th 28909 PTE. H.G. NUTSFORD
11th 12/3772 PTE. W.J. O'MEARA
11th 31427 RFM. J.O. OLSEN
11th 13555 SPR. R.J. PROUDE
11th 27143 PTE. G.O. ROLLINSON
11th 32541 CPL. J.L. RUSSELL
11th 23/2088 PTE. F.G.O. SIMSON
11th 8/4222 PTE. J. SMITH
11th 10/3096 PTE. P. STUBBS
11th 30318 PTE. E.J. THOMPSON
11th 6/4365 PTE. C.K.K. TINCLER
11th 18877 PTE. R.F. WELHAM
11th 6/2322 PTE. J. WELLS
11th 29328 PTE. J. WHITE
11th 25/839 CPL. H.F.V. WHITING
11th 11764 PTE. C.L. WOOD
11th 5/376 SGT. J. WOOD
11th 25/921 SGT. H.S. YARRALL
12th 10754 PTE. C.L. ANSTEY
12th 38114 PTE. D.T. BROWN
12th 4/1081A L/CPL. L.W.B. HALL
12th 15538 PTE. R.F.W. HARRIS
12th 23/2009 PTE. H.D. ILLSTON
12th 29275 PTE. C. MACDONALD
12th 37000 PTE. J.B. McCLURE
12th 2/2682 GNR. W.A. MILNE
12th 2/282 CAPT. J.H. PRIMMER
12th 26690 RFM. S.W. ROWE
12th 8/2124 PTE. J. SCANLAN
12th 25/1819 L/CPL. W. STOREY
12th 15448 LIEUT. A.C. WILSON
12th 2/714 CPL. A.A. WRIGHT
13th 33500 PTE. T. ANDREWS
13th 30899 PTE. F. BENNETT
13th 14 PTE. C.J. BERRY
13th 2/573 CPL. R.J. BOND MM
13th 29144 PTE. H.E. BOWKETT
13th 20487 RFM. J. BRAY
13th 29145 PTE. W.L. BREMNER
13th 15485 PTE. J. BRIGGS
13th 6/2366 L/CPL. N.E. BROWN
13th 34345 PTE. W.C. BRYDEN
13th 29672 L/CPL. J. CALDWELL
13th 22768 PTE. H.W. CALLAGHAN
13th 24/1950 L/CPL. H. CAMERON
13th 12/2678 PTE. D.G. CRAIG
13th 6/4598 PTE. A.J. CROFT
13th 29744 PTE. G.P. CROMBIE
13th 24/1630 PTE. L. CROSSEN
13th 28988 PTE. P. CUNNINGHAM
13th 14953 PTE. R. DALTON
13th 8/2896 CPL. F.W. DESMOND
13th 32844 PTE. F.A. GILES
13th 12/2308 PTE. J. GREEN
13th 30203 PTE. J.E. GRIFFITHS
13th 6/1553 W.O.2 W.G. HALL
13th 30947 PTE. C.P. HAMILL
13th 9/2073 TPR. J. HAMILTON
13th 29165 PTE. T. HARNEY
13th 33359 PTE. H.E. HART
13th 27290 PTE. J.T. HEARN
13th 39534 PTE. A. HOLZ
13th 39535 PTE. E.J.J. HOLZ
13th 34376 PTE. J. IRELAND
13th 8/2020 PTE. W.E. JOHNSTONE
13th 6/3767 PTE. W. KNUCKEY
13th 27334 PTE. J. MAIDENS
13th 22442 PTE. F.J. McJENNETT
13th 14307 PTE. J. McMAHON
13th 7/2083 PTE. C.V. MUNRO
13th 11/1940 L/CPL. L.L. NEWLOVE
13th 8/3032 PTE. J. PARKER
13th 13/125 CAPT. W.D. RUDDOCK
13th 11737 CPL. A.G. SCARR
13th 6/3461 SGT. W.W. SIMMERS MM
13th 29308 PTE. H.S. SIMMONS
13th 2/15 2/LT. L. SMITH MC
13th 26329 PTE. G. STAPLETON
13th 2/639 GNR. M. SULLIVAN
13th 30990 PTE. A.J. TAYLOR
13th 24/1558 CPL. S. VAUSE
13th 26/482 RFM. H.A. WALDEN
13th 10/3422 PTE. A.W. WARD
13th 23914 L/CPL. V.F. WOODS
14th 31796 RFM. G.A. ALEXANDER
14th 8/2402 CPL. G.E. ALLINGTON
14th 23/1930 PTE. J.L. AVERY
14th 8/2530 PTE. W. BANWELL
14th 10012 L/CPL. E.F. BARNES
14th 28416 RFM. I.G. BASSETT
14th 31460 PTE. R.C. BROOMFIELD
14th 14056 L/CPL. P.J. BROWN
14th 18958 RFM. W.J. BUTLER
14th 7/1829 PTE. T.S. CATLOW
14th 21656 PTE. F.E. COLLINGS
14th 6/3662 PTE. G.W. COOK
14th 38494 PTE. J.E. CRAIG
14th 29226 PTE. G.H. CROSS
14th 29150 PTE. P.J. DALY
14th 26061 RFM. H.E. DAVIES
14th 6/3683 PTE. S.R. DODSON
14th 25/1719 CPL. H.T. ELVIN
14th 32315 RFM. G.H. FRANDSEN
14th 26/667 RFM. E.M. FRASER
14th 6/3710 PTE. J.I. GIBBS
14th 8/2430 PTE. E.H. GUTHRIE
14th 14020 PTE. G.H. HAY
14th 36866 PTE. R. HOPE
14th 15547 PTE. J. INGLIS
14th 26274 PTE. C. KEAN
14th 36985 PTE. E.S. KNIGHT
14th 39867 PTE. C. McGRATH
14th 7/1877 PTE. G.W. McKAY
14th 29933 PTE. A.G. MIDDLEMASS
14th 36466 PTE. J. MIDDLETON
14th 13/2857 GNR. G.V. MOLLER
14th 15587 PTE. J. NAPIER
14th 7/382 GNR. L.C. NEWMAN
14th 15017 PTE. T.J. O'LEARY
14th 4/2118 SPR. A.W. PAGET
14th 36248 PTE. A.D. REESE
14th 27423 PTE. J. RENNIE
14th 15417 RFM. A.F. ROBERTS
14th 29300 PTE. W. ROBERTSHAW
14th 7/1281 PTE. H. RONAN
14th 24/2561 PTE. F.J. RYAN
14th 8/4493 PTE. R. SANDS
14th 6/3862 SGT. R. SCRIMGEOUR
14th 21900 PTE. W.G. STEWART
14th 25/240 SGT. E.F. SULLIVAN
14th 28559 RFM. A.S.G. TAYLOR
14th 26/696 RFM. W.F. TAYLOR
14th 14168 PTE. L.G. TILSON
14th 24/1218 PTE. A.H. TURNER
14th 15049 PTE. L.M. VINCENT
14th 27998 PTE. W.F. WAITE
14th 2/3117 DVR. J.B. WARD
14th 14171 PTE. W. WATSON
14th 26/1759 RFM. A.L. WHITCOMBE
14th 29957 RFM. W. WILLS
14th 28929 PTE. K.D. WILSON
15th 27819 L/SGT. H.L. ANDREWS
15th 17/253 L/CPL. R.C. BETT
15th 24528 PTE. H.L. BOON
15th 10/1753 L/CPL. F.A. BRILL MM
15th 12987 RFM. J. CAVEN
15th 14584 PTE. W. CHARTERIS
15th 26566 RFM. H.A. CORBETT
15th 22947 PTE. F.M. CRANSTON
15th 28111 L/CPL. W.K. DONALD
15th 39589 PTE. W.F. HALES
15th 33021 PTE. A. HARVEY
15th 10/1843 PTE. F. HEATH
15th 32188 L/CPL. V.R. JOHNSON
15th 20362 PTE. J. KIRKLAND
15th 23570 L/CPL. W.Y. LAIDLAW
15th 26282 PTE. L.V. LAUGESEN
15th 21035 RFM. A.J. LINGAR
15th 23002 PTE. V. LITTLE
15th 32031 PTE. R. MORTIMER
15th 12244 PTE. J.J. NOONAN
15th 22363 PTE. W.G. PANKHURST
15th 26/131 SGT. A.O. PARKES
15th 6/3433 PTE. E.F.G. PLANK
15th 18939 RFM. W.J. POWELL
15th 8/473 L/CPL. A.I. REA
15th 8/798 PTE. H. ROBERTS
15th 10/2463 CPL. A.J. ROBINSON
15th 30410 CPL. A.V. SHRIMPTON
15th 2/1672 BDR. F. SIMPSON
15th 22124 PTE. H.L. SMITH
15th 14159 CPL. R.H.G. STOREY
15th 36891 PTE. F.V. SUTHERLAND
15th 16003 PTE. H.G.S. SWAIN
15th 22385 PTE. J. WARREN
15th 8/4052 L/CPL. H.S. WATERSON
15th 24/2567 PTE. J. WILLIAMSON
15th 21948 RFM. J.M. WILLIAMSON
15th 11361 PTE. E. WILSON
15th 12872 GNR. H.D. WYATT
16th 15122 PTE. P. ATLEY
16th 14052 RFM. F.C. BLACKLER
16th 31802 RFM. W.L. BRYANT
16th 2/857 GNR. C. CLULEE
16th 27456 PTE. L.G. COWIE
16th 38133 RFM. R. DOUGLAS
16th 28584 L/SGT. S.P.E. FRANCIS
16th 13914 PTE. T. HAYES
16th 29780 PTE. A.H. HEDGES
16th 32676 PTE. J. KANE
16th 22343 PTE. J.C. LUMSDEN
16th 23/1444 RFM. R. McLEAN
16th 26291 PTE. H. MOODY
16th 8/765 SGT. E.G.M. MORRIS
16th 11078 RFM. W.A. MORT
16th 31869 RFM. J.D. MUNRO
16th 27941 PTE. J.A. NEILS
16th 33425 PTE. W.G. NELSON
16th 6/1949 PTE. E.C. PAGET
16th 22080 PTE. E.R. PATERSON
16th 11736 PTE. F. REILLY
16th 23616 PTE. T. RYAN
16th 26459 SPR. G. SAMPSON
16th 2/2752 DVR. R. ZORN
17th 24/957 RFM. A. ALDRIDGE
17th 2/1751 CPL. A.N. ANDREWS DCM
17th 2/1132 GNR. J.E. BELL
17th 22683 PTE. W.R.H. BOWDEN
17th 38266 PTE. C. DEBENHAM
17th 12/3620 PTE. J.P. DREW
17th 13000 RFM. J. GEOFFREY
17th 8/1485 PTE. J.A. GREY
17th 6/4304 PTE. S.W. MARSHMAN
17th 32697 PTE. A. McCLEAN
17th 31317 PTE. J. MITCHELL
17th 15234 PTE. A. PELLOWE
17th 17100 PTE. C.F. PERRIMAN
17th 49484 PTE. J. TAIT
18th 24/959 RFM. H.D. ASQUITH
18th 24/679 CPL. R. BALLAGH
18th 24/690 L/CPL. W.H.G. BEVAN
18th 29345 PTE. V.S. BRADLEY
18th 10/3210 2/CPL. J.F. BYRNE
18th 5/118 SGT. J.E. COOKSLEY
18th 12/3208 PTE. A.H. COWPER
18th 24/740 RFM. A.A. DEY
18th 27681 RFM. A. DUNLOP
18th 8/3579 CPL. C. FISHER
18th 12374 RFM. P.M. FREYBERG
18th 6/2642 PTE. R.J. GUNNING
18th 29260 PTE. L. INGLIS
18th 33390 L/CPL. A.H. LIPPETT
18th 20202 RFM. P.R. McCONVILLE
18th 3/802 PTE. W. ROCHFORT
18th 4/1196 SPR. A. SMITH
18th 25642 L/CPL. W.G. STABLES
18th 4/1516/A SPR. T.L. TESTER
18th 24/920 RFM. T. TOBIN
18th 17329 GNR. O.M. TODD
19th 2/2349 GNR. H.W ABERNETHY
19th 16/1469 PTE. H. BROWN
19th 26790 PTE. H.A. CANHAM
19th 3/2614 PTE. A.C. COCHRAN
19th 30798 PTE. W. GORCUM
19th 8/4134 L/CPL. A.J. HANCOCK
19th 16/1477 PTE. H. KORAKO
19th 32042 PTE. R. McCONNELL
19th 32043 PTE. D.A. McKELVEY
19th 23/1127 CPL. R. MYERS MM
19th 2/2499 GNR. S.H. NEWSTEAD
19th 28542 PTE. D.W. RYAN
19th 18707 PTE. E.J. RYAN
19th 16/46 PTE. W. TUHIWAI
19th 3/1800 PTE. L.H.B. WEBB
19th 6/388 W.O.1 J.A. WHEWAY
19th 27412 PTE. W. WRIGHT
20th 14558 PTE. S.M. BANNISTER
20th 12/3253 PTE. L. BIRCH
20th 7/1210 GNR. R.R. COE
20th 26799 PTE. D. COWIE
20th 23/116 CPL. L.H.M. DAVIS
20th 28106 PTE. J.A. DIXON
20th 21234 GNR. W.G.M. EMMINS
20th 2/1924 GNR. F.B. HIGHMAN
20th 2/2650 BDR. J.W. HUTCHINSON
20th 22808 CPL. H.J. JEFFERY DCM
20th 2/1268A DVR. A.J. JENNINGS
20th 11/1828 PTE. H.E. MARSH
20th 23/498 RFM. R. MAWHINNEY
20th 4/2106 SPR. J. McCATHIE
20th 33761 PTE. E. PAVELKA
20th 15319 RFM. H.D. PUCKRIDGE
20th 23/2085 SGT. W. SAMSON
20th 24/2098 RFM. F. STEVENS
20th 8/2738 L/CPL. R. TAYLOR
20th 13257 GNR. A.L. THOMSON
20th 12/2865 PTE. A.L. VENDT
21st 13/2710 GNR. T.J. BARKER
21st 32295 RFM. A.E. BERRY
21st 26/1578 RFM. S. CAMERON
21st 33294 L/CPL. G.C. CAMPBELL
21st 21492 RFM. W. CAUSER
21st 21489 RFM. F.W. CHALMERS
21st 26564 PTE. A.D.E.S. COLEMAN
21st 28979 RFM. D. CONWAY
21st 38497 RFM. A.C. CRIPPS
21st 13/220 GNR. H.M. FOSTER
21st 2/536 SGT. W. GOODWIN
21st 9/1313 GNR. G.P. KNIGHT
21st 24382 SGT. J.C. MACKAY
21st 16/656 SGT. J. MANUEL
21st 27561 PTE. J. McNEECE
21st 14658 PTE. J. MORGAN
21st 20885 PTE. F. NIKERIMA
21st 4/1364/A CPL. J. NOBBS
21st 29061 RFM. D.S. NORQUAY
21st 29586 RFM. A. OWENS
21st 2/342 A/BDR. T.C. RUSSELL
21st 16/888 SGT. C. SAVAGE
21st 27116 RFM. T.L.A. SHEPHERD
21st 23/2591 RFM. E.R. TAAFFE
21st 16/993 PTE. H. TAIWHANGA
21st 9/1986 GNR. J. TEAZE
22nd 31398 RFM. O. COLLINGTON
22nd 10/1460 L/SGT. D. CUNNINGHAM
22nd 19136 PTE. D.A. FIFE
22nd 10/3288 PTE. L. HEADIFEN
22nd 5/285 SGT. G.F. HULME
22nd 13334 PTE. A. HUNTER
22nd 7/1117 GNR. A. McCAUSLAND
22nd 21613 PTE. H.W.H. SANDFORD
22nd 32089 PTE. A.M. THOMSON
22nd 26718 RFM. E.H. VAZEY MM
23rd 28949 RFM. A.D. ASHBY
23rd 29351 PTE. T.E. BALLINGER
23rd 12/1155 CPL. E.A. BOLLARD
23rd 17/382 PTE. W. CASWELL
23rd 24340 PTE. M.L. CHAMBERLAIN
23rd 14229 PTE. R.H. CLARK
23rd 15694 PTE. A. CORBETT
23rd 10/3227 L/CPL. J. CROFSKEY
23rd 25/1120 RFM. H. DANZEY
23rd 14595 PTE. H.C. DUMBELL
23rd 31968 PTE. W.D. DUNWOODIE
23rd 33318 RFM. C. EDGECOMBE
23rd 14603 PTE. J.F. FARCH
23rd 2/532 BDR. F.S. FITNESS
23rd 30788 PTE. A.F. GREGORY
23rd 28724 PTE. W. HOGAN
23rd 14430 CPL. N. HUGHES
23rd 28136 PTE. W.L. HUMPHRIES
23rd 25532 PTE. E.A. JACKSON
23rd 22491 PTE. F.G. KINGDON
23rd 10960 RFM. R.H. KNAPP
23rd 20174 PTE. L.G. LAWRENCE
23rd 14208 PTE. G.B. LYNDS
23rd 31674 PTE. F.M. MARTIN
23rd 31314 PTE. E.W. MIERS
23rd 15940 RFM. T. MONAGHAN
23rd 10/3653 SGT. G.W. MORRIS
23rd 19093 PTE. C.P. NOLAN
23rd 14319 PTE. R.S. PEPPERCORN
23rd 18700 RFM. S.N. PINHEY
23rd 23/888 RFM. W. READ
23rd 32726 PTE. E.A. RUMSEY
23rd 14329 PTE. H. RUSSELL
23rd 38599 RFM. H. SEFTON
23rd 12/2847 PTE. D. SLOAN
23rd 12/3480 PTE. W. SMITH
23rd 27741 PTE. J. TALBOT
23rd 23/295 SGT. A. TAYLOR MM
23rd 6/2309 PTE. W.L. VINE
23rd 22294 PTE. C.B. WARD
23rd 10934 PTE. H. WILSON
24th 23/994 L/CPL. R. BARRIS
24th 14380 PTE. L. BROCKELSBY
24th 39452 PTE. J. BURROUGH
24th 31980 PTE. F.J. EASTWOOD
24th 16/949 PTE. T. HAPE
24th 38532 RFM. W. HORSPOOL
24th 23/1097 RFM. L.M. LOWEN
24th 30841 PTE. A.C. OLNEY
24th 28404 PTE. A. PALMER
24th 22286 PTE. A.M. RUDD
24th 14501 RFM. J. SOMERVILLE MM
24th 25956 RFM. H. SORENSEN
24th 3/2584 PTE. F.H.B. STAINTON
25th 10/2512 PTE. W. ALLGOOD
25th 36567 PTE. P.S. CURRAN
25th 18653 RFM. W.C. GROVES
25th 12/4215 CPL. R.A. LINCOLN
25th 10/589 PTE. J. MACKENZIE
25th 28287 PTE. A. MACPHEE
25th 25377 PTE. V.W. ROBINSON
25th 9/1105 L/CPL. J.D. SANDERSON
25th 24457 PTE. T.J. SMITH
26th 14589 PTE. A. CROSBIE
26th 26407 PTE. W.T. HELLIWELL
26th 12208 RFM. G.G. LANGRISH
26th 10/3637 L/CPL. A.H. LUGG
26th 24278 PTE. J.C. MORRIS
26th 2/2523 GNR. C.K. RICKETTS
26th 29485 PTE. C. ROBINSON
26th 15320 2/LT. R. TENNENT
26th 20561 PTE. C.F.H. VOWDEN
27th 31573 PTE. C.F.B. ANDREW
27th 5/220 PTE. R.J. CAMPBELL
27th 39604 RFM. R. CHALMERS
27th 18970 RFM. T. COFFEY
27th 2/172 CPL. A.L. DONNELLY
27th 32837 RFM. T.S. FIELD
27th 31121 RFM. D.V. GAZE
27th 23370 RFM. W.L. GIESEN
27th 2/219 BDR. S. HAIN
27th 38169 RFM. D. HAMILTON
27th 18799 PTE. J.D. HARVEY
27th 13/517 PTE. A. McKENZIE
27th 11/1842 DVR. W.G. OKEBY
27th 38211 RFM. E. PERSEN
27th 23725 SPR. J. PILKINGTON
27th 24/2106 PTE. B. SYMONS
28th 18659 RFM. C. HANSEN
28th 44118 PTE. J. JOBBERNS
28th 38555 PTE. W.A. MACKY
28th 39107 RFM. A. SIMPSON
28th 10/4190 PTE. A. STEWART
29th 33810 PTE. R. BAILEY
29th 39944 PTE. T. BRISCOE
29th 24/2193 RFM. G.T. FISHER
29th 13908 PTE. J. GLEN
29th 17301 DVR. P.R. JONES
29th 34905 PTE. H.J. NIVEN
29th 27785 RFM. G.C. SMITH
30th 33827 PTE. T.J. BRIDDOCK
30th 28484 PTE. S.J. HUNT


The New Zealanders were in Belgium preparing for an attack on the Messines Ridge.

1st  4/1172 SPR. J. JOHNSTON
1st  14669 PTE. J. McLEAN
1st  4/1638 SPR. W.P. TATHAM
1st  23/2302 RFM. F.P. WILLIAMS
1st  1/112/LT. A.V. YOUNG
2nd  15661 PTE. R.A. BARTOSH
2nd  12/315 PTE. W. BOYD
2nd  2/1482 GNR. C.S. FITZROY
2nd  20573 RFM. A.A. SCHULZ
2nd  27135 RFM. L.D.T. TROULAND
3rd  10386 GNR. H.N. BAXTER
3rd  4391 PTE. F. COLLINS MM
3rd  20507 RFM. D.W. DAY
3rd  28120 PTE. C.H.C. FREEMAN
3rd  14567 PTE. A.G. MOFFETT
3rd  2/LT. W.F. ROBSON
4th  23803 PTE. H.M. CRAWFORD
4th  21431 SPR. W.J. DOOLEY
4th 16/391 PTE. R. HEKIERA
4th  26273 PTE. D. KEARNS
4th 13/927 TPR. J.W. MAGNUSSON
4th  4/2111 SPR. H. McLAUGHLAN
4th  13/128 W.O.1 J.T. NOTLEY
4th  10/3998 CPL. L.J. SLATER
4th  7/1899 TPR. T. STEELE
5th  25794 RFM. D. BEVERLEY
5th  23/1259 RFM. T.N. CAVANAGH
5th  10999 PTE. P.J. CLEARY
5th  23150 PTE. C.M. DALE
5th  12/1614 PTE. R.H. DONALD
5th 23/1254 RFM. S.J. DONALDSON
5th  37462 SPR. J. DRYSDALE
5th  15887 RFM. S.C. FARNIE
5th  31623 PTE. C. FOX
5th  12/4001 PTE. T.P. HANLON
5th  23/1072 SGT. G. HOUGHTON
5th  10/3602 PTE. W.J. HUGHES
5th  51739 PTE. P.J. JOYCE
5th  18817 PTE. C. LIPPIATT
5th  22846 RFM. W.A. McNAUGHTON
5th  11/120 L/CPL. A.C. PATTON
5th  26919 PTE. W.D. ROBBINS
5th  23/1532 RFM. G.A. SMITH
5th  21898 RFM. W.D. STALKER
5th  16018 PTE. A.M. WALKER
6th  10284 PTE. W.R. AHIER
6th  14050 PTE. A. BAIRD
6th  24/2159 RFM. W. CATTANACH
6th  11239 PTE. F. COLLINSON
6th  6/4020 PTE. C.H. DAVISON
6th  21245 PTE. A.E. FLOWERDAY
6th 4/408 SPR. J.F. HAYNES
6th 26/810 RFM. J.J. HICKEY
6th 24/460 RFM. M. HUME
6th 23556 PTE. C.A. JENKINS
6th 27514 PTE. J. JENKINS
6th 2/2872 FTR. J.M. MAY
6th 29798 PTE. H.F. McAULEY
6th 20807 PTE. H.H. OVERBURY
6th 22097 PTE. H.C. RAVENWOOD
6th 2/LT. P.C. REID
6th 25/672 RFM. J. ROBERTSON
6th 7/397 TPR. W.J.V. SINCLAIR
6th 14166 PTE. J. TAYLOR
6th 17751 PTE. H. WATSON
6th 22898 CPL. T.F. WILKINS
6th 15270 PTE. W.R. WILSON
7th 29235 PTE. M.C. DRUMMOND
7th 14957 PTE. E.J. DRYDEN
7th 13/2048 GNR. W.D. KINNEAR
7th 31706 PTE. J.W. PRICKETT
7th 27367 PTE. W.J. RAE
7th 13/3072 PTE. H. ROGERS
7th 12/3870 PTE. A.J. WHITEROD
8th 25174 PTE. J.R. ASHLEY
8th 12376 RFM. T. GARDNER
8th 26/792 RFM. H. GIBBON
8th 23/2209 RFM. R. JAMES
8th 21055 RFM. H.J. McANNALLY
8th 21051 RFM. R.S. MILLER
8th 19039 RFM. W.J. OFFICER
8th 12/2106 PTE. J. SCANLON
9th 3/240 PTE. F.A. CRUM
9th 9/1102 TPR. T. ROBSON
9th 32973 PTE. J.C. TURNBULL
10th 16/1182 CPL. M. ANTHONY
10th 24/1337 L/CPL. L.F. BEECHEY
10th 26/839 RFM. A. LENNAN
10th 34901 PTE. W.C. McCORKINDALE
10th 26/940 SGT. H.C. WELCH MM
11th 9/1777 SPR. H.L. BIRKETT
11th 12/901 PTE. P.J. COSTELLO
11th 3/859 W.O.2 C.H. QUINN
12th 6/3888 PTE. H.H.T.S. SUMMERVILLE
14th 5/469 DVR. P.H. HAWKE
14th 12402 RFM. W.S. JENKINS
15th 6/3592 L/CPL. J.J. ADAM
16th 10/2103 PTE. J. CLARK
16th 21364 PTE. H.B. WILSON
17th 9/2170 TPR. J. GAIR
17th 31661 PTE. J. KIRK
17th 16/566 PTE. P. PARATA
18th 31627 PTE. H.B. GRANT
19th 21791 RFM. C. CHILDS
19th 24/806 CPL. E.E. ISLIP MM
19th 24/607 RFM. F.J. WETHERALL
20th 21680 PTE. W.C. HENDERSON
20th 21682 PTE. W.H. HIGGINS
20th 23417 RFM. A.J. McPEAK
20th 11/2155 GNR. F.A. MILLER
20th 4/570 SGT. A. POPE
21st 25922 RFM. F.T. McLARNON
22nd 26/452 RFM. W. HOLMAN
22nd 13/239 PTE. J. TAYLOR
22nd 21398 SPR. T.G. TURNER
22nd 7/1930 TPR. S.W. WILLIAMS
23rd PS/6810 PTE. W.H. HOSKING
24th 31786 PTE. R.T. MORRISON
25th 23/1332 RFM. L. BIONDI
25th 23/110 RFM. C. CUNNINGHAM
25th 21989 PTE. E. DALZIEL
25th 42153 PTE. F.H. MAPP
25th 8/3990 CPL. J. NICHOLSON
25th 23037 RFM. A.J. OLSEN
25th 14196 PTE. D.G. SWEENEY
25th 23/2114 RFM. C.H. WHETTON
26th 49800 PTE. E.A. CHAPPELL
26th 22231 PTE. F.E. COCKS
26th 8/1750 PTE. W.J. HEATHER
26th 29787 PTE. J.M. JOHNSTON
26th 762247 PTE. W.F. MACANDREW
26th 22727 PTE. J. ROBINSON
26th 4/1542 SPR. J. ROBSON
26th 10/86 CAPT. G.N. WAUGH
27th 3/2544 PTE. G.L. COBB
27th 9/1385 PTE. R. HAY
27th 13999 PTE. J. STUART
28th 2/2350 DVR. M.A. ADAMS
28th 11/1906 GNR. W.H. FARROW
28th 2/2002/LT. W. MACLENNAN
28th 14465 PTE. A.G. MOORE
28th 16486 SPR. C. SALISBURY
28th 21897 RFM. C. SCANNELL
28th 23/281 PTE. E. SKIVINGTON
28th 49026 PTE. A.E. THOMPSON
28th 9/227 CPL. J.A. WALKER
29th 34084 PTE. H.R. KAYE
29th 24236 PTE. L. STOCKER
30th 2/LT. E. EDWARDS
30th 25/563 SGT. L.F.E. PENROSE
30th 24434 RFM. A. POWELL
30th 12273 PTE. G. SMITH
31st 59060 SGT. W.H. ARCHER
31st 32162 PTE. H.E. GROWCOTT


The New Zealand Tunnelling Company prepared underground facilities to assist the Arras Offensive which began in April.

