The Fields of Remembrance Trust is a Not For Profit Registered Charity. We rely on funding grants, sponsorship and donations to be able to achieve success for the concept and the project.

That's why we'd like to ask you for your help.

We can guarantee that every dollar donated will be used in the achievement of the Trust’s objective – which is to encourage and support all communities throughout New Zealand to create Fields of Remembrance to commemorate the centenary those who served our nation during the period 1914 – 1918, and on Anzac Days thereafter.
A donation is an unconditional gift of money made voluntarily to a charitable organisation where there is no identifiable direct benefit to the donor or the donor's family.
An individual who makes a donation may be able to claim a donation tax credit after the end of the tax year. Claims must be supported with receipts.
A company or a trust which makes a donation may be able to claim a tax deduction in its income tax return. Check with your tax advisor.

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The Fields of Remembrance Trust was established in 2012 to honour those who served and died for our nation during World War One.

The Trust is made up of the Passchendaele Society, the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association, New Zealand (RNZRSA) representIng all local RSAs, and the Auckland RSA. It is a registered charity.