2018 Armistice Centenary Field

This National Field of named White Crosses commemorate the individuals who fought and gave their lives in World War One. We honour the service and sacrifice given 100 years ago.

2018 Field of Remembrance

I have many times asked myself whether there can be more potent advocates of peace upon earth through the years to come than this massed multitude of silent witnesses to the desolation of war.
King George V, Flanders, 1922
Take a virtual tour of the Field  HERE - thanks to Eden Park Trust
The Field was dis-established on the morning of Thursday 21 November

The crosses have all been lifted from the Field many were claimed by relatives, schools and community groups have also selected crosses that are important to them - names listed on their memorial rolls of honour.
The remainder of the crosses will be stored briefly before being sent to RSAs and community groups across the country. We regret we do not have a storage facility where crosses can be sorted through by relatives.

Crosses decorated with photos and flags

There were 18,277 white crosses each bearing the name of a New Zealander who lost their life in World War I.

1915 You can download a list of the names from this section of the Field HERE

1916 You can download a list of the names from this section of the Field HERE
1917  You can download a list of the names from this section of the Field HERE

1918 You can download a list of the names from this section of the Field HERE

(this includes those who died of wounds inflicted or disease contracted while on active service up to 30 August 1921) 

The Brothers Field

This field commemorated families who lost more than one child. The Field was divided into families who lost two members; three members and four members.  Take a virtual tour of this field HERE thanks to Eden Park Trust.

The Brothers Field of Remembrance

You can download a list of the names of Two Brothers in this section HERE
Thank you to all who helped us to identify more families these lists have been revised.

And for families who lost Three and Four children HERE

Thank you to Josh Scadden with help in identifying these families - for information on Josh's book Broken Branches


The Fields of Remembrance Trust was established in 2012 to honour those who served and died for our nation during World War One.

The Trust is made up of the Passchendaele Society, the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association, New Zealand (RNZRSA) representIng all local RSAs, and the Auckland RSA. It is a registered charity.