2nd 10/3505 CPL. F. CHAPMAN
2nd 27017 PTE. A.E. JACKSON
2nd 3691 SGT. J. MORRISON
2nd 23036 L/CPL. E.A. OGLETHORPE
2nd 11/1738 L/CPL. D.A. ROSS
2nd 19069 RFM. R.E. THOMAS
2nd 20588 RFM. J. WARE
3rd 6/1466 PTE. W. BLACKBURN
3rd 4/112A 2/LT. G. MASTERS MID
3rd 16/1196 L/CPL. P. SOLOMONA
3rd 10/1725 CPL. T. STANLEY
4th  48620 PTE. J. CHAMBERS
4th 12042 SPR. G.G. HOGAN
4th  10127 PTE. A.G. LEE
5th 19109 PTE. F.R. BLACK
5th 2/1756 GNR. C.F. BOWE
5th 8/2901 CPL. R. DUMBLETON
5th 18005 SGT. G.B. PARKER
5th 25328 PTE. A.K. SMILLIE
6th 26980 PTE. F. BENSON
6th 6/4006 PTE. D. CAMERON
6th 10/3713 PTE. G. REID
7th 18794 PTE. J. HALL
7th 21736 PTE. S.T. RINALDI
7th 241181 CPL. G.E. WILKINS
8th 11/1531 L/CPL. M. CORNER
8th 38269 PTE. G. DOUGLAS
8th 16/1442 PTE. R. HUKI
8th 16/730 PTE. H. RUPENE
9th 12/3560 SPR. H.R. BRAY
9th 40767 PTE. H. PHILP
10th16/1339 PTE. R. HURA
10th 4/962 SPR. R. PHEELEY
11th 23/1457 SGT. P.C. O'HARA
13th 8/996 PTE. D. BLAIKIE
13th 4/1225 LIEUT. H.E. METCALFE
14th 2/LT. J.H. COCK
14th 24/1704 PTE. W. KING
14th 24374 L/CPL. J. KIRK
14th 24022 PTE. T. LEE
14th 24399 L/CPL. H.H. PEEBLES
14th 23/1814 RFM. L.W. SMITH
15th 7/2054 GNR. R.F. JONES
15th 32346 RFM. F.C. KEYS
15th 16564 PTE. A.G. PATCHETT
16th 30059 PTE. E. EDWARDS
16th 12/354 PTE. A.P. GRANT
16th 2/127 A/BDR. W.E. KERR
16th 1539 PTE. A. MacDONALD DCM
17th 18888 PTE. N.W.T. GEBBIE
17th 25509 PTE. E.D. GODFREY
18th 33524 PTE. R.L.G. DIXON
18th S/307519 PTE. A.W. HARCOURT
19th 11/1520 TPR. E.G. BOYES
19th 13/2163 TPR. J. BROWNE
19th 23824 PTE. P.N. GIBSON
19th 11/1445 TPR. C. HUGHES
19th 16410 TPR. F.H. JACKSON
19th 27146 RFM. G. KENDALL
19th 11/1817 TPR. R.G. KIDD
19th 13/1025A TPR. H.C. LYES
19th 453080 RFM. H.R. MORTON
19th 7/103 CAPT. R.S. PRIEST
19th 7/890 TPR. R.G. QUICK
19th 7/1663 TPR. A.J.C. THOMSON
19th 24944 TPR. S.D. WAGHORN
20th 10/295 CPL. A.E. BROOKER
20th 4/1423 L/CPL. B. FAHEY
20th 21237 PTE. B.R. FAIR
20th 20341 PTE. C.G. HARVEY
20th 11/422 SGT. D.R. WEBSTER MID
20th 12664 PTE. R.J.V. WOOD
21st 10/1392A PTE. E.H. ALABASTER
21st 17069 TPR. H.C. GREEN
21st 205982/LT. T. KOKIRI
21st 28745 PTE. T.L. LIDDINGTON
21st 12/2884 SGT. C.T.K. WILKINSON
22nd 5/1551A L/CPL. F. BAUCKHAM
22nd 19650 L/CPL. E.L. CLAASEN
22nd 7/1004 L/CPL. J. SHIELDS MID
22nd 11738 PTE. M. SINGLETON
23rd 4/1562 SPR. C. ADAMS
23rd 10/775 PTE. G.V. HANNA
23rd 7834 SGT. A.E. HOOPER
23rd 9/1443 GNR. H.D. JACOBS
23rd 276796 PTE. A.L. PATERSON
23rd 2/2539 GNR. H.C. SIM
23rd 12/251 PTE. J.B. SMITH
24th 2/LT. D.J. BARNES
24th 8455 PTE. J.F. BROWN
24th 7/1637 TPR. J.H. MITCHELL
26th 12/359 PTE. T.A.C. GEMMING
27th 6/3983 PTE. J. ANDERSON
27th 2/548 GNR. E. MILNE
27th 20249 RFM. A. SHELLAM
28th 47749 PTE. A. McLAREN
28th 20270 RFM. J.W. WILLIAMS
29th 23/768 PTE. A. GRAHAM
29th 21719 PTE. J.J. MELTON
30th 21534 RFM. J. POVEY
30th 2/752 CPL. H. SYMONS


In March the New Zealanders moved into Belgium - Flanders Fields.

1st 10/4077 PTE. R. CONWELL
1st 21664 PTE. W. CROSS
1st 24038 PTE. F.J. McKENZIE
2nd 16819 W.O.2 W.F. BRIGHT
2nd 15354 RFM. C.F. FITTALL
2nd 6/303 PTE. D.P. McCARTHY
2nd 8/1839 PTE. D.L. SMITH
4th 12/2971 PTE. F.A. CAMPBELL
5th 10/718 CPL. T.S. CROMPTON
5th 10/1841 PTE. J.J. HAYES
5th 8/592 PTE. H. KING
5th 28186 PTE. G. McDONALD
5th 23419 RFM. W. NICHOLSON
6th 10403 PTE. G.W. THOMPSON
7th 6/1104 MAJ. F.B. BROWN
7th 18671 RFM. P. KEANEY
8th 5/884 CPL. B. BARNETT
8th 31583 PTE. V.F. BISCHOFF
8th 6/1782 PTE. T.E. BOOKER
8th 23/1362 RFM. R. CRAWFORD
8th 8/3434 PTE. W.D. DUNBAR
8th 24/1063 RFM. G.A. GRIFFITHS
8th 2/1031 DVR. H.E.J. LAMBERT
8th 6/2308 PTE. P.R. VERCOE
8th 14889 RFM. R. WALLACE
9th 12/3288 PTE. A. CROFT
10th 2/300 DVR. D.K. GIBB
10th 25/1127 RFM. H.C. GILCHRIST
11th 23/2580 RFM. J.H. MURTON
11th 14327 PTE. H.L. ROUSE
11th 25/1816 RFM. W.D. SMITH
12th 11447 PTE. R.A. FERGUSON
12th 26/1166 RFM. J.R. GILLICE
12th 26/110 PTE. J.J. KELLY
12th 4/1598 SPR. J.W. WRIGHT
13th 25/259 RFM. F.J. BEACHEN
13th 6/4305 PTE. H.H. MARTIN
13th 8/3690 SPR. E. McHUGH
15th 21799 RFM. H. CRAIGHEAD
15th 24007 PTE. C.H. GRAHAM
15th 21299 PTE. J.J. MILLER
15th 6/3122 PTE. C. O'SHEA
17th 18792 PTE. S. GREER
17th J/56927 ORD. J.M. LAING MEASON
17th 12419 L/CPL. M.H.T.T. LEVINGE
18th 35940 CAPT. J.C. MACDIARMID
19th 10/3092 PTE. J.C. STEWART
20th 20556 RFM. W.H. McCLELLAND
20th 31568 PTE. W.R. WATSON
21st 13/2959 GNR. E.W.M. WILSON
23rd 21/499 RFM. J.E. DAVIE-MARTIN
23rd 22717 RFM. T.W. JAMES
23rd 24/485 L/CPL. A.V. KERR
23rd 6/78 SGT. R. KILPATRICK
23rd 13060 RFM. A.C. MILLER
23rd 20664 PTE. P. REWI
23rd 8/2735 PTE. J. STEWART
23rd 21899 RFM. J. SULLIVAN
23rd 20621 PTE. P. TE WHATA
23rd 21626 RFM. W. WEAVER
24th 20090 PTE. N.H. BROWN
24th 22303 PTE. D. BUICK
24th 15142 PTE. F.F. COOPER
24th 27464 PTE. E. COYLE
24th 12/3613 PTE. J.P. DEVEREAUX
24th 27483 PTE. J. FRASER
24th 2/2027 W.O.2 I.W. HOLDSWORTH
24th 8/3311 PTE. J. LAURIE
24th 23000 PTE. C.T. LENG
24th 8/447 PTE. E.W. NEWTON
24th 10/2738 PTE. J. PRESTON
24th 23726 SPR. T.M. REID
24th 15250 PTE. G.A. SMITH
24th 23/1830 CPL. W. STUART
24th 8/3773 CPL. G.A. SWATTEN
24th 27984 PTE. A.J. TAUCHER
24th 26336 PTE. F.W. THOMAS
24th 26/375 RFM. J.H. THOMAS
24th 23/642 L/CPL. W.D.H. WHITE
25th 4/35A SPR. R. BEAMISH
25th 30531 PTE. H.B. BUSSELL
25th 12/3623 PTE. J.C. DUNN
25th 6/3028 SPR. T. GRAY
25th 12462 RFM. J. O'CONNOR
25th 18846 PTE. G. PALMER
25th 8/3036 PTE. S.H. PERRY
25th 12/1828 PTE. W.M.C.K. WATSON
25th 8/5042/LT. F.C. WHITAKER
26th 23/365 RFM. O.R.P. BACKMAN
26th 7/988 SGT. A. MULHOLLAND
26th 11/1243 TPR. F. WILLIAMS
27th 9/435 GNR. D.F.W. BUSHELL
27th 7/1724 TPR. A.R. FITZHERBERT
27th 26/1179 RFM. T.M. REDDY
27th 12476 TPR. C. RIBBON
27th 26/470 RFM. P.G. ROBERTS
27th 1776 SGT. F. SIMMERS
27th 15440 RFM. A.H. WILD
27th 2/2744 GNR. R.J. WILLOUGHBY
28th 26804 L/CPL. W.R. CUMBERWORTH
28th 26121 RFM. W.E. LEWIS
28th 4/1520 SPR. J.J. MAHONEY
28th 26/514 SGT. J. McDONALD
28th 26153 RFM. P.J. NEW
28th 4/2161 L/CPL. M. WINSTON
29th 11/288 GNR. S.T.S. HARDING
29th 28883 PTE. D. HOUSTON
29th 4/1637 SPR. J. TAYLOR
30th 13855 L/CPL. C.H.J. CLARE
30th 4/2080 SPR. H.L. ELLIS
30th 4/1940 SPR. R. IRVING
31st 34797 PTE. F.H. BROWNING
31st 2619A PTE. A.G. COWIE
31st 11/53 TPR. J.W. GEANGE
31st 24207 PTE. J.J. MOCKETT
31st 23/651 RFM. W. WILLOUGHBY


Winter of 1916–17 passed coldly but quietly at Fleurbaix, near ArmentièGres in France. On the 21st February 2nd Auckland staged with mixed success the heaviest New Zealand raid of the campaign.

2nd 45266 PTE. J. BRAIDFORD
2nd 17256 CPL. R.E. LEEMING
2nd 16/720 PTE. M.W. REIROA
2nd 24227 PTE. A.E. ROGERS
2nd 13132 RFM. T. TELFORD
2nd 18896 LIEUT. W.A. THOMAS
2nd 1146 PTE. G.K. WEBBER
3rd 8/3713 CPL. R.D. MUIR
3rd 25/690 RFM. A.D. SNEDDON
4th 39744 PTE. M.J. BIGGAR
4th 26982 PTE. E.J. BOLAND
4th 20960 RFM. G.H. BOOTH
4th 10/2648 SGT. P.R. HOLLAND
4th 4824 PTE. L.C. KING
4th 10/3345 PTE. B. MARSHALL
4th 23/831 PTE. W.L. MORICE
4th 10/2746 PTE. G. RICHARDS
4th 31558 PTE. H. WINTER
4th 28568 RFM. B. WINTERBURN
5th 11418 PTE. T. CULLEN
5th 10175 PTE. J.S. McKEE
5th 14701 RFM. K. TINEY
6th 27164 PTE. H.H.W. GIBSON
6th 8/3668 PTE. F.H.S. LAURIE
6th 21091 RFM. B.G. PYE
6th 42413 PTE. J.C. SEATON
6th 6/3901 PTE. A.W. TOWNSHEND
6th 21124 RFM. A. WALKER
7th 11589 PTE. T.C. ADAMS
7th 26/30 C.Q.M.S. A.E. HUNT
7th 15395 RFM. W. MIDDLETON
7th 15588 PTE. R.P. NELSON
7th 14674 PTE. A.E. PETERS
7th 27599 PTE. A. SCOTT
8th 45515 PTE. T.W. HILL
8th 4/1665 SPR. D. McLAREN
8th 24/530 RFM. W.S. MURRAY
8th 4/1538 SPR. A. QUIGLEY
9th 26/348 RFM. W. JAMES
9th 4/1539 L/CPL. W.J. RICHARDSON MM
10th 12/1047 CPL. E.P. HAYMAN
11th 10/2943 L/CPL. G.A. GIBB
11th 31294 PTE. J.B. KELLAND
11th 13/827 GNR. E.J. LORD
11th 11089 PTE. F. NASH
12th 27747 RFM. J. BUCKLEY
12th 33162 SGT. R. CAMBRIDGE
12th 8/4444 PTE. D.S. DAVIES
12th 6/2173 PTE. J. JEFFERIES
12th 1/464 PTE. A.H.F. LAURENSON
12th 2/LT. G.F. PERSTON
12th 46629 PTE. J.B. TREE
13th 3/1239A PTE. F.T.A. BOWELL
13th 12/2553 L/CPL. A.M. KEMP
13th 23416 RFM. W. McMULLAN
14th 15082 PTE. A.F. FENTON
14th 19029 RFM. D.M. McINTOSH
15th 26702 RFM. E.J. SMITH
15th 12/3836 PTE. H.S. STEVENS
16th 12047 SPR. H.B. JELLYMAN


16th 25736 RFM. H.R. OLSEN
17th 9/1778 PTE. W.J. BLACKLOCK
17th 32149 PTE. J. DELANEY
17th 31552 PTE. C. TOMBS
18th 7/718 PTE. M.J. GALLAGHER
18th 6/58 SGT. G. HAY
18th 6/1883 PTE. T. INGLE
18th 24/484 L/CPL. W.B. KIRK
18th 9/2085 PTE. T.B.L. MERCER
19th 12/3128 PTE. T. PRICE
19th 8/621 CPL. W.T. SIMPSON
20th 13/2840 GNR. A.G. LOW
20th 14867 RFM. A.L. ROIL
21st 18742 PTE. H.A. ALLAN
21st 12957 PTE. W. ALLCOCK
21st 13/2290 PTE. J.R. ALMOND
21st 14369 PTE. R. BATES
21st 11816 PTE. N.F. BEAN
21st 23954 PTE. C.E. BENNETT
21st 14747 PTE. W. BLACK
21st 12/3259 SGT. H.W. BOYNE
21st 25449 PTE. H.A. BREED
21st 10/3500 SPR. A. BURNETT
21st 14385 PTE. E.A.O. BUTLER
21st 12/1582 PTE. S. CAREY
21st 21207 PTE. A. CARR
21st 22492 PTE. J. CARROLL
21st 2/2092 GNR. R.H. CHAPMAN
21st 19118 PTE. A.R. CLARKE
21st 12/1937 PTE. J. DANDERSON
21st 12/3298 CPL. E.B. DOIDGE
21st 12/3983 PTE. C.J. DUFF
21st 12333 PTE. M.G. DULEY
21st 23992 PTE. A.T. ELLIOTT
21st 12/3314 CPL. D.J.C. FARBROTHER
21st 18782 PTE. O. FIEDLER
21st 24003 PTE. J.M. FOY
21st 24/1661 PTE. H. GALLAUGHER
21st 12/3996 PTE. A. GREEN
21st 24014 PTE. W.R. HAYNES
21st 14264 PTE. W. HEATON
21st 10/2434 SPR. L.A. HENDERSON
21st 12/3684 PTE. A.L. HOOKER
21st 18801 PTE. V. HOPEWELL
21st 24/1696 PTE. R. JOHNSTON
21st 18809 PTE. D.J. JONES
21st 22513 CAPT. H.W. KING
21st 21028 PTE. P. LAKEY
21st 24021 PTE. W.F. LANGSTON
21st 12/4042 PTE. H. LOFTHOUSE
21st 12/3711 PTE. W.H.C. MACE
21st 11370 CPL. A.R. MADILL
21st 13/3055 SGT. G.L. McCABE
21st 24035 PTE. E.A. McDONALD
21st 21288 PTE. N.W. McLEAN
21st 26876 PTE. J. McMEIKAN
21st 25570 PTE. A.S. NICOLSON
21st 12/2804 PTE. W. O'HANLON
21st 26967 PTE. R.C. ORR
21st 13/2886 PTE. F. PENTELOW
21st 10424 PTE. A. PETERSON
21st 12/3784 PTE. N.J. PIERCE
21st 24095 PTE. C.E. PILE
21st 24051 PTE. S. PRICE
21st 12/3799 PTE. R. RONALDSON
21st 4/1195 SPR. A.H. SCHAW
21st 14497 PTE. B.H. SMALL
21st 24070 PTE. L.F. SMITH
21st 25609 PTE. W.W. SMITH
21st 26969 CPL. H. SOUTHGATE
21st 24075 PTE. F. STOREY
21st 12/633 L/CPL. T.G. SULLIVAN
21st 25617 PTE. W.F. TOMLINSON
21st 26944 PTE. A.G. TREVARTHEN
21st 25624 PTE. R.B. WEBB
21st 2/298 PTE. J. WHITE
21st 24/1866 PTE. H.J. WILLIAMSON
21st 10/3433 PTE. J.A. WILSON
21st 13/585 PTE. O. YORKE
21st 12/3523 L/CPL. W.J. YOUNG
22nd 19124 PTE. H. CLARKE
22nd 12/4036 PTE. H.W. LAWFORD
22nd 11528 PTE. F.N. PETERSON
22nd 12/928 SGT. W. ROBERTSON
22nd 21350 PTE. C.V. TARLIN
23rd 31453 PTE. W. ALLEN
23rd 15284 PTE. O.F. COWIE
23rd 26068 RFM. R.J. DIXON
23rd 4/1153 SPR. D. EDDIE
23rd 20987 RFM. R. GIBSON
23rd 12404 RFM. G.S. JOHNSTON
23rd 16/1453 PTE. C. JONES
23rd 11/1192 TPR. D. MACKAY
23rd 26127 RFM. F.A. MATTINGLEY
23rd 26/1010 RFM. G. McALLISTER
23rd 1007 CPL. D. SCANLAN
23rd 25951 RFM. R.P. SCOTT
23rd 13110 RFM. L.R. SMALL
23rd 12/3521 PTE. A. YAAG
24th 12280 RFM. J.T. SHAND
24th 26/219 RFM. J. STONE
25th 12368 PTE. A.J. EVANS
25th 24/2109 RFM. W.F. THOMAS
26th 15475 PTE. E. BOYCE
26th 21297 PTE. F. MESSENGER
26th 13/949 TPR. J.H. SAUNDERS
27th 12412 RFM. A.J. KEATING
27th 2/2222 DVR. A. NANKIVELL
28th 10073 PTE. H.I. BAILEY
28th 31161 PTE. H.B.W. BARTER
28th 25178 PTE. J. BILTON
28th 182142/LT. P.R. BRAMBLEY
28th 15871 RFM. J. CAIRNCROSS
28th 16534 PTE. W.J. CHUCK
28th 2/1975 GNR. A. GILBERT
28th 10/1266 PTE. G.A. ILBERT
28th 14268 PTE. H.J. JESSON
28th 14443 PTE. J.G. LECKIE
28th 16563 PTE. F.A. LODGE
28th 12/4043 PTE. P. McCARTHY
28th 12/624 PTE. C. REINHARDT
28th 12/4293 PTE. T.C. WEBSTER


On the 9 January the ANZAC Mounted Rifle Brigade and the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade captured Rafah in Sinai.

1st 9/912  PTE. J. CARTWRIGHT 
1st 14096 RFM. C.L. FREETH 
1st 13748 RFM. P.H. GIFFORD MID
1st 2/LT. E.C. HELMORE 
1st 13967 PTE. T.J. McDONALD 
1st 23016 RFM. E. McKINNON 
2nd 11610 PTE. S. BEST 
2nd 11227 PTE. C.W.L. CAMPBELL 
2nd 15268 PTE. W. WEIR 
3rd 15857 RFM. A.G. ALLEN 
3rd 13891 PTE. T.A. DURIE 
3rd 18642 RFM. V. FLEMING 
3rd 26/1018  RFM. J. O'DONNELL 
3rd 26/1733  RFM. I.M. THOMSON 
4th 13858 PTE. A. ATKINSON 
4th 18813 PTE. A.J. KING 
4th 13/930  TPR. C.D. McLEOD 
5th 9/550  SGT. G.W. CLARK 
5th 12/3839  L/CPL. L.P. STEWART 
6th 22717 RFM. R.G. BLINKO 
6th 13/2414  TPR. C.C. BOWEN 
6th 24215 PTE. H. O'CONNOR 
7th 23147 RFM. F.J. CHANDLER 
7th 14352 L/CPL. D.C. MISSEN 
7th 14681 RFM. M. RYAN 
7th 16/1202  PTE.  TAURA 
9th 11/509  CPL. C.G. ABERCROMBIE 
9th 23/1318  SGT. W.E. ALLDAY 
9th 11/1779  TPR. J. CLARK 
9th 16073 TPR. A.C. COOK 
9th 13/2031  TPR. A.J. CROSS 
9th 24877 TPR. J. CUNNINGHAM 
9th 11/227  SGT. M.J. CURTIS 
9th 7/514  TPR. L.W. GIBBS 
9th 11/1258  TPR. T.R. GRAHAM 
9th 24861 TPR. W.T. HARRIS 
9th 13/3037  TPR. J.R. HUESTON 
9th 11/1917  TPR. S.W. KELSEY 
9th 11/2137  TPR. H. KERSHAW 
9th 11/1818  TPR. S.O. KIDD 
9th 7/1258  TPR. M.J. LE LIEVRE 
9th 16041 SGT. A. LEDINGHAM 
9th 13/1044A  SGT. H.C. McNAMARA 
9th 12632 TPR. R. McPHUN 
9th 16107 TPR. G.A. MITCHELL 
9th 11/1933  TPR. G.W. MURRAY 
9th 11/2351  TPR. W.A. OTTAWAY 
9th 16044 TPR. E.H. PERRY 
9th 11/1365  SGT. E.A. ROBERTSON 
9th 13/432  CPL. C.M. ROPE 
9th 13/2497  TPR. T. TURNBULL 
10th 11/1251  TPR. J.F. GRAHAM 
10th 33321 PTE. J.W. GUSSY 
10th 20531 RFM. T.H. HAMILTON 
10th 2/96 2/LT. G. HOWE 
10th 7/1113  L/SGT. C.F. McINTOSH 
10th 12/2029  PTE. H.W. YEEND 
11th 2/LT. C.R. CAMPBELL 
11th 7/796  CAPT. J.G. McCALLUM 
11th 11/2509  TPR. R.A. REID 
12th 13666 TPR. W. METCALFE 
13th 21958 PTE. H.T. BILLS 
13th 11/1764  TPR. E. ELMSLIE 
13th 16/769  PTE. P. TUHORO 
14th 14812 PTE. A.H. HARRIS 
14th 10/2775  PTE. J.E. STOKES 
15th 25/1222  CAPT. J. BISHOP 
15th 19517 PTE. A.M. KEEPA 
15th 27966 PTE. A.D. SHAW 
15th 19230 PTE. J.H. WATERS 
16th 16947 SGT. J.D. POPPLETON
17th 7/48  L/CPL. J.T. GILL 
17th 4/1267  SPR. T. GRAHAM 
17th 22935 PTE. G.T. HARRIS 
17th 13187 GNR. G.A. HARVEY 
18th 22501 PTE. W. CLARKE 
18th 21253 PTE. R. GRAHAM 
18th 13475 TPR. W.T. SCOTT 
19th 304521 P.O.S. H.H. CONEY 
19th 9/1634  SPR. F.H. RALPH 
20th 7/1244  TPR. D. HANDISIDES 
22nd 13/1035  TPR. C.W. GULBRANSEN 
22nd 6/2324  PTE. O.G. WILKES 
25th 25284 PTE. J.M. McFARLANE 
25th 4/1450  SGT. J. MURPHY 
25th 10/1972  PTE. F.G. RUNDLE 
26th 7/1635  TPR. W. MARDON 
26th 19/223  PTE. F. QUAINTON 
27th 9/407  GNR. N.D. FRASER 
27th 6/3095  PTE. T.F. MATHEWS 
28th 19303 PTE. W. RUKA 
28th 13/7362/LT. F.G. RUSSELL 
29th 21358 PTE. R. WALL 
30th 24/1125  RFM. D.C. MOORE 
30th 20216 RFM. T.P.J. NESS 
31st 23/79  RFM. H.M. BRADFORD 
31st 12/3282  L/CPL. J.B. CLARK 
31st 8/1222  L/CPL. J.C. CRAWFORD 
31st 18805 PTE. R.T. HUYTON 
31st 23/1448  RFM. J.F. McCARTHY 
31st 32878 PTE. W.J. McKAY 
31st 9/446  TPR. J. McMENAMIN 
31st 19197 PTE. J.W. WHEELER 




"Had rotten Xmas dinner, wish I was in NZ"
Harold Foley - Western Front / Matthew Wright

2nd      7/1705  TPR. J. CAMERON
4th       20993 RFM. D.G. GUILD
4th       12/3822  2/LT. F.R. SIMPSON
5th       25860 RFM. A.G. GLASTONBURY
5th       15182 PTE. P.S. JOHNSTON
5th       24/222  L/CPL. C.D. MAKEIG
5th       10/4477  PTE. S.D. MATTHEW
6th       9/342A  GNR. A.F. ELSTONE
6th       26/469  A/BDR. G.H. PRINT
6th       2/1820  CPL. W. SEYMOUR
6th       26/215  A/BDR. W.A. STOWE
6th       24085 PTE. A.E. VEART
7th       39029 PTE. C.S. DACOMBE
7th       24362 CPL. G.E. GROOME
7th        16/1479  PTE. H.T. TAWHAI
8th       8/1132 PTE. E. BAXTER
8th       11/764  GNR. F.S. FENDALL
8th       15160 PTE. R. GALBRAITH
8th       PTE. R. WILKES
9th        14545 2/LT. A.H.S. HARPER
9th       3/1811  W.O.1 C.D. MACKENZIE
9th       40255 PTE. F. STEPHENS
10th     10304 PTE. C.D. BLARAMBERG
10th     11839 PTE. F.W. COWLING
10th     38267 L/CPL. J. DODD
10th     10832 PTE. C.V. HOBBS
10th      10235 PTE. W.P.A. KELLIHER
10th     14441 PTE. R. LAWRENCE
10th     35864 TPR. N.H. MARSHALL
10th     37842 PTE. F.J. MOSS
10th     23030 PTE. V.C. NEILSEN
10th     20415 PTE. W.C. PRESTON
10th      10/2284  PTE. W.B.A. QUICK
10th     13995 PTE. J. SPIERS 
11th     23810 PTE. D.B. DEWAR
11th     11649 PTE. W. GOSS
12th     2988 PTE. F.R.  FREAR
12th     23649 PTE. C.H. KIRKPATRICK
13th     17708 RFM. W. GARLICK
13th      19380 L/CPL. A. POATA
13th     12/2852  PTE. I. SNOWDEN
13th     10076 L/CPL. J.C. TAYLOR
14th     26/706  RFM. C.T. AMBRIDGE
14th     10/3869  PTE. W. CRUICKSHANK
15th     2/1789  GNR. C.N. HARRISON
16th     25/1724  RFM. W.H. FOLEY
16th     9/1168  DVR. H. FOSTER
16th     24/2266  RFM. E.R. NICHOLSON
17th     16/750  PTE. D. HAPPY
17th     6/1963  L/CPL. L.J. RAWNSLEY
18th     PTE. A.C. HALL
18th     12408 RFM. H. JOHNS
18th     8/2671  SGT. J.E. McCLELLAND
18th     35212 PTE. M.J. MINOGUE
18th     22175 RFM. W.G. PRESTON
18th     33633 PTE. J.E. WATSON
19th     41126 CPL. A.R. DESCHLER
19th     25230 PTE. D. GRANT
19th     10/4490 PTE. C.W. READER
19th     16/1165  PTE.  TAUMATAUA
20th     2/2127  GNR. C.F. GAME
20th     17/250  CAPT. D.H. MACHATTIE
20th     13/942  TPR. D.L. QUINTAL
21st     8/3489  PTE. W.H. BLANCH
21st     13853 PTE. R.V. PARKER
21st     13803 PTE. F. PARKINSON
23rd     15862 RFM. C. BEAUMONT
23rd     7/1196  LIEUT. H.A. BOWRON
23rd     7/318  SDLR. T.J. CASKEY 
23rd     7/703  SGT. R.G. COOKE
23rd     11/1788  TPR. W.C. DAULTON
23rd     25/757  RFM. W. FRATER
23rd     11/1793  TPR. R.E. GAMLIN
23rd     11/1875  LIEUT. M.A. HARDING
23rd     11/903  TPR. A.G. MORGAN
23rd     11/1210  TPR. E.J. PEACOCK
23rd     25/24  SGT. S. REID
23rd     4289 L/CPL. J.F. STONE
23rd     24/1923  2/LT. M.F. WALSH
23rd     11/936  TPR. R.R. WATKINS
23rd     18514 RFM. A.J. WRIGHT
23rd     18515 RFM. H. WRIGHT
24th     23508 PTE. J. BROWN
24th     7/1321  TPR. E. GARLAND
24th     24/1474  RFM. A.C. ROBSON
25th     18691 RFM. R. McCULLOUGH
26th     6/3655  PTE. J.G. CLARK
26th     PTE. F. McREYNOLDS
27th     38287 PTE. W.H. HUNTER
27th     23418 RFM. J.A. NICHOLSON
27th     24692 SGT. J.H. PRESTON
28th     12143 RFM. H.M. CROOK
28th     8/2084  PTE. J. McLEOD
28th     19022 RFM. W.D.H. MILNE MID
30th     28114 PTE. B.R. DORIA
30th     38145 PTE. G. FABLING
30th     24/1393  RFM. T.H. HODGSON
30th     24/809  RFM. E.M. JENSON
30th     24431 RFM. A. LUND
30th     23245 RFM. W.F. POLLARD
31st     24/2160  RFM. H. CHAPMAN
31st     19/63  PTE. C. DICKINSON
31st     7/89  CAPT. F.N. MARCHANT


As winter closed the New Zealander withdrew to a sector north of the main Somme battlefields.  They settled into the familiar round of patrols, raids and skirmishes in bitterly cold conditions - temperatures dropped to the lowest recorded for 33 years.

1st  7/1440  L/CPL. H.J. BAIRD
 1st 33297 PTE. J. CARRADUS
 1st 33310 PTE. J.W. COUPE
 1st 12997 PTE. W.J. FITTON
 1st 10820 PTE. A.F. GEORGE
 2nd  6/423  PTE. A.G. BURNS
 2nd 25854 PTE. W.H. GLEDHILL
 2nd 11281 PTE. J. HEWSON
 2nd 12426 RFM. T.R. MATHEWS
 2nd  12/3116  CPL. J. O'DONNELL
 2nd  24/2071  RFM. W.A. PETERS
 2nd 13490 PTE. E. WARD
 3rd  7/1828  TPR. R. CALVERT
 3rd 14031 PTE. T. CASEY
 3rd  8/3899  PTE. H.M.P. FOGARTY
 3rd  2/1401  2/LT. R.E. HOLBEN
 3rd  25/333  RFM. A.W. JOHNSTON
 3rd 24083 PTE. J. THOMSON
 4th 19088 2/LT. C.J.K. CUTLER
 4th 11340 PTE. W.H. RISHWORTH
 4th  7/2313  PTE. E.A. SLEEMAN
 5th  2/LT. M.H. KAY
 5th 14880 RFM. L.G. STEVENS
 6th  6/2945  L/CPL. L.C. BRIGHTING
 6th 14958 PTE. P. EARL
 6th 14977 PTE. D. HAMPTON
 6th  6/3342  PTE. F. HARVEY
 6th 10979 RFM. O. KEYWORTH
 6th 22674 SGT. T. O'MEARA
 7th  6/3959  2/LT. C.F. CAREY
 7th  25/1752  RFM. W. HUGHES
 7th 33757 PTE. W.J. O'CONNOR
 7th  25/1021  RFM. H. SCARF
 8th 4397 PTE. J.M. CORNWELL
 8th  24/1964  RFM. J.A. DAVIDSON
 8th 10866 PTE. T.P. MILNE
 9th  3/2018  PTE. P.D. BENNETT
 9th 23392 PTE. M. KELLY
 9th 14449 PTE. W.E. LIPPIATT
 9th 38923 PTE. T. MANUELL
 9th  13/2860  PTE. C.S. MOYLE
 10th  11/2641  TPR. T.A. COOK
 10th 15877 RFM. A. DAVIDSON
 10th  23/466  L/CPL. J.E. JOHNSTON
 10th  3/427  PTE. H. McCUTCHEON
 10th 30613 PTE. M.D. MINOGUE
 10th  16/922  PTE. J. TEPENE
 11th  24/693  RFM. T.C. BROADBRIDGE
 11th  6/3007  PTE. H.L. EDMAN
 11th  24/2245  PTE. R.T. MACKIE
 11th 11932 PTE. R. PETERS
 11th  J/9523(PO)  TEL. A.F. SKINNER
 12th  24/438  RFM. J.T. GIBSON
 12th  10/881  SGT. E.J. HARRIS
 12th  2/593  2/LT. A. JONES
 12th 14831 RFM. M.A.D.E.S. MANEY
 12th 11786 PTE. C.M. RICHARDSON
 12th 24117 PTE. F.A.C. STRACHAN
 12th 14505 RFM. C.E. THOMAS
 13th 15302 RFM. J.R. ANDERSON
 13th  23/991  RFM. E. ANNISS
 13th  26/562  RFM. J. GORDON
 13th 12423 RFM. J.J. LYNN
 14th  24/721  RFM. R. CHAPMAN
 14th 14951 PTE. H.E. CURTIS
 14th  24/404  RFM. J.H. DINAN
 14th 20134 RFM. E. FOSTER
 14th 34665 PTE. B. GRANGER
 14th 741 2/LT. A.J.  GURR
 14th  4/1284  SGT. T.R. JONES
 14th  4/1238  SPR. C.R. WOOD
 15th 11186 PTE. D.A. AITKEN
 15th  4/149  PTE. C.F. BENNETT
 15th  8/819  SGT. A. CARMICHAEL
 15th 10322 PTE. A.S. CORBETT
 15th  24/1025  L/SGT. J.F. DIXON
 15th 15150 PTE. H. DUNLOP
 15th  9/1832  CPL. R.V. FLEMING
 15th  23/444  A/BDR. W.B. HANDLEY
 15th  15/140  PTE. J.W. LANG
 15th 28285 PTE. M. McIVER
 15th  8/3986  PTE. L. McNEIL
 15th  8/2686  PTE. B.H. NEEDS
 15th  24/1153  L/CPL. E. OLSEN
 15th  24/1457  L/CPL. P.L. PARRY
 15th 12074 SPR. B.C. ROBINSON
 15th  13/3071  PTE. W.E. ROGERS
 15th  24/1848  PTE. W. WALKER
 15th 15273 PTE. J. WISHART
 16th 22927 PTE. F.R. BILLING
 16th 14940 PTE. H.A. CATE
 16th 13917 PTE. G.M. HELM
 16th 14623 PTE. C.W. HENDERSON
 16th 15723 PTE. E.L. HERBERT
 16th 14444 PTE. J.A. LESLIE
 16th  11/2147  CPL. F. MARFELL
 16th 15205 PTE. A.G. MATHESON
 16th 11323 PTE. J. McLAREN
 16th 12222 PTE. H. MONAHAN
 16th  8/3731  CPL. A.E. PERRY
 16th  8/3048  L/SGT. S. REYNOLDS
 16th  8/90  PTE. W.K. RIDGWAY
 16th  8/4013  PTE. L.C. SCARLET
 16th  23/1474  CPL. C.E. SUTHERLAND
 16th 15627 PTE. W. THOMAS
 17th  24/1267  CAPT. W.J.P. GUINESS
 17th 39231 PTE. R. HEMSLEY
 18th  26/1672  RFM. O. OLSEN
 19th  10/4047  PTE. R. ALGIE
 19th  10/3805  PTE. F.A. ALLEN
 19th  24/1065  RFM. W.G. HALL
 19th  13/911  TPR. J.A. HARNEY
 19th 34775 PTE. R.H.E. MOODY
 21st  6/2052  PTE. S. ALLINGTON
 21st  4/1212A  2/CPL. J. CONNERY
 21st  12/2795  PTE. C.D. NEVE
 21st  12/2812  PTE. F.K. PALMER
 21st 3/2417 PTE. W.J. STURMEY
 22nd  26/555  RFM. T. FINNERTY
 22nd  24/1814  PTE. H.B. SCOTT
 23rd  4/1793  SPR. P. HICKEY
 23rd 15911 RFM. E.J. INWOOD
 23rd 38210 PTE. R.H. PALMER
 23rd  25/1009  RFM. J.T. PORTER
 23rd  26/285  RFM. F.L. WEEKS
 23rd  25/374  RFM. E. WRIGHT
 24th  6/2556  PTE. J.W.H. BRYANT
 24th 23807 PTE. E.F. CRUMP
 24th 14978 PTE. J. HANCOCK
 24th 10980 PTE. J.E. MORETON
 25th  11/774A  TPR. K.A. BAYNE
 25th 16784 SGT. J. NICHOLSON
 25th 17232 FAR. R.E. STEVENSON
 26th  25/487  GNR. A. BOARD
 26th  13/2548  DVR. P. CODLIN
 26th  3/498  L/CPL. D. GODDARD
 26th 15185 PTE. D.W. KEANE
 27th  24/1926  RFM. W. ALDRIDGE
 27th  2/2587  DVR. E. BROKENSHIRE
 27th  17/146  SGT. F.D. MOSS
 27th 15414 RFM. J. PULFORD
 28th  24/1620  PTE. C.F. COLVILLE
 28th 11351 PTE. E.E. SWETE
 28th  23/1999  PTE. L.G. HARVEY
 28th  7/1851  PTE. A.G. JAMES


 The Battle of the Transloy Ridges began on the 1st October where the New Zealanders ran into machine gun fire, and suffered heavy losses. Persistent rain turned the battlefield into a swamp and added to the misery.
Two more men were executed this month  8/1384  PTE. J.J. SWEENEY  and 24/1521  PTE. J. BRAITHWAITE. 
In all 28 New Zealand servicemen were court-marshalled and sentenced to death - five of these men, all privates, faced a firing squad. In September 2000 all five men received posthumous pardons when the New Zealand Parliament passed the Pardon for Soldiers of the Great War Act.


1st 10286 PTE. R.G. ALLAN
1st 11188 PTE. T.H. ALLAN
1st 12693 PTE. F.T. ANDERSON
1st  6/2034  PTE. H. ANDERSON MM
1st  7/2226  PTE. S.G.W. ANNAND
1st  25/302  RFM. J. ARCHIBALD
1st  6/3610  PTE. J. ARTHUR
1st 14901 LIEUT. J. ATWILL
1st  6/3617  L/CPL. F. BARRETT
1st  17/334  PTE. T.T. BELL
1st  8/3486  PTE. A.H. BIGGAM
1st  8/3809  SGT. L.J. BISSLAND MM
1st  23/1561  L/CPL. A. BLAKE
1st  25/1662  RFM. J. BOYD
1st  26/40  CPL. H.E. BREWER
1st  8/3504  SGT. D.F. BROWN VC
1st  7/1974  PTE. F.G. BROWN
1st  25/1675  PTE. G. BROWNE
1st 13416 PTE. B.H. BUNTING
1st  10/1429  PTE. R.P. BUTLER
1st  8/4437  L/SGT. R.C. CALMAN
1st 23795 PTE. T. CAMPBELL
1st 13422 PTE. D.R. CHALMERS
1st  6/3651  L/CPL. A.D. CHARLESTON
1st  24/80  L/CPL. H. CHRISTIANSEN
1st  8/3531  PTE. J.L. CLOUGHLEY
1st  25/951  SGT. R.B. COFFY
1st 12107 PTE. C.B. COOKE
1st  8/1438  PTE. J.H. COOPER
1st  15/149  PTE. W.C. COOPER
1st 11241 PTE. A. CORRY
1st 14948 PTE. F. COSTELLO
1st 11625 PTE. J.J. CRONE
1st  8/4112  CPL. W.H. CROOK
1st  25/263  RFM. J. CROSS
1st  25/963  RFM. H.N. CURLINE
1st  6/4022  PTE. L.R. DERUNGS
1st 66239 CAPT. J.D. DINNEEN MID
1st  6/3691  PTE. H. DURIE
1st 24147 PTE. P.D. EGGLESTON
1st  6/3696  PTE. J.A. ELLIOTT
1st 11857 PTE. H.J. FEVER
1st  8/4122  PTE. T. FITZGERALD
1st  8/4448  PTE. H. FOOTE
1st  8/3591  PTE. J. FRANCIS
1st  23/2185  PTE. J. FRENCH
1st  8/3903  PTE. W.C. FREW
1st  10/2158  SPR. R.E. GOLD
1st  12/2610  2/LT. R. GOODWIN
1st  25/320  SGT. R.B. GUNN
1st 23386 PTE. P.C. HALLMOND
1st 11157 L/CPL. A.R. HAMILTON
1st  9/1565  PTE. W.J. HAMILTON
1st 25240 PTE. E.E. HARRISON
1st  6/3736  PTE. L. HAYMAN
1st  7/2269  PTE. L.W. HILL
1st  8/3920  PTE. A.B. HOLMES
1st  23/2007  RFM. J. HUME
1st  8/398  PTE. C. HUNT
1st  6/480  PTE. H. HUNT
1st 11286 PTE. M.E. HYNES
1st 22806 RFM. J.C. JAMES
1st  10/3610  PTE. W.J. JERMY
1st  6/3757  PTE. L.E. JOHNS
1st 11292 PTE. C.A. JOHNSTON
1st  25/987  PTE. J.C. JONES
1st 11048 PTE. S.F. JONKERS
1st  24/1407  RFM. A. KELLY
1st  8/3936  L/CPL. W.W. KIRKWOOD
1st  24/2236  PTE. W. LAING
1st 11302 PTE. M. LAMONT
1st 11178 PTE. N.S. LAMONT
1st 12322 PTE. A.E.C. LATIMER
1st  6/3772  PTE. W. LAWTON
1st  6/4088  PTE. J.W. LINDSAY
1st  24/1715  PTE. G. LINNIE
1st  23/2025  PTE. W.J. LLOYD
1st 13048 PTE. G. LUIS
1st  8/3946  PTE. C.H. LUNAM
1st  6/4622  PTE. E.S. LUNN
1st  23/1748  PTE. H. MACDONALD
1st  7/927  SGT. J. MACDONALD
1st 11152 2/LT. H.S. MACLEAN
1st 10369 PTE. A. MACRAE
1st  8/3342  PTE. W.R. MARSH
1st  6/2442  PTE. G.F. MASLIN
1st  6/3401  L/SGT. K.M. MATHESON
1st  24/1744  PTE. G. MATTHEWS
1st  8/3676  PTE. J. McALPIN
1st 13353 PTE. D.A. McCALLUM
1st 25280 PTE. A.S. McCLINTOCK
1st 11179 PTE. J.S. McCOMBE
1st  6/3798  PTE. H.D. McDONALD
1st 13068 RFM. T.F. McDONALD
1st  8/3685  PTE. H.S. McFADYEN
1st  8/3687  PTE. D. McGREGOR
1st  6/3800  CPL. S. McGUIGAN
1st 23861 PTE. H.A. McINNES
1st  11318  PTE. W.A. McKELVEY
1st  26/1654  PTE. J.G. McKINNON
1st  25/665  L/CPL. J. McKONE
1st 11709 PTE. J. McVICKER
1st  8/3350  L/CPL. J.R. MEADE
1st  17/320  L/CPL. M. MICKELSON
1st  10/3652  PTE. R. MILLER
1st  25/206  RFM. W.H. MILLMAN
1st 11505 PTE. L.J. MOOSMAN
1st 23216 PTE. T. MORAN
1st  6/4630  L/CPL. A. MORGAN
1st 11195 PTE. W.H. MURDOCH
1st  25/1783  RFM. J.J. MURRAY
1st 13463 PTE. A. NEWPORT
1st  24/874  RFM. J.W. O'LEARY
1st  7/2116  CPL. B.J. O'SHAUGHNESSY
1st  6/115  PTE. R. PAGE
1st  24/1163  PTE. E.J. PAULING
1st  25/565  CPL. H.S. PEARPOINT
1st  25/1007  RFM. C.C. PHILLIPS
1st  23/2262  PTE. O.C. POOLE
1st  6/2046  SGT. H.J. PRATTLEY
1st  7/1746  PTE. F. PRICE
1st  12/1490  SGT. J.L. RAWLINGS
1st  25/1801  RFM. C. RICHARDS
1st  23/1790  PTE. R. RICHARDS
1st 11725 PTE. W. RICHARDSON
1st  24/1475  RFM. F. ROGERS
1st  6/3853  PTE. L.B. ROPER
1st  23/1800  PTE. W.F. SCHRODER
1st  6/2905  SGT. R.H. SCOTT
1st  8/4018  PTE. P. SHEEHAN
1st  8/3073  PTE. D.J. SMITH
1st 24230 PTE. F.C. SMITH
1st  8/4027  PTE. N.A. SMITH
1st  6/4147  PTE. C. SNELL
1st  25/360  RFM. W. SQUIRES
1st  6/3165  PTE. M.A. STADE
1st 13479 PTE. A. STEVENS
1st  25/1815  RFM. J.D. STRACHAN
1st  9/1981  L/CPL. J.R. SUTHERLAND
1st  23/1836  PTE. J. SWANWICK
1st  8/4495  PTE. C.L. THOMPSON
1st  2/1495  PTE. G.R. THOMPSON
1st  6/3182  PTE. R.W. THOMPSON
1st 10405 PTE. D.E. THOUMINE
1st 11197 L/CPL. S. THROP
1st 13139 PTE. J.P. TUNNICLIFF
1st  8/3779  PTE. W. TURNER
1st  16/1203  PTE. W. VAVIA
1st  6/3910  L/CPL. G. WALKER
1st  8/3172  SGT. J.R. WALLACE
1st  8/2172  L/CPL. D.H. WATSON
1st 24119 2/LT. W.F. WATT
1st  6/3919  PTE. W.H. WELSH
1st  8/2760  PTE. G.W. WHEELER
1st  25/249  RFM. W.J. WHITE
1st  25/367  SGT. H.J. WICKS
1st  9/2015  PTE. E. WOOD
1st  8/3798  PTE. F.A.C. WOOLDRIDGE
1st  3/1458  PTE. G.B. WRIGHT
2nd  8/3461  PTE. C. ALBERTSON
2nd 23774 PTE. F.A. ALLEN
2nd  6/941  2/LT. R.H. ALLEN
2nd 23780 PTE. E. ASHWORTH
2nd  10/3178  PTE. H.J. BAKER
2nd  24/2156  RFM. R.S. BLACKALL
2nd  23/1570  PTE. P.S. BREW
2nd  7/1947  BDR. A. BROOKES
2nd  25/935  RFM. J. BUTLER
2nd  24/384  RFM. C.S. CHAMBERS
2nd  23/1016  RFM. P. CLARK
2nd 11231 PTE. H.M. CLARKE
2nd  25/600  RFM. B.G. CLIVE
2nd  10/3809  2/LT. A.C. COWIE
2nd  25/535  RFM. J. CROOK
2nd  8/2422  SGT. F.J. CROWE
2nd  25/533  RFM. A.J. CURRY
2nd 11248 PTE. J. DALLAS
2nd  10/3240  L/SGT. J.L. DOBBYN
2nd  6/1053  2/LT. J.M. DONN
2nd  10/2588  PTE. F.P. DONNELLY
2nd  24/2523  RFM. F. EISFELDER
2nd  23/972  2/LT. E.C. FERGUSON
2nd  10/628  L/CPL. G.J. FISHER
2nd  11/1546  PTE. J. FITZGERALD MM
2nd 11151 2/LT. J.G. FOSTER
2nd  24/2197  RFM. R.G. FOWLER
2nd 12380 PTE. A.C.G. GIBBS
2nd  24/1663  PTE. J.T. GIDDENS
2nd  25/762  RFM. C.H. GLOVER
2nd  6/584  PTE. W.J. GREEN
2nd  6/2143  PTE. S. GREER
2nd  7/2019  CAPT. H.S. HARLEY MC
2nd  12/3672  CAPT. J.G. HATRICK
2nd 23831 PTE. T. HENDERSON
2nd  24/478  SGT. H.E. JARVIS
2nd  10/1863  CPL. G.M. JERMY
2nd  24/1403  PTE. S.C. JOHNSTON
2nd 11486 PTE. N.L. JORDAN
2nd  10/3627  L/CPL. G. LASSEN
2nd  12/2756  PTE. A. LAW
2nd  10/4471  PTE. O. LUSTY
2nd 12422 PTE. W. LYNCH
2nd  10/3644  PTE. F. MARTIN
2nd 11315 PTE. A. McALPINE
2nd  23/521  RFM. A.J. MILLIS
2nd 23847 PTE. T.G. MILLS
2nd  2/2874  GNR. G.I. MONDY
2nd  25/1781  PTE. P.A. MOORES
2nd  12/4063  PTE. J. MOWAT
2nd  8/2091  PTE. A.T. NELSON
2nd  23/2055  PTE. E. NICHOLLS
2nd 11337 PTE. G. PARKER
2nd  12/2814  PTE. L.F. PARKER
2nd  24/1168  RFM. J.P. PETERSON
2nd 12249 RFM. D.A. PLUMMER
2nd 11532 PTE. S. PORTER
2nd  7/1801  LIEUT. H.B. RILEY
2nd 10056 PTE. W. SANDERSON
2nd 11545 PTE. W.A. SNODGRASS
2nd  8/1384  PTE. J.J. SWEENEY
2nd 24080 PTE. M. THOMPSON
2nd  24/312  L/CPL. E. TIERNAN
2nd  12/3849  PTE. H.L. TROTMAN
2nd  12/650  PTE. F.P. UNDERWOOD
2nd  6/854  2/LT. F.C.R. UPTON MC
2nd  12/2605  LIEUT. T.H. WATSON
2nd  10/4217  PTE. H. WILSON
2nd 12309 PTE. J.L. WILSON
2nd  8/992  CAPT. L.G. WILSON MID
2nd  10/2795  PTE. G.D. YEARBURY
3rd  24/675  RFM. A.G. AVERY
3rd  12/2653  PTE. M.T.G. BRETT
3rd  10/4065  PTE. F.R. BROWN
3rd  12/2256  SGT. S.H. CRAWFORD
3rd  26/90  CPL. J.H. CRIGHTON
3rd  9/1537  PTE. M. CROWLEY
3rd 11850 PTE. W.H. DYKE
3rd 11010 RFM. J.P. ELLIS
3rd  25/1722  RFM. J.C. FLEURY
3rd 12032 SPR. E.G. GIBLIN
3rd  8/2515  L/CPL. A.J. GILMOUR
3rd  26/784  RFM. C.W. GUTTERSON
3rd  16/6  PTE. K. HAMANA
3rd  10/3915  PTE. H.J. HAMBLYN
3rd 23180 RFM. G. HENEY
3rd  24/1392  RFM. A. HENSMAN
3rd  10/3296  SGT. W.A. HOLMES MM
3rd  24/10  CAPT. L.M. LIARDET
3rd  12/3714  PTE. K. MACLEAN
3rd  12/4055  PTE. K.H. MASEFIELD
3rd  8/5000  PTE. J.M. McFARLANE
3rd 12238 RFM. G.K. McKINLEY
3rd  9/863  TPR. A. McLENNAN
3rd  13/2351  PTE. G.A. MOYLE
3rd 12458 RFM. A. NICHOLSON
3rd  16/689  2/LT. J.I. O'NEILL
3rd 24050 PTE. E. POUNTNEY
3rd  8/4210  PTE. F.J. PUCKETT
3rd  8/1824  PTE. J. REGAN
3rd  6/3852  PTE. B.B. RODDA
3rd  23/1168  RFM. E. ROUT
3rd 10059 PTE. H.M. SHIELDS
3rd  26/1708  RFM. H.M. SMITH
3rd  10/3404  CPL. A.G.G. TAYLOR
3rd 24764 PTE. F.D. THODEY
3rd 12304 RFM. C.A. VOLKERT
3rd  26/939  RFM. G.C. WELCH
4th  2/403  2/LT. E.M. BROOKES
4th  2/1586  SGT. A.C. CANTELL
4th  2/1505  GNR. L.W. CHAMBERLAIN
4th  25/17  2/LT. R.C. CLARK
4th  12/2984  PTE. J.A. COULTHARD
4th  25/1699  PTE. S. COX-SMITH
4th  2/256  CAPT. G.E. DANIELL MC
4th  6/3294  PTE. T. DANSIE
4th 11269 PTE. R.W. GAMBLE
4th  24/1991  RFM. A. GRAY
4th 9/1570 PTE. A. HEDGES
4th 13082 PTE. J.C. NICHOLS
4th  3/293  PTE. E.M.P. REXWORTHY
4th  2/1664  A/BDR. H.J. RICKETTS
4th 26/43 SGT. O.M. YOUNG
5th  2/433  SGT. W.V. ATKINS
5th 23335 PTE. V.H. BAKER
5th  2/208  A/BDR. C. BETTLEY
5th  2/712  CPL. J.G. BURRELL
5th  4/1166A  CPL. F.T. CAMERON
5th  2/2104  A/BDR. J.A. CRAMP
5th  7/949  GNR. C.S. DELANY
5th  2/1319  SGT. P. DEVINE
5th  12/3007  PTE. R. EWAN
5th  7/54  PTE. J.M. HAMPTON
5th 10230 PTE. W.J. HARRISON
5th  24/2216  RFM. D. HARTNETT
5th  24/1523  RFM. L. HELM
5th  25/123  RFM. T. MARSHALL
5th  2/2489  GNR. G.G. MILLAIS
5th  12/838  PTE. W.J. PAGE
5th  2/762  DVR. G.R. RESTON
5th  24/1802  PTE. W.H. RUSH
5th  2/201  2/LT. R.C. SINCLAIR
5th  8/4032  PTE. H. SPINKS
5th  13/2493  GNR. E.A. STRACK
5th  2/2557  GNR. C.R. TAIT
5th  6/2339  PTE. C. TATE
5th  2/1116  2/LT. K.R. WATSON
5th  2/2291  GNR. R.T. WATSON
6th  8/3864  PTE. J.A. ARMSTRONG
6th  2/2575  GNR. S. BENNETT
6th  10/3880  PTE. A.E. FRAMPTON
6th  2/2315  DVR. F.W.B. GOODBEHERE
6th  2/2464  GNR. A.J. LETHABY
6th  6/4106  PTE. R.C. McIVER
6th  12/2416  PTE. H.A. McKILLOP
6th  12/48  LIEUT. G.D. PAGE
6th  3/225  L/CPL. W.J. SLOAN
6th  2/2543  GNR. J.B. SMITH
6th  2/2546  CPL. W.J. SMITH
6th  8/3433  PTE. A. WILLIAMS
7th 23138 PTE. F.M. BULLING
7th  2/1478  GNR. W.A. CARR
7th 11409 PTE. M.L. CLARIDGE
7th  6/3219  PTE. F.D. CRONIN
7th  2/1783  GNR. F.W. GILROY
7th  24/949  CPL. H.C. HALL
7th  2/2447  GNR. P.G. JACOB
7th  2/2178  GNR. G.H. LARNER
7th  2/2486  GNR. W.H. MATHIAS
7th  2/2886  GNR. J. McKEEGAN
7th  2/336  GNR. L.W. OWEN
7th  9/426  CPL. T.J. PEDLAR
7th  2/1085  SGT. H.R. SALMON MID
7th  2/2721  BDR. H.M. SINCLAIR
7th 23628 PTE. W. SMITH
7th 13845 2/LT. E.C. SPEDDING
7th  9/402  DVR. J. WILCOX
7th  2/1261  DVR. W. WORTHING
8th 12133 PTE. J.A. AITKEN
8th  2/713  CAPT. C. CARRINGTON
8th  24/1039  RFM. O.S. FAIRWEATHER
8th  4/2083  SPR. J. FLEMING
8th 10/4464 PTE. D. HAMILTON
8th  2/1013  GNR. A. HOLMES
8th  26/1624  RFM. D.G. JERVIS
8th 23193 L/CPL. A.R. KNIGHT
8th 23234 RFM. D.A. OLIVER
8th 30638 PTE. R.A. PORTER
8th  8/4489  PTE. E. SKILLICORN
8th 45752 RFM. N. SYMONS
9th  12/3557  PTE. H.M. BLAIR
9th  24/62  RFM. W.M. BUTLER
9th 12/356 PTE. E.E. GIBBONS
9th  10/2729  PTE. E.M. PARKER
9th  23/307  RFM. L. TRUSCOTT
9th  2/2314  BDR. C. WREFORD-REED
9th  2/1223  GNR. A.J. WRIGHT
10th 22918 PTE. D. BARRON
10th 23924 2/LT. J.D. BOWDEN
10th 18765 PTE. L.C. COOK
10th  24/731  RFM. A.E. DALE
10th  2/1769  DVR. J. DODS
10th  2/408  GNR. F.A.H. FORREST
10th  7/1471  GNR. R.K. GOODSIR
10th  23/1059  RFM. W. GRUNDY
10th  26/571  L/CPL. G.E. ISRAEL
10th  2/1241  GNR. J.G.R. MALLETT
10th  23/1105  RFM. D. McLEAN
10th  24/1460  RFM. G.C.P. PEDDER
10th  2/1207  DVR. W.B. TAYLOR
10th  7/453  GNR. A.H. WARNER
11th  2/180  LIEUT. C.G. ADAMS MID
11th  10/3488  PTE. J. BLACK
11th  12/2963  PTE. B.B. BOOTH
11th  11/194  PTE. A.A. HANNETT
11th  6/307  L/CPL. S.R. McISAAC
11th 23436 RFM. J. RIORDAN
11th  2/1095  SGT. C.E. SIMMONS
11th  2/1211  SGT. E.H.H. TURNER
11th 23466 PTE. W.H. WOODS
12th  10/2846  PTE. M.A. BAKER
12th  12/2183  PTE. F. CLARK
12th  2/1291A  DVR. S.E. GARTH
12th  8/752  PTE. C.H. HARVEY
12th 31533 PTE. J. PARRY
12th  2/1460  GNR. E. PINER
12th  8/3086  PTE. L.V. SYMONS
12th  2/1941  GNR. A.J. TRYTHALL
12th 2/141 SGT. H.N. WARREN
12th  6/3198  PTE. T.H. WHITE
13th 1013503 PTE. J. CATTERMOLE
14th 7353 PTE. H.I. BABBAGE
14th 23755 PTE. E.J. CAREY
14th  2/835  CAPT. F.E.H. COOKE
14th  10/3798  PTE. S. FLETCHER
14th  2/2415  SDLR. A.J. FOX
14th  12/2722  PTE. A. HALLIDAY
14th  8/1272  PTE. A. KENNEDY
14th 6/1359  DVR. W.J. McGURK
14th 33580 PTE. J.B.H. McKINNEY
14th  2/LT. A. MILLER
14th 19296 PTE.  PIRANGI
14th 33480 PTE. E.G. TUNNECLIFF
14th  24/1548  2/LT. H.J. WORSLEY
15th  10/4056  PTE. C. BOULT
15th  13/253  GNR. G.E. ELLIS
15th  23/1411  RFM. S.C. HARTLEY
15th 6/4058 PTE. A.H. HIDDLESTON
15th  24/2224  RFM. B. HOWARD
15th 23202 PTE. T.S. McELHONE
15th  2/313  GNR. W.R. MONRO
15th  13/597  BDR. T.I. PROSSER
15th  11/1965  GNR. J.D. SHADDICK
15th  10/1682  CPL. L.P. THAXTER
16th  6/4111  PTE. R. NAUGHTON
17th  10/1764  PTE. J. BUSSELL
17th  2/2118  GNR. L.M. FALLA
17th  6/3729  PTE. A.L. HARRIS
17th  2/1356  SGT. F.P. HIBELL
17th  4/1806  SPR. B.D. KENYON
17th  26/925  RFM. P. THIRLWALL
19th 14349 2/LT. E.G. ANCELL
19th  21/15  BDR. M.A. KNUBLEY
19th 12418 PTE. E. LAURENSEN
19th 25146 PTE. J.M. McKENZIE
19th  9/2373  PTE. A.M. MILNE
20th  8/1449  PTE. C. DAVIS
20th  2/1343  GNR. H.S.P. EASTON
20th 36584 PTE. T. FAIRLEY
20th  26/787  2/LT. E.P. GREATBATCH
20th 23/2572 PTE. B.J. JONES
20th  8/4163  PTE. W. LAWRENCE
20th  10/3954  PTE. H. MILLER
20th  10/3050  PTE. E.L.C. PARKER
21st  6/3609  PTE. A. ARROWSMITH
21st  2/423  W.O.2 R. BIRNIE DCM
21st  2/863  A/BDR. E. CRAWFORD
21st  2/527  DVR. W. DANKS
21st  2/2604  GNR. C.A. DESMOND
21st  2/121  2/LT. W. FAIRBAIRN
21st  2/1715  DVR. H.S. GIBSON
21st  2/453  DVR. E. GIRLING-BUTCHER
21st  3/1242  CAPT. F.N.S. HITCHCOCK
21st  2/1018  CAPT. L.V. HULBERT
21st  23/1424  RFM. J.B. LOCKHART
21st  13/3047  PTE. T. LUNHAM
21st 13963 PTE. A. McBEATH
21st  2/791A  DVR. E.J. MEADEN
21st  13/527  GNR. J.H. MORRISON
21st  2/703  LIEUT. S.W. MORTON
21st  9/336  DVR. A. PAY
21st  25/905  PTE. F.J. ROBERTS
21st  2/2256  GNR. R.D. SCALES
21st  2/1200  GNR. F.J. SLOW
21st  2/496  DVR. T.S. THOMSON
21st  23/956  L/CPL. R.J. WILSON
22nd  24/2019  PTE. C.J. LANKEY
22nd  2/435  PTE. L. MITCHELL
22nd  12/2593  L/CPL. D.D.M. YEATS
23rd 34002 PTE. G.H. ASHWORTH
23rd 11250 PTE. J. DEACON
23rd  10/2593  PTE. A.F. DYETT
23rd 13670 TPR. D.T. McCARTHY
23rd  SI/250  PTE. H. MILLER
23rd  8/2690  PTE. M.H.C. OLIVE
23rd 12483 PTE. R.W. SAYWELL
24th  25/937  RFM. M.L. BROWN
25th  2/1345  BDR. H.B. FLETCHER
25th 12/779 PTE. E. KEIGHTLEY
25th 34441 PTE. R.W. SHARPLIN
25th 33462 PTE. C.H. SMITH
25th  12/4284  PTE. W. TROMANS
25th  2/1741  DVR. J. WOODCOCK
26th 14372 PTE. C.E.E. BENNET
27th  24/31  PTE. J.R.D. ANDREWS
28th  8/1032  PTE. D. STEWART
29th  24/1521  PTE. J. BRAITHWAITE
29th  26/1572  RFM. C.B. BROWNE
29th  8/349  PTE. R.S. COSGROVE
29th  10/3570  PTE. F. GRAHAM
30th  15/30  PTE. A.H. COOKSON
30th 23215 PTE. O.J. MOODY
30th 15784 PTE. C.L. SATTLER
30th  16/779  PTE. R. WAIRAU
31st 14383 PTE. T.J. BULLEN
31st 23969 PTE. C.F. CANTLAY
31st 15712 PTE. A.W.R. GIBBONS
31st 12400 RFM. W.W. ISITT
31st  11/325  PTE. A.B. JONES
31st 20214 SGT. W.R. McVICAR



The New Zealand Division was part of the XV Corps of the British Army fighting in the Somme region. 603 men died on the 15th September 1916 at the time this was the greatest loss of life in a single day. Sergeant Donald Forrester Brown was awarded the Victoria Cross for his acts of bravery on this day. The New Zealanders went into action again on the 16th and again on the 25th and again on the 27th September. 

"We became unspeakably weary, dreary and sick of it all" 

Seargent Major Cecil Malthus, from Andrew Macdonald, On my way to the Somme


1st 16/373  SGT. M.R. DUFF 
2nd 16/435  PTE. W. BARTON 
2nd 15/80  PTE. L.W. RUDMAN 
3rd 11517 PTE. J. O'CONNOR 
4th 1996 CPL. B. PELVIN 
4th 31447 PTE. R.C. TUCKER 
4th 28262 PTE. J.H. WATSON 
5th 18417 TPR. H.P. COAD 
5th 11234 PTE. A.J. CRAIG 
5th 13/924  PTE. T.C. LAUGESEN 
5th 26897 PTE. T. NUGENT 
5th 10153 PTE. W.R. STEWART 
5th 24/1507  RFM. G.H. VAUGHAN 
6th 2/1244  A/BDR. G.W. MILLER
7th 9/1785  A/BDR. R. BROWN 
8th 2/2098  A/BDR. T.R. COOKE 
8th 4/1769  SPR. J.W. DADSON 
8th 26/73  SGT. F.J. PARTRIDGE 
8th 2/1373  DVR. F. REDPATH 
8th 2/2719  GNR. P. SHRIMPTON 
9th 2/1279A  DVR. J. LYALL 
9th 2/1878 2/LT. J.M. SUNLEY 
9th 9/1620  PTE. A. WARD 
10th 24/670  SGT. E.B. AITKEN 
10th 23/53  RFM. A.L. ANNAND 
10th 22754 RFM. G.E. BENDALL 
10th 23/1509  RFM. A. EDWARDS 
10th 23/418  RFM. P.W.E. EVANS 
10th 2608 RFM. J.C. GIBSON 
10th 12/549  SGT. J.H. GRANGER 
10th 16/1320  PTE. S.P. HEMI 
10th 23/168  RFM. C.W. HENDERSON 
10th 31128 PTE. T.W.S. KING 
10th 13/404 2/LT. A.M. MARTIN 
10th 2/1046  SGT. G. MILLIGAN 
10th 23/282  RFM. R. SLOSS 
10th 23/984  SGT. M. WALL 
11th 23/1929  RFM. J. AVIS 
11th 26/1570  RFM. G. BUCHANAN 
11th 24/812  PTE. D.L. KELLETT 
11th 6/2206  PTE. R.H. MORGAN 
11th 26/645  L/CPL. F.R. WEIR 
11th 26/328  RFM. G.E. WESTLAKE 
12th 26/1561  RFM. T.B. ALDRIDGE 
12th 24/1942  RFM. A. BOYD 
12th 25/530  CPL. E.A. BREWER 
12th 2/1913  DVR. G.V. CHIDGEY 
12th 26/1149  RFM. A.G. GIBBINGS 
12th 26/306  RFM. G.S. HEALE 
12th 26/1618  RFM. H. HODDER 
12th 26/1114  RFM. D.J.O. IRVING 
12th 4/415 2/CPL. C.R. JOHANNESSEN 
12th 25/1766  RFM. W. KELLY 
12th 26/1067  RFM. V. MITCHELL 
12th 26/239  RFM. E.P. SMITH 
12th 26/327  RFM. P. WALKER 
13th 23/669  CPL. H.R. AUSTIN 
13th 12/523 PTE. R.H. COWLEY 
13th 24/1633  CPL. C.H. CURRAN 
13th 22790 RFM. E.P. GIBSON 
13th 23/1666  PTE. F. HEENEY 
13th 22462 PTE. H. JAMES 
13th 12/575  PTE. B.S. LAMBERT 
13th 23/1449  RFM. D. McCLEARY 
13th 10/3352  PTE. A.O. MOONEY 
13th 23/2255  PTE. E.S. PARTRIDGE 
13th 23/879  RFM. W. PETERSEN 
13th 25/463  RFM. A.V. SHUTE 
13th 26/1750  RFM. D.C. WILLIAMS 
13th 4/453  L/CPL. H.E. WINDLE 
14th 11192 PTE. R. ANDERSON 
14th 16/1365  PTE. M. APATARI 
14th 11801 PTE. R.A. BEATTIE 
14th 24/1595  PTE. L.E. BENNETT 
14th 4/1904  SPR. G.K. CLARK 
14th 8/965  PTE. W.A. COOK 
14th 4/1223  LIEUT. W.M. DURANT 
14th 16/579A  L/CPL. T. ELLISON 
14th 10/3615  L/CPL. J.W. JONES 
14th 16/629  PTE. R. KAIWAI 
14th 16/1491  PTE. H. KARAPAINA 
14th 24/1406  PTE. F. KEIGHTLEY 
14th 16/802  PTE. K. KING 
14th 24/1727  PTE. D. McGILLIVRAY 
14th 1721 PTE. E. McGLASHAN 
14th 10/3950  PTE. H.C. MEENAN 
14th 16/385  PTE. H. METE KINGI 
14th 10103 PTE. T. MILNES 
14th 9/313  PTE. J.S. MITCHELL 
14th 4/1384  SGT. C.S. POWNCEBY 
14th 23/2528  PTE. W. SHAW 
14th 10/3735  L/CPL. J.A. SHERRET 
14th 19324 PTE. T. TEIVA 
14th 23/2115  PTE. R.W. WHITE 
14th 13/2953  PTE. H.M. WINDSOR 
14th 12/3880  L/CPL. J.H. WRIGHT 
15th 26/655  RFM. E.L. ACKERS 
15th 12/292  SGT. J.T. ADAMS 
15th 13/2994  PTE. L. ADAMS 
15th 23/47  RFM. J.T. ADAMS 
15th 25/304  L/CPL. A. ADAMS 
15th 8/2831  L/CPL. T. AITKEN 
15th 4/513 2/LT. G.D. ALEXANDER DCM
15th 25/164  RFM. C. ALLAN 
15th 10200 PTE. C.B. ALLEN 
15th 9/1256  PTE. W. ALLISON 
15th 23/1302 2/LT. K.D. AMBROSE 
15th 23/989  RFM. C. ANDERSON 
15th 25/578  RFM. A. ANDERSON 
15th 8/3159  SGT. J.G. ANDERSON 
15th 25/481  RFM. F.J. ANNALS 
15th 8/3467  PTE. H. ANNALS 
15th 26/331  L/CPL. P. ANSTIS 
15th 26/49  SGT. R.L. ARMIT 
15th 26/381  RFM. T.W. ARMITAGE 
15th 25/577  RFM. H. ARMITAGE 
15th 12/3216  CAPT. G.C.W. ARMSTRONG 
15th 25/930  RFM. J. ARROL 
15th 26/433  RFM. F.R. ASHWORTH 
15th 25/482  RFM. T.F. ATKINS 
15th 23331 RFM. H. ATKINSON 
15th 24/339  RFM. E.M. AUSTIN 
15th 5/640  PTE. J. AUSTIN 
15th 22750 RFM. J.H. BACCHUS 
15th 22751 RFM. R.L. BACCHUS 
15th 12/3546  PTE. W.V. BAILEY 
15th 23/992  RFM. H. BAIN 
15th 12/4523  L/CPL. C.M. BAK 
15th 9/665  PTE. W.E. BALNEAVES 
15th 23/1321  RFM. A.H. BAMSEY 
15th 6/3525  LIEUT. J.H. BARR MID
15th 11607 PTE. L.S. BARTER 
15th 8/4087  PTE. F.H. BARTLEET 
15th 23/65  RFM. H.A. BATEMAN 
15th 26/709  RFM. H.O. BATEMAN 
15th 23/66  CPL. I.W. BAXTER 
15th 8/3810  SGT. I.B. BAXTER 
15th 8/3478  PTE. T. BAYLISS 
15th 25/85  RFM. T.A.G. BEAUMONT 
15th 23953 PTE. A.J. BEGBIE 
15th 12/3553  CPL. R.M. BENNETT 
15th 24/972  RFM. H.E.E. BENNETT 
15th 12/3251  L/CPL. C. BERTELSON 
15th 24/356  L/CPL. C.R. BICKNELL 
15th 23/364  RFM. A.J. BIRD 
15th 8/3870  PTE. R. BLACKBURN 
15th 23/2544  RFM. C. BLANCHARD 
15th 26/48  CPL. H.G. BLAND 
15th 25/1191  RFM. J.R. BLATCH 
15th 22760 RFM. D. BODLEY 
15th 11208 PTE. J.C. BONIFACE 
15th 24/56  RFM. R.P. BONNER 
15th 24/60  RFM. A.L.S. BORROWS 
15th 23/1327  RFM. G.E. BOULDEN 
15th 25/159  SGT. S.T.W. BOUNDY 
15th 22759 PTE. J.J. BOURKE 
15th 23/2155  RFM. D. BOWE 
15th 24/694  RFM. D.S. BOYCE 
15th 12/4139  PTE. H.R. BOYD 
15th 23/367  SGT. A.S. BOYER 
15th 13/3113  PTE. C. BOYLE 
15th 8/3871  PTE. D.T. BRASS 
15th 102702/LT. A.D. BREMNER 
15th 25/1117  RFM. L.R. BREMNER 
15th 8/3189  PTE. C.R. BRIDGER 
15th 23/1941  RFM. J. BRIGGS 
15th 24/1344  RFM. H.S. BRIGHT 
15th 25/1067  RFM. R. BRODIE 
15th 22764 PTE. H. BROGAN 
15th 12/3565  PTE. D. BROWN 
15th 9/1789  L/CPL. J. BRYAN 
15th 8/3876  PTE. J. BURGESS 
15th 26/1571  RFM. A.P. BURKHARDT 
15th 25/724  RFM. A.B. BURTON 
15th 12/4147  PTE. H.W. BUSH 
15th 23/2551  RFM. J.M. BYRNE 
15th 26/1085  RFM. R.J. BYRNES 
15th 23342 RFM. T.C. CAMERON 
15th 9/1019  PTE. A.F. CAMERON 
15th 8/2549  PTE. H. CAMERON 
15th 7/2369  PTE. J. CAMPBELL 
15th 25/727  CPL. D.P. CAMPBELL 
15th 22770 RFM. C.E. CAMPBELL 
15th 23/377  RFM. P. CAMPBELL 
15th 23/376  RFM. W.J. CAMPBELL 
15th 26/92  RFM. W.I. CANTON 
15th 26/339  RFM. R. CAPPER 
15th 12/327  SGT. A.C. CARDNO 
15th 23/702  RFM. G.A. CARDNO 
15th 23/1340  RFM. H.E. CARMAN 
15th 24/396  RFM. J. CARNEY 
15th 25/493  RFM. P. CASEY 
15th 24/74  RFM. F.J. CASEY 
15th 8/3524  PTE. C. CASHEN 
15th 8/816  PTE. J.C. CASSELLS 
15th 24/22  LIEUT. A.P. CASTLE 
15th 24/382  RFM. W.G. CATE 
15th 12/4152  PTE. C.W. CATTON 
15th 11828 PTE. J.F. CHAMBERS 
15th 23/1011  RFM. A.V. CHAMMEN 
15th 10029 PTE. R.W.C. CHERRIE 
15th 26/1573  RFM. G. CHEYNE 
15th 24/2  MAJ. A.J. CHILDS 
15th 12/3524 PTE. F.E. CHITTY 
15th 24/385  RFM. E. CHRISTIANSEN 
15th 24/713  L/CPL. W.J. CHRISTIE 
15th 23/382  RFM. P.J. CHRISTMAS 
15th 25/1694  RFM. H. CLAASEN 
15th 24/81  RFM. H.A.G. CLAPHAM 
15th 12/3229  PTE. A.W. CLARIDGE 
15th 25/738 RFM. J. CLARK 
15th 24/84  RFM. C.R.C. CLARK 
15th 16/970  PTE. T. CLARK 
15th 8/743  PTE. A.H. CLARKE 
15th 8/2415  CPL. C.T. CLELAND 
15th 12/3284  PTE. H. COCKFIELD 
15th 25/495  RFM. J.F. COGLE 
15th 12/3960  PTE. M. COLLINS 
15th 12/3961  PTE. R.H. COLLINS 
15th 23/2131  RFM. D.L.W. COLLIS 
15th 24/94  RFM. A.E. CONGDON 
15th 11233 PTE. G.L. COOMBES 
15th 23/99  RFM. A.R. COOPER 
15th 17/41  PTE. F.A. COSGROVE 
15th 13/2285  SGT. W.H. COWAN 
15th 23/1601  PTE. S.H. COX 
15th 24/1360  RFM. A.H. CROZIER 
15th 23/1960  RFM. J. CULE 
15th 2/2018  GNR. L.G. CULLEN 
15th 23/720  RFM. P.E. CUMMINS 
15th 8/3550  PTE. N. CUMMINS 
15th 24/1622  SGT. E.C. CURTIS 
15th 24/1365  RFM. W.J. D'ATH 
15th 12/2620 2/LT. J.S. DAGG 
15th 9/1820  PTE. F.P. DAGG 
15th 25/1711  RFM. J. DATH 
15th 24/734  RFM. S.E. DAVEY 
15th 12/3293  SGT. M. DAVIES 
15th 7/1999  BDR. L. DAVIES 
15th 2/408A  CAPT. H.A. DAVIES 
15th 23/1033  RFM. F. DAVIES 
15th 24/1366  CPL. C.H. DAVIES 
15th 24/1018  RFM. H.W. DAVIS 
15th 12/3976  L/CPL. R.E. DEAN 
15th 24/401  SGT. W.H. DENBY 
15th 24/414  CPL. T.L. DERRETT 
15th 13428 PTE. E. DEWAR 
15th 23/1374  RFM. R.J. DICK 
15th 25/618  RFM. J. DICK 
15th 26/753  RFM. J.D. DICKEY 
15th 8/190  SGT. B.V. DILLON 
15th 23/38  SGT. G.W. DINES 
15th 23/1373  RFM. C.W.J. DIVEHALL 
15th 6/218  SGT. A.J. DODD MM
15th 25/747  RFM. J. DONALDSON 
15th 8/185 LIEUT. W.K. DOUGALL 
15th 12/3618  PTE. J.J. DOYLE 
15th 26/1590  RFM. C.A. DUFF 
15th 8/3244  CPL. H. DUNLOP 
15th 10/3247  PTE. M.A. DUNLOP 
15th 24/408  RFM. E.R.T. DUNN 
15th 23/1970  RFM. J.A. DYER 
15th 6/4029  PTE. J. ELDER 
15th 8/3164  CPL. A.D. ELLIOTT 
15th 7/1461  PTE. J. EVANS 
15th 23/747  CPL. L. EVANS 
15th 11257 PTE. A.G. EVANS 
15th 8/1463  PTE. D. EVANS 
15th 8/3252  PTE. H.E. EVENSON 
15th 25/426  RFM. H.R. EVERY 
15th 11258 PTE. D. EWART 
15th 24/2525  PTE. C.S. FAIRE 
15th 23/1518  RFM. R. FALCONER-TAYLOR 
15th 25/750  L/SGT. D.F. FARRELL 
15th 23/2560  RFM. J.T. FARRELL 
15th 26/174  RFM. W.M. FAULLS 
15th 24/1982  RFM. T.P. FEARON 
15th 26/402  CPL. C.D. FERGUSON 
15th 23/1623  PTE. J.B. FERGUSSON 
15th 12/3636  PTE. S.C. FERRETT 
15th 9/1007  SGT. A.T. FIELD 
15th 24/427  RFM. L. FINCH 
15th 23/422  RFM. T.S. FINDLAY 
15th 13/2433  PTE. M.I. FINLAYSON 
15th 25/753  RFM. R.A. FISHER 
15th 25/105  L/SGT. J. FITNESS 
15th 8/3583  PTE. T.J. FLANAGAN 
15th 25/754  RFM. F.E. FLOWER 
15th 25/539  L/CPL. F.L. FLOWERS 
15th 26/263  RFM. J. FOLEY 
15th 24/2198  RFM. G. FORBES 
15th 8/3900  PTE. S. FORD 
15th 9/817  PTE. W. FOREMAN 
15th 23/2183  RFM. I. FORSYTH 
15th 23/1632  PTE. A. FRANDSEN 
15th 10/4424  PTE. L.W.H. FRANKLIN 
15th 23/1635  PTE. H.G. FREEMAN 
15th 25/623  RFM. D. FREW 
15th 8/3846  L/CPL. F.L. FRY 
15th 12/3645  PTE. H.J. FURNISS 
15th 23/141  RFM. J. GALLAGHER 
15th 25/541  RFM. A. GALLOP 
15th 8/3266  PTE. T. GALVIN 
15th 26/994  RFM. A.L. GARBETT 
15th 25/179  RFM. S. GARDNER 
15th 12/3647  PTE. W. GARNSWORTHY 
15th 9/2070  PTE. J.J. GARRETT 
15th 6/3708  SGT. L.C. GARRETT 
15th 24/151  L/CPL. C.H. GASSON 
15th 9/1843  PTE. E. GEARY 
15th 23/1053  L/CPL. R.H. GIBSON 
15th 8/645  CPL. A. GILCHRIST 
15th 13/3095  PTE. H.O. GILLIES 
15th 8/42  CPL. T.J. GILMORE 
15th 13/2322  PTE. W.N. GLASGOW 
15th 25/107  RFM. S.V. GODDARD 
15th 25/870  RFM. P.S. GOING 
15th 26/1119  RFM. J.H. GOODEY 
15th 23/1643  PTE. F.G. GOODWIN 
15th 25/1744  RFM. J. GORDON 
15th 7/2012  PTE. C.W. GOSLING 
15th 8/3275  PTE. H.R. GOSS 
15th 23/1647  PTE. A. GRACIE 
15th 11174 PTE. J.L. GRAHAM 
15th 26/264  L/CPL. W.G. GRAHAME 
15th 23/1397  RFM. G.H. GRAY 
15th 23/1399  RFM. W.E. GRAY 
15th 24/2212  RFM. B. GREENLEES 
15th 10229 PTE. S.T. GUEST 
15th 24/159  RFM. D.A. GURNEY 
15th 10/3277  PTE. J. HAIG 
15th 24/173  RFM. G.M. HAIGH 
15th 24/452  RFM. W.M.C. HAIR 
15th 25/195  L/SGT. C.H.C.J. HALES 
15th 22792 RFM. F.J. HAMLIN 
15th 13/3123  PTE. S. HANSON 
15th 23/1657  PTE. P.H. HARESNAPE 
15th 23/448  RFM. C.E. HARRIS 
15th 23/1997  RFM. C.A. HARRIS 
15th 10172 PTE. G.P.H. HARRIS 
15th 23/2200  RFM. E.J. HARROP 
15th 10/3286  PTE. S.R. HART 
15th 25/437  RFM. D. HARTNETT 
15th 25/388  RFM. T. HASSELL 
15th 25/980  RFM. E.R. HAWKER 
15th 6/3035  PTE. T.L. HAZLETON 
15th 8/3623  PTE. J.B. HAZLETT 
15th 24/464  PTE. T.J. HEALD 
15th 25/390  RFM. L.J. HEALEY 
15th 12/4190  PTE. W.T. HEDLEY 
15th 25/638  RFM. W.L. HENDERSON 
15th 8/3127  PTE. J.C. HENDRY 
15th 26/1770  RFM. A. HENDRY 
15th 8/4140  PTE. F. HENRY 
15th 24/1684  CPL. E.B. HERON 
15th 23/780  RFM. E.W. HILL 
15th 23/458  RFM. J.P. HILTON 
15th 10/3596  PTE. A.J. HOARE 
15th 24/471  CPL. B.R. HODDER 
15th 11282 PTE. A. HODGE 
15th 12/3683  SGT. G.R. HOGAN 
15th 23/2205  RFM. G.S. HOOPER 
15th 23/1681  PTE. A.W.C. HORSMAN 
15th 25/1052  RFM. W.G. HOSIE 
15th 23/2006  RFM. L.A. HOWE 
15th 24/2007  RFM. J. HOWES 
15th 25/884  L/CPL. A.C. HUBBARD 
15th 23/1074  RFM. A.J. HUDSON 
15th 12/3363  PTE. J.D. HUGHES 
15th 11472 PTE. J.F. HUGHES 
15th 25/1095  PTE. H.H. HUGHES 
15th 8/3821  SGT. R. HULL 
15th 12/2337  CAPT. J.F.K. HUNTER 
15th 24/1553  C.Q.M.S. R.W. HUNTER 
15th 7/2331  CPL. F.T. HUNTER 
15th 23183 PTE. D. HUNTER 
15th 26/404  RFM. W.A. HUTTON 
15th 12/4021  PTE. A.L. HYNES 
15th 2/890  SGT. C.J. IVERSON 
15th 23/464  CPL. D.L. JACK 
15th 26/516  RFM. R. JACK 
15th 22805 PTE. F.M. JACK 
15th 12/4537  PTE. M.W.G. JACKSON 
15th 24/2229  RFM. G. JACKSON 
15th 23/2012  RFM. R. JAMIESON 
15th 8/2502  CAPT. L.S. JENNINGS MID
15th 11483 PTE. E.H. JESSON 
15th 24/475  RFM. A.C. JOHNSON 
15th 8/1891  PTE. G. JOHNSTON 
15th 23/468  RFM. J. JONES 
15th 26/346  RFM. T.A. JONES 
15th 25/199  RFM. W. JOYCE 
15th 12/4029  PTE. O.A. KAY 
15th 24/1700  PTE. J. KEARNEY 
15th 26/831  RFM. D.S. KEAY 
15th 8/3655  PTE. R. KELL 
15th 10/3620  PTE. C.W. KELLY 
15th 23/1708  PTE. B.N. KELSEY 
15th 9/590  PTE. W.J. KENNEDY 
15th 12/388  PTE. G.W. KILLGOUR 
15th 6/3764  PTE. V.B. KING 
15th 23/472  RFM. J. KING 
15th 9/1697  L/CPL. A. KING 
15th 24/1705  RFM. C.H. KINGSTON 
15th 22816 RFM. E.J. KOERNER 
15th 2/898  BDR. G. KROGMAN 
15th 8/3938  PTE. F.A. LAIDLAW 
15th 25/1169  RFM. K. LAITILA 
15th 11/784  SGT. E.W. LAMB 
15th 23/478  PTE. H.A. LANE 
15th 10/3931  PTE. C. LANGDON 
15th 10/2206  PTE. H. LENNOX 
15th 23/2024  RFM. J.A. LEQUESNE 
15th 23/1717  PTE. G.W. LEVENS 
15th 23/484  RFM. A.M. LEVY 
15th 24/1418  RFM. J.R. LINN 
15th 25/654  RFM. R. LOAN 
15th 24/218  RFM. J. LONG 
15th 26/1634  RFM. G.F. LOVELOCK 
15th 24/830  RFM. R.A. LOWE 
15th 23/197  RFM. W.H.D. LOWRY 
15th 23/1511  RFM. R. LUCK 
15th 6/2195  PTE. R.D. LUMSDEN 
15th 23/1723  RFM. C. LUNAN 
15th 24/499  RFM. P.L. LYNAM 
15th 8/3132  LIEUT. A.R.T. MACDOUGALL 
15th 25/661  RFM. J.R. MACKAY 
15th 10019 PTE. M. MacKENZIE 
15th 23/1754  PTE. J.B. MACLAUGHLIN 
15th 24/2246  RFM. A. MACRAE 
15th 26/585  RFM. S.A. MAFFEY 
15th 23/2029  SGT. A.B. MAIDES 
15th 26/1043  SGT. J.A. MARCHANT MID
15th 26/844  RFM. J. MARRIAN 
15th 26/363  RFM. J. MARS 
15th 23404 RFM. G.H. MARSH 
15th 11/1925  PTE. S. MARSHALL 
15th 12/4540  PTE. J.W. MARTIN 
15th 23207 PTE. A.W. MARTIN 
15th 8/3701  PTE. W. MARTIN 
15th 12/3721  PTE. E.J. MASSICKS 
15th 3/1247  PTE. L.P. MAURICE 
15th 9/1336  PTE. R. MAY 
15th 25/780  RFM. C.J. MAYELL 
15th 24/533  RFM. P. McARTHUR 
15th 26/1656  RFM. F. McAVOY 
15th 23/499  RFM. A.M. McBRIDE 
15th 23/1745  PTE. M. McCALL 
15th 23/840  RFM. W. McCAW 
15th 23/2521  RFM. J. McCOLL 
15th 25/447  RFM. J. McCONNELL 
15th 23/502  L/CPL. C. McCURDY 
15th 24/517  RFM. G.L. McDONALD 
15th 10/13  PTE. C.C. McDONALD 
15th 10/3335  PTE. J. McDOUGAL 
15th 12/3755  PTE. W.H.R. McDOWELL 
15th 24/2049  PTE. O. McEVOY 
15th 8/3683  PTE. J. McEWAN 
15th 25/29  SGT. C.W. McGAHAN 
15th 24/1434  RFM. J.H. McGINN 
15th 24/1138  RFM. D. McGREGOR 
15th 9/165  CPL. W.N. McINTYRE 
15th 8/4190  PTE. C. McINTYRE 
15th 24/1731  PTE. E.A. McKAY 
15th 23/1454  RFM. J. McKAY 
15th 8/3693  PTE. J. McKENZIE 
15th 24/242  L/CPL. A.M. McKICHAN 
15th 8/3979  PTE. R. McKINLAY 
15th 25/1788  RFM. J. McKINNON 
15th 8/4192  PTE. R.H. McKINNON 
15th 10/2692  PTE. J. McLAUGHLAN 
15th 12/3759 2/LT. R.D. McLEAN 
15th 24/527  RFM. F.A. McLEAN 
15th 23/2243  RFM. J. McLELLAN 
15th 23/2052  RFM. F.J. McLEOD 
15th 11324 PTE. D. McLEOD 
15th 24/246  RFM. S.V. McMINN 
15th 26/195  RFM. T. McMINN 
15th 12/3109  PTE. M. McNICKLE 
15th 10/3021  PTE. C.A. McNIVEN 
15th 26/864  RFM. K.M. McPHEE 
15th 25/215  RFM. S.A. McRAE 
15th 12/3723  CPL. C.H. MEARING 
15th 12/3724  PTE. B. MEDLAND 
15th 23/2225  RFM. T. MELLING 
15th 23/979  L/CPL. S. MENZIES 
15th 8/3706  L/CPL. J.H. MIDDLEMISS 
15th 8/3356  L/CPL. S. MILES 
15th 26/1639  RFM. W.G. MILLIGAN 
15th 23212 PTE. H.W. MITCHELL 
15th 23/1441  RFM. J.H. MORONEY 
15th 24/845  PTE. A.L. MORRISON 
15th 3/1066  PTE. J. MORTON 
15th 23/525  RFM. J.E. MOULDEY 
15th 23/42  SGT. J. MOWLEM 
15th 13459 PTE. T. MULLINS 
15th 22838 PTE. J.D.R. MUNRO 
15th 25/556  CPL. B.C. NATHAN 
15th 26/1665  RFM. H.L. NAUGHTON 
15th 8/3719  PTE. P.H. NEILSON 
15th 23/242  CPL. E.O. NICHOLAS 
15th 23/535  L/CPL. C.S. NICHOLSON 
15th 25/223  RFM. S.J. NOBLE 
15th 26/1015  L/CPL. J.P. NOONAN 
15th 24/1151 2/LT. R.D. NORRIE 
15th 23/1135  RFM. A.J. NORRIS 
15th 26/687  RFM. H.S. NORTH 
15th 8/3816  L/CPL. H.T. NORTON 
15th 6/3816  L/CPL. D.B. NOTTAGE 
15th 26/197  CPL. C.H. NOYCE 
15th 7/2112  PTE. J.J. O'BOYLE 
15th 11/095  RFM. P.M. O'CONNOR 
15th 24/254  SGT. E.J. O'DONOHUE 
15th 10/3356  PTE. L.G. OKEY 
15th 23/1141  RFM. J.R. OLIVER 
15th 26/1021  RFM. A. OLSEN 
15th 23/248  L/CPL. W.G. ORMSBY 
15th 25/796  RFM. H.F. PACEY-BUCK 
15th 2/777  GNR. J.J. PARK 
15th 9/1086  SGT. D.M. PARK 
15th 23/2061  PTE. C. PARKER 
15th 6/3824  PTE. B. PARRIS 
15th 23235 PTE. H.W. PARSONS 
15th 22852 PTE. D.F. PATERSON 
15th 8/3996  PTE. E.J. PAY 
15th 22854 PTE. W.J. PEARCE 
15th 13/2360  CPL. A.C. PEART 
15th 23/554  RFM. H.G. PEGDEN 
15th 23/254  RFM. J. PENDERGRAST 
15th 3/1075  PTE. F.W. PENLINGTON 
15th 23/556  SGT. R.C. PENNEY 
15th 23/1151  RFM. S. PERFECT 
15th 23/2258  PTE. R.G. PERRY 
15th 25/1229  L/CPL. S. PERRY 
15th 10/3703  PTE. W. PETERS 
15th 24/2070  RFM. L.F. PETERS 
15th 24/881  RFM. R.W. PETERSEN 
15th 23/878  SGT. G.V. PETERSEN 
15th 34421  PTE. H.C. PHILLIPS 
15th 23/1464  RFM. J. PHILLPOTTS 
15th 11/1213  PTE. F. PHILPS 
15th 13/2893  CPL. J.A. PIRRIT 
15th 9/1091  PTE. T.H. POOLE 
15th 24/260  RFM. F.A. POOLE 
15th 24/2075  RFM. J. PORTER 
15th 12/3445  PTE. C.A. POSTLEWAIGHT 
15th 26/892  RFM. G. POTTER 
15th 6/4342  PTE. C.E. POTTS 
15th 12/4073  PTE. W.R. POUNTNEY 
15th 8/4206  PTE. A.M. PRAIN 
15th 12/3448  PTE. W.A. PRINCE 
15th 26/57  W.O.2  A.F. PRUDEN 
15th 23/566  RFM. R. PRYOR 
15th 25/228  RFM. C. PYCROFT 
15th 11940 PTE. F.C. QUARTERMAN 
15th 10/3708  PTE. T.G. QUICKENDEN 
15th 9/1725  PTE. T.J. QUIN 
15th 24/2078  RFM. W.H. RADCLIFFE 
15th 23/1467  RFM. W.L. RATHBONE 
15th 26/204  RFM. T.A. RAXWORTHY 
15th 26/1687  RFM. H. RAY 
15th 24/574  RFM. S. RICE 
15th 9/1730  PTE. F.W.H. RICHARDS 
15th 12/2450  C.Q.M.S. M.H. RICHARDSON 
15th 25/1111  RFM. B. RICKERBY 
15th 8/3746  PTE. G. RITCHIE 
15th 23/2078  PTE. J. RITCHIE 
15th 22863 PTE. L. ROACHE 
15th 23/2268  RFM. J.S. ROBERTS 
15th 24/1472  L/CPL. C.C. ROBERTS 
15th 23/45  RFM. W.R. ROBERTSON 
15th 8/4007  PTE. E. ROBERTSON 
15th 8/4216  PTE. W.E. ROBIN 
15th 24/1921  RFM. A.A. ROBINSON 
15th 26/207  SGT. A.G. ROBINSON 
15th 8/4010  L/CPL. E. ROBINSON 
15th 22867 PTE. H. ROBINSON 
15th 24/2083  PTE. H. ROSS 
15th 23/900  RFM. P.R. ROSS 
15th 22869 PTE. G.L. ROSS 
15th 23/589  RFM. R. RUSSELL 
15th 24/1310  L/CPL. G.B.E. RUSSELL 
15th 8/4483  PTE. D. RYAN 
15th 25/1808  RFM. C.H. SAMWORTH 
15th 24/1805  RFM. A. SANDS 
15th 12/2463  PTE. K. SATCHWELL 
15th 9/1218  CPL. S.T. SCAIFE 
15th 8/4490  PTE. J. SCISSONS 
15th 12/3812  PTE. G.T. SCOTT 
15th 13/2369  PTE. R.H.V. SCOTT 
15th 25/1015  RFM. A.E. SCOTT 
15th 25/1146  RFM. L.T. SCUDAMORE 
15th 12/3474  PTE. R. SEAL 
15th 23/1179  RFM. R. SEARCHFIELD 
15th 12/3815  PTE. W.E. SELLWOOD 
15th 25/143  RFM. J.H. SEWELL 
15th 23/278  RFM. J.B. SEXTON 
15th 26/638  RFM. G.D. SHAW 
15th 8/3754  L/CPL. S.K. SHEARER 
15th 12/4512 2/LT. G.B. SHERIDAN 
15th 25/1065  RFM. E.G.O. SHORTLAND 
15th 23/1807  SGT. T. SIDDLE 
15th 9/1110  PTE. W.T. SIM 
15th 24/1820  PTE. W. SIMPSON 
15th 26/914  RFM. B.H. SKEET 
15th 23/1186  CPL. R.A.E. SKELTON 
15th 12/3824  PTE. F.G. SMITH 
15th 16/735  PTE. F. SMITH 
15th 24/286  CPL. G.A.E. SMITH 
15th 8/4028  PTE. R.A. SMITH 
15th 8/4030  PTE. W.J. SOPER 
15th 23/1193  RFM. H.H. SOUTHCOMBE 
15th 22879 PTE. S. SOUTHGATE 
15th 2/2915  GNR. W. SOWMAN 
15th 12/2478  PTE. J.F. SPENCE 
15th 17/186  L/CPL. G.S. STARK 
15th 12/4276  PTE. L.E. STARKEY 
15th 11/1973  PTE. E. STEPHENS 
15th 26/1148  RFM. C.F. STEVENS 
15th 12/4096  PTE. J.W. STEVENSON 
15th 26/218  RFM. A.C. STEVENSON 
15th 12/3484  PTE. C. STEWART 
15th 12/4280  PTE. S.J. STEWART 
15th 8/4035  PTE. J.H. STEWART 
15th 2/2269  A/BDR. H. STOCKER 
15th 9/781  CAPT. J.D.K. STRANG MID
15th 25/825  RFM. H.H. STRONG 
15th 23/293  RFM. W.W. STRUTHERS 
15th 24/292  SGT. A.F. STYANTS 
15th 8/4036  PTE. D.M. SUTHERLAND 
15th 25/1137  RFM. W. SWIFT 
15th 23/614  RFM. A.H. SYMONDS 
15th 26/1127  RFM. F.E.F. TANSEY 
15th 2/1473  GNR. W.A. TAYLOR 
15th 23452 RFM. J.H.V. TAYLOR 
15th 8/4046  PTE. R. TAYLOR 
15th 10/3755  PTE. E.C. TAYLOR 
15th 23/2140  RFM. R. TELFORD 
15th 26/1175  RFM. G.G. THOM 
15th 23/1850  PTE. W. THOMPSON 
15th 25/692  SGT. W. THOMSON 
15th 25/472  L/CPL. G.C. THOMSON 
15th 16/363  PTE. P. TIATOA 
15th 23/1852  RFM. A. TICKNER 
15th 12/3846  PTE. G.H.W. TOBIN 
15th 25/244  RFM. J. TORKILSEN 
15th 12/4109  PTE. C.E. TRAINER 
15th 8/4233  PTE. J. TRAVERS 
15th 25/691  RFM. W.J. TREADWELL 
15th 24/599  RFM. S. TREGILGUS 
15th 24/1502  RFM. H.M. TRIM 
15th 23/938  RFM. H. TRIPLOW 
15th 24/2299  PTE. R.C. TUCKER 
15th 26/1030  RFM. D.M. TURNBULL 
15th 2/103  CPL. F.E. TURNER 
15th 24/1508  RFM. P.F. VERCOE 
15th 24/1251  RFM. A.A. VERNON 
15th 8/4049  PTE. W.W. WABY 
15th 24/1512  SGT. R.D. WALLACE 
15th 13/967  PTE. L.L. WALLEN 
15th 24/1849  L/CPL. L.J. WALLER 
15th 23/2305  RFM. F. WALSH 
15th 8/3784  PTE. R.A.J. WARD 
15th 13/3224  PTE. W.J. WARD 
15th 10/613  C.Q.M.S. T.L. WARNOCK 
15th 24/2115  RFM. T.A. WATTS 
15th 11/2504  PTE. R. WEBB 
15th 11142 PTE. J.W. WEIR 
15th 25/699  RFM. A.V. WELCH 
15th 26/1763  RFM. W.M. WELLS 
15th 23/1233  RFM. H.J. WESTBURY 
15th 9/533  CPL. P.J. WHELAN 
15th 8/3113  PTE. T. WHITAKER 
15th 24/1859  PTE. V.H. WHITELOCK 
15th 23/1235  L/CPL. G.A. WIDDOWSON 
15th 24/1860  PTE. H.A. WIGGINS 
15th 23/2123  RFM. S.T. WILKINS 
15th 13/2952  PTE. E.L. WILKINSON 
15th 8/4054  PTE. H.E.G. WILLIAMS 
15th 24/1865  PTE. W.E. WILLIAMS 
15th 23/2596  RFM. C. WILLING 
15th 23/1499  RFM. A.E. WILLOUGHBY 
15th 23/1500  RFM. C.C. WILLS 
15th 22897 PTE. A.A. WILLS 
15th 12/3515  PTE. J.L. WILSON 
15th 8/507  PTE. A.E. WILSON 
15th 23/1879  PTE. C.H. WILSON 
15th 8/511  PTE. S. WILSON 
15th 26/424  RFM. S.T. WILTON 
15th 26/423  RFM. H.R. WILTON 
15th 25/919  RFM. H. WINNARD 
15th 26/147  RFM. F.C. WISE 
15th 24/329  RFM. H.O. WISELEY 
15th 23/2118  RFM. H.W. WISHNOWSKY 
15th 25/920  L/CPL. C. WOOD 
15th 23/1246  RFM. P. WOODFORD 
15th 22903 PTE. T. WOOSTER 
15th 26/950  CPL. S. WRIGHT 
15th 6/2969  PTE. F. WYLIE 
15th 24/2308  RFM. W.W. YOUNG 
16th 5/1388A  PTE. R.L. ADAMS 
16th 6/1231  SGT. T.H. ALEXANDER 
16th 10/2834  L/CPL. C. ALEXANDER 
16th 6/3599  PTE. R.A. ALLEN 
16th 10/2056  PTE. E.L. ALLEN 
16th 10135 PTE. W.A. ANDERSON 
16th 10/477  L/CPL. H.D. ANDREWS 
16th 2/655  BDR. C.J. ANNANDALE 
16th 10/1176  PTE. E.H. ASTON 
16th 8/1752  L/CPL. J. BAILEY 
16th 2/1460A  PTE. R.E. BARRETT 
16th 12/1549  PTE. R. BARRON 
16th 10/3181  PTE. H.L. BEACH 
16th 6/2538  PTE. E.J. BEATTY 
16th 10/3188  PTE. H.I. BERTAUD 
16th 10/2075  PTE. S.A. BLACKBURN 
16th 6/3626  PTE. A.A. BLACKWELL 
16th 8/1939  PTE. W. BLOXHAM 
16th 8/2540  PTE. H.M.M. BOWER 
16th 6/188  L/CPL. N.A. BOYLE 
16th 10/3201  L/CPL. F.J. BRODRIBB 
16th 10/948  CPL. H.R. BROOKE-TAYLOR 
16th 23509 PTE. J. BROWN 
16th 23/18  CAPT. R.O. BRYDON MID
16th 10/2875  PTE. J. BUCHAN 
16th 23/88  PTE. J. BURR 
16th 10/2089  L/CPL. A. BUTCHER 
16th 6/3649  PTE. G.G. CASSIN 
16th 24/1615  PTE. H. CHAMBERS 
16th 10/845  L/CPL. A.A. CHARLESTON 
16th 10/2547  PTE. W.H. CHARMAN 
16th 6/3652  PTE. C. CHISNALL 
16th 10/3857  PTE. I.C. CLARK 
16th 10/2890  PTE. J.D. CLARK 
16th 11/2308  PTE. B.J. CLAY 
16th 6/2492  PTE. R. COLLIN 
16th 2/2388  GNR. H. COLLINS 
16th 10/2894  PTE. P.L.C. COMESKEY 
16th 6/3282  PTE. W.C. COMPORT 
16th 6/2987  PTE. J.F.H. COOMBS 
16th 26/235  RFM. E.J. CORKHILL 
16th 6/2405  PTE. T.W. COWAN 
16th 6/2995  PTE. A.E. DALE 
16th 11/1682  SPR. A.H. DAUPHIN 
16th 10/882  L/CPL. K.N. DAVIDSON 
16th 6/3674  PTE. J.J. DAVIES 
16th 6/3676  CPL. L.G. DAWE 
16th 5/332  PTE. B.G. DEVERSON 
16th 7/2380  PTE. G. DIVAN 
16th 6/3682  PTE. A.R. DOBIER 
16th 24/126  CPL. A. DOWNIE 
16th 6/1519  PTE. O. DYSON 
16th 12/3984  PTE. T.V.G. EARBY 
16th 4/1344  SPR. W. EDWARDS 
16th 10/2127  L/CPL. A.G. ELLIS 
16th 6/2607  CPL. M.H. ELLISON 
16th 237512/LT. S.O. ESAM 
16th 11014 PTE. A.W. EVANS 
16th 10/3875  PTE. A. EWING 
16th 26/963  RFM. C.J. FERNANDEZ 
16th 10/2136  L/CPL. T.J. FOGARTY 
16th 23/1630  PTE. H. FORDE 
16th 26/100  L/CPL. L.G. FOUGERE 
16th 7/1318  SGT. R.W.L. FOX 
16th 24532 PTE. T. FOX 
16th 10/3884  PTE. J.H. FURZE 
16th 10/3263  PTE. R. GALBRAITH 
16th 6/45  PTE. E.L. GALE 
16th 10/3813  PTE. J.E. GIVEN 
16th 23/2565  PTE. L.C. GOODWIN 
16th 2/LT. C.K.O. GRAHAM 
16th 6/238  L/CPL. J. GRAY 
16th 10/833  PTE. J.A. GREENE 
16th 10/2626  PTE. W. GREIG 
16th 10/4108  PTE. H.A. GROOBY 
16th 6/1151  PTE. O.L. HAASE 
16th 10/371  L/CPL. H.W. HALES 
16th 12/3036  PTE. A.J. HALL 
16th 10/401  L/CPL. S.M. HALL 
16th 23/1654  PTE. B. HANDS 
16th 10/3580  PTE. G.P. HANIFY 
16th 24/950  CPL. P.B. HARDING 
16th 10231 PTE. H.L. HART 
16th 8/397  PTE. J. HARTNETT 
16th 10/1520  PTE. J.E. HASTINGS 
16th 24529 PTE. C. HAUGHEY 
16th 12/2732  CPL. E. HEATLEY 
16th 8/1892  CPL. J. HECTOR 
16th 10/2967  L/CPL. M.R. HENRY 
16th 6/3961 2/LT. R.G. HICKMOTT 
16th 6/4617  PTE. A.H. HIGGINS 
16th 8/4451  PTE. H.E. HIGGINS 
16th 6/3348  PTE. A.G. HILL 
16th 9/1439  PTE. F.H. HITCHON 
16th 10/3908  PTE. H.F. HODGSON 
16th 6/264  PTE. A.W. HOLLIS 
16th 10/831  PTE. E.H. HONNOR 
16th 10/3297  PTE. A.J. HOOPER 
16th 6/1570  PTE. G. HORSMAN 
16th 6/3047  PTE. R.J. HOUSTON 
16th 10/2654  PTE. F.C. HUDSON 
16th 2/1718  GNR. A.L. HUGHES 
16th 6/1575  PTE. F.J. HUMPHREYS 
16th 10/3603  PTE. C.L. HUTCHINSON 
16th 6/3052  PTE. L.V. JACKSON 
16th 6/2673  PTE. F. JACKSON 
16th 10/3918  PTE. L. JAMES 
16th 10/4125  PTE. N. JOHNSON 
16th 10/4127  PTE. C.B. JONES 
16th 10/3311  PTE. E.A. JONES 
16th 10/3312  PTE. H.M. JONES 
16th 8/3647  PTE. G. JOYCE 
16th 2/2176  GNR. E.P. KNIGHT 
16th 10/1275  PTE. E.C. KNYVETT 
16th 16/1018 2/LT. H.M. KOHERE 
16th 10/3929  PTE. J. LAMPARD
16th 6/3809  SGT. J.S. MACNEIL 
16th 10/2498  SGT. R.L. MANOY 
16th 9/1896  PTE. N.L. MARSH 
16th 10/2232  L/CPL. A.W. MARTIN 
16th 24/1112  RFM. V.M.J. MASON 
16th 8/3345  PTE. C.F. MASSEY 
16th 23/223  PTE. A.J. McCAW 
16th 12/4233  PTE. W. McLAUGHLAN 
16th 23/1755  PTE. M.J. McLAUGHLIN 
16th 6/1662  PTE. A.J.C. McLELLAN 
16th 24039 PTE. C.F. McLEOD 
16th 10/3677  PTE. M.T. McLEOD 
16th 6/2229  PTE. D. McPHEE 
16th 6/4577 2/LT. L.W. MEULI 
16th 10/629  PTE. J. MIDGLEY 
16th 6/675  L/CPL. A. MILLER 
16th 12/2390  PTE. R.N. MILNE 
16th 24/2038  PTE. H.H. MOORES 
16th 12/1724  PTE. D. MORRISON 
16th 3/907  CPL. A.R. MOYLE 
16th 10/3655  PTE. P. MULCAHY 
16th 25/1086  RFM. J.H. NELSON 
16th 10203 PTE. I.E.A. NICHOLLS 
16th 12/2586  PTE. A.E. NORLING 
16th 6/1673  PTE. J. O'CARROLL 
16th 10/97  L/CPL. T. OLIVER 
16th 10/3692  SGT. A.W. ORDISH 
16th 8/2094  PTE. E. ORMROD 
16th 10/4167  PTE. R. PARKYN 
16th 8/3730  PTE. W. PENNAL 
16th 23607 PTE. J.S. PETTIGREW 
16th 10/3057  PTE. H.H. PIDWELL 
16th 10/39  PTE. S.E. PLAYLE 
16th 6/328  PTE. J.J. POWER 
16th 8/4003  PTE. J. REE 
16th 6/4642  PTE. A. REEVES 
16th 8/4213  PTE. J.T. REYNOLDS 
16th 6/1967  CPL. H. RHIND 
16th 10148 PTE. C.W. RIDER 
16th 6/802  PTE. J.J. RIORDAN 
16th 9/2221  PTE. O.A. ROSE 
16th 10/2300  PTE. D.W. ROSIE 
16th 6/3147  PTE. J. ROSS 
16th 10/3075  PTE. M.W.N. ROSS 
16th 10/486  L/SGT. P.W. RYAN 
16th 12/1786  PTE. F.L. RYBURN 
16th 25/5  CAPT. H.K. SARE 
16th 10/89  SGT. P.F. SHIELDS 
16th 12/2845  PTE. R.A. SIMPSON 
16th 10/203  L/CPL. S. SIMSON 
16th 12/2915  PTE. W.H. SMITH 
16th 6/726  SGT. A.L. SMITH 
16th 6/4145  PTE. S.R. SMITH 
16th 10/3999  PTE. A.V. SMITH 
16th 10/2767  PTE. F. SMITH 
16th 10/4203  PTE. A. STEVENS 
16th 8/3410 PTE. D. STEWART 
16th 24/1832  PTE. J.M. STEWART 
16th 11/1978  PTE. J. STEWART 
16th 10/3747  SGT. A.G. STIRRAT 
16th 10/3748  PTE. R.S. STOWERS 
16th 25/1113  L/CPL. A.M. STUART 
16th 10/1674  PTE. J.W. SWAN DCM
16th 10/2832  CPL. P.G.A. TALBOT 
16th 16/840  PTE. R. TAPSELL 
16th 10/3756  PTE. R. TAYLOR 
16th 8/1898  PTE. A.F. TERRY 
16th 23/296  CPL. S.E. THOMAS 
16th 25/1211  PTE. W. TIMMINS 
16th 10/3112  PTE. C. TOON 
16th 26/515  RFM. E.C. TOZER 
16th 25/1831  RFM. A. TREADWELL 
16th 25/832  RFM. C.H. TROUNCE 
16th 10/1687  PTE. A.W. VYNER 
16th 6/1746  PTE. J. WAKELIN 
16th 12/2872  PTE. C.L. WALKER 
16th 6/3911  PTE. J. WALSH 
16th 23319 PTE. T.L. WARDLEWORTH 
16th 10117 PTE. P.W. WARMAN 
16th 6/2006  L/CPL. F.A. WARNER 
16th 23280 RFM. J.E.E. WARNOCK 
16th 23/310  RFM. E.L. WATCHORN 
16th 12/284  PTE. H. WHITBURN 
16th 10/4144  PTE. D.P. WHITE 
16th 10/3125  PTE. L.J. WILLIAMS 
16th 25/152  RFM. S.J. WILLIAMSON 
16th 23/2597  PTE. C.W. WITTING 
16th 22904 PTE. F.W. WOISIN 
16th 10/3132  PTE. T. WOOD 
16th 23/985  L/CPL. H.H. YARDLEY DCM
16th 10/2476  PTE. J.A. YOUNG 
17th 11588 PTE. F.B. ADAMS 
17th 6/3237  PTE. D.A. ANDERSON 
17th 12/3541  CPL. J.H. ARMITAGE 
17th 6/2922  PTE. R.S. ATKINSON 
17th 12/3908  PTE. T.E. BARBER 
17th 6/2062  PTE. F. BARLTROP 
17th 6/2537  PTE. G. BEAL 
17th 11611 PTE. F.A.E. BIGGS 
17th 3/534  CAPT. G.V. BOGLE MID
17th 6/4589  PTE. J.W. BUCHLER 
17th 12/2661  PTE. D.W. CAREW 
17th 6/4009  PTE. N.F. CHAPMAN 
17th 6/3657  PTE. D. CLARKE 
17th 26/739  RFM. E. CORDEN 
17th 3/392 PTE. J. COX 
17th 10/2903  PTE. D. COXHEAD 
17th 10/2567  PTE. L.J. CRESS 
17th 6/1500  PTE. A.E. CRESSWELL 
17th 13/2176  PTE. B. CRESSWELL 
17th 6/3177  PTE. G.D.J. CRUM 
17th 10/4502  PTE. J. DOUGLAS 
17th 9/29  BDR. D. DOW 
17th 24/2521  RFM. F.E. DOWDLE 
17th 12/3004  PTE. S. EDWARDS 
17th 8/4446  PTE. G.F. EDWARDS 
17th 6/3009  PTE. H. ESPLEY 
17th 6/3318  PTE. H.T. FOREMAN 
17th 10/1815  PTE. F.J. FOSTER 
17th 10/2607  PTE. A.J. FOSTER 
17th 8/3260  PTE. W.J. FRANCIS 
17th 10/2945  PTE. J. GIBBS 
17th 11864 PTE. W.H. GILCHRIST 
17th 6/3022  PTE. G. GILL 
17th 6/3327  L/CPL. A.M. GILMOUR 
17th 10/225  SPR. H.B. GWILLIAM 
17th 10/3278  PTE. R. HALL 
17th 12/2319 PTE. C.R. HARRISON 
17th 6/3344  PTE. W. HAY 
17th 24/2221  RFM. W.C. HILL 
17th 10/2971  PTE. J.F.L. HORNSBY 
17th 24/804  RFM. W. ISBISTER 
17th 12/4204  PTE. J. JOHNSON 
17th 26/272  RFM. W.M. JOWETT 
17th 8/4435 2/LT. W. KIRKLEY 
17th 11493 PTE. A.G. LIBEAU 
17th 10/2998  PTE. W.H. LINDOP 
17th 8/2969  PTE. F.R. LINDSAY 
17th 13/382  PTE. R.C. LINTON 
17th 6/2383  PTE. G.C. LITTLE 
17th 3/1737  MAJ. A.A. MARTIN 
17th 6/841  PTE. E. MAWSON 
17th 8/3325  PTE. F.H. McBRIDE 
17th 6/1658  PTE. P. McGUIRE 
17th 25/216  RFM. R.D. McKECHNIE 
17th 8/1575  PTE. T.S. METCALF 
17th 12/2393  PTE. W.E. MOLD 
17th 12/3745  PTE. L.G. MUMFORD 
17th 24/2549  RFM. R.A. NEWCOMBE 
17th 3/2029  PTE. T.A. OSBORN 
17th 10049 PTE. S.C. PARKER 
17th 26/368  RFM. R. PEERS 
17th 12/439  SGT. S. PEMBERTON 
17th 10/757  L/CPL. L. PENNINGTON 
17th 13/3064  PTE. G.M. PERCY 
17th 9/1720  PTE. L.M. PERCY 
17th 10/3983  PTE. A. POTROZ 
17th 12/3446  SPR. C.W. POTTS 
17th 23/567  RFM. L.A. PURCELL 
17th 10/1323  PTE. H. RAWLINGS 
17th 10/2745  PTE. G.L. RENTON 
17th 8/697  L/CPL. W.H. REYNOLDS 
17th 2/622  SGT. W.C. RIMMER MM
17th 2/1463  BDR. H.E. RINALDI 
17th 3/921  PTE. W.B. ROGERSON 
17th 23618  PTE. J. SAUNDERS 
17th 2/1949  SGT. J.B.H.V.T. SAXON 
17th 12/867  PTE. R. SCOWN 
17th 10/1979  PTE. H. SHACKLEFORD 
17th 6/2279  PTE. R. SMITH 
17th 22876 PTE. R. SMITH 
17th 21/12  GNR. F.B. SPILSBURY 
17th 10/2397  CPL. J.W. STRATFORD 
17th 6/3895  PTE. B. THOMPSON 
17th 12/2858  PTE. E. THORNES 
17th 13/2383  PTE. A.A. WAGSTAFF 
17th 23/1870  PTE. I. WELSH 
17th 12/2882  PTE. A.N. WHITTINGTON 
17th 12/2883  PTE. A.C. WILD 
17th 6/3508  PTE. H.A. WILKINSON 
17th 23/955 2/LT. F.B. WILLIAMS 
17th 6/3932  L/CPL. W. WING 
18th 8/3483  PTE. H.S. BERNARD 
18th 6/1476  PTE. C.H.U. BROWNE 
18th 8/2198  PTE. E. COTTON 
18th 10/3807  LIEUT. R.H. DODSON 
18th 23/745  RFM. A. EMMETT 
18th 10/3883  PTE. C.N. FURZE 
18th 23548 PTE. H. HARPER 
18th 7/2018  CAPT. E. HARRIS MID
18th 8/52  PTE. J. HOSSACK 
18th 8/394  SGT. F.W. HUNTER 
18th 10/2978  PTE. T.H. HURST 
18th 25/772  RFM. P. LAURIE 
18th 12/3384  SGT. W.A. LEE 
18th 10/4137  PTE. W.J. MANNING 
18th 8/2668  L/CPL. A.A. MURRAY 
18th 23/1780  PTE. E. PIVOTT 
18th 10/3144  MAJ. F. ROSS MID
18th 26/321  RFM. L. SCHAEFFER 
18th 23/291  RFM. J. STEVENSON 
18th 23/2292  RFM. A.J. TORRENS 
18th 24/1504  RFM. P.J. TURNER 
18th 8/123  PTE. L.M. WATSON 
18th 9/1370  CPL. A. WEBB 
18th 12/2879  PTE. W. WELCH 
18th 8/1683  PTE. W. WINTER 
18th 23/1881  PTE. J. WOODFORD 
19th 10/2510  PTE. A. ALDRIDGE 
19th 26/78  L/CPL. E. BAXTER 
19th 9/2050  PTE. L.A. BOWERS 
19th 7/454  PTE. J.R. BOYLAND 
19th 9/1263  PTE. R.J. BREWER 
19th 6/2563  PTE. A.E. BUTLER 
19th 24/1254  RFM. R.D. COPLAND 
19th 13426 PTE. J. CRAWFORD 
19th 23/1972  PTE. J.S. DONOVAN 
19th 24/107  RFM. W.G. DRUMMOND 
19th 10/1473 PTE. R. DRUMMOND 
19th 2/2819  GNR. J.W. FISHER 
19th 26/99  RFM. F.J. FLYNN 
19th 4/2040  SPR. W.L. FOTHERINGHAM 
19th 9/2181  PTE. R.A. HAY 
19th 10/1868  PTE. R. KEARNEY 
19th 23/811  RFM. W.J. LINDSAY 
19th 23198 PTE. J. LOMAS 
19th 23/814 2/LT. W. LONSDALE 
19th 24/2240  L/CPL. H.A. LUCAS 
19th 10/3660  PTE. H.J. MACGIBBON 
19th 12/3713  PTE. J.S. MACKINTOSH 
19th 16/663  PTE. K. MATANA 
19th 12/2897  L/CPL. G.W. MATTHEWS 
19th 23/234  RFM. J.P. McNEIL 
19th 23/833  RFM. O. MORRIS 
19th 8/3369  L/CPL. F.A. MURNEY 
19th 8/4196  PTE. I.E. OLSEN 
19th 11729 PTE. D. RODING 
19th 23/1806  PTE. A. SHERMAN 
19th 12/2895  PTE. R.H.M. SIMPSON 
19th 6/3879  L/SGT. H.W. STEEL 
19th 13113 PTE. T.R. STEEL 
19th 12/881  PTE. A. THOMASON 
19th 23/1488  RFM. C.J.A. TRELEAVEN 
19th 10/2480  CAPT. H.S. TREMEWAN 
19th 23/317  RFM. N.B.O. WESTERHOLM 
19th 10/4495  PTE. H. WHITELEY 
19th 12/2616 2/LT. F.R. WILSON 
20th 24/1584  PTE. J. ANDERSON 
20th 24/1583  PTE. W. ARMSTRONG 
20th 24/1587  PTE. A. BAKER 
20th 22753 RFM. L. BELL 
20th 7/1195  LIEUT. A.J.W. BIRDLING MID
20th 24/1342  CPL. A.W. BOOTH 
20th 9/2155  PTE. H.T. BRYCE 
20th 12/3269  PTE. A.E. BUDD 
20th 12/2670  PTE. P. COOMER 
20th 23/1359  RFM. J. CRAN 
20th 11420 PTE. F. CUNNINGHAM 
20th 26/541  RFM. M.D. DAY 
20th 23/729  L/CPL. T.F. DEVENING 
20th 2/2609  GNR. T.H. ELLIS 
20th 4/188A  CPL. F.J.H. FEAR DCM
20th 12/3317  L/CPL. F. FERGUSON 
20th 6/3316  PTE. T. FITZGERALD 
20th 6/408  CAPT. D.P. FRASER 
20th 10/91A  PTE. A. GIBBONS 
20th 2/2625  GNR. A.J. GITTINGS 
20th 10/4460  PTE. F. GOULD 
20th 6/3962 2/LT. H. GOWDY 
20th 14102 PTE. J. HAMPSON 
20th 23/1673  PTE. T.P. HOARE 
20th 25/1051  RFM. H. HUGHES 
20th 23/1688  L/CPL. O.F. HUNT 
20th 10126 PTE. W.T. JAQUES 
20th 12/2924  CPL. D.W. JOHNSON 
20th 23/1702  PTE. J. JOHNSTON 
20th 23/798  RFM. H. KAPPELY 
20th 4/767  SPR. G.M. KAY 
20th 6/836 2/LT. R.H. KEMBER MM
20th 4/993  SPR. S.C. KENNEDY 
20th 6/3379  PTE. H. LEVY 
20th 9/1890  PTE. C.M. LIVINGSTONE 
20th 10241 PTE. A. LUTY 
20th 5/249  PTE. E.J. MACDONALD 
20th 6/3214  LIEUT. W.J. MARRIOTT 
20th 23/823  RFM. D. MAY 
20th 6/4101 PTE. J. McCARTHY 
20th 4/427  SPR. R. McGIMPSEY 
20th 6/308 2/LT. F.G. McKEE 
20th 10/3405 2/LT. H.F.J. MONSON MID
20th 8/3725  CPL. L.A. O'LEARY 
20th 25/452  RFM. C.L. ORCHARD 
20th 6/1694  PTE. G.J.S. POULTER 
20th 24/8  CAPT. A.J. POWLEY MC
20th 2/1252  SGT. J. RANKIN DCM
20th 24/1466  PTE. C.S. RATTENBURY 
20th 2/331  CPL. B.D. RAWNSLEY 
20th 8/3390  SPR. C.E. ROSS 
20th 2/2714  DVR. W.H. RUSSELL 
20th 8/116 2/LT. N.C. SWINARD 
20th 10061 PTE. J. SWINNEY 
20th 6/3202  CPL. F. WILKINSON 
20th 7/1535  PTE. A.H. WILLIAMS 
20th 5/276  DVR. E. WOODCOCK 
21st 25/928  PTE. A.D. ALLEN 
21st 6/3601  PTE. G. ANDERSON 
21st 6/3604  PTE. W.J. ANDREW 
21st 11594 PTE. A.H. ANDREWS 
21st 6/2389A  PTE. F.J. ARCHER 
21st 7/1586  PTE. V. ASHBOLT 
21st 11602 PTE. J. BAKER 
21st 24/1588  PTE. H.J. BALL 
21st 6/4198  PTE. H.W. BARDEN 
21st 6/2541  PTE. I. BERRY 
21st 9/2048  PTE. R.S. BLACK 
21st 6/3634  PTE. D.C. BRISTOW 
21st 6/3637  PTE. N.A. BROOKS 
21st 3/1688  PTE. J.S. BROWN 
21st 7/625  CPL. J.E. BURGE 
21st 12/3571  L/CPL. M.R. BUTLER 
21st 6/1479  PTE. E.W. CADDIGAN 
21st 6/4008  PTE. G.A. CASWELL 
21st 12/4153  PTE. J. CATTON 
21st 6/3276  PTE. E.J.F. COLLINS 
21st 6/871  SGT. A.G. COMPTON 
21st 26/294  RFM. J.M. COMRIE 
21st 6/4014  PTE. J. COOPER 
21st 6/2404  PTE. J.S. CORBETT 
21st 12/2677  L/CPL. L. COX 
21st 6/3672  SGT. G. CURRIE 
21st 8/3237  PTE. F.B. DAWSON 
21st 8/3894  CPL. W.J. DWIGHT 
21st 25/28  W.O.2 A.L. EADE 
21st 23/128  PTE. J.J. ERIKSEN 
21st 6/4603  PTE. W.A. ETTLES 
21st 24/1376  RFM. A.E. FEARON 
21st 6/3700  PTE. W. FERGUSON 
21st 6/4037  PTE. P. FRIDD 
21st 10/263  PTE. F. FRIIS 
21st 11865 PTE. R.H.S.T..C. GEE 
21st 23/1638  PTE. W.J. GEE 
21st 6/3718  PTE. C.D. GRAY 
21st 11656 PTE. J. GRAY 
21st 6/4256  PTE. J. HALLIDAY 
21st 6/3731  PTE. J.A. HAVILL 
21st 24/785  RFM. H.M.H. HENRY 
21st 23/2008  PTE. J.S. HUNT 
21st 6/4065  PTE. E.J. HYDE 
21st 6/3050  L/CPL. W. INNS 
21st 6/3361  PTE. J.W. JACKSON 
21st 2/614  GNR. A. JACKSON 
21st 23/1697  PTE. P.M. JAMESON 
21st 23/1699  PTE. W.H.D. JENNINGS 
21st 23/1700  CPL. D. JOHNSTON 
21st 6/2174  PTE. J.J. JOLLY 
21st 24/2011  PTE. J. KEATING 
21st 6/3761  PTE. W.E. KERR 
21st 4/1053  PTE. J.A. KIERNAN 
21st 13/3125  PTE. T.J. KINNIS 
21st 10240 PTE. A. LARSEN 
21st 24/2021  L/CPL. E.A. LE CREN 
21st 23/196  PTE. T. LOTT 
21st 26/841  RFM. E. LYNCH 
21st 6/3791  PTE. A.H. MACAULEY 
21st 7/1758  PTE. D.W. MACNAMARA 
21st 6/915  PTE. J.A. MATTSON 
21st 8/4460  PTE. H. McCAFFERTY 
21st 24/2542  RFM. H. McCAUL 
21st 34893 PTE. D.R. McKENZIE 
21st 26/1655  RFM. A.J. McLEAN 
21st 6/4110  PTE. J.H. McLEISH 
21st 5/1562A  PTE. J. McWILLIAM 
21st 6/4308  PTE. A. MILLS 
21st 6/3785  L/CPL. W.H. MOORE 
21st 6/3104  PTE. C.V. MORGANTI 
21st 6/4654  L/CPL. J. MORRISON 
21st 6/3813  PTE. C. NELSON 
21st 7/2300  PTE. J.C. NEW 
21st 6/4119  PTE. T.A. O'CONNOR 
21st 6/2719  PTE. D. O'SHEA 
21st 9/1342  PTE. H. OLIVER 
21st 6/3126  PTE. W. PATTERSON 
21st 7/2123  PTE. C.R. PERRETT 
21st 12/3785  PTE. R.S. PIRIE 
21st 6/2904  SGT. R.G. RAMSAY 
21st 6/3135  PTE. F. REDMOND 
21st 6/3841  PTE. H. REID 
21st 12/621  PTE. A. RIDGERS 
21st 13/3237  PTE. A.J. RIX 
21st 13/3076  PTE. L.P. RYAN 
21st 11/2219  PTE. A.H. SAWYER 
21st 24/1808  PTE. W. SEYB 
21st 6/3866  CPL. W. SHAW 
21st 23/2089  PTE. T.H. SKELLON 
21st 7/2153  PTE. E.G. SMITH 
21st 2/2004  GNR. G.H. SPENCE 
21st 23/1820  PTE. W. SPENCER 
21st 13/2921  PTE. A.G. SQUINOBAL 
21st 2/2555  BDR. H. STEWART 
21st 8/2482  PTE. D.R. STEWART 
21st 6/2909  SGT. D.W. STRANGE 
21st 25/1212  RFM. W. STRETTON 
21st 6/2292  PTE. H. SUTHERLAND 
21st 23/1841  L/CPL. A.C. TASSIE 
21st 16/1134  PTE.  TIMOKO 
21st 2/509 A/BDR. G. WALTON
21st 7/1929  PTE. R.F. WEENINK 
21st 6/3918  CPL. W.W. WELLS 
21st 6/3201  PTE. F.C. WILDMAN 
21st 6/3510  PTE. C.E. WILSON 
21st 6/4653  PTE. S.O. WOODBERRY 
21st 6/3935  PTE. E.J. WOOLHOUSE 
22nd 12/2545  L/CPL. K.F. ABBOT 
22nd 23/1319  RFM. E.F. ANDER 
22nd 24/36  SGT. H. ASHTON 
22nd 25/28  SGT. L.A. ATKINSON 
22nd 4/2254  SPR. W.B. BEAUMONT 
22nd 26/1564  RFM. E. BENBOW 
22nd 6/3622  PTE. J.H. BENSON 
22nd 23/681  RFM. G. BLACKLOCK 
22nd 51752 PTE. R. BUCHANAN 
22nd 4/692  SPR. J. BURKE 
22nd 25/16  LIEUT. E. BURROWS MID
22nd 12/1936 PTE. T.R. CUSSONS 
22nd 4/732  SPR. R.J. GALE 
22nd 23/1637  L/CPL. A.P. GARDNER 
22nd 2/1007  BDR. G.W. GUTHRIE 
22nd 6/2651  PTE. A.P. HAMMILL MM
22nd 24/2532  PTE. E.T. HILL 
22nd 26/453  L/CPL. W. JAMES 
22nd 3/1047  PTE. C.R. JONES 
22nd 24/1708  CPL. J. LANGFORD 
22nd 23/809  RFM. S. LEWIS 
22nd 10/2677  PTE. E.L. LOADER 
22nd 6/3779  PTE. V.S. MARSHALL 
22nd 8/1120  PTE. T.H. McDONALD 
22nd 23/1106  L/CPL. G.M. McLEOD 
22nd 26/589  RFM. B. MELIAR 
22nd 2/1047  GNR. W.R. MILLIKEN 
22nd 23/1118  RFM. T.F. MITCHELL 
22nd 23/1136  RFM. M.S. NORTH 
22nd 23/872  RFM. W.W. PALMER 
22nd 6/1692 PTE. F. POLLARD 
22nd 3/1721  PTE. J. READHEAD 
22nd 9/877  PTE. F. SECOMBE 
22nd 8/3761  CPL. J.H. SMITH 
22nd 23/1821  PTE. W. SPILLANE 
22nd 23630 PTE. M.W. SPOWART 
22nd 8/3857  PTE. J.O. WILSON 
22nd 2/1943  GNR. J.C.N. WISE 
22nd 10/4218  PTE. A. WOODLEY 
22nd 3/735  PTE. W.B. WOTTON 
23rd 24/1884  PTE. R.J. AHERN 
23rd 6/2388(A)  PTE. J.E.W. ALLAN 
23rd 12/3563  PTE. C. BRIGHT 
23rd 10/1073  SGT. C.T. BRIMER 
23rd 10/3850  PTE. W.A. CAMPBELL 
23rd 26/761  RFM. S. DAVIS 
23rd 12/3318 SGT. H.J. FIELD 
23rd 6/3894  PTE. H.A. GUNN 
23rd 24/1996  PTE. J. HARTNETT 
23rd 11467 PTE. W.A.A. HOGG 
23rd 13/3038  PTE. H.J.C. HUNN 
23rd 25/1199  RFM. C.P. JENKIN 
23rd 25/392  RFM. C.B. JOHNSON 
23rd 8/2508 2/LT. F. JONES 
23rd 7/2559  PTE. F.J. KELLY 
23rd 8/3941  PTE. R.H. LEWIS 
23rd 8/3675  L/CPL. K. LINTOTT 
23rd 13049 RFM. C. LUGSDIN 
23rd 5/979A  PTE. W.E. McCARTHY 
23rd 26/606  CPL. S.R. McDONALD 
23rd 7/2103  PTE. G. McGILL 
23rd 4/658  CPL. A. McWHIRTER 
23rd 24/230  RFM. T. MOYLE 
23rd 23/558  RFM. A. PETERSEN 
23rd 3/964  PTE. H. ROBINSON 
23rd 25/459  CPL. J.C. RODGER 
23rd 26/1712  RFM. A. SAIES 
23rd 6/929  PTE. D.L. SHAND 
23rd 26/139  RFM. S. STEVENS 
23rd 8/4045  PTE. H.G. TULL 
23rd 11/1092  L/CPL. D.J. WILSON 
23rd 6/2014  L/CPL. G.E. WINTER 
23rd 3/1913  SGT. J. WOOD 
24th 8/2830  PTE. G. ADDISON 
24th 26/432  RFM. A. ANDERSON 
24th 24/2146  RFM. P.N. BARTLETT 
24th 26/487  RFM. H.P. BEST 
24th 26/79  SGT. S.J. BLAIKIE 
24th 24/9  CAPT. W.A. BOWRING MID
24th 24/702  RFM. R.H. BURNELL 
24th 24/1608  PTE. J.F. BUTCHER 
24th 23/91  RFM. M. CALLAGHAN 
24th 81805 L/CPL. J. CAMERON 
24th 813886 PTE. W.J. CLARK 
24th 25/605  RFM. S.G. COX 
24th 25/382  RFM. H. DEMPSEY 
24th 23/1040  RFM. J. EDMONDS 
24th 10/338 2/LT. S.J.B. FOSS 
24th 23/160  RFM. J. HAMILTON 
24th 24/453  RFM. A. HANLEN 
24th 24/1070  RFM. A.E. HAYES 
24th 26/451  RFM. C.W. HILLS 
24th 24/465  RFM. T. HINKLEY 
24th 26/809  RFM. H.C. HOUGHTON 
24th 26/1094  RFM. H.W. LANE 
24th 24/1105  RFM. T.F. LANGRISH 
24th 16/1418  PTE. J. LAZARUS 
24th 24/824  L/CPL. R. LEWIS 
24th 25/994  L/CPL. F.G. MARSHALL 
24th 24/1137  RFM. E. McGRATH 
24th 16/1378  PTE. E. MITCHELL 
24th 2/1996  GNR. G.F. PIERSON 
24th 24/2275  RFM. W. PUTMAN 
24th 6/3485  PTE. G. STUART 
24th 26/928  RFM. E.J. THORNE 
24th 10/4496  PTE. A.J.D. WENCK 
24th 25/1030  RFM. F. WOODFIELD 
25th 22752 RFM. F. BARCLAY 
25th 24/48  CPL. W.W.C. BEDGGOOD MM
25th 11/2417  PTE. L.R. BIRCH 
25th 6/2069  PTE. A.C. BLAIR 
25th 6/2452  PTE. J.H.A. BOLLARD 
25th 26/386  L/CPL. F.W. BUDD 
25th 6/2972  PTE. S.R. CHAMINGS 
25th 6/2092  CPL. A.R. CHIVERS 
25th 8/3213  PTE. W.H. CLACK 
25th 12/3965  PTE. A.M. CRANWELL 
25th 11/24  BDR. E.H.D. CRAW 
25th 2/1397  BDR. A.V. CROSS 
25th 6/4228  PTE. H.S. CROSSEN 
25th 2/190  LIEUT. F. DALY 
25th 10/2583  CPL. J.W. DAWSON 
25th 6/4025  PTE. E.W. DOHRMANN 
25th 29233 PTE. C.L. DOUBLEDAY 
25th 10/4090  PTE. A.L. DULLER 
25th 12/1620  PTE. W.R. FEGAN 
25th 8/918  PTE. K.C. FINLAYSON 
25th 12/2698  PTE. W.A. FORD 
25th 6/531  PTE. C.R. GALLAGHER 
25th 24/1062  PTE. G. GREENWELL 
25th 6/3725  PTE. P. HALPIN 
25th 8/3285  L/CPL. A.J. HARGEST 
25th 26/1615  RFM. A.W. HAYLOCK 
25th 12/2731  PTE. H. HEARD 
25th 6/4267  PTE. W. HENDRY 
25th 6/4268  PTE. H.O. HESSELL 
25th 6/3350  CPL. R.S.T..J. HINDMARSH 
25th 6/2669  PTE. A.J. HORNSBY 
25th 10/2973  PTE. A.E. HOWELL 
25th 9/2369  PTE. J.W. HUDSON 
25th 6/2429  PTE. H.A. HUSBAND 
25th 9/45 2/LT. L. JARDINE 
25th 12/3371  PTE. L.K. JONES 
25th 6/3064  PTE. R.L. KING 
25th 16/399  PTE. T.A. KUMEROA 
25th 8/4164  PTE. W.R. LEAKE 
25th 6/1649  PTE. P. McCANN 
25th 11704 PTE. C. McDONALD 
25th 12/3400  PTE. G.H. McHAFFIE 
25th 26/1008  CPL. R.A. McMILLAN 
25th 8/940  PTE. F.P. McMURRAY 
25th 12/34/8  PTE. G.C. MEACHEM 
25th 13401 PTE. G. MEE 
25th 24/1746  PTE. S.L. MERCER 
25th 6/3406  PTE. H. MORRIS 
25th 8/9762  SGT. G.E. MORRIS MID
25th 11310 PTE. W. MURDOCH 
25th 6/3410  PTE. M.J. NAUGHTON 
25th 10/3048  L/CPL. N.C. OTTO 
25th 26/132  L/CPL. S.H.F. PATTERSON 
25th 24/262  CPL. F.G. PUGH 
25th 2/2519  GNR. O.B. REYNOLDS 
25th 2/833  CAPT. F.S. ROBINSON 
25th 10/733  CPL. C.A. ROGERS 
25th 2/2253  GNR. F.A. ROUT 
25th 6/1192  PTE. V.E. SHERWOOD 
25th 2/2541  GNR. W.R. SIMPSON 
25th 6/2762  PTE. J.A. STAPLETON 
25th 11743 PTE. W.H. SUTCLIFFE 
25th 10/3752 2/LT. A.R. SUTHERLAND 
25th 8/3417  PTE. G.F. TAYLOR 
25th 8/3418  PTE. G. TAYLOR 
25th 12/2143  PTE. F.E.P. VOIGT 
25th 6/2789  PTE. J.J. WALKER 
25th 6/2798  PTE. L.J. WATSON 
25th 6/3204  PTE. A.V. WILLS 
25th 10/3127  PTE. R. WILSON 
25th 22900 PTE. E.W. WOOD 
26th 12/2932  PTE. D.C. ALLEY 
26th 25/948  RFM. J. BLACKHAM 
26th 12/3942  PTE. H. BLAIR 
26th 12/2958  PTE. L.J. BRENNAN 
26th 23/2548  RFM. E. BROWN 
26th 2/454  DVR. A.A. CAMPBELL 
26th 26/1577  RFM. L. CLEGG 
26th 12/2242  PTE. W.J. CLEMENTS 
26th 26/729  L/CPL. J. CLOKE 
26th 4497 PTE. W.A. COLE 
26th 2/175  GNR. A. CORNAGA 
26th 6/2113  PTE. A. DAVIDSON 
26th 23355 PTE. R.E. DAVIS 
26th 12/994  PTE. I.N. DIXON 
26th 10/2589  PTE. D.A. DORSET 
26th 12/3307  PTE. W. DRUMMOND 
26th 12/336  SGT. F.R. DYNES 
26th 12/2281  LIEUT. F.J.H. ELLISDON 
26th 12/2694  L/CPL. J. FARROW 
26th 10/2797  PTE. H.J. FAULL 
26th 7/1355  PTE. C.E. FAVILLE 
26th 12/1470 PTE. A. GAULT 
26th 11453 PTE. B. GENGE 
26th 12/3038  PTE. H.S. HAMILTON 
26th 26/815  CPL. J.N. HAYES 
26th 6/1871  PTE. C.C. HIBBITT 
26th 25/1757  RFM. T. HODGES 
26th 12/3056 PTE. T. IRVINE 
26th 13444 PTE. E.C. JANE 
26th 2/2171  GNR. R.E. KELLY 
26th 10/2986  PTE. G.G. KELLY 
26th 7/221  L/CPL. L.J. KINZETT 
26th 8/2979  PTE. J.A.B. MACDONALD 
26th 12425 PTE. A.E. MARTIN 
26th 8/4459  L/CPL. P. McCABE 
26th 26/873  L/CPL. V.A. McCOLLUM 
26th 10/2687  PTE. D.J. McINTYRE 
26th 12/3411  PTE. T.M. McRAE 
26th 6/3107  PTE. E. MURPHY 
26th 12/4236  PTE. J. NANCEKIVELL 
26th 12/2073  PTE. H.J. PAGE 
26th 23/1145  RFM. C.C. PALMER 
26th 11719 PTE. F. PARKINSON 
26th 12/2080  PTE. S.R.B. PERKINS 
26th 11720 PTE. V.I. POWELL 
26th 12/3136  PTE. P. RAVENHILL 
26th 10/3064  PTE. A. REID 
26th 6/2260  PTE. W.G. RUSSELL 
26th 12/865  PTE. T.A. SANDERS 
26th 12/3472 PTE. L. SARGEANT 
26th 12/911  PTE. J. SAUNDERS 
26th 5/178  PTE. R.S. SHANKS 
26th 23620 PTE. L.G. SHAW 
26th 12/2844  PTE. R.O. SIMPSON 
26th 12/2120  CPL. J.R. SMITH 
26th 12/4092  PTE. C. STANAWAY 
26th 12/636  PTE. T. STANCLIFFE 
26th 12/2854  PTE. P.A. STEPHENSON 
26th 8/3412  PTE. J.B. STRACHAN 
26th 12/4110  PTE. C.W.H. TREMAIN 
26th 24/1216  RFM. D.M. TUNNICLIFFE 
26th 12/1816  PTE. S. TYRIE 
26th 12/3497  PTE. G. VALENTINE 
26th 12/954  PTE. G.C. WRIGHT 
27th 12/2929  PTE. J.R. ALDRED 
27th 10/1393A  PTE. F.E. ALDRIDGE 
27th 9/2357  PTE. C.T. ALLAN 
27th 10/2840  PTE. R. ANDERSEN 
27th 8/2527  PTE. E.G. ARTHUR 
27th 8/3179  PTE. A.E. BAGRIE 
27th 6/2063  PTE. H.C. BARLTROP 
27th 10/2070  PTE. C. BELL 
27th 12/2949  PTE. J.R. BENNETT 
27th 10/2866  PTE. W. BOSWORTH 
27th 10/4439  PTE. C.W.H. BOULD 
27th 11394 PTE. W.H. BRAITHWAITE 
27th 6/3263  PTE. G.A.C. BROWN 
27th 11220 PTE. W. BROWN 
27th 9/2051  PTE. R.H. BROWNE 
27th 8/3202  PTE. V.J. CAMERON 
27th 10215 PTE. H.O. CAREY 
27th 17/268  PTE. W. CARSON 
27th 8/2869  PTE. P. CASEY 
27th 8/2870  PTE. W. CASEY 
27th 12/3278  PTE. E.A. CASH 
27th 8/1426  PTE. I.E. CHAMPION 
27th 8/2561  PTE. W.C. CLEMENTS 
27th 23345 PTE. T. CLEMSON 
27th 6/2591  PTE. T.C. DAVERN 
27th 6/4233  PTE. W.J. DAVEY 
27th 8/2811  PTE. R.G.L. DAVIES 
27th 6/2999  PTE. J. DENT 
27th 10/2582  PTE. T. DOWSON 
27th 8/2584  PTE. C. DUDDRIDGE 
27th 23531 PTE. S.T. DUNNAGE 
27th 8/1458  PTE. E.H. DUTHIE 
27th 23307 PTE. W.H. ELLEN 
27th 24/416  RFM. W.A. FAIRBAIRN 
27th 8/2589  PTE. J.M. FERGUSON 
27th 12/2701  PTE. W.H. FRENCH 
27th 8/3263  PTE. G.A. FRY 
27th 6/3020  PTE. P. GALLAGHER 
27th 12/550  PTE. W. GARDNER 
27th 8/3905  PTE. P.C. GEARY 
27th 23536 PTE. M. GLOVER 
27th 12/2303  PTE. R.H. GORDON 
27th 23542 PTE. W. GRAY 
27th 23488 PTE. J.A. HANSEN 
27th 10/4114  PTE. A.F. HARMELL 
27th 10/4122  PTE. J. HAWLEY 
27th 10345 PTE. J. HAY 
27th 11663 PTE. V.J. HEARN 
27th 8/2274  PTE. W.G. HENDLE 
27th 12/2327  PTE. J.G. HERDMAN 
27th 10233 PTE. W.C. HILL 
27th 8/2951  PTE. A.T. HOLMES 
27th 23490 PTE. D.A. HORNE 
27th 16/606  L/CPL. W.P. HOUIA 
27th 8/3294  PTE. N. HOY 
27th 6/2671  SGT. G. HUDSON 
27th 12/4019  PTE. F.E. HULME 
27th 6/3355  PTE. J.A. HUME 
27th 8/2623  L/CPL. D. HUNTER 
27th 12/1993  PTE. T.R. HURLEY 
27th 8/4149  PTE. C.R. IBBOTSON 
27th 23558 PTE. J.A.W. JEWELL 
27th 8/409  L/CPL. A.H. JOHNSON 
27th 8/3302  PTE. C. JOSS 
27th 6/2675  PTE. E.A. JULIAN 
27th 23564 PTE. G.J. KERR 
27th 23567 PTE. J.A. KING 
27th 8/2638  PTE. J. KINNAIRD 
27th 10239 PTE. J.D. LA MONTE 
27th 8/2035  PTE. G.A. LAMB 
27th 24183  PTE. B.W. LAWN 
27th 8/728  PTE. H. LAWS 
27th 23575 PTE. A.J. LINDSAY 
27th 8/3168  L/SGT. J. LIVINGSTON 
27th 8/2970  PTE. A.T. LLOYD 
27th 8/2819  CPL. G.D. MACKENZIE 
27th 8/2820  SGT. N.M. MACKENZIE 
27th 6/3231  CPL. J.D. MACLEOD 
27th 2/1806  GNR. J.F. MALLARD 
27th 8/4172  PTE. A.G. MATTHEWS 
27th 6/4317  PTE. J. McBEATH 
27th 9/59  SGT. A.L. McCLINLOCK 
27th 12/3100  PTE. J.C. McKAY 
27th 8/2990  L/CPL. I.R. McKENZIE 
27th 8/2078  PTE. D. McKENZIE 
27th 8/670  SGT. D.M. McLAREN 
27th 6/2223  PTE. A. McLEOD 
27th 8/3007  L/CPL. J.F. MENZIES 
27th 8/3367  PTE. P.W. MORTON 
27th 8/1584  PTE. L. MYLCHREEST 
27th 6/3413  PTE. G.A. NELSON 
27th 23598 PTE. W.P. NELSON 
27th 10/3041  PTE. F.G. NEWMAN 
27th 8/1140  SGT. A.J. NEWTON 
27th 23601 PTE. G.C. NICOLSON 
27th 6/3116  PTE. A.E. NINNES 
27th 8/3030  PTE. J.T. OTTREY 
27th 6/319  L/CPL. H.W.B. PALIN 
27th 8/2698  PTE. J. PATON 
27th 10/3056  PTE. J. PHELPS 
27th 10/2735  PTE. G.A. PINE 
27th 8/2099  PTE. D. PORTER 
27th 6/3131  PTE. E.E. PREECE 
27th 6/1393  DVR. F.S. RILEY MM
27th 8/2112  PTE. C.A. RITCHIE 
27th 12261 PTE. W.S. ROBERTS 
27th 8/2117  PTE. S.G. RODERIQUE 
27th 8/3752  PTE. M.A. RONNING 
27th 8/2122  PTE. T.V. SALMON 
27th 8/3394  PTE. E.T. SANDFORD 
27th 23619 PTE. A. SCOTT 
27th 6/2750  L/CPL. R.A. SCRIMSHAW 
27th 8/3067  PTE. C.G. SHEED 
27th 12/2470 L/CPL. R. SIMPSON 
27th 6/4644  PTE. A.D. SMALE 
27th 12/2477  PTE. S.C. SMITH 
27th 8/288  PTE. W.G. SMITH 
27th 8/3409  PTE. F. STABLES 
27th 6/3889  LIEUT. J.B. STRUTHERS 
27th 2/2919  GNR. H.G. TALBOT 
27th 23309 PTE. F.G. TILYARD 
27th 6/3490  PTE. P. TONKIN 
27th 6/2305  PTE. C. TULLEY 
27th 8/2322 PTE. V.E. VAUGHAN 
27th 8/2168  PTE. J. WALKER 
27th 13489 PTE. S.P. WALLACE 
27th 12/3857  PTE. A.H. WALLBANK 
27th 10/4018  PTE. R.E. WALSH 
27th 8/2752  PTE. G.W. WARD 
27th 12/2876  PTE. F.W. WEATHERLEY 
27th 12/3189  PTE. L.S. WEEKS 
27th 8/2759  PTE. M. WELSH 
27th 6/4373  PTE. W. WELSHMAN 
27th 8/1674  PTE. O. WHITE 
27th 6/3507  PTE. J.E. WHITMORE 
27th 13/970  PTE. S. WILLIAMS
27th 6/2811  L/CPL. F. WILLIS 
27th 8/3117  CPL. J.D. WILLOCKS 
27th 8/3437  PTE. R.H. WILSON 
27th 11985 PTE. C. WILSON 
27th 13/3139  PTE. W.E. WILTON 
27th 6/2329  PTE. T.H. WOOD 
27th 23467 PTE. H. WRIGHT 
27th 12/2626  PTE. A.J. WYATT 
27th 8/4245  PTE. A. WYATT 
28th 8/4079  PTE. A. ANDERSON 
28th 8/2251 2/LT. W.A. BAIN 
28th 6/2535  PTE. B. BATSTONE 
28th 10/2067  SGT. W. BATTISON 
28th 12/2643  CPL. N. BENNETTS 
28th 8/2845  PTE. R. BENZIE 
28th 13/3003  PTE. G.J. BIDDICK 
28th 23339 PTE. F. BOVETT 
28th 12/2651  PTE. W.E. BOYD 
28th 12/2656  PTE. C.C. BRODIE 
28th 10/3841  PTE. W. BROUGH 
28th 12/2618 2/LT. H.R. BRUMBY 
28th 23/2550  PTE. A.T. BUTCHER 
28th 9/2054  PTE. J. CALLANAN 
28th 8/174  PTE. L.S. CONNOR 
28th 6/1023  PTE. R.G. COX 
28th 12/1616  PTE. W. DUFF 
28th 12/829  SGT. J. DUNLOP 
28th 12/2549  PTE. W.A. EVANS 
28th 24/428  RFM. D.H. FERGIE 
28th 11/475  PTE. C.A. FORD 
28th 12/2295  PTE. F. FREDRICKSON 
28th 6/2135  PTE. W.T. FRICKLETON 
28th 24/1383  RFM. J.H. GANDY 
28th 2/1953  GNR. H.G. HAGUE 
28th 12/2315A  PTE. C. HAMILTON 
28th 7/209  PTE. P. HARVEY 
28th 13020 PTE. E. HICKEY 
28th 12/387  PTE. A. JOLLEY 
28th 12/4212  PTE. A.H. LEE 
28th 11889 PTE. A.C. LEITH 
28th 12/2764  PTE. W. LUNN 
28th 26/1642  PTE. R. MACK 
28th 12/2027  L/CPL. A.E. MATTHEWS 
28th 12/1727  PTE. D.J. McALLISTER 
28th 10/3012  PTE. J. McKAY 
28th 26/1013  RFM. A.E. MICHELL 
28th 10/1570  L/CPL. W.F.S. MILLER 
28th 13667 PTE. G.R. MILNE 
28th 12/1722  L/CPL. H.B. MORRIS 
28th 12/2075  PTE. A. PARKER 
28th 12/2437  PTE. E.W. PAYNE 
28th 11105 PTE. M. PHILIPS 
28th 12/2821  PTE. R. PHILLIPS 
28th 2/1462 GNR. A.A. PLAYFAIR 
28th 10/4194  PTE. J.B. SCARLETT 
28th 10/2384  PTE. J.B. SCHOCH MM
28th 12/2472  PTE. H. SKINNER 
28th 12/3154  CPL. C.C. SMITH 
28th 12/1513  PTE. E.G. SWALLOW 
28th 12/2625  CPL. A.E. TAYLOR 
28th 12/3167  PTE. S.A.R. TAYLOR 
28th 8/490  PTE. G.H.C. TOWNSON 
28th 11980 PTE. S.M. ULYATT 
28th 12/3185  L/CPL. J.F. WATCHORN 
28th 8/724  PTE. A.L. WEBB 
28th 12/2155  PTE. F.G. WHITMORE 
28th 12/3196  PTE. K.R. WILKINSON 
28th 12/2562  PTE. A.J. WILSON 
28th 6/2962  PTE. R.W.L. WILSON 
29th 24/964  RFM. A.J. BARLOW 
29th 812257 SGT. B. BROWN 
29th 11217 PTE. W. BURROW 
29th 23141 PTE. C. CALLAGHAN 
29th 6/3281  PTE. W. COLMAN 
29th 6/3667  PTE. G.H. COUP 
29th 12355 PTE. E.L. COURTNEY 
29th 25/744  RFM. O.J. CURRY 
29th 10/3232  PTE. N.H.E. CURTIS 
29th 13/898  TPR. A.C. DAY 
29th 2/379  BDR. C. FRYER 
29th 11644 PTE. C. GASKELL 
29th 6/3733  L/CPL. V.E. HAWKES 
29th 6/3765  L/CPL. R. KINGSBURY 
29th 15/144  PTE. J.F. LITTLE 
29th 12/2375  CPL. P.D. MARRINER 
29th 11/1351  PTE. G. McKENZIE 
29th 12/3422  PTE. M.C. METCALFE 
29th 10/3688  PTE. G.P. O'CONNOR 
29th 10251 PTE. J. OVENS 
29th 23/2256  RFM. G.L. PENNEY 
29th 16/246  PTE. W. PINEAHA 
29th 16/525  PTE. K. RAPONA 
29th 12/3465  PTE. A.G. RULE 
29th 23896 PTE. L.R. SCRIVENER 
29th 6/368  PTE. B.V. THOMASON 
29th 32095 PTE. E.J. TIMBLICK 
29th 25/1827  RFM. H. TWIGGER 
30th 9/416  SDLR. J.A. AITKEN 
30th 8/2787  SGT. R.L. AITKEN 
30th 13/2156  PTE. E.J.H. ANDREWS 
30th 6/585  CPL. F.R. AVENT 
30th 12/1544  PTE. C.C. AVERY 
30th 24/633  RFM. H.L. BATES 
30th 6/2932  PTE. W.J. BEDDIS 
30th 23338 PTE. O.H. BENNETT 
30th 24/43  RFM. T. BERRY 
30th 12/4148  PTE. W. CAFFERY 
30th 12/4157 PTE. W.A. CLARKE 
30th 12/2249  PTE. H. COOK 
30th 24/386  RFM. W.C.A. CORNES 
30th 24/387  RFM. S. COULSON 
30th 10186 PTE. J. CRAIG 
30th 10747 CPL. J.C.S. DES BARRES 
30th 12/727  PTE. J.A. DUNN 
30th 12/1624  PTE. J. FLANAGAN 
30th 11/1616  LIEUT. J.F.M. FLEMING 
30th 24/1047  RFM. T.J. FOSS 
30th 1/234 PTE. W.M. GALBRAITH 
30th 23369 PTE. G.B. GALVIN 
30th 12/3022  PTE. W.G. GEARY 
30th 17/303  L/CPL. W.J. GIBBONS 
30th 12/3334  PTE. C.N. GOODHUE 
30th 12/4185  PTE. H.T. HARDWICK 
30th 9/2350  CAPT. J.L. HERBERT MID
30th 12/2331  CPL. L. HODSDON 
30th 24/2223  RFM. A. HORN 
30th 8/1263 2/LT. W. HOWDEN MID
30th 12/3052  PTE. A. HUCKIN 
30th 11040 PTE. A. HURT 
30th 6/3072  PTE. T.W. LEWIS 
30th 12/3083  PTE. J. LLEWELL 
30th 26/965  RFM. R.W. LYNCH 
30th 12/2770  L/CPL. B.B. MACKENZIE 
30th 12/2376  PTE. N.S. MARRIOTT 
30th 24/857  SGT. R. McLEOD 
30th 12/3104  PTE. L. McMILLAN 
30th 12/3107  PTE. W.A. McMILLAN 
30th 12/2064  PTE. H.J. NAIRN 
30th 6/1668  L/CPL. P.J. NAPIER 
30th 12/2807  PTE. E.M. O'SULLIVAN 
30th   2/LT. A. ORMOND 
30th 12/2430  CPL. P.A. OXLEY 
30th 11522 PTE. L.G. PARLANE 
30th 25/1231A  RFM. R. PURCELL 
30th 8/2506 2/LT. W.M. RALLINSHAW 
30th 23/892  CPL. S. RICHARDS 
30th 12/3140  PTE. J. RIDDLE 
30th 11579 PTE. J.C. SHEPPARD 
30th 10072 PTE. J. SIMPSON 
30th 30245 TPR. R. STAFFORD 
30th 12/256  SGT. G.M. STEWART 
30th 16/1222  PTE. A. TEPURETU 
30th 24/1839  PTE. R.F. THEW 
30th 12/4108  PTE. R. THORNTON 
30th 12/3194  PTE. H.W. WICKS 
30th 24/665  RFM. R.E. WOOD 
30th 12/3204  PTE. T.M. YORSTON 



The troops continued to train in France - they would leave for The Somme area at the end of August. Meanwhile New Zealand troops continued to fight the Ottoman Turks in the Middle East.  On the 4th August 1916 they fought in Sinai at the Battle of Romani and later this month the No 15 (New Zealand) Company, Imperial Camel Corps, was formed.

On the 25th August the first New Zealander, Private Frank Hughes, was executed for desertion. He was one of five soldiers who were executed in World War 1. In September 2000 they were all awarded posthumous pardons by an act of Parliament.


1st 44  AMC1 F.L. ADAMS
1st 12/2010  SGT. J. LAWRENSON
1st 10/876  PTE. C.H. PASCOE
1st 8/3792  PTE. J. WILLIAMSON
3rd 9/1866  SPR. C.P. HOOK
3rd 23/1423  RFM. J.A. LITTLEJOHN
3rd 10/3985  PTE. J.A. PYM
3rd 10/2285  L/CPL. R.P. QUILLIAM
3rd 10/1343  SGT. J. SOMERTON
4th 13/3094  TPR. W.R. KILMISTER
4th 23/1428  RFM. T.H.L. LAWLOR
4th 7/1118  TPR. T. McCAHON
4th 7/1649  TPR. J.G.A. PICKENS
4th 13/1106  SGT. M.L. WATERS
4th 8/512  PTE. J. WHIPP
5th 10/3469  PTE. N.E. ANSTIS
5th 23/1005  RFM. L.H. CALLAGHAN
5th 29548 PTE. C.H. CHALLIS
5th 16/240  CPL. W. JOHNSON
5th 7/2283  TPR. L. MANSON
5th 7/1651  TPR. F.O. REES
5th 242 SGT.  C.J.L. SELLGREN
5th 7/1557  TPR. F.G. SMITH
5th 7/1420  TPR. R. SUTTON
6th 6/3943  PTE. E.J.P. FREW
6th 29963 PTE. J.J. HENDE
6th 23/220  RFM. A.G. McANALLY
6th 9/1713  PTE. A. McLEOD
6th 12/3122  PTE. R.J. PEARCE
6th 7/1165  TPR. J. WALKER
7th 16/1480  CPL. S.J. FRENCH
7th 7/1732  TPR. A.H. GOOD
7th 6/2501  PTE. T.H. HOOPER
7th 7/1394  TPR. E.C. MORTON
7th 13/174  SGT. L. WALLACE
8th 29168 PTE. A.J. HORNBLOW
8th 10/3061  PTE. W.O. PYE
8th 28549 PTE. W.H. SHEWAN
8th 29310 PTE. P.N. SKILTON
8th 11/1749  TPR. E. THEOBALD
9th 13/2295  TPR. A.T. BATES
9th 7/1568  LIEUT. C. BLAKENEY
9th 11/1411  TPR. J.S. BONHAM
9th 12/2957  PTE. T.G. BRADLEY
9th 7/1215  L/SGT. C.H. CROWE
9th 11/1782  TPR. W.M. CUFF
9th 7/707  L/CPL. G.H. DAVIS MID
9th 7/1464  TPR. O.E.O. FERRIS
9th 29385 PTE. T. FLEMING
9th 13/2191  W.O.2 D.H. GAMBLE
9th 11/879  L/CPL. G.M. GARDNER
9th 13/2320  TPR. G.W. GIBSON
9th 7/959  TPR. F. GOODRICK
9th 7/602  SGT. W.M. GRAY
9th 11/808A  TPR. E. GRIFFIN
9th 7/590  MAJ. H.H. HAMMOND
9th 12/1972  PTE. R.G. HANNA
9th 13/152  CAPT. O.P. JOHNSON
9th 7/1255  TPR. R.H. LAMBIE
9th 13/1066  TPR. E.L.G. MAHONEY
9th 12558 TPR. F.J. McCARTHY
9th 7/1264  L/CPL. J. McKAY
9th 7/1499  TPR. J. McNEILL
9th 7/92 2/LT. W.B. MENZIES
9th 7/234  TPR. A. MOORE
9th 13/1082  TPR. W.N.G. PARRY
9th 12/1860  PTE. S.E. PRATT
9th 7/1276  TPR. J.H. RAINE
9th 13/436  TPR. R. RYAN
9th 7/1410  TPR. W. SANDERSON
9th 13/2084  TPR. H.C. SUTHERLAND
9th 11136 RFM. H. UDY
9th 13/562  SGT. M. VIPOND
9th 10/4022  PTE. N.G. WHITE
9th 13/1114  TPR. A.O. WOOD
10th 23/1547  PTE. A.W. BARTLETT
10th 11/1341  TPR. R.B. MASON
11th 10/2562  SGT. A.B. CORLET
11th 26/47  L/SGT. K.O. CURTIS
11th 28867 PTE. E.H. FARR
11th 13/2616  TPR. C. QUINNEY
11th 32244 PTE. F.H. St. HILL
11th 3/2053  CAPT. G.H. WOOD MID
12th 13884 TPR. N.W. ASTRIDGE
12th 7/516 2/LT. G.G. HARPER DCM
12th 6/4273  PTE. A.E. IRELAND
12th 11/1717  TPR. J. JAMIESON
12th 12/934  TPR. J. MELVILLE
12th 10/3415  PTE. P. TOOMEY
13th 8/1735 2/LT. W.P. FORDE
13th 8/3739  PTE. T.E. PULLAR
14th 28580 CPL. W.B. CHAMBERLAIN
14th 6/3321  PTE. C.J. FOSTER
14th 8/3921  L/CPL. W.H. HOLLAND
15th 10/2518  PTE. T.R. BACON
15th 32127 PTE. T.A. CLARK
15th 13/2981 2/LT. T. DALE-TAYLOR
15th 23/2194  PTE. P.R.M. HAIR
15th 10/2197  PTE. E.H. KIMBERLEY
15th 4/1511  SPR. J. KING
15th 4/1526  SPR. J. McCALLUM
15th 11/711  CPL. W.H. MOSELEY
15th 12/3111  PTE. F.A. NEELS
15th 12/2800  PTE. E. NOBLE
15th 10/1053 2/LT. F. PERCY
15th 32077 PTE. C.W.S. SAULBREY
15th 16/1199  PTE.  TARINGA
16th 2/672  BDR. F. GREENHILL
17th 13/578  SGT. A. DELANEY
17th 10/213  C.Q.M.S. W.E. FROST DCM, CdG
17th 25/1167  RFM. R. HENRY
18th 11603 PTE. J. BARBOUR
18th 2/1157  GNR. V.B. FATOUROS
18th 7/973  PTE. K. KATAU
18th 12/3098  PTE. S.C. McCARTHNY
18th 11/1646  GNR. E.A. NORRIS
19th 2915 PTE. C.T. SKEVINGTON
19th 13/581  L/SGT. C. WOOD
20th 8/3889  PTE. A.T. DAY
20th 27499 PTE. H.G. GLOZIER
20th 16/597  PTE. C. HILLMAN
21st 12/3665  PTE. C.E. HAMILTON
21st 10423 PTE. E.D. JONES
21st 4/1543  CPL. R.R. ROONEY
21st 32399 PTE. S.J. SMART
22nd 31935 PTE. W. BROWN
22nd 24/70  RFM. J.R. COUCH
23rd 13/889  TPR. E.W. BLAZA
24th 16/1139  PTE. A. ARII
24th 819 L/CPL. T.L. BAXTER
25th 24/2008  PTE. F. HUGHES
25th 32602 PTE. R.M. McINTOSH
26th 31467 PTE. C.H. CHALLIES
26th 65844 RFM. A. FORREST
27th 31991 PTE. A.J. GROVER
29th 6/3704  PTE. J.S. FOX



On 1 July 1916 British and French forces launched an offensive which would become known as the 
Battle of the Somme.
The first day of the battle is regarded as one of the bloodiest days of the First World War with the loss of over 19,000 servicemen of the British Empire. The Somme Offensive lasted for another 141 days.
The NZEF moved to the Somme region in September.
July’s deaths were from mainly from fighting in the Armentieres region where the New Zealanders were based. 

1st 17746 L/CPL. J.F. BURKE
1st 9/1759  PTE. J.W. FLEMING
1st 12/3533  PTE. R. GEORGE
1st 12/2742  PTE. C.T.C. HOWE
1st 8/3952  PTE. W.J. MITCHELL
2nd 8/4078  PTE. G. ANDERSEN
2nd 4/1401  SPR. T.J. ASHFORD
2nd 10/3844  PTE. J. BUNYAN
2nd 5662 PTE. M S CARO
2nd 8/3523  CPL. C.F. CARROLL
2nd 12/2665  PTE. F.H. CLARK
2nd 12/122  SGT. W.J. HAND
2nd 8/3643  PTE. J.T. JOHNSTON
2nd 10/3936  PTE. J.W. LESLIE
2nd 10/4505  SGT. A.A. McARTHUR
2nd 10/18  CAPT. A.B. McCOLL MID
2nd 23/222  RFM. E. McCOLLUM
2nd 16/1329 2/LT. S. MOORE
2nd 8/3714  PTE. H.J. MULHERN
2nd 10/2501  SGT. E. SKEET
2nd 24/1845 PTE. E.J. VANDENBERG
2nd 10/77 PTE. F.C. WHYMAN
3rd 12/2930  PTE. R.B. ALDRIDGE
3rd 10/2514  PTE. G.D. ANDERSON
3rd 12/1545  PTE. J.R. BAILLIE
3rd 12/880  PTE. A.J. BARRINGTON
3rd 12/2952  PTE. B. BILLING
3rd 11/1881  GNR. F.W.B. BOWEN
3rd 2/1901  PTE. H.G.D.E.R. BRIDGES
3rd 12/2969  PTE. R. BUTTERWORTH
3rd 12/1169  L/CPL. C.H. CARTER
3rd 10/3508  PTE. R.W. CHISNALL
3rd 23/1962  PTE. G. CUMMING
3rd 12/2987  PTE. C. DAKING
3rd 12/2684  CPL. A.W. DAVITT
3rd 12/2996  CPL. A.L. DIXON
3rd 12/3001  PTE. A.F. EAST
3rd 12/1853  PTE. W.A. EGERTON
3rd 12/3020  PTE. E.W. GAMBLING
3rd 14420 PTE. F.M. GIBSON
3rd 3/1735  CAPT. T.E. GUTHRIE
3rd 12/558  L/CPL. J.J. HARDING
3rd 12/1079  PTE. P. HENNESSY
3rd 12/555  PTE. W.G. HILL
3rd 23/786  PTE. B.F. HOPPING
3rd 12/3362  PTE. H.E. HOUSTON
3rd 12/2347  PTE. H. JOHANSON
3rd 10/3314  CPL. M. KELLY
3rd 6/1595  L/CPL. G.W. KERRIDGE
3rd 9/1881  PTE. C.V. KING
3rd 12/3084  PTE. C. MACK
3rd 10/3645  PTE. J. MATHESON
3rd 8/1874  PTE. R. McDONALD
3rd 4981 DVR. J.P. McGARRIGLE
3rd 10/3670  PTE. E.G. McGOVERNE
3rd 12/2776  PTE. R.E. McNEIL
3rd 12/3432  PTE. J.D. MUIR
3rd 10/1930  LIEUT. K. MUNRO
3rd 12/1038  PTE. V. MURPHY
3rd 12/2797  PTE. F.J. NEWTON
3rd 10/2261  PTE. R.H. O'CONNOR
3rd 12/3117  PTE. P. O'DONNELL
3rd 12/3148  PTE. L. RUSSELL
3rd 12/2835  PTE. E.N.R. SCHUMACHER
3rd 12/2898  PTE. G.E. SHAW
3rd 12/1097  PTE. H.S. SING
3rd 12/4090  PTE. C.M. SMITH
3rd 10/698  PTE. T.D.D. SMITH
3rd 24/1489  PTE. R. STENT
3rd 23/922  RFM. D.S. STROUD
3rd 12/3176  PTE. W.E. URWIN
3rd 12/3177  PTE. W.E. VAUSE
3rd 12/3181  L/CPL. W.E. WAGENER
3rd 8/3431 PTE. J.B. WEST
3rd 10/154  L/SGT. H.G. WHISHAW
3rd 12/3192  PTE. W.H.H. WHITE
3rd 12/1526  PTE. H.O. WILCOX
4th 25/857  RFM. C.C. COLEMAN
4th 7/1602  PTE. R.G. COOKE
4th 10/2418  PTE. B.J. DENNEHY
4th 12/3341  PTE. G. HALL
4th 24/1711  L/CPL. N.L. McKENZIE
4th 15/153  GNR. P. PANTRY
4th 16/1126  PTE. A. PINEKI
4th 12/2518  PTE. W. WILSON
5th 24/1397  RFM. J.F. INGRAM
5th 8/2963  PTE. L.V. KING
5th 12/1093  PTE. G.E. RUSSELL
5th 8/3766  PTE. G. SPRINGER
5th 12/3504  PTE. F.J. WHEELER
6th 8/4090  PTE. J.W. BENFIELD
6th 8/3492  PTE. H.E. BOTHERWAY
6th 12/3040  PTE. W.J. HARRIS
6th  PTE. J. SMITH
6th 2/LT. J.B. STARKY
7th 11166 SGT. J. FOX
7th 12/3681  PTE. T.W. HOBSON
7th 13/2814  PTE. O. HUNTER
7th 8/2628  PTE. J. JEFFREY
7th 24/1568  L/CPL. S.R. LONG
7th 12/3732  CPL. A.E. MILLS
7th 12/3439  PTE. W.J. PAPPIN
8th 24/1937  RFM. W.J. BELSHAM
8th 8/3194  PTE. E.M. BROOKES
8th 26/86  RFM. L. BUTLER
8th 4/2170 2/LT. W.R.H. CLARKE
8th 6/3212  LIEUT. A.F. CORMODY
8th 6/65 2/LT. R.P. HERMAN
8th 24/1076  L/SGT. P.J. HIGGINS
8th 12/2046  PTE. L. McALPINE
8th 8/1811  PTE. C.C. NEWBURY
8th 2/335  CPL. P. NIELSON
8th 8/943  CPL. J.L. O'BRIEN
8th 24/1476  RFM. J. ROSS
8th 24/1202  CPL. D. STEWART
9th 6/12  SGT. A.K. BAKER
9th 2/846  GNR. A.E. BLINKHORN
9th 21481 PTE. J.M. BOWMAR
9th 6/1471  PTE. E. BOX
9th 6/2561  PTE. H.W. BUNNY
9th 6/2564  CPL. H.N. BUTTLE
9th 6/205  SGT. H.W. CANNINGTON
9th 6/1805  PTE. T.J. CHAMBERS
9th 6/3279  PTE. W. COLLINS
9th 10/3223  PTE. H.J. CONNELL
9th 6/2498  PTE. P.J. DEVINE
9th 17/64  CPL. J. GARDNER
9th 6/3330  PTE. F. GLINK
9th 6/2658  PTE. H. HEAD
9th 25/773  PTE. W.A. LEITH
9th 6/1905  PTE. G. MACANN
9th 6/3397  PTE. A.C. MAIDMENT
9th 2/2483  GNR. F.F. MARSHALL
9th 13/3056  PTE. F. McWHIRTER
9th 6/3098  PTE. G.R. MILNE
9th 6/2823  PTE. E.J. MYHILL
9th 2/381  BDR. O.G.W. PRIEST
9th 6/1964  PTE. J.W. RAYMENT
9th 6/3463  PTE. F. SIMPSON
9th 6/3473  PTE. W.S. SMITH
9th 10/4043  PTE. L.G. TAYLOR
9th 6/772  C.Q.M.S. R. THOMPSON
9th 16/103  L/CPL. T. TOKA
9th 6/1747  PTE. G.E. WALDRON
9th 6/1750  L/CPL. H. WATERSON
9th 6/1753  PTE. H.C. WEBB
9th 6/1760  PTE. G.L. WILLEY
10th 10/3846  PTE. N.P. BATLEY
10th 30275 PTE. J. BISHOP
10th 25457 PTE. P. BUTLER
10th 6/2090  PTE. A. CHAPMAN
10th 12/1914  PTE. C.E. CHRISTIANSEN
10th 6/3008 PTE. A. ELDERTON
10th 24/797 RFM. F C HOLDAWAY
10th 6/4303  PTE. T. MARKS
10th 24/850  RFM. A.G. MURDOCH
10th 6/1686  PTE. S. PATCHETT
10th 10/3974  PTE. T. PEARSON
10th 24/1461  RFM. O.F. PENNEFATHER
10th 23/255  RFM. W.J. PERRY
10th 6/3440  PTE. J.J. RANKIN
10th 17826 PTE. J. ROSS
10th 10/49  PTE. C.N. SHIPPARD
10th 25756 PTE. J.A. VIPOND
11st 6/1777  L/CPL. F.G. BARRY
11st 12/3570  PTE. C.E. BURGESS
11st 6/2400  PTE. S.J. CARLYON
11st 13/3014  PTE. G.W. COOK
11st 6/3002  PTE. R. DUNCKLEY
11st 6/2629  PTE. L. GIBSON
11st 10226 PTE. W. GIBSON
11st 6/2633  PTE. J.C.H. GODSIFF
11st  S/7940  CPL. J.S. GRAHAM
11st 6/4300  PTE. E.E. MACGREGOR
11st 6/2707  PTE. W.W. MEARS
11st 6/3419  PTE. F.J. O'DONNELL
11st 10/2768  PTE. F. SNADDON
11st 6/2326  L/CPL. F.J. WILLIAMS
11st 10260 PTE. P.E. WILLIAMS
12nd 2311566 PTE. W.G. BRADLEY
12nd 6/3275  PTE. J.H. CLEWORTH
12nd 8/4073  PTE. J.N. McLAREN
12nd 8/3983  PTE. E. McMAHON
12nd 8/2683  PTE. V. McNABB
12nd 24/1462  RFM. L.F. PEPPERELL
12nd 12876 LIEUT. I.V. SHARP
12nd 8/4499  PTE. W. WALKER
12nd 10/3119  PTE. G.F. WATMORE
13rd 8/2838  PTE. A.S. BALLANTYNE
13rd 8/1930  PTE. N.E. BANKS
13rd 7/1175  PTE. V.J. BARBER
13rd 6/4221  PTE. C.W. COGDALE
13rd 17/51  PTE. J. ELRICK
13rd 8/4126  PTE. R.M. FRENCH
13rd 8/3657  PTE. A. KENNEDY MM
13rd 8/2095  PTE. W. OSBORN
13rd 6/1951  PTE. J. PARSONS
13rd 16/34  PTE. R. POHATU
13rd 12/3129  PTE. P.J. PREECE
13rd 10/1327  SGT. T.G.A. RICHARDSON
13rd 6/3929  PTE. W.G. WILLOUGHBY
14th 8/2807  PTE. W.M. ALEXANDER
14th 8/2834  PTE. H.L. ANGUS
14th 8/3180  PTE. A.S. BAILLIE
14th 24/41  L/CPL. W.G. BARCLAY
14th 9/2252  TPR. T.H. BARRINGTON
14th 8/2137  PTE. T.H. BIRD
14th 11/2392 2/LT. G.H. BLACK
14th 8/4092  PTE. D.R.M. BLACKIE
14th 8/3160  PTE. J. BLACKIE
14th 8/2851  PTE. W.J.B. BRAIN
14th 8/13  SGT. J. BREE
14th 81553 PTE. W.E. BROWNE
14th 24/93  CPL. H.C. COLLINS
14th 24/649  SGT. C.W. COLTMAN
14th 8/2885  PTE. W.J.M. CRAIGIE
14th 8/1726 L/CPL. R.W. DICK
14th 8/3239  PTE. J. DONNELLY
14th 8/3240  PTE. E. DOUARD
14th 8/1156  PTE. A.T. DOWNES
14th 8/2786  L/CPL. W.H. ELLIS
14th 9/2065  PTE. I.R. EVANS
14th 8/2908  PTE. J.B. EVEREST
14th 8/3262  PTE. R.E. FREEMAN
14th 8/1986  PTE. J. FREW
14th 10/1821  PTE. T.J.J. GARVIN
14th 8/1741  LIEUT. T. GILLMAN
14th 8/868  CPL. F.G. GLASTONBURY
14th 8/1994  SGT. W.J. GLIDDON
14th 23/649 PTE. A.J. GREEN
14th 8/2931 PTE. C.C. GUNN
14th 6/3336  PTE. A. HAMILTON
14th 8/586  PTE. J. HAMILTON MM
14th 8/2607  PTE. G.F. HAMMOND
14th 24/1547 2/LT. A. HUDSON
14th 8/2622  PTE. A. HUGHES
14th 8/2798  CAPT. W.D. JOLLY MID
14th 8/2441  PTE. I.L. LEEKS
14th 8/2991  PTE. J.F. WILLIAMS
14th 26/592  SGT. A.A. MARSHALL
14th 8/2653  PTE. J. MARSTON
14th 12/4054  PTE. W.H.S. MASEFIELD
14th 26/1657  RFM. M. McCARTNEY
14th 8/2519  PTE. N. McDONALD
14th 8/1786  PTE. D. McKENZIE
14th 9/55  LIEUT. L. MILLARD
14th 8/3013  PTE. T.W. MITCHELL
14th 9/2100  PTE. S. NOBLE
14th 8/681  PTE. D.A. O'CONNELL
14th 8/3038  PTE. J. PETRIE
14th 6/1700  PTE. J. REID
14th 8/2718  PTE. W.J. ROBERTSON
14th 8/3257  PTE. L. ROUXELLE
14th 9/2114  PTE. W.P. SCOTT
14th 8/617  L/CPL. S.G. STEWART
14th 8/3414  PTE. H. SUTHERLAND
14th 8/3100  PTE. F. TOMLINSON
14th 8/630  CPL. P.C. TOMS
14th 24822 CAPT. J.L.H. TURNER MC
14th 2/1110  GNR. B. WALLACE
15th 812836 PTE. C.W. ARTHUR
15th 26/83  RFM. F. BASON
15th 10/3151 2/LT. A.G. BROCKETT
15th 8/2543  L/CPL. D. BROWN
15th 8/3210  PTE. J. CHARTERS
15th 26/1041  CPL. J.A. HARRIS
15th 6/2913  CPL. W. HESLOP
15th 23/807  RFM. A. LECKIE
15th 12/3431  PTE. C.L. MOUNCE
15th 8/1830  PTE. P.J. SCANLAN
15th 8/4069  PTE. E.R. TALBOYS
15th 6/4157  PTE. J.L. TAYLOR
15th 23/1489  RFM. J. TURVEY
15th 24/2114  RFM. C. WALTERS
15th 26/1158  RFM. J.L. WHITE
15th 13/978  PTE. W.F. YOUNG
16th 6/3993  PTE. A.A. BLUNT
16th 6/3639  PTE. T.J. BROSNAHAN
16th 4/2367  SPR. H.H. BURKE
16th 6/2565  PTE. C. BYRON
16th 12/330 C.Q.M.S. J.J. COWAN
16th 24/2006  PTE. A.J. HOSIE
16th 6/3368  PTE. H. JULIAN
16th 8/3365  PTE. J.M. MORRISON
16th 2/LT. J.L. REID
16th 6/2775  PTE. E. TERRILL
17th 24/76  RFM. A. CHAPMAN
17th 24/715  PTE. J. CLAYTON
17th 23/489  RFM. E.C. LOPER
17th 25/776  RFM. J.H. MACKWOOD
17th 24/608  L/CPL. C.R. WALKER
18th 25/1155  RFM. J.R. ANDREW
18th 26763 PTE. A.J. BAILEY
18th 25058 SPR. A.J. CAMPBELL
18th 26/759  RFM. P. DE VILLE
18th 6/1334  PTE. F. MALE
18th 8/978  PTE. F.H. MAY
18th 10690 GNR. M.S. TYSON
19th 25/163  CPL. W.E.C. BEAN
19th 24/1255  RFM. W.J. BELLAMY
19th 12/1891  PTE. P.W. BOURKE
19th 8/3192  PTE. W. BROMLEY
19th 24/57  L/CPL. A.J. BRYDEN
19th 24/77  RFM. G. CHAPMAN
19th 6/28 CPL. W.E. COOKSON
19th 24/1021  CPL. T.W. DENBEE
19th 26/992  RFM. S. EWART
19th 8/3577  PTE. C.G. FELLOWS
19th 26/1090  RFM. J.S. FOTHERGILL
19th 24/1381  RFM. H.W. GALLOWAY
19th 2/LT. J.W. GORRIE
19th 8/1748  PTE. E.H. HANDLEY
19th 26/490  RFM. C.F. HOOK
19th 24/1099  RFM. W. KERR
19th 4816 PTE. H.J. KING
19th 8/3315 PTE. P. LECKIE
19th 23/194  RFM. W. LINDSAY
19th 26/362  RFM. A.J. McCONNELL
19th 25/1176  RFM. A.D. McDONALD
19th 2/LT. B.J.  NELSON
19th 24/2074  RFM. J. PIERCE
19th 30992/LT. A.E. PRATT
19th 12/4083  PTE. D. ROBERTSON
19th 26/1147  RFM. C.K. ROWLAND
19th 23/603  RFM. E.W. SPURDEN
19th 25/686  RFM. R. STEPHENSON
19th 6/850  PTE. G.R. STOKES
19th 12/2124  PTE. W.J. STOODLEY
19th 14003 L/CPL. S. THOMPSON
19th 26/34  CPL. A. TUCKEY
19th 24/317  RFM. W. WATSON
19th 25/1027  RFM. G.H.C. WILLCOX
20th 12/294  CAPT. C.S. ALGIE
20th 23/1002  RFM. A.R. BRIGHTLING
20th 10/3216  L/CPL. S. CATTELL
20th 10/2962  PTE. E.H. HAWKE
20th 24/1544 2/LT. H. LANG
20th 10/2675  CPL. W. LEVER
20th 6/127  SGT. R. RENNIE
20th 24/916  RFM. G. TETLEY
20th 10/4013  PTE. K. TOPP
21st 18951 PTE. J.A. BERRY
21st 12/2546  CPL. E.J.S. CLERK
21st 8/2003  CPL. J. HARPER
21st 24/1857  CPL. W.C. WEYNE
22nd 12/2672  PTE. H.G. COOPER
22nd 10/4459  PTE. J.F.W. GODFREY
22nd 2/2695  GNR. W.E. PARKER
22nd 8/108  PTE. C.S. SMITH
22nd 10/3801  PTE. A.H. SMITH
23rd 12/3540  PTE. W. ANDREWS
23rd 24/1613  PTE. C.T. CARR
23rd 10/2826  CPL. S.C.G. DOWNARD
23rd 2/LT. E.R. LEARY
23rd 8/3327  PTE. R.G. MACDONALD
23rd 12/4234  PTE. K. McLEAN
23rd 12/3861  PTE. R.A. WATKINS
24th 11/1408  TPR. C.K. BERKAHN
24th 28880 PTE. C.A. HARDING
24th 11692 PTE. H.J. MARSHALL
24th 12/3781  PTE. E.C. PHILLIPSON
24th 27632 PTE. T.L. WILSON
25th 29289 PTE. H. PARRY
25th 12/2870  PTE. W.J. WADE
26th 24/2140  RFM. W. AHERN
26th 1/153 SGT. S. BARNARD
26th 8/1937  PTE. J.F. BELL
26th 23/394  L/CPL. P.L. CREAN
26th 29676 CPL. E. JAFFRAY
26th 19028 PTE. W. McCOLL
26th 10/991  PTE. W.J. WATSON
27th 8/2863  PTE. J. CALDWELL
27th 3356 PTE. G.C.S. FORSYTH
27th 26/993  RFM. D.P. GEANEY MM
27th 8/2605  PTE. H. HALL
27th 10196 PTE. L.F. HARDIE
27th 23/165  RFM. G.A. HARROP
27th 6/2666  PTE. D.E. HOLLIS
27th 23/2004  L/CPL. L. HOLMES
27th 26/108  L/CPL. F. JAMES
27th 28731 PTE. B.L. JEROME
27th 25/835  RFM. F.C.R. VILE
27th 6/3912  PTE. J. WALSH
28th 23/1545  L/CPL. F.E. BALLARD
28th 11/1889  TPR. H. BARBER
28th 3055 PTE. T. COOKE VC
28th 24/1641  PTE. C.F. DICKSON
28th 11/242  SGT. H.J. DYKE
28th 10/3316 PTE. C.J. KENT
28th 8/2817  CPL. T.A. LAMBETH
28th 11/1854  TPR. J.N. REW
29th 8/4130  PTE. W.S. GILPIN
29th 12/937  CPL. S.R. JONES
29th 368 PTE. A. McLENNAN
29th 8/3352  PTE. T. MEEK
29th 28788 PTE. T. PENNYCOOK
29th 28198 PTE. W.C. PERRY
29th 8/2467  SGT. A. ROSS
30th 28438 PTE. J.M. COOPER
30th 4/894  SPR. W.E. DANBY
30th 6/1826  PTE. C.H. DAVIS
30th 23/1038  PTE. N. DUNCAN
30th 16/714  PTE. W. RATANA
30th 10/3712 PTE. C. REEVES
30th 6/3515  PTE. R.H. WILSON
31st 26/656  RFM. C. BREMNER
31st 8/2560  PTE. W. CLAYTON
31st 17951 TPR. H.R. DAVIS
31st 24/756  CPL. L.H. FRAMPTON
31st 25/1190  RFM. G.A. HALL
31st 25/8  CAPT. E.L. HAMMOND
31st 6/3044  SPR. H.L. HOLLYMAN
31st 13/3181  PTE. A.M. LAING
31st 5/407A  PTE. J. MANGAN
31st 2/903  GNR. C.W. MANN
31st 2933 PTE. E.A.M. MICHAEL
31st 24/1755  PTE. E.V.J. MORRIS
31st 7/1894  SPR. W.G. SHAW
31st 4/1851  SPR. T.P.T.R. SULLIVAN



9 of these men were from Niue Island. 4 are buried in the churchyard of St Andrews, Hornchurch. Another 4 were buried at sea on their way back to New Zealand on Corinthic. Two were brothers.

A contingent of 150 men left their South Pacific island of Niue to fight with the New Zealanders. Of these 60 arrived at Armentieres in May 1916 and began work on the trenches. They worked at night to avoid the worst artillery fire. They had to contend with mud, rats and cold. A mounting casualty rate was of such concern that in late May the decision was made to withdraw the Niuean troops from the Western Front. Over 80% of these men were hospitalised at some point with illness. In England the men gathered at the New Zealand Convalescent Hospital in Hornchurch. On 17th June the first group of 40 men embarked for New Zealand on Corinthic. 
"Tagi Tote E Loto Haaku My Heart is Crying A Little; Niue Island involvement in the Great War 1914-1918" by Margaret Pointer, Translation by Kalaisi Folau.

1st 24/1334  RFM. P.E. BAILEY
1st 12/2273  PTE. W. DICKEY
1st 10/3137  PTE. R.W. GREIG
1st 10/2508 2/LT. W.S. HOPKIRK
1st 12/3150  PTE. J. RYAN
1st 24/1209  RFM. L.M. TAYLOR
1st 12851 GNR. J.C. THOMSON
2nd 24/1081  RFM. A.E. HOLYOAKE
2nd 2/2725  GNR. W. STEANS
2nd  8/1349  DVR. G.H. TURNER
3rd  MLF/25  A.B. V. ADLAM
3rd  8/3462  PTE. A.E. ALLAWAY
3rd  8/3495  PTE. E. BLAUBAUM
3rd 654 W.O.2 D.W. GALLAHER
3rd 10/913  PTE. G. NICHOLSON
3rd 11/1944  PTE. F.L. NORRIS
3rd 23/897  SGT. E.F. ROBINSON
4th  4/697  SPR. D. CAMPBELL
4th 12/3698  PTE. A.H. KEEFFE
4th 23/2524  PTE. A.J. OKEY
4th 24/1922  PTE. G.H. SCHMIDT
4th 12274 L/CPL. G.J.E. SMITH
4th 26/7  CAPT. L.B. STANSELL
4th 12/3832  PTE. J. STOCKMAN
5th 23/1542  CPL. A.P.T. BABB
5th  9/1014  PTE. B. BROOKE
5th  8/1432  PTE. W.J. CLARKE
5th 10/2572  PTE. G.C. CURRIE
5th 10/3578  L/SGT. J.M. HAMILTON
5th 26/808  RFM. H.J. HAWKER
5th 23/40  CPL. E.R. HELDT
5th 26/1183  RFM. G. HINTZ
5th 16/379  PTE. R. HIROTI
5th 26/826  RFM. N. KITTCHO
5th 26/917  RFM. W.L. THOMPSON
5th 26/946  RFM. V.H.G. WILSON
6th  6/3613  L/CPL. M.B. ATKINSON
6th 23/1599  PTE. A. CORDA
6th 16/1238  PTE. G. HURIWAHA
6th  6/3071  PTE. F.J. LE WARNE
6th  6/4090  PTE. F. MAHON
6th 12/2823  PTE. G.M. POWELL
7th 12/1543A  PTE. T.C. ARMSTRONG
7th  8/1963  PTE. H. DALE
7th 26/857  RFM. V. MORGAN
7th  PTE. A.G. OGLE
7th 28914 PTE. G.H. PATERSON
8th  5/236  DVR. A.H. HALL
8th  7/2044  PTE. T.J. HUMPHRIES
8th  6/2901  LIEUT. N.S. JOYCE
8th 16/95  PTE. E. KAWHIA
8th 12/3456  PTE. W.E. RHODES
8th 16/891  PTE. P. TAKUAO
8th 16/368  PTE. H. WARU
8th 16/789  PTE. A.K.P. WHITAU
9th 23/1310  CPL. D.E.C. MACKAY
9th 24/1767  PTE. W.T. OVEREND
 9th 16/1155  PTE.  TAUETULI
10th 10/3379  PTE. J.T. ROBINSON
10th 23/1212  RFM. E.J. TAYLOR
11th 12/3543  PTE. C.H. AUSTEN
11th  8/3902  PTE. D.A. FREW
11th  6/256  PTE. P. HAWKEN
11th  6/2895  LIEUT. G.S. LAVIE
11th 2740 PTE. J.S. RYAN
11th 8/2744 PTE. W.O. TURNBULL
11th 16/1177  PTE.  VASAU
12th 10/3833  PTE. F.E. BURKITT
12th 11845 PTE. E.J.E. DICK
12th  8/2659  PTE. A. MILLER
12th 1/777 PTE. W. STEWART
12th 16/1132  PTE.  TALEVA
12th 10/3783  PTE. P.C. WILSON
13th 10/2404  SGT. J. BARBER
13th 12/2970  L/CPL. D.B. CAMPBELL
13th 16/93  SGT. H. DELAMERE
13th  8/2779  PTE. E.J.D. FOOKS
13th  8/2501 2/LT. N. HALL
13th  8/2642  PTE. W. LAMONT
14th  6/2079  PTE. R. BROWNLEE
14th 24579 L/CPL. W.G. DABBS
14th 10/3265  PTE. D. GILLIES
14th 24/1264  PTE. E.G.B. KENNY
14th 24/275  RFM. N. SELLARS
14th 11/2489  TPR. C.E. STREET
14th 10/3409  PTE. G.E. THRUPP
14th  8/1681  PTE. R.J. WILSON
15th 43646 CAPT. A. BEEKMAN
15th 10/3839  PTE. W. BOOTH
15th  7/85  TPR. J. McMILLAN
15th 23/560  CPL. W.H. PIMM
16th  6/3291  PTE. P.O. CULLEN
16th  6/1953  CPL. J. PICKERING
16th  6/2801  PTE. P. WEIR
17th  9/239  CAPT. E.B. ALLEY MID
17th  8/3254  PTE. G. FARQUHARSON
17th  8/3586  PTE. C. FORBES
17th 23/1393  RFM. R. GRIBBEN
17th 10/3321  PTE. H.H. LANE
17th 10/3808 2/LT. A.M. THOMSON
18th  6/2546  PTE. A. BLACKBURN
18th 24/773  RFM. C. GUNN
18th  6/4076  PTE. R.D. KEARTON
18th  8/3737  PTE. M. POLAND
19th 24/1373  RFM. F. DREW
19th 16/1046  PTE.  FILITOUA
19th 26/832  RFM. J. KJOLLER
19th  9/1737  PTE. D.L. SMALL
20th 2/LT. G.E.V. AIMER
20th 23/1400  RFM. J.H. GRAVES
20th  8/3646  PTE. P.W. JONES
20th  4/511  LIEUT. J. LAMB
20th  8/2090  PTE. S. McSKIMMING
20th  4/1102 2/CPL. E.E. UDY
21st  8/2407  PTE. C.F. BONE
21st 12/3124  PTE. W.R. PERKINS
 21st  4/1553  SGT. S.E.P. VERNON
22nd 11/213  L/CPL. J.R. BREMNER
22nd 11640 PTE. J.G. FRASI
22nd  9/296  PTE. A.F. JAMIESON
22nd 10/2749  L/CPL. A.W. ROBERTSON
22nd 2/2013  GNR. S.C. WHALLEY
23rd 10/132 2/LT. C.A. BICKNELL
23rd 12/3231  SGT. A.G.P. BROOKFIELD
23rd 12/3290  SGT. V.E. CHALLIS
23rd  8/3215  PTE. J.R. CLARK
23rd 12/3041  PTE. R.M. HARROW
23rd 12/564  PTE. H.L. HEYWOOD
23rd 16/1115  PTE. P. HIPA
23rd 21517 PTE. F.R. LINNELL
23rd 16/1107  SGT. N. PULU
23rd  8/4012  PTE. W. RUSSELL
23rd 10/3116  PTE. S. WAIN
24th 10/2369  LIEUT. G.W. HENDERSON
24th 6/1322  SPR. A. INGLIS
24th 12/4041  L/CPL. B.A. LOCKLEY
24th 24/858  RFM. J.T. McLEOD
24th  4/838  SPR. P. SCAHILL
25th 2/LT. G.O.A. GOULD
25th 12/4037  PTE. D. LEMON
25th 12/3397  PTE. M. McARTHUR
25th 24/1441  RFM. J. McPHEE
26th  9/1280  PTE. J. DONALDSON
26th  6/1625  L/CPL. R. MEWTON
27th 24/1606  PTE. W. BROWN
27th  9/913  PTE. F.A. CATLEY
27th 10/2981  PTE. A.E. JOHNSTONE
27th 24/1106  RFM. K.G. LESLIE
27th 16/1164  PTE.  TIUEATAMA
28th 10/3377  PTE. H.F. RIDER
28th  7/1006  PTE. J.G. STEELE
28th 16/1179  PTE.  VAIHOLA
29th  8/1707  PTE. W. BRENNAN
29th 12/3950  PTE. C. BRYSON
29th 10/4069  PTE. D.D.D. BUTLER
29th  6/1487  PTE. P. CLEMENTS
29th 16/260  LIEUT. S.J.S. COUPAR
29th  8/337  PTE. C. CROCKETT
29th  4/129A  SPR. T.C. FARRER
29th 10/2970  PTE. J.L. HOGG
29th 12/3053  CPL. F.W. HUNTER
29th 13/1050  PTE. T. HYLTON
29th 10/725  PTE. R. MARETT
29th  8/1790  PTE. C.J. McLENNAN
29th 13/835  TPR. A.J. MORSHEAD
29th 10/1047  PTE. H.I. MUIR
29th 10/3368  PTE. W.J. PHILLIPS
30th 12/3906 PTE. W. ARMITAGE
30th 12/4534  PTE. H. HENDERSON
30th 11881 PTE. F. IRELAND
30th 25/129  SGT. C.W. MATHER
30th 12/3722 PTE. G.H. MAYES
30th  8/3328  PTE. J. McEWAN
30th 16/1088  PTE.  MOKI
30th 10/3087  CPL. E.D. SNELL


While the New Zealand Division settled into the trenches, the Royal Navy with HMS New Zealand took part in the Battle of Jutland against the German High Seas Fleet.

1st 23/409  RFM. W.B. DOWNER
3rd 3/398  PTE. J.W. FISHER
4th 16/184  CPL. H.T. RAPONI
5th 16/1297  PTE. E. WAETFORD
6th 23/396  RFM. G.H. CROSS
8th 6/3297  PTE. J.A. DAWSON
9th 16/346  PTE. P.W. PARA
13th 6/2530  PTE. R.G. AUTY
13th GNR. M.J. O'MEARA
14th 8/182  PTE. J. CASEY
15th 10/2830  PTE. R.A. McEWAN
16th 8/1092  LIEUT. A.C. BOYES
16th 12/3015  PTE. O.V. FREEMAN
16th 12/2533  PTE. G.E. HARDLEY
16th 16/1087  PTE.  MITIKELI
16th 12/2512  L/CPL. A.J. WHITBURN
17th 5/852  DVR. A. SOWTER
17th 7/1157  PTE. T.P. WHITE
17th 12/1842  L/CPL. N. WORTH
18th 12/1851  PTE. W.C.H. DRIFFILL
18th 10/727  CPL. T.H. HUDSON
19th 12/3274  PTE. G.W. BROWN
19th 24/1003  PTE. C.S. CORSAR
19th 10/344  PTE. M. FINDLAY
19th 24/141  RFM. J. FREEBAIRN
19th 12/3656  PTE. H.C. GRAY 
19th 3/1446  PTE. R. HORNER
19th 8/4038  PTE. F. THOMAS
20th 4/52A  2/LT. L.H. REID
21st 25/574  RFM. D. ARCHIBALD
22nd 3/1754  PTE. F.B. BELL
22nd 10/2896 PTE. R.J. COOK
22nd 6/3734  PTE. F. HAWKSWORTH
22nd 8/1362  PTE. G. WILSON
24th 6/3415  PTE. S. NORRIS
24th 13/960  TPR. W.E. THOMAS
24th 6/1426 L/CPL. H. WADE
25th 25/165  L/SGT. C.O. CARR
25th 24/1056  SGT. A.T. GORDON
25th 25/188  CPL. C.M. HERZOG
25th 24/688  RFM. J. KILLOCH
25th 25/44  SGT. J.V. RADCLIFFE
25th 25/299  L/CPL. W.W. WATSON
26th 24/229  RFM. G.F. MOORE
27th 813198 PTE. R.T. BURGESS
27th  5/27I  PTE. T.S. HARVEY
27th 11/1712  TPR. J.H. HORNE
27th 14455 PTE. J. MARTYN
27th 26/1173  RFM. H.J. McLAUGHLIN 
27th 25/208  RFM. W.J. MORDIN
28th 24/971  RFM. M. BECKETT
28th 23/1991  PTE. E. GOODALL
28th 9/1354  LIEUT. J. SHORT
28th 26/627  L/SGT. W.B. STEWART
28th 8/2765  PTE. T. WILSON
29th 3/1270  PTE. J. GOSNELL
29th 26/806  RFM. A. HANNA
29th 23/229  RFM. G.L. McKINSTRY
29th 8/3005  PTE. T. MEIKLE
29th 11/1729  PTE. S. MYERS
30th 6/621  PTE. W.J. DOYLE
30th 10/3562  SGT. H. GILCHRIST
30th 6/3334  PTE. R.W. GRIFFIN
30th 23/202  RFM. A. MANNING
30th 6/2242  PTE. A. PETERS
30th 211 PTE. A.W.J. REID
30th 12/3856  PTE. W. WALLACE
31st 6/3265  L/CPL. H.J. BURKE
31st 230219 STO.1 R.B. CARPENDALE
31st 3/938  PTE. G. CROSBIE
31st SS/116258  STO.1 L.R. FOLLETT
31st 3/446A  CAPT. P.G. HUME
31st 25/996  RFM. W.H. MARTIN
31st 26/1176  RFM. A.A. McNEIL
31st 25/359  RFM. E. SOLE
31st 23/2100  PTE. J.B. SULLIVAN
31st 16/1133  CPL.  TIONESINI
31st 25/368  RFM. R.F. WILLS


The New Zealand Division travelled to Europe and settled into the trenches of Northern France.
Lieut. H.R. Martineau won his VC in the Boer War, he was invalided home to Dunedin where he died from disease contracted while on active service at Gallipoli
1st  9/1  TPR. W.D. ANDERSON 
4th  17/26  TPR. P. BOSWORTH 
7th  8/1074  LIEUT. H.R. MARTINEAU VC
7th  10/1890  PTE. W.O. McDIARMID 
9th  8/4397  PTE. W.C. NICHOLSON 
10th  10/1164  PTE. S.C.P. SMITH 
15th  2/3168  GNR. H.G. CHILTON 
15th  4/1639  SPR. M. TOBIN 
16th  16/23  PTE. P. PERA 
17th  25/168  SGT. J.B. CRABBE 
17th  8/814  PTE. H. CRAWFORD 
18th  PTE. A.T.K. McGREGOR 
22nd  11/1439  CPL. A.E. HAINSWORTH 
27th  16/1270  PTE. J. DENNY 
27th  12/3102  PTE. J. MACKINTOSH 
28th  10/3315  PTE. T. KELLY 
29th  8/226  PTE. J.H. HUGHES 


After the evacuation of Gallipoli the New Zealand Division was established out of the former New Zealand and Australian Division.

1st    RFM. W.H. ELLIS
2nd   23/2120  RFM. T. WALLACE
3rd   3/562  SGT. F.C. BENFIELD
5th   16/1213  PTE.  MATAPUTA
7th   4/7  SPR. F.J. DE ROSE
8th   8/763  PTE. J. McLEOD
9th   6/4222  PTE. N.R. COLENSO

12th 13/2972  TPR. A.G.W. GODKIN
12th  4015 PTE. E.W. MONK
13th  10/4411  PTE. W. YOUNG
15th  16/1062  PTE.  KAIMANU
15th  9/2189  TPR. F.G. KELLY
17th  9/2081  TPR. J.W.F. KIMPTON
18th  12/398  PTE. T. ISAACS
20th  TPR. S.H. TYLER
23rd  10/1535  PTE. G. JAGERHORN
23rd   6/1896  PTE. A.N. KING
24th   4/2201  SPR. L.J. McMILLAN
24th   16/42  PTE. W. TE NGAIO
26th   23/1222  RFM. J.E. TORNQUIST
29th   PTE. R. BYRNES
31st    8/1315  PTE. D.J. POLSON


Most of these men died of disease or accident. Those without regimental numbers died in Training Camp in New Zealand

4th  5/120  DVR. H.E. DOHERTY
4th  16/201  PTE. P. PAORA
8th  9/718  TPR. C.W.M. LAMONT
9th  11/1395  2/LT. A.L.O. HEWITT
9th  16/278  PTE. W. MIRA

11th  8/3201  PTE. H.J. CAMERON
13th  6/3229  2/LT. G. GRIFFITHS
13th  25/1098  RFM. S.J. MOORE
14th  5/307  L/CPL. R.W.A. JOHNSTONE
14th  9/777  TPR. R.M. WILSON
17th  16/567  PTE. H. CHRISTIE
18th  9/614  TPR. F.J. ROBINSON
21st  2/705  DVR. W. McINTOSH
21st  PTE. F.E. MOORE
22nd  PTE. R.J. REID


The Gallipoli campaign was over but there were still casualties - most of these men died of wounds or sickness received there. The First World War would continue for another three years. 

1st 9/1826  TPR. J.W. DIXON
1st 23/166  RFM. A. HAY
1st 23/1842  PTE. A.E. TAYLOR
2nd 13/2178  TPR. J. DEENEY
5th 15/136  SGT. G. MACDONALD
5th 7/483  TPR. G.C. PAGET
7th 24/388  RFM. G.R. COUPLAND
7th 8/2046  PTE. C.H. MAFFEY
9th 12/1499  PTE. L.R. SHANNON
9th 8/1360  PTE. W.J. WILLIS
11th 10/95  PTE. G.A. O'SHEA
11th 8/699  PTE. F. REIDY
13th 6/1081  PTE. J. HARDY
14th 2/1965  GNR. J.G. COLLIE
14th 16/958  PTE. R. NGATORO
14th 8/3460  PTE. F.J. RANDALL
14th 9/1364  TPR. R. TAYLOR
15th 8/813  PTE. H. BRAITHWAITE
16th 16/364  PTE. H. TIINI
17th 9/1359  TPR. J. STEWART
19th 13/2549  CPL. D.G. BEAUMONT
23rd 6/1444  PTE. J. ALEXANDER
23rd 23/784  RFM. L.G. HOOKINGS
24th 23/1826  PTE. G.F.D. STEWART
27th 13/2208  TPR. C.B. JOHNSON
27th 6/1891  PTE. P.J. JOYCE
28th 23/682  RFM. R.G. BLAIKIE





An evacuation of Gallipoli was strenuously opposed it was considered: “the gravest disaster and would condemn a large percentage of our men to death or imprisonment.”
But the evacuation was a brilliant feat – the most successful single operation of the campaign.  Thousands of Allied soldiers – 34,000 in all – slipped away in boats over five nights. Astoundingly almost no lives are lost.

By 20th December they are gone – but the Anzacs can’t help feeling they are deserting their fallen comrades.

2nd  10/2571  PTE. L.J. CUNNINGHAM
2nd  9/903  SGT. J.B. DALTON
2nd  13/1034  TPR. G.C. GREENWOOD
2nd  10/2651  PTE. W.E. HORSMAN
2nd  6/1601  GNR. W.J. LABRUM
2nd  8/2726  PTE. E.A. SHANNON
3rd  4/514  SPR. R.W. BARRY
3rd  11/862  TPR. J.J. BRYANT
3rd  6/2377  PTE. W.L. COLLEY
5th  9/1180  TPR. J. HARDY
5th  2/425  GNR. A.J.M. JOHNSTON
5th  11/1334  L/CPL. G.C. KAY
5th  9/53  TPR. H.W. LORY
5th  11/804  SGT. P. O'CALLAGHAN
5th  13/2243  CPL. W.R. RICHARDSON
6th  17/193  DVR. G. STOKES
7th  8/2404  PTE. A.V. BALL
7th  8/779  PTE. D.E. CANNING
7th  23/557  RFM. H.S. PERSON
8th  8/2509  PTE. F.H. BARTLETT
8th  3/761  PTE. J.M. CAMERON
8th  10/2578  PTE. W.A. DAVIDSON 
8th  2/2672  GNR. D.A.H. McLACHLAN